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Castaway Island Escape Walkthrough

Castaway Island Escape

Castaway Island Escape is another point and click escape the room game created by Rachel from RogueJoker. You are marooned on a deserted island, and although you enjoy the peace and tranquility, the nightlife isn't all that exciting. Use your escaping skills to find your way back to civilisation. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi all, i have rope, bottle(used), coal, paper, 3 flasks filled with water, axe from suitcase, knife, stick and basket.

Going in...

use knife at pillow in shack, key, don't know what
for, where is water and coal?

Hi Zazie!!!
So far: 3 bottles with water, stick, shovel, axe (used), 4 wood from paplm trees, raw turkey, rock, note, basket, brocken bottle (used)

Morning everyone....going in :)

Cut 4 palm trees with axe, used knife on pillow for key.

clue for briefcase in shack is on a set of 4 palm trees - have axe

Filled basket with berries

knife on stick = spear

Loading! Must do this quickly as I have to start covering books *sigh*.

Fresh eggs and turkey now...
Water is in the little lake.

Put turkey on spear...

Where is shovel ???

Where is the knife please?

look at rock under it is rest of map, where do you
use bottle?

@Zazie: shovel is behind house

@tempelton: brocken bottle is used on fire wood

POP found it behind hut.

oh, wood from trees + rope is a float?

Ah - foud knife in palm tree!!!

cut vines and made a kind of boat

turn right from hut zoom in use shovel

Used shovel between 3 trees like paper says and got chest, opened with key.

found chest by using map and shovel

used knife on pillow to get key for chest

4 filled bottles now...and a "boat"

I found lines on the palm tree - is that the clue for the briefcase? Just got to find the order of the numbers.

thanks anja, roasting turkey now ; ))

have now 3 fishes

Provisions 90 %
Ate the whole island ... can find anything anymore.
Need a key

And out!!
Nice little game!

Anja thanks!

key in pillow, did anyone use the sail or whatever
that triangle is?

Hoe to roast the turkey ?

Can't get the order of the numbers from the palm trees right for the case. any help please

@Zazie: use knife on stick to get a spear- use spear on turkey and put it on fire

Can't make a boat.
Got a sail, a stick and some rope.
Provisions 100 %
Help, I want to get off this island!!!

Rachel, just from left to right is the order.

takes time Zazie, do you want my fish?? ; )))


From left to right ....


Anja i have no fire how ?

Rachel, the code is easy, the left tree gives you the first number, the second tree gives you the second number and so on.
How do you catch fishes, Anja ?

Knife is on the middle palm tree to the right.

out!! Nice playing live with you!!


tried 6485 to open the briefcase but don't work

My case just doesn't want to open


Doesn't work

How to make a boat?

how did you catch the fishes anja?

How to light the fire, i need matches ?

as i remember it was 6495

The spear from the turkey is used to catch the fish

ZA, put the wood in the sand in the sea view and use rope on it.

tanks annari

is there a second knife? i used mine to cut the pillow so now i can't make a spear

cute game - hated killing the turkey though

broken bottle to light fire, mine was 7496

Code for case was


I think the number was 7496

my numbers for briefcase were 7496 (order of trees from left to right)


where can I find the wood?

hmm I dont have my knife after cutting the pillow, so I cant make the spear to kill the fish. I have everything else.

Thanks for the case spoiler, I looked at those trees and my trees didn't have those numbers on them.

NM got it!

And out - made the raft with a sail and headed off into the sunset

@Annari - they were hatchmarks

Going hooooooome ....

And out.

annaby i'm a vegetarian myself but i desperately want to kill this virtual bird. i just don't know how to make a spear

Can´t catch the fish with empty spear...feeling stupid.

Thanx about the order of palm trees! I was going from closest to furthest LOL!

@annaby my hatch marks where not the same, maybe some glitch, my whole game kept on being buggy.

Why can't I take the berries. I have the basket. Do I need something else?

It says i must do something else first...

Ok I am going to restart, things have to be done in the right order for you too finish, as I cant find another knife to make a spear.

s-t put basket in sand in front.

Have broken bottle, skewered turkey, vine, axe and a sail, can't figure out what to do next. Help anyone?

