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Bad Memory Escape 5 Walkthrough

Bad Memory Escape 5

Bad Memory Escape 5 is the fifth part of Bad Memory Escape point and click room escape type game by Ainars. You lost your memory once again... search for items and solve all puzzles unlock door and drive away. Good luck and have fun!

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ooh I should be really good at this one, since I have the worst memory Eh-Vahr!

Wait, what was I saying?

tiny green key on bed

puzzle in floor, but i can't move it

blue key on couch, purple key under stereo

black key on other view of shelf

Collecting number codes and keys and flipping switches.
Hiya @Graham!

Got fish and a medal

@ZOZ, lol talking about memories in the previous game, this must be a game special for us :)

hey zoz! lots of stuff to do and forgetting how many of what I already did! lol need SD

lol @ zoz ... just reading your comment on downtown apartment about having no memory of the game ... then saw this posted and thought ... here's one for zoz .... then 1st comment was you saying same thing ... made me lol.

only key needed is pink one

have 7 paper codes

@Graham, look in front of the center couch, first scene

thx zoz!

sorry, that was red key, not pink

still need pink key

got 9 codes

9 number codes and stuck

10 codes!

I have 10 number codes and need 2 more. havent got pink key yet either

need pink key

and a screw driver

also need a SD!

I guess we are all at same spot...key or SD will do it!

11 papers, but no pink key and no SD

11 notes now. still no pink key or SD. Is that a code in the right window?

We have all the notes we need. Just enter into keypad!

where was the last note?

also missing one fish

@cody - I noticed my fish was all of a sudden available to get in one othe compartments so I guess I clicked something somewhere to open it.

missing 2= note????

and away i go in my cool new ride! Gongtats @everyone!

When you have all numbers you can get out. There you get a wrench. Now you need to solve the color-puzzle for the lasr key.

also going for a ride.

@Graham you can probably brute force just one number. Some of those notes were tricky to spot.
Once you're through the door, you'll get a "tool" which will open and the screwed shut doors. You'll find the pink key behind one of them. Then you put colored pieces on floor puzzle.

Cannot find 2= note...anyone?

sorry, but don't remember where i found the 2nd note. Can't help.

cannot brute force

@Graham, we can't remember because we all have BAD MEMORIES!

but if you're desperate, I'll go back in and look

POP got it! I didn't have one of the knobs turned in plain view!

yay! @Graham!

@Thx Oscar, didn't know what to do with the 11 notes and colorpuzzle, now I can go on :)

and OUT!


I'm glad to help you.
Thx for your help in the other game.

out, thx

@Oscar, ty :)and yw

Can you explain "yw" to me?

@Oscar, yw=You're welcome (about the other game) ;)


You must know, I'm german and 50. So I don't know all the short-messages. Thx.

Kein Problem. Ich auch nicht;)Ich bin Holländer :)

can anybody tell me where the screwdriver is?

@Vibe, the wrench is behind the door (not a sd) and than you go back in again to unscrew. You need 11 notes to unlock the doorcode.

@Vibe there isn't one. When you have 11 numbers, enter them into the keypad, then go out to the car and you'll find the tool you need.

Hmm... I only have 10 numbers

I am missing #5 and #12 anybody have any ideas about where those are?

@Vibe, did you have the one next to the pink sofa, If I remember well, it was the last panel that opened before opening the door. The pink lock is the only one to open after you have been through the door first.

can't find purple key. help anyone?

Just missing one coin...been scrolling every pixel with no luck...guess I 'll have to give up....

@riccman, sorry don't remember where I found that one. Did you found the one on the bed, and two in cb?

Oh I'm a dufus... my screen was rolled down a little bit too far and I wasn't seeing the top of all of the screens.

@nokra, there where two coins, and one other color of circle.

@Nokra, the green "coin/circle" is behind the black lock. Black key and purple key are in cb (cupboard).
One coin is left of bed and on coin is in floor panel of pink (big) sofa.

Thanks for answering, @carola...but I don't understand what you mean....
Wall right of the TV is a place for 3 coins or medals, and I only have 2. I am assuming the green box above opens and gives the #10 number clue...I cannot brute force the door...

can only find 6 switches is anyone doing a walkthrough?

