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Stamp Rally Escape Walkthrough

Stamp Rally Escape

[REPLAY] Stamp Rally Escape is the first part of the very cute Japanese point & click room escape game trilogy developed by CogitoErgoSum. In this game, you help Wan and Nyan to get back home by finding 10 green stamps. Stamp the card and send it back to the RidlRidl Team. For every 10 stamps you collect, you will be given one golden stamp. Collect 3 golden stamps to obtain an extravagant present at the end of the game trilogy. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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found a scroll with a clue, icecube any 3 stamps so far

goodmorning Gabi :)

Stamp under pillow and under right side of couch.

good morning. so far 6 stamps, key used, box opened, balloon I can't reach .....

didnt find nothing yet, I was busy to write here ;-), and didnt open the game yet ...but i am running now!!

Stamp on left side of mantle of fireplace.

Hi alkmar.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 2:44 AM  

Oooh I like these - don't know if I will have time to play it now though! Piling in hopefully...

And stamp in right cupboard door.

Got scissors from blue box (use scroll hint).

hey Small! ;-)

and hello Mary and Alison :)

( finally I am in the game...)

Use scissors to get key and use key on cupboard to get antoher stamp.

picture - north, east, south, Vest???? what's that all about?

AH!!!!! click SEVEN for picture to open....

feel a little stupid, i cant open the blue box, tried all cominations .. eye or syt, nothing

Hi! Any idea of ducks?

Thanks Alison.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 2:49 AM  

@gabi - say See You Tea aloud - and then note the colour order!

Gabi, put the words in the right color order and speak them out loud (then you hear letters).

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 2:50 AM  

Thanks. @Alison! I needed that help!

@Gaby See You Tee

lol..balloon is ladle..

Tea I mean

now racing along........ got punch skill, but don't know where to use it

now i feel really stupid, thank you

Use the ladlle (from the jump skill) to get water and use it on the paper and then you can do the ducks.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 2:51 AM  

LOL! What WAS that thing that came along to open the cupboard???

Flashlight and another stamp from cabinet under fishtank.

stuck with code from under sofa

An evil octopus I think.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 2:53 AM  

I don't get the clue under the sofa :o(

got red box

Take water from fishtank. Unlight fire and get a red box. Use the hint from above stove

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 2:53 AM  

@smalltool - I felt it was creepy too.. I wonder why!

Use the laddle again on the fishtank and then on the fireplace.

lol..strong pussycat ;-)

left with icecube, punch skill not used and code under sofa

use cat to break icecube for another stamp

And the punch skill from the red box.

Need one more stamp. Have halv a hint under sofa

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 2:56 AM  

Alison - punch skill on the mailbox.
Don't know what to do with ice cube. I tried to melt it on the fire before I put it out, but that didn't work.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 2:56 AM  

Oh thank you, @Alison!

I think we need a mirror to complete code

Use cat punch on mailbox for another stamp.

Where do we use the code from under the couch?

need only 1 stamp..and hint from sofa

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 2:57 AM  

Stuck on that sofa code as well...

Oh - thanks for the box hint. Now also need one more stamp

I see some greek lettres in it..pi lamda..ipsilon..

But what if we figure out the code, Where do we use it?

if we mirrored the letters it would give something like BOXHIDECK - that's not right

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 2:59 AM  

Click mailbox over and over, nothing happens. How you have got "punch skill"?

boxhideck? when I used a mirror..

and out

The duck letters have changed, only place where the code can be used I suppose

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 3:00 AM  

it says BOXHIDECK I think if you extend each letter mirrorwise...

punch skill is from red box (the hint for that is on the fireplace chimney).

YES - BOXHIDECK on ducks

use ducks to write boxhideck

and now? where is the door?

and out too

And out too, thanks for the use of the ducks again.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 3:02 AM  

Doesn't weork for me on the ducks - but I think it should. Good obs, @trumuche!

The door is the letterbox

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 3:02 AM  

Oh yes it does work..LOL. Should be more careful. I got the creepy octopus again!

mail the card.

@madde..how did you escape?

lol...got it!

oh..thanks Small.now i see you post ;-)

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 3:04 AM  

LOL.. very cute! Out - but have to wait now for parts 2 and 3. Can't wait!

On the picture it said; Only one end.
So why could we choose to go out or not?

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 3:04 AM  

Thanks small-tool! You mean the arrow with the double EXILE? What to do with it? :-)

hmm..should I refresh the next time before posting ? :P

write exile in the red box funfudel

That's the code for the red box. The red box you get when you put water on the fire.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 3:07 AM  

Aah, I thought the red box is the mailbox :-)

I tried to put the ice into the fire, but it doesn't work...

@small..you didnt leave yet? lol..do you take care for the dog and cat?

i wrote today with the ducks to open the cabinet with fishtank, now stuck with code for the red box

lol alkmar,
No I did leave, was just wondering if there was a sneaky second end although the picture said just one end.
But I didn't feel like trying, maybe later I will.

gabi, hint is on the chimney (turn it 90 degrees).
Or just look at the post from funfudel for the answer.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 3:11 AM  

I feel stupid, but I'm stuck with the icecube (have nothing else), and I do not find cat :-)

break the icebox by using the cat

nvm, sorry didn't read your comments before posting

I think you have the cat punch skill from the red box (not sure anymore), it should be in your inventory.

first in last out, what a shame

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 3:25 AM  

I should give up, no cat, no red box... :-)

there are so few games at the moment - and just my luck to miss the one that is there lol

Then maybe the cat came from using the ducks the first time (like I said I don't remember anymore).
But to do ducks you have to use water on the hanging paper to see the clue.

funfudel, do you have the ladel from the ceiling? Fill it with water, put the fire out and press the red button.

