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Obama Resident Evil Walkthrough

Obama Resident Evil

Obama Resident Evil is another point and click Obama series adventure game developed by Inka Games. The evil Dr. Albert Wesker has kidnapped Obama's family and is holding them captive in Racoon City, where zombies and dangerous mutant creatures inhabit. Help Obama rescue his family before is too late! Good luck and have fun!

Warning: The game may not be suitable for children!

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I am glad this is autosave - died a couple of times already
passed the graves succesfully

this one was hard

talked to "zombie" and got $500 and got some stuff frome dude in dumpster

I am stuck after the graves. I cant get in the house, if i look through the window i still get killed. I did get some stuff from the man in the dumpster, and found a saw.

there's a key at the car too, if you look through the carwindow. it's a bit hard to see

had to leave for a while
devilWolf are you out?

stuck with 500$ and other stuff, cant get into house

Thanks God,I pass the graves.Let see what`s next..Hi all b.t.way

cant get in the house either

guess we have to ambush the zombie at the house through the window. but dont know how yet

go look through the window and press forward fast before the zombie bite you, and you're in :)

tried to throw the lit dynamite into the window but it doesnt work

hi bub..

or not, got bit at the elevator

but then you are stuck in front of elevator

well I have to leave again - try to solve it will you

How to pass the graves?

look through window and use stick at the zombie at the door to kill it

Didn't realize i could walk all to the back.

How to pass the elevator guy?

Cut zombie hand with saw. Use it on elevator door.

use the dynamite light it up and throw it in.. load you gun and shoot the zombies in the basement when the lights is on

I can't hit my zombie with the stick!
DevilWolf how did you do that?

you need to be fast, and hit him in the head

Dynamite? Where

from the guy in dumpster

Thnx DevilWolf!
I tried that before,but it worked this time.
And where did you guys find the saw?

Pop got it!
It is under the car!

In front of the car. Which guy in dupster. I can't open it.

stuck at second elevator, braineating zombie in the roof

@Feminin21 In front of the car

talk to marilyn and get $500 then use it at the dumpster

NVM. Found it

got forbidden now, not going to start over at this moment.. so bbl..
merry xmas everyone

How to get rid of the Licker in the elevator? Tried the grenade but its not working.

How to shoot the 3 zombies at the second elevator?

I cant use the saw on the zombie. How did u guys do that?

@Feminin21, load the yellow bullet in the gun, shoot it in the head, then load again and so on.

First hit the zombie with the bat, then cut his hand with the saw.

nvm, i got it :S. And i think we need water to give to the guy in the dumpster, for more items

game is buggy
after you accidentally blow yourself up with the dynamite you can't move anymore and may even disppear

Thnx saima!
I was shooting the heart :lol:

I put all 3 bullets in the gun before i went on the elivator, but then when i wanted to shoot the zombies it said something spanish, and the gun wasnt working. So i think u shouldnt put all 3 bullets in at once..

Aahh, i cant do this. I really suck at shooting games and i keep shooting to late so its dark and i miss.. Is there a trick to make it easier?

When the lights r on, quickly aim for the head, and just shoot.

heatherhoekstra just put them all in at once.
And aim for the head!

How to kill the red creature in the elevator?
Went in the office and took a gas container, water and a flask with green liquid.
I gave water to dumpster guy he gave me a grenate and a magnum.

pfiew, did it. On to the next floor. Did someone finish the game already?

Oh i also got from the dumpster guy a slingshot.

I put the green liquid in the water gun, but dont know what to do with it. I can see there is something in the elivator, but i dont know how to get rid of it..

I killed the red creature with the grenade!
You have to view the grenade first, take out the pin and click on the creature he will eat it.

Ok, and i used the pill on the slingshot and used that on the thing on the next floor..

Stuck with elastic man.
Tried everything on him, but no luck.

And now stuck at next one. Magnum and watergun didnt work.

Elastic Man???

Yes Saima, the one with the big eye.

I think u mean the one after the nemesis.

First hold the gas tank, he will take it, and then use the magnum on the tank to blow it up.

Tried combining things every possible way, but nothing works.. Still stuck at the guy with the long arm

I tried that saima, but it doesn't work.

