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Abandoned Asylum Walkthrough

Abandoned Asylum

Abandoned Asylum is a new point and click adventure game created by Selfdefiant for This Abandoned Asylum once housed thousands of patients from all over the world. It was shut down over 50 years ago due to unexplained phenomena. Over the last few years many explorers have searched for the secrets that lie deep within the asylums confines, some never to return. Your curiosity has brought you here to search the depths of this desolate site and uncover whatever darkness lies within. Good luck and have fun!

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Woohooo! loading one of my favorite games! Thanks Selfdefiant!

Thanks SD! Now, to strain my brain...

he makes games fast!

Haven't had a selfdefiant game in what - 24 hrs? Never too soon!

Yea!!!! A real escape game!!!TY, SD!

Dont go down! it will end your game incomplete.

opened a door/fireplace with color number code, got book

found another fireplace with code, thought the code was in the book (EWS) but it didn't work

looking around some more

shivering from anticipation...thanks Selfdefiant!

joining u all

found red gem behind glass, will need a hammer or something to break it

u can go down once 4 the map but dont go down again

@Selfdefiant love your sense of humor! lol @ the need the number for takeout comment

What the heck! When I used the down was game over!!! Is it supposed to do that, @SD????


Fixed the end game bug, that was for me and I forgot to remove it! stopped loading. Must be too many people trying to get on

I hope you don't find any more bugs, I tested this extensively!!

@Zoe, I was uploading a fix, sorry!

Exciting but scarey an Asylum game ... love them SD but kinda prefer running around those luxury homes lol x

pop...I'm in!

found crowbar but it won't break the glass to get the gem

found an empty bottle (can't remember where) and filled it with purple liquid in the chapel

@selfdefiant - thanks! We all LOVE these games!!!

Oh NO!! I went down too far and have to start again!

filled bottle with purple liquid and have book map coat hanger and a crow bar

scary guy in top right room

thanks SD
just had to restart again

but great start into Weekend

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got the same things like amy86

Where's the purple liquid?

ok back to where I was before

@s-t in the chapel where the robed figure is, on the left there is a place for holy water

Small-tool think it was the top right room where the scary guy is

@small-tool: in the room with scary guy (very top right)

chapel is top right most room

any1 found any keys yet??


have book, hanger, crowbar, and bottle of purple liquid

need many keys and something stronger then a crowbar to break glass for red gem!

I hate it when the advertisements exit you from the game!

i gave up ive lost the game twice.. i found a bunch of purple things a crowbar hanger and empty bottle. good luck everyone. i might come back later.

anyone solve the compass code over the fireplace? I thought it was the line in the book ews but that didn't work forward or backwards

no keys yet and we need a ton of them!

@jo ann The compass code is an anagram.

I have used both gold and silver keys, still cant find Crowbar been looking everywhere.

Something wrong! I could escape withiut findind any gem???


No auto save this time?

Jo Ann which fireplace?

Gosh!!! *without! lol

don't get the anagram

an anagram.... hmmm

crowbar is in the room (from beginning) up three, left one and up one

it is on the right side of the big room

In the book 3 words. you need the last word.

@LNS it is in the bottom right room

@justywusty - crowbar is in big empty room 3rd from the top on map

Thanks got it! :)

@Justy thank you! have gold key now!

Could someone lock exit door please. Second time I need to restart by clicking on it.

got gold key - look at book and 3 disks

lol, help me sew.

and a screwdriver! Yay!

Ohhh a new SD game, i am just starting !!

killed a creepy figure in the bathroom with the purple liquid, have yellow gem

use purple liquid to get crystal after using gold key

sorry Jo Ann meant the one with the colour dose not compasses

Used crowbar, red key, hammer, think i got all the symbols. Got to find that door now.

Used the purple liquid on the creature for yellow gem.

@LNS the color code one is the bottom left room

SD also in that bathroom

Black key in toilet, use hanger.

thanks! now I have yellow & blue gem, knife & SD (used)

silver key, red key and first gem
knive too

My 6 digit code doesnt seem to be working. hmmm, maybe i counted wrong.

where to use the crowbar?

red ,yellow ,blue and purple stuck

is the code something to do with the symbols and dots justworthy,

crowbar is used in the kitchen (behind silver key I think)

finally got the red gem!

could someone explain the colour code for the fireplace please, thank you

the corpse hates the purple liquid lol

Use crowbar on stuck oven door in fourth row up, second room from the left.

