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Cryptic Castle Walkthrough

Cryptic Castle

SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Cryptic Castle is a new point and click adventure game created by Selfdefiant. Your late Aunt Milly left you the Family Castle. The castle is said to have many secrets hidden deep within. You thought it would be fun to see what kind of treasures you can find! Good luck and have fun!

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oh boy! a Selfdefiant!

One coin in first scene, 2 coins in second scene.

yeah - selfdefiant - thank you

Colored numbers, seven coins and a orange gem.

I have 7 coins, an orange gem and stuck already.

need code for door

Orange gem in the most right scene.

so far only cold coins and orange gem

Use the numbers from the colors and do them alphabetical.

how to make a 4 digit code out of 4 2-digit numbers

Don't use the 1's.

s-t that would be 4,5,3,6 but doesnt work

thanks s-t I am in too

OMG it's the Hearst Castle outdoor swimming pool! I'll just be in the pool while you all look for stuff...

Blue gem is in the most bottom room on the right, but need something to get it.

Clue for the drawers in the top left room (not very top)

Got the black key when I lit the candle in the left most room

Red gem from the drawers in bottom left room.

Charlie how did you lit the candle?

farthest left room (draft room?) has a box with a slot that needs something and a candle that needs lighting.

you can change colors of the top of colums in pool room

The screwdriver goes into the slot to get yellow gem.

The lighter was in one of the rooms to the right on a mantle.

Live!! THought no one was playing this one!!

Fill the goblet with water and use it on the torch outside to get white key.

A lighter in the room on the right, second row from bottom.

drawer clue not working for me

slot box clue on garment is for dresser in room down from hallway

annaby, it works but you have to click the drawer that was jammed after doing the code.

drawer clue not working for me either

Use knife from the kitchen to get blue gem.

Knife in kitchen, most right room.

Where's the screwdriver?

Goblet in the top room of the bottom right rooms.

thanks - got the drawer open

SD in room with the directions note (top right bedroom)

The screwdriver is in the room with the Ulric, Drake, Lief etc.. Letter/Poem.

crewdriver in bedroom back drawer to the right of entrance room

bedroom opened with white key - puzzle gives silver key

Having trouble finding that knife!

I'm stuck. No screwdriver and don't know how to open the box in the white key room.

Thanks all for the screwdriver?

Screwdriver! I meant.

In the most left room, YELLOW gem, use SD

POP! You can go all the way right in the kitchen and then UP. Probably missing a lot of views.

Sneaky Coin in lampe, large table view

what is code for white key box?

small tool
its complicated - one of the right hand side bedrooms (bed on left ) has drawers at the back - sd is in one of them

Clicked something off screen by mistake >:( No way I'm starting over! Good luck!

white key box
there is a book somewhere with a text and some words beginning with U,D,R,L are highlighted
follow the order

Note for white keybox is the note. Use first letters of names.

Thanks for the box clue.

does not find code for live? can help there a please?

many thanks

my this is complicated to explain
through door with silver key
right and down - puzzle with colors gives purple gem

Hmm...what now 5 gems, 44 coins...need some keys

after using silver key, light fire in fireplace for rusty key

has still found nobody code for live, a pity does not come further in play

Where to use the hint from the Captains Log?

Thx zoz! Umh..which fireplace?

Opened door with code from picture (in the top right rooms).

After number code door, PURPLE gem in lampe

@marita, what do mean with "code for live"? I don't understand.

The fireplace where?

got pink, yellow, blue and orange diamonds

old sword
SD, goblet, lighter used

need 3 digit code and has anyone done anything with this funny code on clothe
need blue key for chest
and something for the block with narrow hole

ich komme nicht ins haus rein,da ich den code für tür nicht finde

I really can't remember where I used the silver key. Help!

Ah the fireplace in the bottom right room of the top right rooms.

two up from entrance
two right (big hall) one down
should get you to bedroom to light a fire

marita it is 5839 (i think)

thanks @s-t, all i could remember is it was after the silver key

Can't find that purple gem.
SwissMiss, the code is on the picture thing I thought it was 476.

has anyone got the green gem

or solved the 3digit code


GREEN gem in white block of stone, use sword

Use the old sword on the box with narrow hole to get green gem.