The cat skill is in the red box behind the fire.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 3:33 AM  

No, I have no ladel, its too high to reach...

I'm sorry, don't want to steal your time.

funfudel, do you have the dog skill? That's from behind the picture with, NESV & 7 on it.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 3:42 AM  

Aah, I think there's the problem! If you tell me that clou (how to click) I hope I can go on!

Thank you very much!!

the hint is the 7 in the middle.
Click the letters to make 7 (seven).

Click the letters to spell the word SEVEN.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 3:53 AM  

Aaaaaaah! * hit me on the head * :-)

Thank you very very much for your patience!!!

Walkthrough for Stamp Rally Escape Game Part 1 of 3

Goal: Find 10 green stamps, stamp the card and send back to Ridl team for extravagant gift.

Stamp #1 already on card.

Sofa Scene.

Stamp #2 behind front right leg.
Stamp #3 under cushion.

Click under middle of sofa to see a dark area. "It's too dark to read any more".

Back up and zoom on picture behind sofa.
Click the letters in order to remove the picture.
Take the dog skill.
Solution below

Turn Right ->

Stove/Fire Scene.

Click on the writing at the Left to zoom in.
Take Stamp #4.
Note the writing, it's a clue for a code.
Zoom out.
Click white glass/ice object on right to take it. See there's something inside. At this point you could do what I did, and try 1000 times to put it on the fire to melt, or you could just wait until you have the cat skill, which is what you really need.

There's something at the top left of the ceiling. Click the dog in your inventory to use his jump skill, then click the object to take a ladle.

Turn right ->

Fish tank and duck scene.

See there is a cupboard that is boarded up.

Click on ladle then click on fish tank to fill ladle with water.
Zoom on paper above fish tank.
Use ladle on paper to reveal a clue.


Click on ducks to zoom in.
Enter the first duck code.
Solution below

A strange looking robot appears and takes the boards off the cupboard.
Open cupboard take Stamp #6 and a penlight.
Fill the ladle with water again.

<- Turn Left

Use ladle on fire to put it out. This will reveal a red button. Click on the button to open a panel to see the red box.
Click on box and see you need a 5 letter word.
Enter code to open the box.Take the cat skill.
Solution below

Double click on the glass/ice object to open, then use the cat to use the cat punch skill.
Take Stamp #5

<- Turn Left

Sofa Scene.
Click under middle of sofa. Use the penlight to see what is written. This is a second clue for the ducks.

<- Turn Left

Post box view.

Click left drawer to take scroll. Open scroll to see a clue.
Click on the blue box and use the clue from the scroll to open and take scissors.
Solution below

Use scissors to cut rope and take the fallen key.
Use key on left cupboard to open and take Stamp #8

Open the right cupboard and take Stamp #9
Use cat punch skill on mail box, take Stamp #10

<- Turn Left

Fish tank and ducks view.

Click on the ducks and see that the letters have changed.
Enter second duck code.
The strange robot appears again and leaves Stamp #7.
Solution below

Turn right ->

Put card in mail box.
A question box appears.

Go Home?

Select Yes and you're out and on your way to get your extravagant gift.

This game is part 1 of 3. Each gives a golden stamp, and we need 3 golden stamps for the gift. There were a few tears at the end.

Just one point, you have to open the books to take the skills.


Picture behind sofa:
4 letters NEVS and the number 7 in the middle.
Click the letters to spell out the word SEVEN.

First duck code:
5 letter word that comes between yesterday and tomorrow,
Click letters to spell TODAY.

Red box code:
The clue from the left side above fireplace.
It's the word exile, mirrored.
Enter the word EXILE

Blue box code:
I like tea(T) see(C) you(U) and a colour order, Red Blue Green.
So the code is CUT.

Second duck code:
This is from the clue under the sofa.
Imagine putting a mirror along the bottom of the writing so you get the original text next to the reflection.


FYI, the "strange robot" is a Tachikoma (sp?) from the Ghost in the Shell anime. The symbol on the stamps and the letters with the smiley face and hat is also a reference to the "Laughing Man" from the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime.

You can watch the strange robot "Tachikoma" here:D

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 9:35 AM  

I was going to explain about the tachikomas, but I see I've been beaten to it. I loved Stand Alone Complex, so the tachikoma showing up here gave me a good laugh.

The Nayan and Wan games are some of my favorite escape games. Can't wait for the next episode!

So cute!

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 12:00 PM  

I also really enjoy the Nayan and Wan games. This was a pleasant surprise in a sad day. Bless you MegiPoland

Thanks for the explanation and link, I'm not up on anime.

I like Nayan and Wan games too & I'm looking forward to parts 2 & 3.:D

Where is door? What letterbox?

put your stamp card in the red post guy.

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, CES ☺

& thx Cricketer for the WT

Oh, adorable! Thanks for linking for replaying! I'll take parts 2 & 3 immediately.

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