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[REPLAY] Esroom - Escape from Room is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Esroom. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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good morning
who is helping me??

Hello!!! Am I alone?

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:16 AM  


in, too :)

code on door has to do with calendar
could be Wed, Thu(red, Frid = 22+23+24 (69)
x ?? which red sunday x 12 (month)??

found Merlot bottle and lemon and numbers
but have no clue

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:19 AM  

Me too, goodmorning ;-)

saw clues, found bottle and lemon but couldnt take it
no idea wht to do

First I thought (W+T+F)xSxM you have to add numbers from 4 th week: (22+23+24)x19x20, but the result is too high 69x380=26220 :(

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:20 AM  

Same here... Strange hints, but no items to take...

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:22 AM  

What a piity we can´t take the wine ;-(

thinking on same lines but I had the last 12 for month??
tried with sunday 5 69 x 5 x 12 (4140) but doesnt work

@full tztztz - wine early in the morning!!!

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:25 AM  

No wine in the morning! :)

K9 in drawer
5 in water
2 in Coffee-pic
3 yellow stars
7 lemons
1 bottle of wine
edgar where are you

This looks like a tricky one.Wish i could play but off to work.

so where is 4,6 and 8 and what to do with them

I want my SD -lol-

Also D4 under the trash bin.

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:27 AM  

Opened the cupboard for a paper with a code

How Raki??

you mean the drawer??? 4 digits??

Swiss Miss K9 at the bottom of trash can ---

Ingrid - K9 is in drawer - D4 bottom of trash

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:32 AM  

had 3 hints like D=4, etc... Tried to form a word with 4 letters, put in the 3 numbers and guessed the 4th :)..
But don´t know how to use the code on the calendar. Seems really difficult!

Oh I am sorry @SwissMiss D4

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:34 AM  

@Swiss: Ja, drawer, mein Englisch ist ned so berauschend ;)

DESK = 4179, D=4, E=1, S=7, K=9

hint on word DEK +??

Oh! I get it. The hint is


But I wonder where the S came from?

thanks for help
but it gets even more complicated!

raki - are you south germany? (ned sounds schwäbisch)

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:39 AM  

I have really no idea how to use this scheme

on the back of the clue from the drawer is a 12

full - is your brain smoking??

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:40 AM  

The S for DESK is upside down in the cupboard underneath the aquarium ( S7 )

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:40 AM  

@Swiss: Ja, bin Schwabe ;)

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:40 AM  

How´d you know Swissmiss, do you smell fire ?

I am stuck with drawer clue.

the clue from drawer is like a crossword puzzle
W /M is black
S /T is red
A / O / O is already in
but still ???

I forgott another black letter "F"

so we have W,M,O,S,A,T,O,F

Just had an idea for the note from the desk.

6 = wine
7 = lemons
3 = star
5 = water
2 = coffee

But where to use this?

N/m slow. It's for the calender and (W+T+F)xSxM hint.

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:49 AM  

S is for sunday, I guess and the T is probably 23, cause it´s the only red Tuesday or Thursday in the calendar.

we tried those at the beginning - if you look through comments
69 x ? x 12 for month / or monday

I tried all combination within 9999 with those sundays and mondays or 12 (for month) - nada

I tried:_ (20+22+29)x 13x8 BUT IT DOESN´T WORK, 22 & 13 are red numbs from crossword.

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 1:59 AM  

@Swiss: Oh sorry, missed some comments :)

how do you get 22 and 13 from crossword??

for door tried
69 x 5 x 6/69 x 5 x 12/69 x 12 x 6/69 x 19 x 6
I think everything else gets over 9999

Ingrid - I see them now !

We need a math - wunderkind

The Numbers 6,7,3,5,2 are in Sunday column, that´s why T = 22 from word WATER in 4-th row

Xenon - are you around???

lol @ WTF and S M equation!

good morning all!!
do we know what F is?

I run out of ideas

well - we think
W Wednesday
T Thursday (red)
F Friday

S Sunday
M could be monday or month

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 2:15 AM  

Hi Truus, F could maybe be for the Fruit ?

since 23 is the only red T - that would be
22+23+24 = 69

Full - but we used the fruit (7 lemons in the crossword)

Hi Truus - a new brain is welcome
mine is frizzling out

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 2:18 AM  

Ah ok Swissmiss , my brain is smoking...

WTF is the code ?

use the day of each line. From first line wednesday is 1. Second line is monday 6.

Then do the math and the answer is


W(ednesday) =1, T(eusday) =23 etc gives


       Anonymous  12/5/10, 2:20 AM  

I think we need Small-tool, whenever there´s drinks around in a game he solves them .-)

...and out

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 2:21 AM  

Wow Christina!!!! Exellent job!!!!

got it I am out

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 2:22 AM  

Ah, and Yvon.... Thanks!!

Ha I thought I am sooo clever and now other got out first
but at least I got it on my own (patpat on shoulder)

soooo easy - once it clicked

Yvon was there before me ;-). I needed some time to find the S for the drawer, the rest was pretty straightforward exept that you couldn't take much items.

ps don't tell, but I used to be a mathteacher.

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 2:24 AM  

Thx Yvon,

now it´s logical :)

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 2:24 AM  

Although i still don´t really get it. with what Wednesday you start?

