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Random Escape Game Walkthrough

Random Escape Game

Random Escape Game is another point and click type room escape game developed by Gamershood. Your task is to gather items and solve puzzles to escape the random room! Good luck and have fun!

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So is this a random game, or is that the name of a new game?

Live game? hope its challenging!

Oh my red puzzle looks daunting

Got hammer, iused to get green key

Yay! going in!

Sudoku spoiler


Wow, little scared of the scrambled puzzle behind the red key

looking for shapes for orange key

both scrambled puzzle and ken-ken (sudoku) were surprisingly easy

POP on playground

And Out...

The scramble is easy once you realize they are crayons, put all the points up.

Several views were not used. Crib Bars, race track come to mind.

Out... Really Easy! Only needed help on Sudoku. I still don't get that after like 3 years... I just don't see it.. :/

nice, but a little too easy.

out. Easy game.

ok, I can't figure out the shapes... is the clue on the castle?

What about the shapes (orange key) ?

That was a quick game - but fun - love these!

For shapes: click near castle a little bit behind it!

Arrrggghhh missed that view, thanks @Anja

Thanks a lot, Anja ! I missed 2 of the 2 views of the castle and surroundings...

just joining and that slider looks menacing

and out

Thanks for the missing view Anja!

Glad to be out, would be too scared to sleep in the piano bed! lol

I always seem to miss a view, this time it was the shape hint.
Maybe its just me, but the colours didn't really translate well, had to guess at one.

do you know where to use the hammer please


I can't seem to get the flower colors to work. they don't match to the colors in the blue key spot?? ANy help??

Use hammer at back of desk chair Sherry

@Death_Magnetic, hint on the ken-ken (sudoku) games: start with the single squares and fill in that number (for example, I think this game had a single square that had "4" in it). That makes filling in the rest of that line or column a lot easier.

Zoz, can you help me with the colors for the blue key puzzle. my flowers look brown, green purple red and blue but not working. Thanks

@dejavu thanks

YW Sherry.

well, can't get past the blue key puzzle so now I'm just stuck.

POP finally got it! LOL

@Dejavu - can you remember what the colours were ? I'm stuck there too :(

care to share, Dejavu? I've been trying for ages

They are the colors from the piano bed keyboard. I thought it was the one from the flowers but that is for the next puzzle

@Dejavu - thank you ! I was working on the flowers too :):)

NO problem Twin. glad to help. But now I'm stuck on the shapes. I am not seeing the hint from the castle in either view?? I must be tired today!! LOL

okay, wrong puzzle. I'm stuck on th yellow key puzzle. The flower petal colors don't match and the lock colors don't work in ny position

@Dejavu - if you look at the green base where the castle is as a diamond shape, click at the top of the diamond where there are two purple towers

Yellow Key puzzle is from flowers on the table. The colors themselves are off a bit The one that looks kind of brown is yellow. Does that help?

Starting with the circle in the 9:00 position it shoule be:


Green, yellow, red. blue, orange purple.

Definitely the same person who used to do the ROTUC games!

it does indeed. Thank you very much

Twin thank you soooo much. could not find that silly view now matter how hard I tried!!! LOL

Glad to help as well Dejavu :)

@Dejavu, I'm sorry I missed your question - but glad you got the answer! the colors in this one were kind of "off". For the flowers, the yellow looked brown and the orange looked kind of yellow. Same problem with the piano bed keyboard.

No Problem Zoz!! The colors are off. I'm just finishing up and trying to figure out the word for the last one.. hmmmmm.. lol

The only word I saw in the game made the most sense and I was right!!! LOL
Thank you all for the help.. I"m out!!!

hint @Dejavu: look at one of the three views where you found the shapes clue

Gongtats @Dejavu!

Going to try the Bluescale escape now. Wish I could catch more of these LIVE. But at least I got the tail end of one today!! Enjoy!! <3

Find red key on table (left) to get started.
Locks to puzzles are on printer.
There's a crack under the computer.
There's a tear in a pillow.
There's a color clue on the piano keys.
There are 2 clues in the playset next to the crib (2 views).
There's a color clue in the flowers (not exact).

escaped with no huge problem -- does that mean I am random? hmmm...

Hardest part was finding the shapes clue. That took a while for me!

where to use little shovel?

oh, nm, got it after i've allready tried that spot like 20 times.grrr

LOL @Ioana - as soon as I saw that flowerpot I was looking for a little shovel

came back to do the walkthrough

Click the further plate on the same side of the table as you and get the red key
Click the printer by the computer and use the orange key
Turn the puzzle pieces to make SPOILERcrayonsSPOILER
Get the hammer
Click the computer screen to see under the desk
Use the hammer on the crack and get the green key
Use the green key in the printer and solve the ken-ken
Solution below
Get the blue key
Use the blue key and note it needs 5 colors
Look around the 3 views to find the solution to the blue key
Solution below
Get the trowel
Turn left
Zoom on the potted plant and use the shovel in the dirt at the top
Get the yellow key
Use the key at the printer
Look around the 3 views to find the solution to the yellow key
Get the orange key
Look around the 3 views to find the solution to the orange key
Get the knife
Turn left and zoom on the bed pillows
Use the knife on the left pillow for the purple key
Look around the 3 views to find the solution to the purple key
Spell the word you saw
Get the black key
Turn right zoom on the door and escape

Green Key solution

Blue Key solution
Zoom on the bed’s blue and white piano keys. The colors look a bit off colored, but they are SPOILERredyellowpinkbluegreenSPOILER

Yellow Key solution
In the computer view, zoom on the center of the dining table and note the flower colors. Again, they seem a bit off, but they are

Orange Key solution
In the view of the door, click on the back left corner of the green mat the toys to the left of the crib sit on. The shapes are on the left road SPOILERtsctcSPOILER

Purple Key solution
Zoom on the front middle of the green mat toys to the left of the crib. SPOILERCASTLESPOILER

The toughest part was trying to figure out how the keys works: Drag the key to the corresponding colour, and THEN click on the lock (without the key in your hand).

Morning all! Coffee in hand, kitty sprawled over my desk, guess I'm ready to hit this one!

And out! The shapes one was the worst bit, but otherwise, great game!

Nice game.

caught this from random section

also missed view behind castle

bummer that GH doesn't produce these games anymore, I just ♥ them, sometimes they're pretty challenging - thx GH ☺

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