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June 25, 2018

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Stamp Rally Escape 2 Walkthrough

Stamp Rally Escape 2

[REPLAY] Stamp Rally Escape 2 is the second part of the very cute Japanese point & click room escape game trilogy developed by CogitoErgoSum. In this game, you help Wan and Nyan to get back home by finding 10 green stamps. Stamp the card and send it back to the RidlRidl Team. For every 10 stamps you collect, you will be given one golden stamp. Collect 3 golden stamps to obtain an extravagant present at the end of the game trilogy. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Into the fray! =)

I have absolutely -no- clue what the note over the pink box means...

And stuck!

5 stamps, push clue (used), jumping dog and 'growing'...

Oh, and that annoying pink clue is really doing my head in =)

got the green and blue boxes, stuck on pink one...
got the dog jump skill

I am terrible at these, but I will try to help

Excellent, the cavalry has arrived...

Hint for the blue box, Judacious?

Dear god, just figured it out...

Not feeling particularly bright now... heh...

calander has hint for blue box, i think

and light out, look at screen and then look at owl

is this a live? hope i can catch up, hi e1 :)

Grew the plant, did the duckies, and fully stuck again )

i'm not getting the hint for blue box - what is 3,21 and 1,14 ?

hi Nhila we are stuck on the pink box....

add them J

what did you do with the plant and the birdies, Werner?

thanks, jud, i'm too literal and can't even consider that a comma might mean +, lol

for pink box count the number of horizontal lines and angles in each letter of LEFT

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Judacious, use the ten words, 'opposite' them, and click on the duckies in order from 1 to 10...

okay, I have used 2 skills, opened 3 boxes, and I have 6 stamps

Sorry, but I still don't get the pink box clue...

Me either Werner

in given example letter H has 1 line and 4 angles. the number would be 5

@werner, look at the example for the letter H on the poster, it has 1 horizontal line and 4 ninety degree angles in it. Now use that same technique for the letters LEFT

werner, in the word LEFT, for each letter count thee number of horizontal lines and the amount of angles. add these numbers and you get the code.

I found another place to use the punch skill - stuck on trying to open panel now

And out...
Thanks for the help, everyone...

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someone got the 4th stamp yet?

I get 2543 for pink box, what number do I have added incorrectly?

i have 8 stamps, missing 4 and 5

the E have 4 angles and 3 bars and the F have 3 angles and 2 bars

J blue box coordinates on calendar, each pair gives a two digit number

4th stamp is behind cupboard with the green box...

Am I supposed to wake up the owl by poking his eyes?

nvm, pop, got 5th stamp from him

the fifth is with the owl

J, just turn out the lights, and click on the wings, using the clue on the screen...

thanks werber!! I thought I clicked that spot

where is number 4?

nvm, pop, found #4


Solved the duck puzzle, some blue creature came and threw two sticks. Now what?

Oh wait, it took the boards off. I'm kind of tired... nvm!

click on the cabinet Charlotte. Where is the third stamp?

How do I do the panel?

go to the scene where the bookcase got pushed and look at the books there

Just need third now.

YW. And out!

Anyone seen third stamp?

check the couch ;)

Got it! Behind right couch cushion.

Oh, and thanks :)

Stamp 2 please??

Nevermind! I finally got it!!

Hi all, a little sleep deprived right now.
I finished the game all by my lonesome and was feeling pretty good till I found I don't know how to get out of the room.

signed : an early morning idiot

       Anonymous  11/22/10, 11:12 PM  

Nice game to start the day with, thanks Shuchun :-)

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Knotaklu -- for me, it was late-night idiot.

For our fellow idiots, "post" your stamp sheet (but only after you have all 10 stamps. After all, you want to go for the big kielbasa prize!)

Special Tx to Judacious for the blue box and to Chris for how to the pink box.

Where are the stamps:
2-panel under window (after "punch")
3-right-hand couch cushion
4-behind cabinet with green box
5-owl (turn out light after pulling down screen)
6-boarded up cabinet after solving duck puzzle
7-"right" duck
8-behind screwed-in panel after solving duck puzzle
9-book cabinet (after "punch")
10-POST box (after "punch")

       Anonymous  11/23/10, 12:07 AM  

How do you get the panel to open for stamp #2?

Stuck with panel under window can't seem to punch it.

Didn't see the hint in the book.

       Anonymous  11/23/10, 1:04 AM  

I love these :o). Needed help with the boxes clies.. thanks to all!

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The ducks only work when you've seen the clue on the plant (first cut the leaves, put them in the pot and then use bottle with grow stuff). The clue is opposite so the first is not up but down, the second is short etc.
Blue box (21+3=24 and 1+14=15) 2415

@small-tool, thanks a lot ! I've just seen that I skimmed over the comments too fast...
I'm out with much help(I guess that this one was more difficult than the previous part, wasn't it ?).

You're welcome.
For me the previous one was a bit harder. But I guess it's different for everyone. Some games are very hard for some people and very easy for others and sometimes it's the other way around. But that makes EG24 a great team that can solve every game.

