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Abandoned 4

Abandoned 4 is a new escape game in the Abandoned series, created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. You were with some friends checking out an old abandoned asylum. Your phone rang and you answered it but no one was there. You looked up to find your friends but they were gone. You start to panic, you can't remember where you came in at. Good luck and have fun!

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Happy New Year @Selfdefiant! Now let's see what sort of sadistic problems you have planned for us...

Here is a new game to kick it off! Have fun!

is there really no map? You are a mean one!

There is one, you must find it! Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Happy New Year zoz and Selfdefiant!!!!

Just join in

Hi @Anja! Selfdefiant has found another one of his lovely places to spend a Winter's afternoon. Now about that map...

Happy new year!! Found a blue stone using the slide hint on the wheels.

so far 3 locked doors. Found a knife in the room with the toilet. Which wheels @Yvon?

Creapy music this time.

after you find the map, there is a silver key on the map. Using that key leads you to a room with the wheels.

found the map, yay! one right and one up from the opening room

thanks @Yvon. And what do you make of these "things" on the wall that we move?

Happy New Year @Selfdefiant !
Keep on giving us your great games in 2001... please ;)

Ok - so far: map, knife, silver key (used), brick and blue gem.

green key (using knife)

I'm very slow at these games, I think because I like to savor every minute!

found nothing in drawers (10 or 12) - is that right?

Nothing happens with my last wheel.. Don't understand!

can't remember that i found something there. Found green stone and a green jewel. Think green stone was there after clicking on all the things on the wall.

arrrgh, cannot get the blue gem from the wheels, despite going back to check the scales. The big one is on 5, the med one is on 20, and the small on on 15, no?

Ooooh Yea!!!!A new SD game!!!!

@zoz: first wheel 15, second wheel 5, last wheel 20

Moving right along then. Took brick from stairwell and placed it above the bathtub for a green gem.

So far now: green and silver key (used and gone)
map, knife, brick, blue gem, green gem, strange item and hammer

Thank you so much @Anya! That must be the only wheel combo I didn't try!

Used brick (thank you zoz) and got green jewel

Got cutting tool. Used to cut hte chain and got a ladder.
There is a lighter in the drawers. Then, use the lighter on the candle, then the ladder to get the red gem

Was something in the drawers (lighter), 5 or 6 drawer i think.

I give up, where is green key???

Bless your heart, I was so bored!

@zoz: green key is one more to the right where the wheels were!
Found cuttern - now of to go to the ladder

Thank you zoz - found lighter in 5th drawer from up!!!

I think the green key was the room furthest to the right at the bottom

Two levers down, gives thin green Gem in the starting room

haha, I was so happy to have gotten the blue gem that I didn't even think to look to the right!

Used lighter and ladder to get red jewel

How did you get the last wheel to 20? I keep turning it but still 0 :(

Cats in the book are the clue for the up/down/left/right arrows. Purple stone.

LOL Yvon - ever one step behind you!!!

Niia, click on the right side of the wheel you go up by 5, click on the left side and you go down by 5.

I thought I could use 'strange thing' on 'strange symbols' in room 29 (countig left to right from the top)... but nothing happened.

Found the clue for the green buttons, but now i can't find the buttons anymore........

Yannoche, strange thing is for book (clue for colour code)

Pressure guages quit responding, and can't fix it. I HATE the inventory box closing and having to open it. ANd the map is a biatch too. I quit.

@Yvon thank you... now I have to find this book ^_^

Yvon - Green buttons are up from the room, where you used the cats clue. Where did you find the clue?

Cats clue is in the book (left side)

Ok- where is the book please???

Can't remember where i found the book. Found it some time ago.

My inventory keeps disappering...

Did you already found and used the screwdriver?

Book is in the right room of the room with the door, where you have jewel slides. Second row (from top), fourth room. Use the hammer above the bed.

Thanks Yvon! Feeling stupid haha

Thank you so much lovelygiraffe - found there the black key!!!

@mrtelcom, I found that I had to turn each wheel to the right when the gauge was already on twenty before I could turn it left again. Try that - don't give up!

Still live :-! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and thanks Selfdefiant for another great game!

Found SD and yellow stone

Used SD twice and found book and used strange item on it

I'm lost.. feels like a mental hospital to me lol

Found all the 5 stones and got a yellow gem now. Now have 4 gems. Need blue and purple gem.

and still haven't found the golden key.

what to do with the bloody bathtub? And where to use the knife?

Tried cat clue on door with arrows - but don't seem to work???

Uuups - worked - forgot to click on the button, blush

zoz, use folder (think thats what SD called it) from toilet (think somewhere in the lower rooms).

Cat clue: U R D L D R U

@zoz: the knife we used once for green key - and I have no idea for the bathtube, lol

@Yvon, the purple gem is behind the door with the arrows that you use the cat code from the book on.

@Yvon, it was in the room with all the junk, on the right side under the vinyls

Where's the red key?

found golden key below the albums (top room)

oh, i forgot about getting that green key, loo

I haven't found book or the thing to cut wires from ladders yet..

um lol. Even though there are lots of Loo's here.

found the blue gem

@Nila the bolt cutters are at the far left lower corner of one scene; i think it's the first scene after you use the silver key. They have red handles

Found plunger near toilet - but it wasn't there before - I swear!!!