4 gems so far knive and sd used

@sarah in the room before look at the gas bottle for the code

and purple gem by using knife in red key area

@sarah: press in this order: purple, blue, red, green

@bigtank, the names justywusty :) and thats what I thought, Maybe theres a different order than in the book, or maybe I need the magnifying glass to see the second part.

you have to press the rings in order of code
i.e. 1st purple, 2nd blue, 3rd red and 4th green

but i completely forgot about the two peices of paper with shapes! maybe thats it ! got to find them again.

sorry justywusty.

Purple gem from using knife behind red door.

yellow, blue, purple and red so far.
What about the number code?

thanks for all your help on the fireplace, tried it a few times and its not working for me so going to start again i think

opened number code door, now need shapes clue

6 digit code works and it is the order from the book.

green key from shapes code

Where´s the clue for numbers?

Green key from shapes box.

green key from opening 6digit-door

purple key and magnify glass from green key room

roberto, all the 6 symbols on the wall have dots. Count them and the order is in the book.

and green gem from green key room

got it.. look closely at symbols. You might miss something ! got red key.

have all 6 gems but missing 5 orbs

Sorry meant green key. So far got 42 purple gems.

green gem behind green door, use crowbar.

Can't find the purple key?

Out but missing 5 orbs

I'll stick around if anyone needs help

@s-t when you go into the first room behind the green key, check out the tiles

Ah, screwdriver on the tiles gives the purple key.

@Selfdefiant awesome game as always!

just one problem with going down from the beginning scene ending the game...could you lock that?

ok and out with 44 orbs

Where to put the gems?

and out - wiht 4 missing orbs

@Roberto, go to the chapel and give them to the robed guy

missing 1 purple gem I Hate when that happens! Now i gotta find it..

bring them to the scary chap top right room where you got the liquid from

PURPLE ORB not gem >,<

@Jo-Ann, it is fixed just need to refresh/clear cache/F5
I hope you all enjoy!

Where's the blue gem?

i give up went down by accident again and have to restart so not doing it again other than that it was a brill game once again.

Oh no! Out again by clicking last bottom arrow.
I give up.

purple gem is one up from where you found hammer

blue gem where you found bottle - needs SD
one up from 1st sceene and 2xleft

@Selfdefiant, sorry! didn't realize it! Guess for those of us who went in first still had it happening

Thank you!

5 up one right and one up justywusty

I have one-half of the hint for the shapes, but need the other half....paper in front of fireplace give part of the hint. Where is the other?

thanks Selfdefiant
great game again - even if I prefer those lovely sunny villas

Thanks SwissMiss.

cannt remember Zoe sorry but I give you the clue

Square, star, diamond with circle, diamond without circle, square with circle

yw s-t

@selfdefiant: I have an idea: Make a game where one room is from a creepy asylum, and the next is from a sunny villa! Going from one beautiful room to another horrible one! Would drive us crazy!

@Zoe, I can't remember which room, it is on the floor in one of the upper rooms (to the right I think?)

I'm out of the game right now, if no one else can tell you, I'll go back in and find it

One room under top right room.

Oh Swissmiss - THANK YOU soooooo much!!!

lol zoe

Yes out with 50 purple orbs.


are you all out now??
because I rally have to go somewhere urgent -lol-

@Jo-Ann: thanks! SwissMiss came to my rescue!

Out with 48 orbs

oh no - I backed out and lost the game with one gem to go!

Guys I have all the gems. Sorry to confuse you I meant the last orb. I have 49/50 purple orbs. Trying to find the last one. I love finding those.

have to go now
thanks everyone for the teamwork

have a nice weekend

I looked all over that nasty bathroom for the SD...another hint, please? Anyone???

can someone tell me where the screwdriver is please

kicked out before I found where to use the magnifying glass. Anyone remember?

@nokra, it is in the first or second stall on the ground , kind of dark in there

Whish I could tell you where the orbs are Justy, but it can't be hard because I had all 50 and not one of them was hard to find or see.

@sarah - screwdriver in middle stall in bath after using gold key

@annaby the magnifying glass is for the book

annaby, you use it in the book for the 4 digit number code.

