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Temple Escape

[REPLAY] The Temple Escape is a point and click adventure type escape games from EscapeGames24.com. In this game, player finds himself stuck inside of a mysterious temple. Left there by a tribe of unknown name, your only goal is to find a way out of there, and join a tribe as a new and respectable member. This is your ultimate challenge. Pass it, and glory awaits you. Fail it, and death will not elude you. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Temple Escape Walkthrough

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Having to close the dialog box every time is very annoying

Let's see this.

Put circle and square thing to the slots, nothing really happend.

don't know how to solve the 3 rods

There are 3 slots on the floor and 3 on the wheel

Bone is usefull to break something.

i got a diamond from the circle (lions) thing.
Also use the the bone to find items

And I don't see any additional light.

use magnifying glass on pillar to right of jewel spaces for letter code

Use bones over the hole on the wall cracks for a lion head.

where did you find all the heads?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I don´t know what i did, but suddenly i can move 2 of the three lion levers and it changes the light rays.

You get the top one with the letters from the pillars

Code is EOX to get another diamond
(use the round glass kind of thing at the right pilars in the door scene ( it´s a magnifing glass) to see that code)

rod puzzle - get all 3 rods in center.

and out!

Use EOX on the three lion heads and you get something.

so far...? BTW...hi to everyone

too easy

thx Annaby. Out!

The table you get from EOX goes in the doorway once you have all 3 jewels placed

Help, i can´t get the 3 rods to the middle, lol

I turned the yellow wheel , then pushed the left and right buttons and got a red diamond.

Out as well, fun game...

where to get the third part for the green empty place under the moveable lion heads

And out too !

Strange game....

@pathfinder - don't know where that part was, but did you break all the spots with the bone?

please help. cant move the central lion head up and down

i think i broke 2 places

once use bone on pillar and once on crack above the door.

You will move central lion head when you solve the circle thing.

The round plate for stone under lions is above the yellow wheel, just take it off the wall and put it under lions

and still missing the part under where i wrote EOX. i think i allready solved circle. what to do with the rocks?

you can't do anything with the rocks.

When you wrote EOX click the hole below.

You got the piece from the picture puzzle?

He @Urban, just saw your question to me from earlier, i didn´t see it before, sorry :-( But i also see you made it out... Good :-D

I put the rocks on their shapes on the stone plates.

that happened allready. and the puzzle too

thanks . iam out

There is a slot for something under the EOX lions but i dont know where to find it.

i think you still miss that piece under the column/pillard on right to exit door.thorsten

Yes, thank you!


Click the stone in front and solve the slider so the path ( to the final door ) will open up

Get a symbol from the bottom of the right pilars

Turn right and get the bone from the ground and the stone symbol from the top

Right and use the bone at the top of the right pilar to get a figure and the first lions head from the left stones on the floor

Dig a little at the mud next to that stone to get a magnifying glass

Turn right again and get the symbol from the big vase and put the plate at the bottom part in the middle of the scene to make appear a lightbeam at the back

Turn right twice and place the last symbol you found in the middle of this scene so another light will show up ( in the other scene)

Right once more and place the first symbol (from the 3 pilars) you found to make another source of light

Go to the scene with the light sources and "play" with the lion shapes so all the beams will be in the middle. If you finish, take the green diamond

(again)right and use the bone at the brick above the opening to get a second lions head symbol

Go right ( yes, again!) and put the 2 lion heads at it´s place, now you can move the middle circle. after that push the 2 round buttons at each side and take the red diamond

Go to the exit door scene again and use the magnifying glass at the right pilars so you can see the letters E O X

Go left twice (or right, ofcourse) and push the noses of the lion figures to insert E O X

Back left twice ( if you want you can go to the right as well) again and insert the diamonds (tablets) next to the door and go through it to finish

didnt know the game was so short...i thought it carried on when you got through the door's...grrrr

It took me forever to figure out that the letters change when you press the noses...LOL
Other than that it was a piece of cake!

Lol Big J, i´m sure the one who made the game will take that as feedback for a sequal than :-)

I put the piece in under the three lions but still can't put EOX in at all. Is there another step?

NVM did not know to push noses. Got it now thanks to the walkthrough.

@Nokra/@Evans, what do you usually do when you see a lion? Push their noses, that´s very normal! :-D

Great game! :D
Out in 9 mins

I can't get started as I am just too hopeless at slider puzzles. So mean of them to put one in first!

cute, short, and easy game. The dialog boxes and having to wait for the lion letters to change made it a bit slow. Still, I enjoyed it.

what happened to the christmas banner on this site?

@mrtelcom it is back, but no snow at the moment.

I enjoyed that one. Good job guys. Were we every supposed to move those rocks?

Terrific, thank you: no pixel hunting, no bugs, logical, good graphics & sound. 5/5

Another Temple Escape Walk-through:

You find yourself inside of a temple in front of an exit.
The Doors are locked and you can't reach them.
In order to reach them, you must solve a puzzle which is on the pillar.
Once you reach the doors you'll see you need 3 colored tablets to unlock the doors. These 3 tablets are scattered through the room.
Next to the slots for the tablets there is a stone symbol on the floor. Pick it up.
Above the doors you'll see a part of the wall that is damaged and you can smash it with a bone. If you turn right, you'll see the bone on the floor next to the skull. On the same wall there's wheel that can be rotated, but only if you put 2 stone symbols in slots located left and above the circle.
Those 2 symbols can be found in cracks. One crack is located on the same wall mention at the beginning, and another is on the pillar left of the wall where the circle is located.
Once you put the symbols inside their slots, you can rotate the circle left and right. Rotate it until the inside heads fits the outside ones.
When the circle is in the right position, the red tablet will come out. You only need to find 2 more.
Above the circle there is a round shaped stone that you can pull out. You will need this one later.
Bellow the circle there is a slot for a stone of certain shape. You'll need to come back here later when you have the stone.
If you move right you'll see big lion head on the wall. You can click their noses and the stones inside of them will change. You need to find right combination and yellow tablet will drop out. The combination is written in part of the room where the main doors are, on the right pillar.
The code itself is to small to be read without a magnifier. Magnifier can be found in room in the same part where the big lion head are. It's in the mud on the floor. Next to the heads, on the right you'll see a pillar and small crack on it. The crack can be smashed with a bone.On the floor is a slot for a syboml that has similar shape to capital letter T. You should have picked that stone next to the main doors.
When you turned right again, you'll see the final part of the room. On the left side there' a bowl, and inside of it a stone that can be placed in the part of the room where' the circle is. On the floor you can place a round shaped stone picked up earlier. Each of the stones you've placed on the floor in certaint part of the room have activated a light in the final part of the room.
With the help of the levers you need to force all lights in the middle. Once you've done that a final tablet will come out. Return to the place where the doors are and put all three tablets in their slots. The doors will open and you can escape the temple.

done it in 8 min 14 seconds

The premise for the game is rather disturbing. Not very family friendly.

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