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Uva Tea Room Escape Walkthrough

Uva Tea Room Escape

Uva Tea Room Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Sakura. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  11/5/10, 11:39 PM  

let's start

       Anonymous  11/5/10, 11:53 PM  

coin,crowbar,SD(used),eraser, 3 cups and a maths code, hmmm

I'm stuck with two balls: red and yellow

Have red, yellow, blue balls. Stuck on keypad code.

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 12:00 AM  

hi @megi..ahead of me. I usually struggle with these

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 12:02 AM  

have you worked out the sliding picture yet?

picture with flower?

Use the coin to find the solution to the sliding picture.

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 12:04 AM  

it looks like there is something up on the cornice in the door view but I can't get it

move picture near door and use hammer

where is the coin please

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 12:07 AM  

thanks, will have a go. I've solved the picture but haven't seen the clue so it won't open. found cheese and mouse is on the loose...

coin behind pillow on the bed

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 12:08 AM  

thanks for the hints but i don't get where to use the coin. I solved the puzzle but it won't open without the hint! another clue pls?

thanks megi
yellow and red now

car - use the coin on the blank page in the book

Goodmorning Everyone. Hard Sakura this time. Stuck with yellow red ball and the pincers! How do we move the cat?

use coin in the book - right side

Don't move the cat, just figure out how to go around it.

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 12:12 AM  

thanks@swiss.didn't even notice that :P

The pincers give the eraser from inside the tv cabinet

has anyone opened the wall-safe
tried open plate - but doesn't work

BleedingHear - how - have nothing to block it

Maybe if we find an old peanut it will let us in.

Use the moving panels on the cabinet.

click the mouse to move toward cat; as mouse moving toward cat, click on mouse hole

Go around the cat? Sorry early morning in Greece and lack of caffeine doesn't help escaping.!!! How do we go around it? From behind the cabinet?

both doesnt work bleedingheart and anita

The door on the right side of the cabinet can be moved wherever you need it to go.

Nope, the mouse refuses to go anywhere else but back in position!!!

Not the sliding door, the big door.

So where do you put the door? I've covered the cat but....

If you put it on the other side of the cabinet, you give the mouse a new path to go up. Why he can't just go up the right side, we'll never know.

put big door from cabinet on opposite space

Got it! Cover the opposite set of shelves!!!!!Clever!!!

thanks for help Bleedingheart - but where do I put that door - nothing seems to work

put big door on the left side of cabinet then mouse will give you a blue ball

am frantically looking for an old peanut LOL!

thanks - finally got it

Now the old peanut safe! Has anyone got a peanut? loool

I don't get how this keypad code is supposed to work. The buttons don't even do anything when I click them.

where do u find cheese and blue key?

tried anagram solver
open plate / plate open /open / nada so far

daf - in bed is blue key

tried OPEN UP, but that didn't work either

Blue key on the couch I think

Bleeding... sometimes they don't klick but still work

Hi all! you have to use your keyboard for the wallpanel. Just don't understand what to type (yet)...

when you press the letters on your keyboard they "flash!!!!"

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 12:28 AM  

anything to do with the maths code, maybe?

Would the maths have to do with the clicking of the letters?

clever Maria
but still not open :(

I guess it has to do with the numbers you find with the lights out...
tpaodeunl doesn't work though

I'm pretty sure the math code will give you the order of the balls, but I can't say for sure until I open the darn keypad and get the green one.

Drag the pointer on the white button. Then press OPEN in your keyboard (all of them at the same time. Click on the now red button... green ball!

And yes, math is for the balls order.

doing the math... does that equal 24?

arrgh Sakura getting more difficult and this before coffee!!

SwissMiss I need to refresh more often cause others have already suggest my suggestions!!!!

Ah interesting.