@marita, du brauchst die Zahlen unter den Farben (ohne die 1 vorweg)
Sortier die Farben nach Alphabet:
blue, green, red, yellow

s-t shall try 476 (if I can find the room again -lol)
for purple diamond - it is right of silverkey room and one down - solve the color puzzle

@leah...the game auto-saves!!!if you are still there just click load...

@swissmiss: sword for block with narrow hole

oh, no, i really have to leave now :((( I've got 46 gold coins, 5 gems, a sword, etc and dammit I've got to leave! Have fun eveyone and save some gold coins for me!

SwissMiss, that's the pink gem. cece was talking about a purple gem.

Yeah...found the fireplace thx to small-tool!
Totally missed that room before...

s-t that was the pink stone sorry

just found purple one in room opened with 476
thanks it worked - how did you get that?)

Where was that stone block. I've seen it but can't remember where?

That code is on the picture before that room, but still no purple gem for me?

has anyone got a blue key yet
or used the rusty sword

...and now I can't remember where to use the rusty key LOL

where is the 3 digit door code?

s-t: one left to the entrance hall

if you are in the room opened with 476
click on lamp-tussle

POP...got it

@Charlie, after you use the silver key, you use the rusty key off to the left

silverkey right,right (big hall) right

Nvm. found the purple gem in the most right top room. Pull the cord of the lamp.

Thanks Escapism.

Purple gem is in lampe after code 476

@annaby: column 9, first row on the map, or the most far right after using the silver ring.

@swissmiss: 476 was right, how did you get that??

I miss pink gem and some keys!

And now we need a gold key. How? Where?

Okay, caught up, 49 coins and 6 gems.

Pink gem is in bottom left room of the top right rooms. Codebox under the bed.

So we need a blue key and a gold key and the Captains Log hint isn't used.

make that 7 gems...missed the one to the right in my inventory

I've never been so turned around in one of these games. Where is the room where you use the sword??

I think I've found the place for the Log...upper most room on the wall

put sword into box under stag for green gem

I only have 6 gems
any hint green,purple,pink,yellow blue and orange

Charlie, uppper most room is the door for the gold key?

Yep...got the golden key now

escapism - it was S-t- got it
it is on picture before the door with the codes

Found pink gem. I was miss this room!
I need blue and gold keys. Maybe more

Umm no, it's where you get the key, small-tool

SwissMiss, you miss the red gem from the drawers in bottom left room.

Thanks @SwissMiss

Too much rooms and any bathroom!

Arrghh...I'm so lost...can't find the door for the golden key again

Thanks SwissMiss and smalltool!

thanks s-t - missed that spot

Do you guys mean the picture with the 3 numbers on it?

so blue chest and gold key left
and what about captains log

Good Lord!!!! It took me forever to find the room with the paper for the box code and then I got it wrong....(used rome) and had to go back again and keep getting lost...LOl but it is only 7 , not 8 directions....got silver key....YEA!

Charlie golden key door is the really realy top room.

Now I found it...small-tool, you're right it is the upper most room.
Room for Log code is the upper most room in the middle.

does any1 have the blue or gold key??

And thanks Charlie for the hint where to find the golden key!!

I have 50 coins now. I'm in the golden key room and can't reach the painting...was there a ladder anywhere?

charlie - could you be more precise
from where we enter the house

Goog god, does anybody know the order for the gemstones??? I'm so lost in this game...

Charlie - go up from the scene with the chest that needs the blue key
where did you find the gold key?

Guess we need the blue key to find one...

@charlie: light the candles!

@escapism - in the pool room, click the tops of the columns

help please
have not got golden or blue key and not used captain clue

SwissMiss, yes from the entrance keep going up and at the end you can click the corners of the painting.

gemstone order is on the pillars in one of the bottom rooms.
blue yellow purple pink red green
@escapism, did you find the place to use them?