Anja, had the same. Somehow it got there after i was there the first time.

Did anyone found something in the room you open with the golden key (with the 2 baths)? Removed 7 tiles, but nothing so far.

Found red key, hint for green knobs, blue jewel

oh - and forgot the flashlight

any clues for number code in room that is fourth row from top and second room from left?

Finally found the 8th tile to remove. Now purple gem.

@Anja, would you please tell me where you found the red key?

I found a pink jewel - remove the fourth tile above the rigt bathtub's pipe.
Where is blue jewel?

Used hint for green knobs (upside down) to get orange jewel and flashlight on elevator to get red stone

blue jewel is in the room with the hints for the green button

Ya'll are absolutely right, that plunger was not there before! And I know just where to use it!

zoz, clue is in the room 3rd row from the bottom, second from the left. Use screwdriver on the panel.

Used all coloured stones to get yellow jewel.
Now need golden key and pink jewel

Nvm, found it. And out. Thanks, everyone!

sedynnet, where was the blue gem?

I'm stuck. Where is the gold key?

@Rob: red key is in the bathtube where you have to use the plunger from toilet room

Thanks Zoz! Found them!

Thanks Zoz! Found them!

The blue gem was behind a brick in the wall, right behind the suitcase with the clue fur the green buttons. It was on of the top rooms somewhere on the left.

thanks sedynnet, how i ever missed that loose brick........

@lovleygiraffe: which bathtube? (for pink jewel)

I'm FREE and i only used 3060 clicks to get out :-D

@Anja, thanks, I'll go have another look, although the mysterious plunger hasn't showed up yet! : )

Missed golden key and pink jewel

Golden key: top room, below the albums (right of room)

Hmm, no plunger... Still have green and blue stones. Maybe I need to use those first, but where?

Thanks @Yvon for the numbers clue location. while I was nosing around, I found that if I closed inventory, I could see a third wall switch and move it and go back to the first room for a green gem!

Rob, i found the plunger before i used the stones. But not sure what the trigger is.

@Rob: I found plunger after I found the bathtube with the red liquid in.

@Yvon: In the room with all the junk?

*facepalm* they always get me with those items you can move around

and out. Thanks for all the help :)

Anja, yes. That room.

@Rob, check the second row from the bottom, first room on the left. But you have to have found the clogged bathtub first...

ah, the golden key location is another reason to close the inventory!

Ah - thank you Yvon - missed that one view!!!
Have now the golden key!

Glad that you found it.

I'm out - thanks a lot for help!!!

Missing two gems, no idea what to do with the five green buttons.. tried the code from upstairs but doesn't work. Ok it's over 2 am here and I'm watching madventures :D

Niia, turn the code upside down.

Still can't find the book, anyone?

where is the room with the dial...can't find it again after I found the clue for it

Zigger, can't remember. Maybe the earlier comments can help you.

Michelle, what room are you talking about? What do you mean by dial?

@Zinger: after using black key go left to the end. There is a vent in the left upper corner - use there the screwdriver.

POP found it!

Thanks again Yvon :) I never found the book, and now I need to find the last gem.. Got green, blue, yellow, red and orange.

Niia, you need the purple/pink gem. You need the golden key.

@Michael: Dial is after using black key - go right and up

@Zinger: I mean go right (!!!) to the end

This comment has been removed by the author.

but Niia, you need book for the colour clue.

Found the book, thanks Anja!

Thank you Zoz, now I know I looked for the correct loo but indeed haven't found the clogged tub yet. How to get there?

I got the golden key, but can't find anything.. need to try more i guess!

thanks for everyone's help...couldn't have done it without you. Happy New Year!

Niia, use screwdriver on the tiles.

Rob, think you need to find one or more keys first.

I've never been closer to a live game than now, but you always were a little bit faster with the answers when I had a question. So let me take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year from here in Germany, to say thanks-a-lot for the help in this and other games, and express my astonishment about how some of you find things and hints I would've been searching for weeks.

And a very special thanks to Selfdefiant for making my favourite games!

@Rob, look for fifth row from top (or bottom) fourth room from left.
Now if someone could just help me with how to remove the tiles by the bathtub accessed with the gold key...

zoz, use screwdriver on the tiles there where your mouse becomes a hand.

Thanks @Yvon! You've saved me many times in this game!

Yvon, yeah, I guessed so already! I used he green and silver, still need the black, gold and red ones. Realy stuck here.

Happy New Year All! And thanks Self Defiant! I'll try to catch up.

@meritneith, I look forward to playing a game with you live!

Think you need the black one. You will find the red one in te tube you are searching for. Golden is in the top room. But i don't remember where i found the black one.

Zoz, thanks. That means I need the black key. How do I find that?

Rob, did you find the hammer and used it? Maybe thats where the black key is.

@Rob: I think you need the black key: Do you remember the door which needs the jewels? There you have to go right: Above the bed use the hammer.

