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Zero Hour Escape Walkthrough

Zero Hour Escape

Zero Hour Escape is another point and click type room escapes. In this game, your try to find the items and solve puzzles to make it out from the room before the midnight, before the New Year! Good luck and have fun!

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hope it is a good one!

Here to help??

What is the code for the ABBA cd?

Oh goody a firecracker! This should be fun!

Hi @michael...got lots of things , doing not much...lOL

What code for cd? I put it in theslot on the wall.

Me too. slide projector,lit candle, short candle and (Hee Hee) a firecracker! And not even the whole way round the room yet!

live after a long time

Got a code but dont know what for.

used the candle and cracker near the champagne bottle

omg used the "box" on candle and it disappeared

no clue what next

Used knife on projector and projector disappeared? Hope not a bug?

@shaheen "box" might be projector....

wow the liquid in the bowl is lit by the candle

still live?

Michael, what next?

Found a star shape! Coloured with candle and placed on display!!

are people still here?

Put CD on drawer, can't place pentagram on place though...

Lit the votive candles, sharpened the knife...really don't understand this game much!
A code box under the cd and another one left of there I have no clue...LOl What does P and G stand for and why can't I put the star there???

Found and lit two candles

Got pentagon coloured and placed. Now what ? Havent used knife yet except to destroy projector....

placed pentagram with pink candle mix on it.

put firecracker in bottle, gone now, and nothing happened...!

@nokra use lit candle on unlit candles! Then use green candle on star and pink on pentagon!!

Ahhhh P is pink...and g is green...anyone find the pentagram?

got everything except code for abba cd

@mrtelcom use lit candle! it is gunpowder you sprinkled after all!

Hit bottle with lit candle, and sparks flew... and nothing happened after....

projecter is actually knife sharpener, anyone know what the password under the abba cd is?

1345? 1395? where is star? numbers dont work?

POP star in lights and colored now.

where is the pentegon

don't get the passwords...please, where is the pentagram???

abba password??

and hello everyone,
finally this is my first live game

both shapes i believe are in scene with car pic...underneath shelf and lights

need PW for under CD, and cabinet to left of that. Stil have knife and candle.

where is the pentagram? and i think the code is 7345

this is my first live game

Think that 1345 made the left box turn green but not sure...
Also think abba is probably a song. have tried SOS, Fernando, Mamma Mia but must be a clue in the room. Probably from using knife.

thanks lauren yes the pentegram is under the shelf in the first scene

Thanks @lauren...the star was there but still no pentagram for me.....

maybe abba password is the word in the corner of car poster? cant read it tho

7345? 7395? no joy

pentagon should be under lowest shelf, near floor

At the bottom...TY @steven

@nokra straight down from the star!!

@mrtelcom its 1345

i think it is 7345

1345 goes in the box on the left

give up...o well

Welcome @lollypop...LOl and you are stuck with us!

just need cd pw, still have candle and knife

thanks lauren:)

I tried it there already @steven and it did nothing....what happened for you?

think pentagon is the last thing left to solve

1345 no workie for me....

putting 1345 on the box on left turns it green. putting pentegram and star in the other box turns that one green, just need cd pw now

LOL @michael...I have the wiki list of ABBA songs open too!

how do i put the pentagon @steven?

@mrtelcom is border green like the shapes side? If so it is done I think. Now just need to get abba clue!!!

@shaheen colour it with the candle then drag and place.

I thought it turned green when I put the star in...ha ha ha ...I can't keep up with myself...LOL

ok, it is green. gotcha... typing in random abba songs now?

the pass word is 13 letters long i know that

Did anyone use the knife, yet???

it is not working @michael maybe buggy

@shaheen - color it with the candle than it will go in.

WhaT is the thing right of door? I can zoom but do nothing...Anyone?

@nora-nope i tried it on the couches...anything that i thought it might open

password is 12 actually..

@nora-nope i tried it on the couches...anything that i thought it might open

@shaheen you have to use the candle that looks like a disc - do you have that one

Sorry cant count..

"Disco Sucks" not working....

@ michael-well sorry i miss counted by one..lol

knife is used on firecracker to get gun powder for password

Nämndöfjärden didn't work...