Edgar - what are you doing playing here????

but good morning and thanks - how on earth did you find out - but one needs 3 hands for that

For balls order:
Top row is RED = 9-5 ... Red is 4

it's look like

Sorry SwissMiss... :(

To bed now!

and out - at least the code was easy

@Edgar... what white button? I typed OPEN but did not see red button

Megi - Red 9-5 = 4 its 4th place
Yellow 8-7 = 1 first place

There's a white button on the lower right on the safe (below the bigger blue circle). You should see it going red if you type OPEN at the same time.

put your cursor on the white button
then press letters OPEN all at once and when button turns red click the mouse

it is finger acrobatic on the keyboard but doable

can I have my breakfast or does anyone still need some help

LOL! How... in the world did Sakura think of that! Jeez! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME to bed
SM to eat
BG is ok
bye now :D

code hint

fill out colors according book and look at whites

whats BG - Edgar - and hugs (twice lol)

@Megipoland.. can u pls post the alternative link also? For some reason, only the alternative link works for me & I simply love playing these Sakura games. Thanks..

LOL SM, not what but who.
Talk to you in the morning (my morning) via msn.
See you!

First time I ever got the door code by myself! :)

lol Edgar - too early for me

got it now (think zoz)

great game - I like them and it is nice that they get harder - even if that wall safe was a bit funny

@Edgar -- don't know how you EVER came up with that! (the safe opening). Almost impossible to do (with tablet/pen) even when you know what to do.

I think Sakura is trying too hard to be different -- used to be very clear, logical puzzles. Now, you have difficulty opening panels enough to get at what is behind them and then this time trying to hit 5 keys at once without moving your mouse pointer ... not very elegant at all.

Spoiler - Spoiler - Spoiler


The mouse I really liked was the one where it ran across a paper and its footprints gave a clue to opening the safe. Now, that was CUTE (imho)!

Good Lord I finally managed to press them all together after I placed the mouse on the keybord. Thanks everyone for the help!!!

how do i get the red key? whats the hammer used for?

please help?? im stuck!

This comment has been removed by the author.

wher is the red ball?

kim - I have to start the game again and have a look
give me a minute please

Ok kim
it is behind the big cb - right side next to the mousehole

thats the red key not ball

oh my goodness thank you so much

red ball use crowbar on little cb next to bed


notice empty picture on the wall - oops it slides backwards and forwards

move right
under right side of matress find the blue key
under pillow find a coin und under the bed are nippers
notice the wall safe needs a SD

move right - have your first cup of tea
klick behind keycubboard and find your SD

move right
find the red key behind the right side of the
notice the various sliding doors and have more tea
move left and use blue key to get cheese
use red key to get tea and crowbar
you can put the cheese in front of the mousehole
the mouse comes out is afraid of the cat

under the bottom sliding doors is a black square
use your nippers to get the rubber

then use the big door on the right to cover the left side so the mouse can escape upwards - we don't want it eaten by the cat - do we?

oops it pushed the blue ball down

lets go right (door view) and pick up the book
use your eraser to see hint for door code and put your coin on the right side to see hint for slider puzzle

turn right and use your crowbar on small cb next to bed for red ball

use your SD on wall safe to find letter puzzle behind
now this is tricky (and thank you Edgar)
if you press letters on your keyboard the wallsafe letters light up
put your cursor on the white dot then press OPEN all at once AND when light turns red click on it
difficult but just manageable
you are rewarded with green ball and very well earned as well
now if you have not forgotten that lovely picture of a flower - use it on the slider puzzle for yellow key

use the key for more tea and a hammer

remember the sliding picture at door scene
slide it to the left and use hammer behind it for yellow ball

and when you are there turn the light off and look around - what do you see - some math

the math is for the order of balls - Red is 9-5 = 4 i.e. the 4th place, Yellow 8-7 = 1 i.e. first place, etc.
order is Y,B,G,R

wow nice picture and it looks like the whites make 4998 - but no doesn't work

so lets take the book and see what we have got
so darken the yellow from the book in the TV-view and the same with the other colors and suddenly you have 1549

put it in doorcode and you are out


It seems that my keyboard won't accept that I click more than 3 keys at the same time. I've tried it again and again and it will not work !

This comment has been removed by the author.