POP just found that purple key!

Oh, sorry , I posted before I saw the other comment!!! Ty @carola!

@Nokra, the 3 coinsleft of bed, on top floor panel zoomed in on left pink sofa. And in black lock on wall. (black key is in cb/tv-stand, zoomed in on the right side.

@Carola, lol, posting at the same time ;) yw!

That black was very well hidden on my dark monitor!!!TY TY TY!@carola

and Gongtats to me!!

Finally!!! And a great big pink G O N G T A T S !

First view (3chairs):
Click on both paintings to see black lock and blue lock.
Click on middle arrow at bottom view (zoom purple chair) , click on handle and take red key in front of chair.
zoom out and click on right arrow, take number note 5=6.

2nd view (bed):
Click on round handle on wall on the right (near green arrow)
Take numbernote in front of bed on floor 4=5
Click left arrow on bottom view (zoom bed on the left), switch handle on wall, take fish on top of bed, take coin on floor, take numbernote 11=5 under pillow, take green key on bed.
Zoom out and click on right bottom arrow (zoom right bed) , click handle on wall, take number note under pillow 8=9, unlock red lock with key and press circle-handle.

3th view (two pink sofa's):
Click first arrow on bottom, take numbernote left of sofa 9=3, take blue key between pillows, open topfloorpanel for coin, open bottom floorpanel for green lock, use green key to get numbernote 3=1
Zoom out and click 2nd bottom arrow, click circle handle on wall in TV-stand, take purple key under TV-stand at bottom left.
Zoom out and click 3th bottom arrow, click circle handle on wall in TV-stand, take black key in right of TV-stand.
Zoom out and click 4th bottom arrow, click top floorpanel left of sofa, and click on handle. Take number note right of sofa 7=7
Zoom out. Click on painting right on wall and press the circle handle. Put the two coins on the wall on the 3 black spots.

4th view (door view):
Click on circle handle on left of wall, click on wallpanel on the left bottom and take fish, click on painting right of wall to see purple lock and unlock with key to get a kind of fish also press the handle in this panel.

Go back to

First view (3chairs):
Open black lock on wall and take green coin
Open blue lock on wall and press handle

2nd view (bed):
The 3 paintings on the wall moved now, take number code 6=2 at first, press handle at 2nd and take fish at 3th.

Back to first view again (3 chairs).
Click right bottom arrow to zoom in green chair, place the 4 fishes and take number note 1=4 of panel.

Go right twice to 3th view (2 pink sofa's)
Put the green coin in the wall and take number note 10=8 of panel.

Go back to 1st view (3 chairs):
Click on middle bottom arrow (zoom of purple chair), take number note 2=3 from panel.

Go to door view:
Click on the the pink square on the door for code lock.
Look at you number codes to unlock, like 4=5 means the 4 place in the code is a 5.


Take wrech under car and go back in again.

Unscrew, panel on wall of 3 chairs view, get orange paper.
Unscrew panel above bed on the wall, get red paper
Go to 2 pink sofa view, unscrew wall panel left of TV, to get purple paper
Zoom out and click on bottom right arrow and unscrew floor panel left of sofa, to get pink key
Go to 3 chair view, click on bottom left arrow (zoom purple chair) open pink lock, to get brown paper

Go to bed scene and open floor panel on left bottom, place the papers, get key, go out and start car

Have a good drive :)

ok,I must be slow but I cant input the door code

ok,out,,,nice game,but my brain hurts now

I love these games. Thank you to the game makers for making such quality fun games to play. I look forward to the next one.

Yihaaa...out! Thanx Carola ;-)

This was PERFECT! Not too short, not rediculously hard - lots of nice logic. I LOVE these games.
Thanks Ainars!!!!!!!!

Love these games - thanks Ainars!

cant find pink key

I entered the code but the door won't open! and I know I filled it in correctly. I checked it a thousand times.

Finally worked, but you have to find all the codes first. You can't just fill in the code from here. ;)

Gongtats everybody lol helped my daughter get this one, it was a bit difficult!

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