I think W - is first W from WATER, T is 3rd red T from WATER, F is 3rd or 4th F from COFFEE, S is red S from STAR, M is M from LEMON. It means FE: (20+22+29)x13x8 = 7384, or 7488 it doesn´t work.

wow i just entered and u guyz solved it through.

Thanks Yvon.

Full, water is in the first line. From the note you got the W. So take wednesday from the first line.

oh, it's solved already...
I was still frying my brain on the F info
But I was way of, thinking W=water.
Why Wednesday??

Sorry, must be wine in the first line.

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 2:31 AM  

Thanks Yvon, but still....i have around 30 Post-it´s with calculations in front of me but none of them gets me to 3960.

Someone cares fro an explanation?


line 1: Note says you fill in the word with 6. From cabinet it says 6 is wine. Take the letter at the black spot. You get black W. On calender first line W (wednesday) is 1.

line 2: note says fill in word with 7, so lemons. Take black M(onday). On calender from 2 line monday is 6.

And so on.

You got W1 M6 S12, T23 and F31.
Then the math.

I thought the note was
6 ?? -- maybe wine
7 lemons
3 stars
5 water
2 coffee
I do not see the connection to the note and the calender, it's probably there, but how?

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 2:37 AM  

Thanks Christina, i think i get it more or less. I think i would have never ever in my life come up with that though, my compliments to you and Yvon !

Thanks very much for explaining @Yvon and @Christina, I think I see it now,
and the red blocks are S= Sunday and T= Thursday?

Wow, well found, especially on an early Sunday morning!!!

btw for everyone celebrating today:
Happy Sinterklaas!!

Anyone figure out what the 12 on the back of the crossword note means?

Thanx Truus, celebrating later today. You a happy sinterklaas as well!!

Yes, red blocks are sunday and thursday. (so you don't take the saterday of thuesday by mistake)

@Barry, I think it refers to the calender,
but then again, don't count too much on me here, lol

I think the 12 is a hint that you must use the calander (month was 12).

404 Page not Found!

404 here too. boo

PNF here three! :'(



I guess they took the game away :'(

Is there any alternativ link?

Thank you @Full! I even got in the Dubai game, too!

       Anonymous  12/5/10, 8:15 AM  

Welcome Zoz, i liked the game a lot, hope you enjoy it too :-)

It is working now.

When you get the clue from the desk, you have to close the drawer in order to get away from the scene. When you ring the bell, though, a white figure stands there and asks you questions?!

Door is open, but are we really out?
Strange ...

Yay, it works now! Finally going to play this one. Thanks for fixing it! :D

Great game!

wow out with help.

I didn't realize the note was a crossword. Thanks for the great hints you all left!

Note the lovely calendar on the wall
Click the desk drawers to zoom in
Note the top one needs a 4-digit code
Open the middle one and find K9 card (you don’t get to take it)
Close the drawer
Zoom on the trashcan
Click to lift it
Now click and hold to see the note on the bottom -- D4
Turn right and enjoy the painting of the coffee
Turn right
Note the door has needs a 4-digit code and it has a math clue under it
Zoom in on the fish tank -- there is a 5 in the water, but you don’t get to keep this either
While zoomed in on the tank, click the top left cubby of the shelves to find the S7 hint
Back up and note the cute little stars before turning right again
There is a poster for the E1 grand prix, but we can’t go, too bad
Zoom on the colorful cabinet
Behind door number 6, there is a nice bottle of Merlot wine, and behind door number 7, there’s some lemons
Back up and turn right
Solve the top drawer code and get the hint paper
Click the hint paper in your inventory and then the about item magnifier below the inventory boxes
Click to open it
Click it again to see the back
Use the hints to solve the door code
Solution below
Press the red button to escape!


Solution to the desk drawer
You found D4, K9, S7, and E1 in the room. Unscramble the letters to spell desk. So the order is SPOILER4179SPOILER

Solution to the door code
Thanks to SwissMiss for pointing out it is a crossword!
The only item in your inventory is a paper that has 5 rows and a 12 on the back. 12 hints it goes with the calendar. There are 5 weeks in the month. So the 6 hint goes with week 1. The 7 hint with week 2, 3 with week 3, 5 with week 4, and 2 with week 5.

The rows are fill in the blanks. The first row says 6 (black) - - - \ \. So 6 is a 4 letter word (\\ means there are 2 blocked letters), and we want the first letter since it is the one that is filled in solid. Inside the 6 door of the colorful cabinet is the wine. So W is our first letter. The second row is 7 - - (black) O - -. Behind the 7th door is lemons. We want the third letter so the letter is M. 3rd row is (red) - - - \ \. There are 3 stars on the shelves. So red S is our next from Star. 5 - A (Red) - - \ The 5 is in the water in the tank so red T is our next. Lastly is 2 - O - B - -. The poster has a picture of the coffee cup with the 2 in the foam. So F is our last letter.

Look at the calendar. W (from Wine) is our top row letter -- in the first week on the calendar, Wednesday is 1. In the second week, Monday (M from Lemons) is 6. In the 3rd week, S (from Star) is either Saturday or Sunday, but we want the red number, so it is Sunday the 12th. In the fourth week, we want red T (from Water) so we want Thursday the 23rd. And lastly, we want the 31 since it is the Friday (from coffee) in the last week.

The door says (W+T+F)xSxM
So it is (1+23+31)x12x6=55x12x6=SPOILER3960SPOILER

Missed this first time round, good game

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