I don`t get the punch skill for under the window, what do you do?

Very nice game - I love these

Need only help with the pink box - thank you Chris!

Zoom in on the right side of the bookcase and use the punch skill there.

pink box 2753

BUt how to open the green box??????

opposite of push is pull

I can't seem to decipher the punch series for the panel for #2 stamp.

I cant get growing on plant. hints?

You need to collect 10 stamps to get a gold stamp
You start the game with Stamp 1
Click the nearer couch cushion to find Stamp 3
If you look behind the right side of the short bookcase, there is something on the wall that you can’t get to
Turn right
Click left of the chest and find Stamp 4
Click the calendar on the wall. Note the calendar picture is of an open blue box.
Click the top page and see the hint on page 2
Click the blue box under the owl and enter the code
Get the scissors
Click the small plant
Get the green clue
Click it to open it for a hint
Solve the green box under the plant
Get Wan to dog jumping skill (make sure to click the book so you have the dog image in your inventory)
Click the dog in your inventory and then the cord hanging from the ceiling
It has a hint about the owl being nocturnal
Solve the owl puzzle
Get Stamp 5
Go right (turn lights on to be able to turn)
Get the growth solution from the small chest, but you can’t use it yet
Zoom in on the shelves of ducks
Get Stamp 7 from behind the bottom ducks
Zoom on the pink poster
See the confusing hint that @Chris solved for me. Thanks!!!!
Solve the box and get the cat punch skill for Nyan. Make sure to click the book to get the cat image in your inventory
Turn right
Note the screwed on panel on the wall
Also note the picture says there is only one ending to this game
Use the cat punch skill on the mailbox for Stamp 10
Go right
Click the right side of the bookcase to zoom right of it
Use cat punch to move the bookcase
Use the scissors on the hanging plant and get the plant cutting
Go left
Get the Stamp 9 from the left side of the knocked over books
Click one of the books on the floor
Note the clue
Go right
Zoom on the spot on the wall that was behind the bookcase
Solve the puzzle and press the button
Get the Stamp 2 from the Tachikoma!
Turn around to the duck view
Put the leaf cutting at the base of the stick in the flower pot
Add the growth solution for the vine to grow
Note the hints on the leaves
Zoom on the ducks
If you click them now, they will move
Click the correct order and get the
Tachikoma will open the chest for you. Get the screwdriver (yay!) and Stamp 6
Go right
Use the screwdriver on the panel and get Stamp 8
You now have all 10 stamps, so mail your card and go home!



Solution to the BLUE BOX
The hint on the calendar says 3,21 and 1,14. Add the 2 numbers and you get SPOILER2415SPOILER

Solution to the GREEN BOX
The green paper said opposites. The opposite of Push is pull

Solution to the OWL
The screen says the owl is nocturnal so turn off the lights. The owl is awake and the screen has another clue. Click the owl by clicking his right and left wings in the order of the screen hint. SPOILERrllrlSPOILER

Solution to the PINK BOX (thanks for the explanation @Chris!)
The hint says that H has one horizontal bar and 4 right angles (where the horizontal bar meets each side -- 2 above the bar and 2 below). So L has one horizontal bar and one right angle. E has 3 horizontal bars and 4 right angles. F has 2 bars and 3 right angles. T has one bar and 2 right angles. Add each set: L is 1+1=2. So SPOILER2753SPOILER

Solution to the WALL PANEL
The books on the floor in front of the moved bookcase say LuRuLlRlRu. The cursive letter ls is a hint that the lower case letters are for up and lower (down). The capital letters are for left and right. So on the panel, click the corners in this pattern: SPOILERupperleft,upperright,lowerleft,lowerright,upperrightSPOILER.

Solution to the DUCKS PUZZLE
In order, the leaves of the vine say up long yes high new in left start push. Click their opposites in that order. So SPOILERdown,short,no,low,old,out,right,end,pullSPOILER


I love CogitoErgoSum's games with Wan and Nyan. Excellent game!

I really love these cute games! Lots of fun and great logic!

these games are adorable!!!!

we were talking about descartes in philosophy a few weeks ago and while doing research, I found Cogito Ergo Sum! It is the well-known phrase, "I think, therefore I am."

Ludo Ergo Sum.

Loved this game! The pink box was so obvious once it was explained - but I never would have gotten it myself.

LOL @small-tool! Maybe I'll get that on a t-shirt :D

I Game/Play, Therefore I Am? lol @small-tool!

       Anonymous  11/23/10, 5:37 PM  

I is bound to get an extravagant gift!

       Anonymous  6/24/18, 10:41 PM  

caught this one for the replay, as this is the 2nd episode of the trilogy

thx for all your creations, CES ☺
& thx KKF for the WT

I did like the first part more. This one had the calendar puzzle I couldn't understand -- (3,21)(1,14). Needed a hint and learned that I have to add 3+21 and 1+14. That was disappointment, I seriously wanted to combine something more interesting. Anyway, I did like the other puzzles. Looking for part 3.

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