Thanks annaby

Thanks for all your help SwissMiss!!

thanks S-t - didn't think of that

oh - and thanks @Jo-ann too!

TY @jo-ann...I'll look again!

OUT!!! (finally)

@selfdefiant - GREAT, as usual!

Out with 46 orbs ... how many did we need? Great game thanx SD

FOUND IT! Yay! Out with 50/50 ORBS.

@Fotta needed 50 orbs

Good for you Justy! I decided 45 was enough for me lol

@Justywusty87 - I'm like you. I like finding all the orbs and coins in these games. I am obsessed with finding ALL of them - it adds another dimension to these games

S E W worked for the fireplace.

I am back and playing now, i have 5 gems but i cannot find the knife, anyone still here ?

POP found it in kitchen lol.

And out with 49 orbs.

Thx Sefdefiant !!! This was really cute, i love your games :)

Zazie you got out in 4 minutes after posting .. wow!

Anyone still here that can tell me where to find the "3" code? I tried brute forcing the door but won't work

sorry ,wie ist der code mit 6 zahlen? habe muster in buch und auch punkte bei den mustern aber egal wie rum die tür geht nicht auf,bitte helft mir. habe bisher buch,kleiderhaken,flasche mit rosa wasser und brechstange gefunden,und 32 orbs.leider bisher keine tür geöffnet,da mit die schlüssel fehlen und die 3 zeichen mit ews,da passiert auch nichts,obwohl ich ews eingegeben habe

Marita .. above door put S E W that will give you key

where did you find the symbol "3"? which would be the 2nd number

The second number (for me) was the one that looks like an e or a backwards 3? It's in the big room, second row from top, far right?

The one that's the number 3 is in the room with the red crystal behind glass. 5 rows down, far right

wo ist der schraubendreher bitte

Thanks Kathy that was it .. I just must have looked over it.

In gold key room, marita. In stall.

thank you, does have now 5 kristalle, blue yellow, purple, green and red where is nr 6? nevertheless, has searched everybody

ah habs nr 6 gefunden,danke bin raus

still missing green gem .. searched everywhere in green key room where to use crowbar?

I think it was the room to the left behind the green key door and there use the crowbar on the bottom of the wall.

The code is spo369il175er.

The "&" threw me off, one dot in the middle of the symbol counted.

ok I think I am so confused. which room is the green key room? using Miller's map above would be great.

Hard to tell Zeth, have to do it from memory, but it could be room 26 on that map, but really not sure. I think there was a wheelchair on the left in that room. Not the big hallway with a wheelchair, another room.

I think it was the room to the left where you found the purple key behind the tiles and the magnifier.

got it S-T thanks I am feeling so daft right now missing some simple things.. BTW I read all of your comments and they are so great! I am usually just a "lurker" usually getting here after all the comments are made.

working on a WT right now

yes it was in that room .. on the wheelchair that had the magnifier. thanks again.

Lol, when you're here or in another game and you post a comment you're not here anymore 'after all the comments are made'.

Great Miller,
I have just two more levels to solve in the riddle game I'm playing (Last Enigma) and after that (if no new riddle games pop up) I hope to write some walkthroughs for games again too.

wow Miller - that will be difficult. I always think about how to do one of those with these rooms and I keep getting lost.
One thing that does save me some time is actually screen printing and copying into a word document so I don't have to "write it down" or remember.

S-T I just just trying to say that I usually don't post because I play the games hours after you played so it is not a "live" game anymore. As it is I got in on the last bit of it but it is fun to be able to post and try to help others.

Understood that Zeth, was just kidding. But then again, it's somehow still live now and you did help Marita. And I'm sure one of these days you will catch a game live from the start, just keep refreshing and we will be playing together.

Great game, as always @Selfdefiant - out with 49 orbs, which I am more than happy with!
Also, I like @Zoe's idea about combining an asylum with a beautiful villa. How about a beautiful, idyllic place with a dungeon asylum???