@merithneith: Hello from German too! Alles Gute zum Neuen Jahr!!! Und ich muß jetzt dringend ins Bett!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Out now. Thanks for the teamwork ^_-

Woohoo! Thanks Anja! Think my screen was too dark to see the spot...

You're welcom Rob!!!

@zoz: Thank you for your comment, that would be a great pleasure for me too. But next week my holidays are over, and I won't have very much free time then. And my time lag to the eg24-server is + 9 hours... But it will happen for sure!

So I have to do like Anja now and go to bed too (2 AM). Keep on rocking and see you all next time!

Well, "only" 1884 clicks to get out, but I loved every minute of it! Thank you @Selfdefiant! Only you could make getting stuck in an abandoned insane asylum fun!

I'm right where you are Rob! Yikes!

Thanks everyone for all your help! xoxo

zoz, much better then my 3060 clicks!

@meritneith, my time is plus 3 from the EG24 server, so I'm sure we'll see each other again! Meanwhile, you've got Anya and Ellie and SwissMiss and small-tool and Full and so many others on the same schedule as you! So have fun, and welcome to our little "family" of escapers.

Need yellow gem and stone, anyone?

You need yellow stone to get yellow gem. You need the number clue to get the yellow stone.

See earlier comments how to find the number clue.

I found everything, but is it any order to put the gems? or how can i get out now?

Did you find the book and the strange thing? Put strange thing on the book. Then you have the order of the gems.

Where is number code and screwdriver??

Can't remember where i found the screwdriver. Clue for the number code: see earlier comments.

Found screwdriver (missed a room) But there are 161 earlier comments to find # code!!!!!!!!!

Played the game a whila ago, so i don't know the exact location. Use CTR-F on this page, you can find the correct comment real easy

@Skyjourney: Screwdriver is in room third from bottom, fourth from left.

Skyjourney, I'm where you are I guess. Can't find the code by the according earlier comment... It says third row from bottom second from left If I remember well, but that room hasn't revealed any code so far...

Finally out! YAY!

rob, use screwdriver in that room on a panel(somewhere in the top)

Foud it! It's the screwdriver room, there's a panel in cupboard. I must be counting differently...

Great job jillydoc. Now it's your time to get out Rob.

Thanks Yvon, I appreciate all the help!

TY Rob.........been looking all over for that panel!!

YW Skyjourney. Now you can help me find the clue for the order of the lewels!

Rob, do you have the book and "the strange thing"? Put strange thing on book. Then you have the order of the gems. (First letter of the colour).

I am still missing blue gem??

yellow, pink, orange, blue,green red!

blue gem in top room (with all the mess). Same view as clue for the green buttons i believe. There is a loose brick.

TY Yvon!

*Slaps forehead* Erm yes Yvon, had it all the time, combined and all... Forgot about it as it's in the second part of my inventory. Guess I need some sleep, it's three at night overhere!

@sky: go to the most upper left room, click on the suitcase to the right, click on the right upper wall to find a panel and open it with (I think) screwdriver.

it's three at night here also..... but glad you found it now. Time to get out!!

Your welcome skyjourney.

Whew. 2093 clicks and out. Good luck Skyjourney, you should be able to get out too with all the comments. I'm off to bed. Thanks for all the help everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sleep well Rob and als a happy new year to you.

Oh my, I am finally out! Thanks for help. I drew map so I wouldn't get lost and did any way!!

Thats always the biggest problem with this games..... getting lost.

Tip for the Map:

Open it, press Shift-Ctrl and Print Screen, and paste the picture in a small paintprogram. Then you can write comments on the picture while you are playing.

hi guys having trouble finding plunger and I have found the bath of blood am I missing anything else?

oK, if anyone is left, where do I put the stones in order to get the yellow gem. I have been staring and reading comments and going through the maze. It no longer is computing for me. Brain = shut off.

The plunger will magically appear in the bathroom at the bottom of the map. The one with the toilet.

stones where put somewhere in a room at the top on the right if i remember correctly.

Oh my gosh! I thought that was a clue for something else. Shows how bright I am.

Thanks Yvon.

Time for bed for me!

Well, I have been through all the comments 3 times and I am still not out!
Thank you @selfdefiant for autosave because I have clicked out of game trying to manage the inventory ... not so crazy about the change there...
Guess I'll have another go at it tomorrow...lost and tired...LOL But, I do enjoy these very much!

BTW...@alexander, I love the tip for the map...I'll try that tomorrow as well!

Thanks self defiant! another great game.

Sorry about the inventory, I thought it would be helpful to stay out of the way. I did move it over a bit so you could still move around, that was a problem last time.

This comment has been removed by the author.

not crazy about the inventory deal.. that plunger that just appeared.. But over-all the smoothest one I have done. Out in 1336 clicks.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I can never get into these games. All I get is the Disney ad, and can't get out of it. What am I doing wrong? Help!

I'm really stuck ! I have found and used the silver and the green keys, a ladder, a bolt cutter, a lighter...
I have a green and a red jewels, a blue and a green stones, a "stange item" and a hammer. I have also a knife, but I don't remember if I used it or not.
There is nothing in the bathtub, and there is no plunger near the toilets... I don't know what to do !

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