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Grayscale Escape Series - Office Walkthrough

Grayscale Escape Series - Office

Grayscale Escape Series 13 - The Office is another episode of Grayscale Escape Series point and click room escape game from Rooms2Escape. You are trapped in a grayscale world! You are in an office and you must find a way to escape! Look around,find items and solve puzzles that will help you find a way out. Good luck and have fun!

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One marble from books

2 marbles and sponge

going in...

Two balls, a number, a sponge and a key so far....

Hi all, going in!

Alphabet reference behind the stamp on envelope.

Put some water on the coffee on bottom, use sponge for 4 digit code.

got key from wall safe - 4 digit code after cleaning floor

Turn off light to see a clue on the floor and the button to open a safe for balls.

Got SD from a box using the clue on the floor.

Hi all! Will try to catch up :)

I unlocked a cb door, key is gone but nothing inside :(

Ball from the vent using SD and another one from plant.

the 4 digit code didn't work for me.

3 balls

White key and marble.

light off also gives clue to shapes box

There must be a bug, the coffee is dry again, the number is no more visible, and sponge and cup are gone.

3 marbles and a SD

starting now

My 4-dig code is not working... wrong safe maybe, hm...

Oh.. I can see I'm still far behind lol!

And 4 digit code doesn't work.
4 marbles

Now the wall safe opened, but first it said : nice try...

Argh! Why is my code not working on the safe??

Anyone have a lue to the 3-digit code box? I think it may have somethign to do with the books on the bookshelf with the white marks but 221 didn't work.

Same here Zazie... but isn't it 4695??

I can light some books on bookshelf.

4 balls now and need 3 digit code for box in drawer.

Where did u get 4th ball Zazie?

4695 is right for wall safe...tried several times until it opened.

restarting... :(

My 4dig code worked fine.

For 3 digit code look the sign and the letter next to the door

Wall safe gives grey key and it opens two drawers ! in one drawer is 4rth ball and in the other is the box.

@zazie, fixed the coffee bug, I never left that scene after using the sponge to notice it was broken!

Where to use SD, missing 2 marbles

POP missing 1 marble now. Need 3 dig code.

You have to click on the clue before the four digit code works.

I have that ball - must be missing another

Ha! Key now :) Finally!

Click on the numbers on the floor first BEFORE inputing them into the safe on the wall. Kind of silly...but that is how I got it to work.

You have to click on the numbers on the floor, I was trying to prevent cheating. Sorry!!!

What sign Paula ? I only see z=26

Hint for 3 dig code?:

3rd ball after using black key.

How do you get the ball from plant?

LOL @Selfdefiant :) We and cheating ! Never ever :)

And 4th ball in CB below wall safe, hmm, I couldnt open that before and now I could. Wonder why.

The 4 digit code wont work b/c it said I cheated??!!! got the coffee wet and then dried with sponge and obtained code and then covered with dry coffee again. Potential Bug alert.

Graham click leave.

I just clicked the plant, the leaves i think.

914 (in) won't wrk for code. Help?

code will not work even restarted, oh well movin on I reckom

I clicked and a leaf fell but clicked all over after that and nothing!

And out

Graham restar then..
Wierd I'm not having any bugs lol!

Yeah got it.

Look at the sign above drawers (three letters)

Paula hint for 3 dig code?

3 digit code look the letter next to door, then the sign above the box that needs 3 digit code

Duh and out!

Hmm where to put the marbles ?

Thx Zazie and Paula.

Ha! That was clever Paula. Thanks!

Zazie marbles behind sign.

Zazie, turn off lights to see the button that opens a wall safe for balls.

My sign doesn´t move away ...

Thx Edgar, found it now !!!

It must have been a weird bug - restarted and got ball from plant

Cool game, thx Selfdefiant !!!

Why did we open the cb with the key ?

Find 4 marbles, Z=26, ligth 3 books
but still need a 3dig code

I wonder what was the use for "lighting" the book, and that 4-dig safe was a real bugger. Hope it can be fixed too. Thanks again @Self!

gato look at AFE above drawers... A=1

@gato, for the 3-dig code, convert 3 letters (from the pic on wall) into numbers.

