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Submachine 7

[REPLAY] Submachine 7: The Core is seventh episode of very popular point and click Submachine adventure type escape game series created by Mateusz Skutnik. Can you find a way to escape in the seventh installment to the hit point-and-click adventure series? Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Cyberjar88]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Submachine 7: The Core Walkthrough
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Cool. I just got off work and here's a new game to play

good morning everybody

new game and I have to leave - argh

wish you joy and luck in escaping!

Hi Philomena - good luck - they are good (make a map)

Just loading!

hi there

just used code card and got light, anything else?

steel tube, 2 pictures, key stone, a document....

At same point Shaheen!

huh, stuck.

oh - and took the light bulb

Used steel tube on lamp behind the blue "curtain"

All that plus the bulb from one of the lamps andddddddd.....stuck

wow i should be in bed,but what the heck.

ok now it is becoming interesting

moving onto the left to new screens and got key and valve

How did you manage to move left, Shaheen?

Lots of stuff now:
key stone (square), document, 3 pictures, light bulb, valve, gong stick (used - but did nothing so far), key, red key stone and round key stone

think using gong stick gave me a new scene right of it or I was blind at it was there before, lol

after breaking the light behind the blue "curtain", u can move left, till the last buddha statue which gives u another key stone

used gong stick on gong, don't know what happ'd

Hi all, I think I caught up.
And went to the teleporter to a new scene

im with u s-t

I used the 3 key stones and the valve on terminal right from gong scene like the picture shows for "winter palace garden" - but nothing happens

wow they have made me the king!!!

Some papers and a key left in the new scene.

one more key

i will have to save this game for later today.i am too tired.good luck all.

Stu, take a good look at the paper for the key stones.

no idea where im heading to after the key

got 2 stone keys

Ah, found the second key too, somewhere on the right and then down and then left.

its tiring

Only 1 key and 1 stone key.

I don't get

Ohhh. This is fun. I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's fun!

guyz who are quite lazy like me can go for the video WT on youtube

Stu, I think I had the red one on the bottom left, the square one on the bottom right and the other one on top. Then use and click the valve.

Wait a minute, there's a walkthrough?
Well, good luck and have fun all then.
Gonna play on my own then.

ha ha s-t, i think im gonna strain my brain a bit after this without the WT, good luck 2 u

Good luck to you too Shaheen.
I never play games live when there's already a walkthrough. But I'm still gonna have fun with this game.

Wow, SUBMACHINE!1 I can´t believe my eyes.

Goodmorning Btw

Haha, i´m totally lost but i love it :-)

Lol, i warp myself from one to another dimension, cool.

Nobody here anymore??

Never mind, i´ll travel alone :-)

Oh already OUT :(, didn't go everywhere yet and only 3 of 5 secrets, so don't go in the GREEN light if you're not finished everything!!!

Great game again!!!!!!

Thanks for the advice not to go into the green light Carola, although i would first like to find where it is anyways, lol

hi Full - I would like to travel with you - just come back - but helplessly behind!

Morning Swissmiss, where about are you?
I´m somewhere walking up and down stairs, but all i find is new papers, not a lot else

Hello Full, you're not alone. I refuse to use the walkthrough. Have the three stone keys with stick. Found where to place them but don't understand how. I also have an unused light bulb and need the good old screwdriver!

at home -lol-

no - i just started, got rod, light bulb and 2 papers with clues - still in first scene going left and right
on very left knocked the top of the column but cannot do anything

@Gnouche, on one of the notes is the order of placing the stones, use the stick in the blue shinning wall, to brake the lamp behind it.
You don't need sd, just write down the sighns for a later code.