Walkthrough Part I
I’m not gonna tell you where all the orbs are, because I couldn’t find all. Please use this map to navigate through the scenery:

- notice color hint on gas cylinder

- zoom on buttons above fireplace and click the buttons according to color hint and take book

- remember part of shape hint on ground
- open book and turn the page to notice anagramed “help me sew”. Zoom on the three compasses and set them to SEW. Take gold key

- take clothes hanger from ground

- take bottle above fireplace

- take crowbar from right wall

- remember part of shape hint on ground

- fill the bottle with purple liquid on left archway

ROOM 11 (use gold key)
- click on 2nd (from left) toilet and take screwdriver from ground
- click on 3rd toilet and pour purple liquid over creature and take yellow gem
- go right, zoom in toilet, use hanger to get silver key

- zoom on fusebox in upper left corner, use screwdriver to open it and take blue gem

ROOM 13 (use silver key)
- use crowbar on upper part of oven and take red key

- take knife from counter

Walkthrough Part II

ROOM 20 (use red key)
- take hammer from heater

- use knife on seat and take purple gem

- to get in the room you have to combine the red signs with the hint in book. Signs can be found in rooms: 5, 11, 13, 15, 20 & 25. Code for door is SPOILER369175SPOILER
- open drawer in third column (fromt left to right) and second line (from bottom to top). Use the shapes from room 5 and 25 and take the green key

ROOM 27 (use green key)
- remove the tiles on wall with screwdriver and take the purple key

- take magnifying glass from wheelchair
- use crowbar on dark area on the right and take green gem

ROOM 17 (use purple key)
- open your book, turn to the page where the small writings are and use magnifying glass to see a code. Use that code SPOILER7368SPOILER on the box in second drawer from left and take orange gem

- use hammer on window and take red gem

- click the hood guy and you are out!

@zoz, Sounds Great!

Nice job @Miller!

Yep, like annaby said.
And Yep, like zoz and Zoe said, or even better (if that's possible) a room that changes slowly from an idyllic place into a creepy asylum room every time you enter that room again.

Thing-Through, using Miller's map and room numbers. This is not a walkthrough - just a "where it's at-through". All 50 orbs.
1. 2 orbs - color-circle size puzzle
2. 2 orbs - 4-color clue
3. 2 orbs - Entrance - Map - mysterious stranger
4. 2 orbs
5. 2 orbs - Paper - partial clue, sealed grate, directions puzzle
6. 2 orbs - red symbol
7. 2 orbs - empty bottle, cover needs screwdriver - blue gem
8. 1 orb - coathanger
9. 1 orb
10. 2 orbs
11. 3 orbs - needs gold key (several views in one room - 2 stalls plus turnaround), red symbol, screwdriver 1st stall, creature with yellow gem 2nd stall. Silver key in toilet in turnaround.
12. 1 orb - knife
13. 1 orb - needs silver key - red symbol - red key
14. 2 orbs
15. 3 orbs - red symbol - red gem
16. 2 orbs
17. 2 orbs - needs purple key, box in drawer - use book/magnified code
18. 1 orb
19. 1 orb
20. 1 orb - needs red key - hammer, red symbol
21. 2 orbs - crowbar
22. 1 orb - needs 6 digit code - from red symbols. Box in drawer with green key.
23. 2 orbs - use knife on cushion for purple crystal
24. 2 orbs
25. 2 orbs - red symbol, other half of paper clue
26. 2 orbs - magnifying glass (use on book), green gem
27. 2 orbs - needs green key - purple key in tiles
28. 2 orbs - mysterious stranger, liquid to put in bottle

Where is the blue gem? I feel so stupid!!!

be here now, just want to finish that 19th Hospital one

The blue gem is in Miller's great walkthrough.
It's in room 7 of the map he made (and provided as link).
But anyway, on the in-game-map it's on the most left room of the third row (from the bottom).
On that screen, there is a fusebox/switchbox you can zoom in on, on the top left on the wall. Use the screwdriver there.

Wow! COOL GAME!! Couldn't have finished it without Miller's FAB WT though! Thanx everyone!

Okay I don't know what is happening but none of the games on Melting Mindz load for me. I have no problem with any other site. Just the games on this one. They load in IE but not in firefox so I don't know what's going on. What bugs me even more is that I played games on that site before that loaded. Now none of them load.

Hmm - they load fine in Opera. (And I sometimes have to switch to Firefox on some sites because they don't like Opera.)

And I just checked - loads fine in my Firefox too. Have you got a popup or ad blocker on Firefox? That might be blocking a preload ad, and thereby blocking the whole game. (I've had that happen on some sites when I've been running ad blockers.)

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