Have to go. Good luck

Ty. Got killed by final guy.. More shooting to do for me :S

Heather how did you do that?
I am still stuck with the elastic man.

Wow, that was easy. Just aim at the heart and keep klicking fast, and he'll stup jumping around. And u should be able to use ur shield there, but i only saw that after i killed him

U have to do it quickly, load the magnum before going in, just click on the tank, it will automatically be in obama's hand, the monster will take it, and then just shoot the tank. I shot the lower part of tank, it worked for me.

Feminin, like saima said. Just go in there, klick on the gas tank and when the plastic guy got it, use the magnum to shoot on the tank. It worked for me..

I'm out. omg, flying octo xD. And someone stole Obama's tv wheil he was saving his familie, it's gone..

It worked saima!
I am out!
Thnx for all the help guys.

I think that there is a bug. I tried to use the lit dynamit on the zombie in the church (?) but I remain stuck here with the zombie (no way to move... or to die).

For the zombie inside the house, first look through the window, then quickly hit him with the bat before he notices u, and then take his hand using saw. There is a zombie hiding inside the elevator so before going in throw the dynamite inside first.

how to kill nemesis?

@Puttachat, combine pill and slingshot, and aim it on his face.

Ok guys,can somebody tell me how to kill 3 zombies with 2 yellow bullets and 1 for magnum?

2 bullets 3 zombies???

stuck on the last one... he punches me three times i am done i shoot him 20 times he still lives... not fair...

i <3 obama games

cant even get past graves!!

How to kill Licker?

Everyone of u opened the game? I cannot open it..The site is down and i can open every site! I tried to open more obama games and they opened...Only this it couldnt open :( What should i do?


-You don't have to take the parachute.
-Take the stick in front of house.
-Go forward.
-Go down,up,down,up,down.
-Go forward.
-Chose the 'eye' on window.
-Now,fast,use a stick on zombie.
-Go into the house.
-Take a gun from zombie.
-Take lighter from left.
-Go out.
-Take a bullet between the trees.
-Go forward.
-Talk with ''zombie''.
-Chose option 2.
-Also 2.
-And now 2.
-He will give you money.
-Take the key behind the glass of cars.
-Go forward.
-Take the shield.Shield is behind the dumpster.
-Talk with men in dumpster.
-Chose option 2.
-Give the money to men in dumpster.
-He will give you : two bullets,dynamite,a pill,water gun and a magnum bullet.
-Go back.
-Take the saw under the car.
-Go back.
-Go forward.
-Combine the bullet and gun.
-And also combine a saw with the hand of zombie.
-Go back.
-Use zombie hand with sensor.
-Turn on the lighter.
-Combine it with dynamite.
-Use a lit dynamite with elevator.
-Go forward.
-Shot zombies in their heads.
-Use zombie hand with sensor.
-Go forward x2.
-Use a key with door.
-Enter in.
-Take water dispenser,green liquid (behind table)and gas container.
-Go back x3.
-Go forward.
-Go back.
-Go forward x3.
-Use water dispenser with dumpster.
-He will give you : magnum,slingshot and granade.
-Go back x2.
-Go forward.
-Go back.
-Go forward x2.
-Use zombie hand with elevator.
-View the granade.
-Take off the metal.
-Grab the granade use with tongue of creature in elevator.
-Combine pill and slingshot.
-Combine magnum bullet with magnum.
-Go forward x2.
-Use loaded slingshot with Nemesis head.
-Go forward.
-Take gas container.
-Take the loaded magnum with gas container(fast).
-Combine green liquid with water gun.
-Go forward.
-Shot the Dr. Wesker in heart,but defend with shield by pressing space bar.
-Use zombie hand with sensor.
-Go forward.


Yeah thnx for that walkthrough! When i go to bed ill start to dreaming that i playd and i passed it !

Why the site still doesnt work? How everyone of you playd and i cant? What should i do?

       Anonymous  12/29/10, 4:16 PM  

I am giving up cant shoot the darn zombies. I am playing way late.. game long been posted... but I just am so frustrated. I usually love these games but not this one.

This comment has been removed by the author.

To beat the dog you have to control the female robot dog .Go to the cage. The dog will go in !

I can't take the gun

       Anonymous  7/30/11, 5:10 AM  


i couldn't use the stick on the zombie... so im lost...

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