@Full LOL

key, keystone, gong stick, valve (after using stick)

@Full, did you find some teleport circle, just click on them, one is above the door upstairs

At Home, lol Swissmiss :-D

Gnouche, that took me a little as well. you should place the diamond in the pilar ( of the gate)first ans put the valve in the middle and than put the three stones, just play with them a little for the right position
( PD, Smalltool gave the order before at 12.15)

I do need e screwdriver, already in the wintergarden. I was talking about the new stone keys that have sticks in them to put them in a wall: round, square and triangle

@ Gnouche reading @SwissMiss comment,
not sure if you already see the new view (port) right to the gong, after using the gongstick, that's the place for valve and first 3 stones.

@Gnouche, didn't find or used a sd at all :)
But about the 3 new stone keys, there is a place in the wall with a grid from 9 by 3, look at you notes, you see one note with 1,2,3, so make 3 grids of it and look at 3 other notes for the places of the stones in each of the 3 grids.

I havn't got a diamond - can anyone help pls

@Carola, found a square machine with 4 buttons that go up and/or down. Is there a hint somewhere for their positions? I tried a lot of combinations but nothing seems to happen.

@SwissMiss, it's in the locked box (you need key) in a view on the right

Swiss, i think the diamond was under two pieces of wood in one of the scenes in the beginning

What happens if you get the order of the stones right? - tried acc. the map - but that has not worked

@Full, no, I put them all down and than the other port in the beginning of this level (most left view) where openend. (first I thought notting happend and was searching for a clue also and than noticed the ports where all open)

oh need some coffee, lol, al those typos ;)

Swiss, it was not under the two pieces of wood, but Carola told you already where it was. Sorry, having troubles on my own at another place :-)

al=all etc, lol,I keep going with it ;)

Coffee can wait Carola, you stay here and help us!!!!

@SwissMiss , place also the valve in the middle and turn it, you will notice what happend than ;)

LOL Full ;)

Finally found how to use them, but it is getting more complicated, still no SD

Someone found all secrets?
I've found 4 from 5

thanks for the diamond - i went through the gate now

♫ we´re all lost in a yellow submachine, a yellow submachine, a yellow submachine ♫

@Gnouche , lol, there really is NO sd in this game :) The places with screws are just boards with sighns you need for a code ;)

@Stu , no only had 3, didn't go everywhere, but when i clicked on the green light I was already out and couldn't go back.

May no need for SD but don't understand code for the machine in statues room, and still unused light bulb

lol Full

I went through that blue gate - got orange key and another letter - now what??

Thanks for the help with the buttons Carola, I´ll see where it brings me but i think there should be a hint for them somewhere (?)

@Gnouche , If I remember well, I had that light bulb still in inventory when I was out,
and I had also troubles with that machine, I wrote down the sighns but didn't wrote down WHERE I saw them all. I only remembered a couple and the others was try and error for the order.

If I remember well, the first had an opening in the left top and the 2nd was something with a line from top to bottom . Sorry.

What´s with all the pictures with the blue spots on them ( which you can´t take, only look at them) that you see everywhere?

Ah, i see, it´s your position

@Full , I think the hint is, that only the 3th port was activated and only the 3th button was down ;)
So to activate the others, the other buttons have also to be down.

in winterpalace now
what to do with stone key, orange key, token and bulb

@Full , yes that's where you are at the moment, but also at which position you find the sighns on the boards!

Found a token and a glowing box, any use for them? And this machine is driving me crazy!

Man, what a maze......

@SwissMiss , the token are the secrets you found, you don't use them. The orange key is for a box somewhere behind the locked door (hint click on the teleport above this door to go to another location).
Stone key, you need 2 more, see comment 1.27 of me, how to use them ;)

can anyone tell me where to place this stonekey

there are sooo many holes

thanks Carola - I shall plow on

For order of symbols in the room with statues:
One of the picture you found has 5 numbers on it.
Look where you found the symbols and look at the map (near transporter doors) for the position of location.
Sorry - can't explain it better.

@Gnouche , the token are the secrets you found, there are 5 of them, you don't use them.
You have to find the code for machine first, look at your notes for the order if you wrote down where you saw which sighn.