@nokra its a light with lightbulb!

something behind pillows but cant find pentagram or star lol

i'm confused

white chalk line?

ok good luck everyone I can't figure it out I'm going to bed night

Chalk line by pillow? Can't do anything with it...

Out. You are gonna hate the answer!

what is abba in german?

ABBA song and this time of year!! Go on kick yourselves!!

hotspots are a bit tricky...but the star and pentagram are both in the first scene...one near middle and the other at bottom where the car poster is...

CRAP!!!! I just saw it!!!!LMAO!!!!!

wait michael..i still don't get it

@Lollipop ABBA ein deutsche ist ABBA! Agnetha, Bennie, etc

Happy new year all!!

Thanks for the kick in the pants! @Michael...it was fun everyone!!!1


@nokra you now out? Hee Hee.

What did abba have to do with anything other than they sang a random HNY song. Maybe we missed a hint.

oh so i'm still a little confused mostly because i'm american and i'm in middle school...soo what is the exact answer?

@mrtelcom you out too? Triple Heehee.

Yes...I got it with your kick yourselves clue! I was looking on the list but missed it!

Thanks everyone for the help....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

@ Lollipop I posted the exact answer already. "Happy New Year" Quadruple Heehee.

@Lollipop dont apologise for being american you cant help it.

That is actually a song title by ABBA!!!!!

ohhhhhhhhhhh i get it now!!!took me a minute!or a few minutes..

@Lollipop Happy new year and all that.

@mrtlecom...we just found out STU is a she...are you a he????I think you are...yes?

...only children apologize for being American.

Nokra - Look at my pic, and decide for yourself? :-)

Oh, now @michael....don't pick on her , she is a teenager!!
It was great to have you here in a live game, @lollypop!

I am not a cat....hmmmmm?

Hey @lollipop just kidding around. Famous Aussie sense of humour I guess.

thanks:) i've been to all of europe..Germany, London/England, Belgium, the netherlands, Switzerland, and and France, Germany and Belgium are my faves though

your austrailian?

very funny..:)lol

I've broke bread in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and a few others a long time ago. Chasing Communists....


@lollipop Certainly am and currently sweating in 39C heat in Adelaide SA.
@mrtelcom chasing communists? Long ago? Vietnam? Malaya? Korea? CIA?

i gotta go to bed..its 1 in the morning where i live..talk to yall later hopefully:) night

@mrtelcom...I see the profile says male...sorry I thought it was left out...but...where is dixie, csa?
Are you from the deep south????like me?

Adelaide... been to the airport, nothing more. Wish I was there now.....

SA thats awesome!i have a friend who was born in columbia!

Nokra - :-)

Goodnight @lollypop...it is past my bedtime as well
see ya'll next time!

@Lollipop SA stands for South Australia a state of this great country Australia. You doing geography at school?

@mrtelcom You never want to be in Adelaide for Summer as it is going to get hotter!

I do love that Aussie sense of humor....LOLOLOL

Just saw it is going to be 43C new years eve! Good beer drinking weather!!

No offense Mike, but SA I would interpret as South Africa... or Sweet A$$ . Have a pot of heavy for me this evening. :-)

@mrtelcom SA can be South america, south africa or south aust. No offence taken and the pot is on order for tomorrow. Coopers Sparkling ale! Aust is not that far behind the times...

I love the outback and coastal country! A great friend of freedom, and a nation of rugged men. I also liked that all the men were overseas, and their women were not. LOL.

I meant that to be good.. doesn't look that way reading it... LOL.

No worries from this "rugged" man? LOL

@mrtelcom maybe read this?
NO offence taken.

Thanks Michael - I book marked to read. I saw shipwrecks in Port Moresby from the fight, and saw the war room in Indonesia more modern.

It is interesting as it was said at the time that GI's were overdressed, overpaid and over here.
Happy new year !

thanks all

look couple of fools, the disk key abba is: happy new year the key to the left is 1345 and the star is above the TV and the staff below it. 1 girl is sailing on the 2nd map on the floor and the knife is on the shelf in the middle. the candle in the window and the girl is sailing between the pads of the map like the vengala. vengala to put it in champagne and then you put the big candle and you get the code: 1345 (code to the left) with the large candle candles put them on girls and go to light these candles lit and the together with the figures and then put them in their places and there will be at half the box that will give you the key (:

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