Zazie, we used 2 keys on those lockers, one with a ball and the other one with the 3-dig box, didn't we?

I thought that i used the first key on a cb door, which was locked before....i will replay.

Yes the second and 4rth door say, it is locked....

Strange...now i used this key on the upper right drawer with box and the key is gone, so i can´t open the left drawer (maybe with the other key)

Right, and why was the cb locked? How did we unlock it? lol!

I have 5 marbles...where to put them , please?

Im finished it!!!!!

And now the second cb door opened without using any key, and when i used the wall safe key on 4rth cb door, it was gone...

nice game...the most hard thing is to figure out the 3 digit code, based just on z=26

I out !Im the best

In any case they are all empty :)
I have got aware that you can use the keys on drawers or on cb doors, they open both after.

Its an easy Game!!

Did anyone use the lighted bookshelf, or was it just a hint ot turn off the lights?

I lighted 3 books and got a ball from head on shelf.

When I turn off lights, there is a down arrow at bottom left of mirror...but I can't make anything happen...???

That's weird Zazie - I got all the marbles, but not one from the head - maybe this game has more than one version?

Below the arrow is a button on the wall.

Hmmm how did you light the bookshelf ? I never did (only the 3 books)

the book lights are for the marble on top of the statue on top of the bookcase its not a code boo.now will someone please explain how to open this safe pleeeeease ;>(

Thanks! zazie...I do not see anything there and I am clicking every pixel under the arrow...really, there is nothing there!

Oh, I replay. Now I got a ball from the head on the bookshelf after lighting the 3 books??!!

I only clicked one book - just to see what it did and then went elsewhere . I wonder if sometimes you get a ball from the plant and others the bookshelf? Will replay again, but don't have time now.

Guess I have to replay...we all get our own personal bugs...LOL

I just looked again and the button is here.(left of table)
But now the wall safe won´t open, although i used water and sponge on the spot.

Nokra, the button is a little dark circle on the wall right below the arrow, a little bit to the left of the table.

The 4-dig safe opened without a problem, but differently i cleaned the dry coffee first and push the button behind the coffee maker later. Maybe that is?

Aw crap! I forgot to put my black key down after opening the safe and lost it!

And no more ball from plant... well, I'm done I guess.

I hate to say it, but this game is buggy. At first try I did not get the marbles from plant and head. Now the three digit code safe will not take the numbers for AFE. Isn't this the right word?

POP, now it worked.

Do not see any button...was it always there or did you do something to activate it???
I have clicked every pixel...Guess third time is NOT a charm...I give up now....

Wow! I have no idea why some of those things are happening to you all. It is beyond me! There should only be 5 marbles total. I hope!

Sorry, SD ... I have 5 marbles and this time I didn't get one from the leaf ...and I still cannot see a button to open the place to put the marbles...awww...I love your games, anyway!

OK I figured it out. I messed up pretty bad. I used a cabinet from a past game and didn't open all of the cupboards, only the one I knew I needed. I didn't realize that 2 of the were locked. I fixed that. I will check things better next time. I really can't believe that I did that!

@nokra, your resolution might be making the button hard to see. It could have been darker or lighter to be more visible.

can't find anything in cupboards after both with keys which then disappeared. Where is 5th marble?

rechecked all the filing cabinet drawers and now there is the 5th marble in one. Weird game but I am finally out.

@Self, no problem, it can happen....and it gave a little magical touch to the game, that one key opens two cupboards at the same time LOL

too buggie...moving on

out with no help. And I seemed to have played late enough to miss all the bugs.

So I enjoyed the game a lot. Thanks, Self-Defiant!

@Nokra Dear, I think a new monitor needs to go on your holiday list next year. Yours is just too dark lol ;)

I have opened the safe and the box with the digits code, but I don't know how to open the box with the lines.

Pascale, turn the light off and look around in the room for a pattern on bottom.