I used light bulb and got an transporter hole to a place where I can use the coins. Still need one more.

5 token?? i have only 1 after being inside for an hour!!

@Stu, do you stay around here to help them, I really have to go (have an appointment ;) )

Good luck all!

@Stu , oh great, didn't see that place, because going to soon in the green light. Great going! I had coins and bulb still in inventory when I was out.

@Carola: I can't realy say how long I could stay. Waiting for a call and then I have to go.
But I will do my very best!!!

See you Carole, thanks a lot :-D

@full, thx
@Stu, ok thx :)


Mmh, found a place to insert the stone-keys but no idea for wich of the 27 spots there are.

Still have my lightbulb as well, where do you place it??

Ah ok, the papers tell the clue

Sorry - call comes and I have to go now (first search my car under the snow, lol)
Coming back soon - I hope

Lol stu, that´s a lot of snow where you live than

sorry Full - have to leave as well and finish later

good luck!

Oh no, found a box with 5 "alien" symbols and i saw a couple of these on my way but didn´t note them down. Must say i don´t really feel going back everywhere to look for them

Ok Everybody, you´re all leaving? Starting to feel sad and lonely already inside this labyrinth :-(

ohhh I feel so sorry for you - but my thoughw will be with you - so dont feel afraid -lol-

Lóól Swissmiss :-)

Does anybody know what to do with glowing box?

I guess i leave my tabs open and come back later. i just started bruteforcing that box with the 5 symbols but there must be 1000´s of combinations

For the symbols: 1 opening top left quarter, 2 kind of umbrella, 3 target, 4 vertical line with semi horizontal line on left and quarter of circles top left and bottom rignt, 5 small opening to left. hope it is understundable

@Gnouche, i wanted to ask you what glowing box, but i just found it as well. also found some kind of clues for the 5 symbols but still don´t know how exactly it works

And i found a "solenoid". Whatever that might be

I'm in the new place, found second token, and seriously thinking about going into the green light, no use for the box and thr light bulb

Where is the solenoid?

well, a little progess here. found the place to put the "Solenoid" but it needs one more. found a key as well

Found savefile, so played from there again.

So made a picture of the code with sighns for the machine:


Hope that helps ;) For the ones that didn't wrote down the locations of the sighns ;)

Have to go again over 15minutes, so If still help needed, I'll check later.

Gnouche, go into every door you see where the statues are, you´ll find the solenoid ( and a key for a box to get another solenoid ) and a wheel to put them at

oh, you already past that ;) Didn't read the comments first was to busy with the pic :)

Carola, save file? Do you know anything about glowing box and the missing tokens?

Thanks so much for the picture Carole! But i should have known from the beginning to write them down.
I´ll see if i can understand the hints from the papers first.

Btw, i placed the 2 solenoids but what does that do??

Gnouche, i think the glowing box might have to do something with these layers as they more or less have the same dimensions, but i can´t figure it out what to do exactly neither

there is a transmitter as well from the door next to the leftmost statue, totally missed that before

And the tranmitter goes where these "solenoids" go.

@did you went down and see the ball to travel with (don't know how to call it)

yes the game is saving automatic, I crashed before and started over. And now when I started the game for a 3th time a saw also "load game".
One safe file was the end of the 2nd time, but the other safe file was where I crashed (refreshed page :( ) the first time.

Carola, how do you save?

But of course, it still doesn´t do anything :-(

@Gnouche, every time you close the game, it makes a safe file, with load game, you start there.

@Full, yes it does, go down ;)

Where do you go down Carole?

Oups, did not see your comment. Might quit for now and see later if there is any progress about the tokens and the glowing box

Well Carole, the red lights of the brown box with the 5 symbols are all green now, was that what the transmitter did?

@Full, did you place the light bulbs and valve? Because if you did and go al the way to the left, the view before the one with the door (which was locked in the beginning), you can click on the most right side of the view and go down. First when you went to the right there, there was nothing, but now there is!