How do you get coal?

Nvm. had to put the basket down to get the berries.

I was trying to make a boat from some other palms, haha, now I'm out. Palms with numbers are for boat

@s-t put the basket down and then pick the berries

Ah, thanks Zoran, needed to cut those down :)

Do I have to catch the jumping fish with the spear. If so I'm not quick enough.

Still no fish for me, any help ? What do i need to do first ?

Finally, I escaped !

you just have to get near the fish with the spear and you'll get them - eventually

Yep annaby. Thanks I have 3 fish now.

Ok, made a raft, still have skewered turkey, broken bottle and a sail, did I not have to skewer the turkey?

Same here Zazie, half of the boat done and apart of (86 %) the provisions i still have the spear and the sail left

Yes, Small-Tool, you have to catch the fish with your spear. It is not so difficult : aim at the fish when it is jumping with the extremity of the spear (your cursor is high, almost outside the window of the game).

Thx annaby, finally out :)

Ok, use the sharp point of the spear to attack. Thanks Annaby

Don´t forget roasting the fish....

Finally out too.
By the way never had or used coal you guys were talking about!?

I've cut down the trees for the raft, but where do I get the stick? And where are the berries? Gosh, I'm turning in circles on this darn island!

@day_dream - pick up the turkey when it's cooked, then you can use the spear to catch fish. Then cook the fish

Done. Thanks Rachel, that was a nice game :-)

there's another scene behind the pond. There are the berries.

@Rachel - click beyond the pool and you'll get to the berry scene

Oooooooh a view I never had before............;)

Berries are behind the lake, put basket in front at the sand and click the purple berries to fill the basket untill you can take it again

Oh and the stick was at the left side of the pond.

How to cook the turkey? My skewer won't go on the sticks at the pit.

Is there some trick to cooking the fish? I can't seem to put it on the fire sticks or in the fire?

any one still needs help here?

day_dream, first start a fire then the skewer with turkey will go above it.

Kathy K, you need 3 fish at the skewer/spear.

This comment has been removed by the author.

how do you use spear on turkey?

My skewer is already on the turkey.....do I need to start over? Is it a bug?

use the rock on the turkey first

Thanks - I didn't realize I needed 3

@s-t how did you kill the turkey then?

Kill the turkey with the rock, from behind the pond.

Light the fire with the broken bottle (it takes a few seconds), then you should be able to put the skewer on the sticks

ooookaaaayyyyy... i missed a live one again... and this one is from you, Rachel? ;-)

The fishing sucked! LOL!

Whoops! Sorry@Sabine!!! :*(

Ah, thank you Kathy! I kept clicking on the wood with the bottle, not holding it over it.

thanks finally escaped!

There's another one that live with only a few comments ;)

where are the other flask??? i only have 2..pls help..

@Anne, in the turkey scene, there's a pond at the top of the screen, the other bottle is there

OK, FINALLY out! Thank you ALL for your help! :)

first i give this one a try... it's really fun... i want to kill the turkey, he sucks... ROFL

Ok I replayed it, and found that you didnt need the knife for the spear to catch the fish. You just needed to am the sharp stick in the right place to get 3 fish.

Nice game.

@ Rachel, i got that already... i have 3 now... may provision is 90%.. i'm lucking 1 flask...i think.

Sheesh, I must be having a blonde moment! Forgot to pick up my berries!

yeah... the rock rocks... he's finally dead...

i have 3 cooked fishes, 1 roasted turkey, 3 flasks, and the eggs... y can't i sail?? i must needing something.. what else??? help..

- Inside the hut
- Next to the pond
- At the beach
- Inside the chest.

That flask is by the pond

anne, you need all the berries too.

yummy... that will be a wonderful meal... turkey, fish... fresh eggs... if i found something to make fire... i love this game

finally out!!!

thanks small-tool and rachel..

Help! My turkey is roasting and roasting and roasting. I can't seem to get it off the fire. Did I miss something?

A KEY??? i found a key? what am i supposed to open?

and i killed the beautiful palms...

Loveland, Ohio,
Patience, go to tother scenes and finally it will be done.