I think this is the correct walkthrough with all of the bugs fixed, but your mileage may vary

Click the letter in the bottom out box -- drag the stamp to see a clue
Click down arrow to close that view
Click 3 books on the bookshelf to light them up
Get the marble 1/5 from the statue
Solution below
Go left
Click the chair and get the coffee cup
Note the name of the company
Also note the top right and middle left drawers of the filing cabinets are locked
Go left
Click the chair and then the trashcan -- get the white key
Click to move the right, then middle, and then left filing cabinets to see the vent cover is screwed on
Go left
Note the box on the bottom shelf needs a pattern code
Open the middle cabinet door for the sponge
Note the coffee stain on the floor
Click the plant leaves for marble 2/5
Go left
Use the cup on the water cooler
Go right
Put the water on the spill and then use the sponge
Click the numbers to read them
Click the coffee pot to move it -- press the button
Enter the code into the safe (note, you HAVE to click the numbers you found first!)
Get the gray key
Go left
Click the lightswitch to turn off the lights
Turn left
Note the pattern on the floor
Turn left
Note the arrow on the mirror
It is pointing to the button on the wall a tiny bit below the left edge of the table top
Press the button
Turn around to the door and turn back on the lights
Go left
Use the gray in the middle left drawer -get marble 3/5
And use the white key in the upper right file drawer
The box needs a 3 digit code
Enter the code and get the marble 4/5
Solution below
Turn around to the coffee pot scene
Enter the pattern into the box at the bottom of this bookcase
Get the screwdriver
Solution below
Turn right
Unscrew the vent cover and get marble 5/5
Enter the marbles into the safe
Get the black key
Turn around to the door
Use the black key to escape!

Bookshelf Lights
Trial and Error will show that one book on each shelf will light.
Top: SPOILER6thSPOILER from left
Middle: SPOILER2ndSPOILER from left
Bottom: SPOILERleftmostSPOILER

3-Digit Code Box
The poster on the wall seems to say Safe Tech, but the S is not a letter. It is a symbol. So the letters are AFE. The letter in the out box had the hint Z=26. So if you convert the letters into numbers A=1, B=2…Z=26, AFE is SPOILER165SPOILER

Pattern Box
The pattern is shown on the floor where the light from the window hits when the lights are off. Turn each square so the right angle mark is in the:
SPOILERbottom right, upper left, bottom rightSPOILER
SPOILERupper left, bottom right, upper leftSPOILER
SPOILERbottom right, upper left, upper rightSPOILER

Thanks you, Zazie (and Kitkatfox !)

Thanks kkf! Was only missing the plant one. :)

Good one.

liked this one...and thanks for the WT! and thanks to all of you ;-)

4 min and 20 sec cool!

woow..that was fast!! I sure needed more time :))

Thanks, KKF for WT....and to all who tried to help...LOL
I did finally see the button, although it was somewhat dark, but visible!!!

My mistake was.....drumroll please!!! .......

I was trying to click the button with the lights ON ...AFTER finding the clue to where the button was with the lights OFF!
That is the general way lots of games work (some won't let you interact with the lights off)....so unfortunately I was pre-programmed that way from playing waaayyy tooooo many of these games!LOLOLOL

@Nokra I know what you mean about being so trained as to not try something. In some games, I ignore what I think is just Japanese text only to read comments and learn that the clues had western numbers or letters hidden in them. Doh!

Wow, out with no help. Usually I miss something in these. Great Game!

@Selfdefiant - thanks! Love these - great for a gloomy Monday (raining, chilly...)

LOVE LOVE LOVE these colour scale games!!!

stupid game

I dont think it is a stupid game
and for a change got out without help

thanks Selfdefiant

Hi selfdefiant i am try to replay the grayscale office escape game and its buggy! please fix it!

I don't get it! It doesn't matter which books I klick, noones highlighted. I already got the other 4 marbles.
Really frustrating!

F**§#+&~$! After fourth try. Idon't f***** highlight any of these f******* books.
What's f******** wrong?????????????

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