This is a game from a pioneer escape game creator. Please respect. Thank you.

uh, mean, if you did that and have the symbols in the right order as you have, than it is there, I kind of ball to travel with (don't know the english word of it)

@Jorge, don't know what you mean? Did I wrote something down that shouldn't be?

Wassup Jorge??? Any misunderstandings??

Thanks Carola, but i have only just one lightbulb in my inventory which i found in the very beginning and neever found a place to put it. do i really have to go back ALL the way now??

@Full, these are not realy light bulbs, I think those are the solenoids you where talking about.
But if you go back to the left now, the place where the big teleport is, go can click on the very right of this view, there is a stairs to go down, than go right.

I don´t like to give up but it´s been a long time now with this game and it seems i missed some obvious points in the beginning as for ex. a second light bulb and the valve. I see if i can save the game and maybe come back to it later. Thanks a million Carola, you were a great help !! :-D

@Full, sorry, yw, CU2, will start over see, what I did all around that point you where stuck (got a call that the next appointment is canceled, so have more time ;))

Thank you Carola, that´s nice of you. Will need to stop now though because it´s getting a little busier for me here.
Tomorrow i have a day of so i think it´s a good idea to start all over than from the beginning with some more time.

@Full, you need only 2 of them (solenoid) (did you have the one in the box on above second room, key is all the way right of the rooms at the end on one stones in the air flying) and the valve is in first room. Place them on the view on top of stairs in 4th room.

If you have the signs of the machine in right order, go standing in front of the machine:
6 times left, go through the door on the left, than two times left,
click on the most right of this view! Take the stairs down, go right. And there is a new way to travel on!!

:) Doeiii CU tomorrow

The lightbulb, you got fom the beginning, can be placed , if you get out of the travelmachine and you go right two times (two knobs and stones to go through) then go down, and place your bulb there = acces to a portal, that leads to a place where you can use the tokens.
Upstairs lead you to the two clubchairs.

Has anyone got the 5 tokens? I have 3 and don't want to leave thru' the green portal until I get all 5...

I have found and used the 3 first stone keys, the valve, a grey key, an iron stick. I still have one lightbulb, a gong stick, a token, a golden (or copper) key, one stone key. I have 4 pictures and 4 documents... and of course, I'm stuck.

And I've just found some kind of small portal above a wooden door...

I have already placed 4 of them on the secret place after light bulb, but searching now for more than 2 hours for the last token

Have search every possible view a hundred times, tried handles in other positions but no luck.

The first one is in the beginning will post pictures were I found the 2nd 3th and 4th, if anyone found the last taken

please let me know

I only found one token and that was in the room with all the paper shattered around

Now I have more documents and another stone key. I wish I knew where to find a hint for the machine with 4 levers (in the room that opens with the golden key).

Hoping someone would write a WT for those of us who miss too many thing to progress (and maybe I am the only one)....please?
Don't like the videos, can't see the dark screen well either...
Thanks! in advance...LOL

Another token in the right vieuw from the right bouddha statue

@Pascale, put all the handles down, see comment :
Carola 12/16/10 1:47 AM

The knobs are for the 4 teleports, only port 3 is open and only knob 3 is down, so to open the others, put the knobs all down.

Thanks Carola, your #2 was one I was missing.

@tosca, do you mean in the same view as the right hand Buddha statue, the next view to the right or a view somewhere to the right? I seem to recall finding one in one of the flowerpots.

@tosca, yes that's the first token I was talking about, you mean right view of left boudha ;)


we looking for the last ;)

That's the flowerpot one I'd found...

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh yeah left bouddha.
Stupid me

@tosca , your not stupid :) after running left right for hours in this game it's easy to mess up the directions ;)

Another token in the wall in the right vieuw on top of the escalator

Got #5, but I cheated and found a walkthough.








Find the tree with the glowing blue leaves and go left until you reach the karma gate. The missing token is in the crack behind the gate.