Sabine, the chest you have to dig up.

Key? Oh yes, for the treasure chest!

Which vines do i have to cut?

yes @small-tool... i've found a place to dig on the map... but but i can't do it with the broken bottle or the axe... and the turkey is still dead.. he can't dig for me...

I didn't saw the vines in the eggs scene :s

Feminin21, the vines to the left of the turkey eggs.

@Small-tool. Thanks. That turkey took a long time to roast.

go left behind the hut for a shovel.

Sabine, the shovel is behind the house zoom in the house and click left side of it.

i looked behind the hut... a secret view for me...

Loveland, Ohio,
Well, you should know that from Thanksgiving. Lol.

@Feminin21 the vines are in the turkey scene, to the very left of the screen

@ sabine use it on chest... on the side of the hut.. the one that showed on the map..

ok... i thought there would be smth to make fire in the chest... nope...

Sabine, the broken bottle is to start a fire. It's floating in the water in the hut scene.

i still found this bottle long time ago, but i don't know, what to do with it... tried several things... f.e. to cut the berries in the forest...

everybody escape already?

Sabine, hold it above the fire wood till the fire starts.


Lol anne, searching for the right avatar?

@Anne, have you managed? Need any help?

Yay@Sabine! Now roast your turkey and fish!

fish is ready... anybody hungry? my turkey is on the way...

but these berries want smth to hold them... no idea

Put the basket (the one you found in the hut) on the ground in front of them. Then you can start gathering berries.

ha... meanwhile i have half a float...

I'll wait for the turkey, thanx ;) Medium to well, please LOL!

oh... thanks... i always tried to gather them WITH the basket... LOL

mmmmh.... turkey roasted... berries for dessert...

@2 small-tool yes i guess so..heheh finally i found one...
@ Rachel yes i escaped already... i'm only watching for the comments of the other players..hehe

lalala.... sail away with me honey... i put my heart in your hand... lalala...

thanks for knowing you guys...i'm out..

Congrats Sabine.
And I'm going too. See you all in the next (for me probably tomorrow) game.

And now for something completely different.....

bye small-tool... see you tomorrow... :)

Hello!Where is the stick?

Where is the second paper?

Too cute! Out without help...Not so happy about killing the turkey, though...LOL...do you know how much work it is to get all the feathers off???
and since the knife disappeared,how did I field dress it???LOL Good game!

@krisztina...one paper is on a tree in hut view, with the knife...the other ...hope that is the one you have because I don't remember...lol

I find it.

Nokra-Thank you-
Now-85 %.

Got a sail,and the spear-


Got -fish

enjoy the game @nightkeeper, not the ads ;-) and keep clicking slow and inside the game-screen ...

Anybody still there? I need the fourth flask. I have one from the beach, one from the house and one from the pond. There was definitely no flask in the chest.

Well friwi,
Just played again but there is definitely a flask in the chest (left is the sail and right is the flask).

I also played again. This time flask in the chest, but no sail. I will escape in my thoughts and leave this game. Thank you nevertheless.

Wow friwi, this game really doesn't like you.
Anyway congrats on escaping twice (in your mind and by closing the game).

Yes, it seems so. I actually liked it because it was easy and I did everything on my own. Nevermind, I finally escaped the easy way.

I'm having trouble with the turkey. My sharpened spear won't work on it!

Oh POP! Hah, I had to bash it with a rock... d'oh. Am I the only one who tried to knife and axe it, too?

i dont understand the numbers off the trees to open safe?...what's with the crossed out ones then?????

Took me a long time to figure out where to build the raft (fish jumping scene)! Didn't think I'd ever find the last berries!

Wait, how'd I suddenly become a guy with black hair?!

@Silknaga -- for the turkey, I also tried the broken bottle, the stick, the spear, and the rope! Oh, and the basket (thought maybe I just had to hold it down while I got the eggs!) lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

BIG J: Four lines with a line crossing them out stands for 5.

This comment has been removed by the author.

got it...hooray...(sound like peppa pig)

well, that was almost at tedious as having to gather supplies in real life. :S

hi i have key, broken bottle, long stick, knife rope,turkey then
tell me

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