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Yacht Boat Escape Walkthrough

Yacht Boat Escape

123Bee Yacht Boat Escape is another point and click escape game developed by 123bee. The crew of the yacht lock you up inside by mistake, use the clues and objects available to come out from there. Good luck and have fun!

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Ah - new bee - join in!

so far:
paper, pencil, key (used), light shade and cork screw

And: oar, axe (used), dinghi air bag, pump

where's a lightshade? i'm stuck after champaigne

datacable (used), used paper and pencil on picture

I got the lightshade after pouring the champagne, right by it. Where to use the axe?

Where did you use the axe?

@pltna: Same view like champagner, turn the switch, then you can take the light shade

Can't find oar and pencil. Where did you use the axe?

@Charlie: Same scene where you found axe on left cupboard door

Ah, pencil is between flowers on the right.


used pencil and paper to get a code

@small-tool: oar in upper room (don't know the word) there you can click up!
Pencil: in flower vase or in fruits

Pencil is in the vase on right cupboard. Oar is in the cockpit, click up.

Paper with sos - now where to find the frequency - - and also what time to put on the clock

in the view with the steering wheel there is an up arrow. use the axe on the glass on the left.

Thanks for the oar.

time for the clock is on laptop

Got Pencil Paper, Keys, Airpump, Saddle, axe, cork screw,


Use key from clock in keyhole next to stearing wheel and pull lever.

hello all... well, got paper from table & key for drawer behind apples. opened champagne and pored into the glass but nothing happens...

Set time on the wall clock to 1:25 (seen on notebook) get key for keyhole in cockpit. pull lever to set the lights yellow

my airpumps stuck in mid-air..must go to the doctor's about it.

Waaah.. how do you see the laptop?

Gosh...accidently refreshed the game...thx for all the hints!

You see the laptop after you plugged it in. Cable in right cupboard.

ok starting the engine and filling the glass with champagne do what?

first you have to find a cable to connect the phone to laptop. i think i found it in a cupboard on the right in the first view.

where do u use the airpump to see if i can get rid of it so it wont stick in mid air..it wont go back to inventory box..grrrrr

Ah.. thank you, @S-t!
@Charlie - I have done that twice now LOL. It's because I am nipping back here to refresh for a hint, and get over-excited at being in a live one

I used my axe on cupboard left of stearingwheel to get bag.
Ik have: oar, ligthshade, note with SOS, corckscrewer, bag and airpump. And put key in keyhole. Now I'm sailing in circles!
Where did you get that saddle?

Where is that frequency ???

oh my champaigne is on fire lol

got the frequency!!

There must be done more with the paper I guess.

Pltna, how?

wire in cabinet. pencil in cup on top of cabinet. put paper on lighthouse picture & use pencil to get SOS. in satires view get pump, axe (use in left drawer, & up view for oar

hit lamp bulb with corkscrew then click on it and it lights glass with champaigne, then put lightshade on glass

thanks pltna!

Ah used cork screw twice on lamp!!!

Thanks pltna,
use the new number next to the key.

and out thankyou pltna

guys where is the ligthshade?

Out - LOL

Put airpump outside and connect it with the outlet and then the yellow bag.

I have pumped up my dinghy. Now what!

hi... is anybody out now? i'm outside with the lifeboat and one paddle, think i need one more...

Now I'm outside putting bag and pump on deck

Dont forget to collect the laptop !!!!

out! good game

Out! Nice game!

Why did I take the lampshade with me in the dinghy?

thanks for laptop-hint @Heidi :) out

Ah - Thank you Heidi !!!!!!!!


@small-tool... maybe for not forget the frequency ... the note is there too... and the laptop... we want to stay online on the big blue ocean ;)

Walkthrouh. Thanks for all the hints

1. Zoom the Table. Take the Paper
2. Zoom the right cupboard. Take the pencil from the flower glass
3. Zoom the cupboard. Open to take the data cable
4. Zoom out and zoom again the lap top to connect the data cable and mobile
5. switch on the laptop and not the time 1.25
6. zoom out and zoom the clock and set the time to 1.25 to get a key
7. Zoom the picture on the right wall and place the paper and trace with pencil
8. Zoom out and go to next room
9. Zoom the cupboard and get from the fruits and open the cupboard to get the cork screw
10. Open the bottle and pour the champagne in the glass at the lamp
11. switch on the light and take the light shade
12. Break the light with cork screw. Click the light stand to fire the drink in the glass
13. Put the light shade over the glass to get the code 500
14. Go to first room. Enter the message and 500 in the laptop to get new message 406
15. Take the laptop
16. Click the steps of the stair case to go to the engine room
17. Take the axe under the seat. Take air pump
18. Use the axe on the left cupboard to get a bag
19. zoom out and click above to get the saddle
20. Insert the key and start the engine
21. Push the red lever down
22. Put the number 406 to open the door
23. Go out. Place the bag on the floor
24. Place the air pump on the left side of bag
25. Connect the plug and pump the bag to get a boat
26. Escape

That's probably it Sabine, you can't go on the ocean without a lampshade with a frequency on it. How could I ever forget that, it's about the first thing you learn in the Navy.

Out! Thy Pitna and Heidi!

Thanks to all I escaped the yacht!
And yeah, why the lampshade? I would have taken the champagne...

MMhh, since when can you "flamb" Champagne???

Hmm, buggy. Lampshade did not show code and kept jumping back into inventory. Cannot get dingy to go into water. I am doomed to stay on this boat forever! Goodbye cruel world.

Ah, all's right in the world.

Got a Minoto and 123Bee was a disappointment again.

me too...cant get on dingy and leave

need to grab laptop then you can escape with boat :)

Need to click the message on labtop to take it and then escape on the boat

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