I have found some information about this problem. To sum it up, you can't play this game if you have not an anti-ghosting keyboard, because you're not allowed to press more than 3 keys. The problem may appear or not, depending on the keyboard layout, i.e. where the keys are placed.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_technology
"The keyboard switch matrix is often drawn with horizontal wires and vertical wires in a grid which is called a matrix circuit. It has a switch at some or all intersections, much like a multiplexed display. Almost all keyboards have only the switch at each intersection, which causes "ghost keys" and "key jamming" when multiple keys are pressed (see rollover (key) ). Certain, often more expensive keyboards have a diode between each intersection, allowing the keyboard microcontroller to accurately sense any number of simultaneous keys being pressed, without generating erroneous ghost keys."
Maybe QWERTY keyboards don't have the problem with the word OPEN, even without anti-ghosting ? Anyway, it seems that this game can't be played with an AZERT keyboard without anti-ghosting (most keyboards are not anti-ghosting keyboards !).

wow @Edgar, hero of the sakura-day ... i never would solve this without your help
i think, sakura don't want us to sit to much time motionless at the pc, so the next game we have to solve with nose, tongue, feet and fingers...

Pascal - I hope Sakura reads this and acts accordingly - or better even - change the game for future players

Pascal: Interesting. I bet the Sakura people didn't realize that technology can prevent some people from finishing the game!!

I was able to press the 'o' and 'p' keys with one finger (index). I pressed the 'e' with my pinky and the 'n' with my thumb!

Even though there was that glitch with the ghost key, I thought this game was better than usual. I appreciate Sakura trying to be different! Keeps us on our toes!

Thx edgar for the keyboard hint, but due to the 3-finger-problem I can't solve it, too. It is very frustrating for me not to be able to finish this game.

Maybe someone would be so nice to make a screenshot of the TV after placing the balls? I think a lot of us would have fun to solve the last code...

This comment has been removed by the author.

whoa did it :) first screenshot posted lol

@swissmiss: danke, thank you, grazie, merci. Don't know which language you favour, so choose one :)

Congrats on your first screenshot SwissMiss.

By the way I could open the safe although my keyboard is protected too (only 3 keys at the same time).
I managed to type very fast and then the button goes red for a split second and then you have to click it very quickly. And yes, you have to type with one hand, or press the mouse with your nose, or ask someone else to click for you.

lol small-tool. I gave it a try, but it didn't work. I'm too slow and my nose is too short to click with it and look at the keyboard at the same time ;)

thank - you small-tool

it only worked because you professionals didn't get there before me - takes me still a bit longer to do

wow, tough one!! The code was easy though. :) Thanks for the walkthrough, Pascale!

Tried the safe again on my desktop -- when I tried to put the mouse on the keyboard as @Maria did, it always moved off the dot.

Finally did it by holding down "OPN" with my right hand, "E" with my left hand and pushing the mouse button with my left pinky. AWKWARD! (At least I have 2 hands and don't have one of those expensive keyboards.)

I also found the moving panels somewhat less sticky, but still awkward -- XP desktop vs. VISTA tablet.

Do we have to become Finger Athletes as well as Mental ones to do these puzzles from now on?

Can someone explain to me how the numbers correspond to the order of the balls? All of my numbers are yellow; I never would have figured out that 9-5 = red ball placement. How does that work?

The 9-5 is next to the 'red' glass so red is 4.
Then you know red and down from red it's red x blue = 8, so 4 x blue = 8, so blue is 2.
The middle row is now blue = 6 / green and blue is 2 so green is 3
On the bottom line is 8-7 next to yellow so that's 1.
And on the

R = 9 - 5
B = 6 : G
8 - 7 = Y

so it has to be

4 = 9 - 5
2 = 6 : 3
8 - 7 = 1

AAAaaaahhh... OK, now I see. I didn't make the connection that the numbers corresponded to the glasses on the shelf. Thanks for the clarification!

haha i was so confused when the balls wouldn't highlight

thanks edgar for the wall safe hint!

@Edgar, much respect for solving the keypad thing.

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