@swissmiss: try the northwest (nw), se etc. in the order of the roman numerals. If it doesn't work, try it in the order of the leagues...

THX!!! escapism!!!

Where's the clue for the order of the gems?

@annaby: thanks!

@charlie: yes, see my post from 8:08; light the candles in the golden key room!

Ah thanks Charlie, didn't refresh.

And thx @Selfdefiant for putting the save in the games...I refreshed it in all the excitement LOL

where is the gold key??

Gold key you get from doing the picture corners in the middle top room.

dang...missed orange on the pillars...going back there now LOL

Hm, missing the orange gem order... Only 6 columns for me...

argh - that NW, is not working
tried order of league and ships


dont get what to do with the picture??

amy88 - go straight up from entrance as far as you can, then you can click the corners of the painting, use ship number order from the note

thanx @small-tool

There is no orange in the pool-room?

finally got the golden key

roman numeral order worked for me.

:-o ..there is no orange! So it isn't the gem order?


thanx @annaby

thanks s-t finally got it

has anyone got the order of the gems yet

@s-t - no, pool room only gave us 6 colors.
No idea of order to place them

Hm, still don't get it with the orange gem... Stuck!

cant find screwdriver in the Ulric room?

what about that blue key for the chest
perhaps order is there

Ok, bruteforced it! Orange is middle!

And out!

Thanks @ all for the enormous help, wouldn't have got so far without your help! You guys are geniuses!!

Figured that orange would be the middle one, but still can't find the right order for the other ones?

got the blue key from the order

and out - wow all that jewellery

i have red green orange blue purple and pink what am i missing

you were always right with the pool order
start left - put orange in middle - and carry on

In the pool it's Blue-Yellow-Purple-Pink-Red-Green, right?
How to put that in the picture?

Yeah @escapism!
I'm out and very rich now :)

out - whew, that was a tough one!

start top left anticlockwise and orange in middle

Ah thanks, Finally got it. Start top left and go counter clockwise.

And out! TVM all

@s-t - start with blue in the top left

wow - my brain is smoking
thats one house I would not like to clean

Thanks everyone! Really needed your help.

The first 3 colors, then orange, then the last 3, beginning top left counter clockwise

By the way, only had 48 coins and no sneaky coin, but I'm glad I'm out.
Very good one Selfdefiant, thanks for the great game.

lol @SwissMiss!

thanks for all the team-work - was enjoyable to play with you all

and Merry X-mas to all of you

small-tool - I had also 48 - must have missed 2 along the way

I only had 46 coins - thanks for letting me out Selfdefiant

can't find the knife in the kitchen, please help!!

Where to use sword ? Stuck with sword.And no blue key either?

That was real fun!
Thx @Selfdefiant, and all players for the help!!

where is the orange gem have the rest

@amy86 - I don't remember, but it was in one of the first scenes - before you get into the house

You're right SwissMiss, it was great teamwork again with very helpful comments and only just a minute waiting before getting an answer to a posted question.
And yes, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and things like that.

Just starting...

Thanks Selfdefiant!!!

amy86 - sorry I cannot remember orange - it was at the very beginning - go through the comments

Sis.. use it on block under the stag (dear)
blue key at very end

Knife in kitchen, most right room.

Orange gem in the most right scene in the bottom rooms.

Use sword in one of the bottom left rooms on the white box-stone.

nvm stupid me lol i had the orange it was the yellow i was missing forgot about the dial and screwdriver!!

New Inkagame "Obama Resident Evil" is uploaded on their site.

Enjoy - draw a map as you go along - it is VERY complicated

thank you all for all the help :)

Make snapshots of all the hints!
Don't forget the pillars, like me LOL

Thanks Saima, but I´ll wait till it´s posted here. Way more fun.
By the way you can post that game by the submit game button on top of this page.
For me it always takes to tries because the first try always says no captcha or somthing like that.

@Enjoy - better yet, print the map. I wish I had!

there are 31 rooms!

thanks everyone for sword hint

Still can't find the knife in kitchen. I've looked everywhere in all three kitchen rooms. Any specifics!

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