@THX MADZ!!!!!!

@Carola, thanks a lot. I'm not sure I understand your explanations, there are many portals and teleporters in this game, I don't know which one was activated before I started to touch those levers.
@Nokra, I'm with you, I don't feel like using a video walkthrough, I would prefer a text walkthrough.

Oh, I see, you meant the 4 portals in the "garden" !

@Maddz , don't see a crack with the token, the only crack I see on both sides is the gate itself, did you found it?

@Pascale, yes those ;)

PLOP found it, thx MADDZ!!!

thx to Maddz

@tosca, that's the one of picture "token 2" ;)

Finaly out with 5 secrets can't wait for the next one in 2011!!!!

THANKS Mateusz Skutnik, for the great game, the secret place with lots in interesting information and all the nice grafics, thx

Finally, I watched the video walkthrough, but I didn't see where the 2 last symbols were found (on the machine with 5 symbols).

Thanks to Maddz for the last token!!!

I'm finaly out with only left:
16 documents and 11 pictures

Out....never used lightbulb. What did I miss?


I have all five tokens and have placed the lightbulb but can't see the place to put the tokens, the gate is open but when I go through it is mostly dark. What have I missed?

@Bucky , there is a handle upstairs by a red chair, pull this and than go back here ;)

@ Zoe, you mist a secret place (views) to place the token and probebly you misted a lot of the signs ;)

Wow. That was intense.

A day with a new Submachine is a very happy day!

I had to finally just get the heck out with four secrets. I was in there for hours!


having just spent the last 3 hours of a snowy afternoon in the game I can only say EPIC!

Thank you so very much @M. Skutnick; I'm mesmerized by the way your mind works.

THE GREATEST GAME DESIGNER EVER!!!!!!! I BOW TO YOUR GREATNESS MATEUSZ!!!!!! thx for all the fun! And Happy Holidays right back at ya!

Sorry fellow gamers. I should have said please show your appreciation rather than, "please respect". I didn't mean anything by it. I just wanted everyone to realize the quality of this escape game creator

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY"!!!! I have been waiting all year, for this game to be released!! And then on my first day of christmas-vacation! Peerfact! Thanx alot Mateusz!

Hello, anyone here play?

Who knows what to do in the super secret bonus?
I still have a rectangular cube, but can not find anything where he is employed.

@Sylli, see my previous comment :
12/16/10 5:13 AM
There is a picture where to put the rectanular cube= glowing box.
But for the secret place, you need to place the light bulb (als a picture of it in that comment), than you have to pull a handle near the red chair upstairs. Than go back to the place with the light bulb. Now in the gate is a teleportgate showing up, go there and you're in the secret place.
In the secret place you insert the 5 token

@Jorge, no problem ;) He is a great developer!! :)

Thank you Carola, you have done much to solve!

Was already at the secret location, did not know what to do, until I noticed the use Torke :-)
But found no red-hot field?
Covered Cube comes in 2 door, where the statue stands, did not work though.

One, as always, fantastic big game!
The games by Mateusz Skutnik I very enjoy, they promote logical thinking :-)

What a truly brilliant, beautifully illustrated, glitch free, epic, monster of a game!! Wish I had this talent.

Has anyone got a descent walkthrough cannot stand those video ones? thanks.

What a brilliant game! I spent time in here on and off for some days now. Wanted to solve it on my own but finally had to cheat for the last token. Thanks @Maddz!
And a huge thanks @Mateusz Skutnik!! These are the very best games!! Looking forward to the next one :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

This game is fabulous - I love it. (I love all the submachine games.) I managed it all by myself but missed two tokens - I even found the secret place. :) The first time I played it I got quite far in when my computer crashed and for some reason it didn't save- so I couldn't bear to start again til now. I wish there were more games like this, Mateusz Skutnik is a genius! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful games with us Mateusz.

where the secret place for place the token. i have all the token.please help me?

Replayed it with great pleasure.

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