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Sarcastic Cat Escape Walkthrough

Sarcastic Cat Escape

Sara and the Sarcastic Creatures 3 - Stupid Cat-Snatching Goblins Episode Three is another new point and click type adventure game from AddictingGames. Explore your weird world to find your missing cat! Use your oddest escapery skills to locate hidden objects and unlock new areas! Good luck and have fun!

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Sarcastic Cat Escape Walkthrough
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cute and fun so far. :)

Hi @Trisana. 2 coins and rather lost in the city. Definitely a wandering around game.

Stuck in the forest.
Did the shovel, tootbrush, glasses and shell thing and now what?

Oh and the mittens of course.

Goblins took my cat?

annaby - did you find the city map? it's probably your best tool. . .

just found a torch, going down to the sewers to get my 5th coin now.

@small-tool: try to give the things someone, shovel for the X, shell thing for the little creature sitting by the X and so on!

Stuck now getting the last coin

Still stuck in the forest!?

@Trisana - yes. I'm in the sewer but need to find the torch for the 5th coin

did you get the top hat, small-tool?

@s-t - also hat to bald eagle

annaby - the torch is in a room between the doors labeled 2 and 3

Ah - got my last coin from fridge - never found symbol for number 1

and done. very straightforward, just easy to get lost in the city.

found the cat - now need key

Yep did the top hat too, but still won't let me go to the next location.

Nvm. had to click the yellow guy on the right.

Thanks Trisana!

Yeah - have my cat back!!!!

Very nice game, I'm out without help (that's very unusual...)

How do you open the safe? Got all the symbols from the rooms!

michael - the symbols were in numbered rooms. :)

Finally out, that city was a real maze, even with the map.

where is the key in the caves?

Where did you use the cheese?

I mean - how do you get the key? How to get past the goblins

okay - need to find a place to uose the cheese

Nm, got it :D
I hope it's continued :D

got it! On to get my cat!

I'm using the hell out of the diary map, but it still won't let me leave the kitchen. What am I doing wrong? And the candy-demanding goblin disappeared. I think I've got a bug. Maybe need to restart.

i have 3 coins... where are the others??

i'm out..

Virginia, there is a mouse somewhere around rooms 3 and 4. She is climbing on crates and I think we should use the cheese there. How did you get it?

the cheese is used in the cave

Virginia, sorry I was still in the maze of the city. Don't know, where to use the cheese actually.

Ha, use the cheese in the lowest left cage!

I was doing so well then got a few phone calls and forgot what I am supposed to be doing!!! LOL
And I have the key from the goblins!
Now where do I use that key? Where is the kitty?
I want a map of the caves...I am soooo lost! LOL

Awwww...I found Wasabi...the talking cat!!!
That was fun!

The cat is in the rightmost cage in the middle floor.

Hey All! Are we still live? trying to catch up on the all the games since our 4 hr power failure!

how do i get past the jungle ...im stuck on the bald eagles and the elephnat with wings...someone please help ive been stuck here for nearly an hour ..i dnt wanna give up .lol :(

Why can't I leave the kitchen? I can't find ANY candy anywhere!

@rachel...What a shame!...I wondered what happened to the WT in color room!...Glad you're back!
And I see WT is there...Congrats!

:D Thanx @ Nokra! 4 hrs without electricity is rather trying, when you're busy with a WT! LOL!

Rachel, key is under the books and then use key to open drawer for candy.

Bald eagle needs the hat from the kitchen.

*Face-palm* I kept clicking there, but I was putting the books down each time - I think I should go to bed.......LOL!

@ small tool . thank you :P

Good game! Bad Kitty???

I need a 5th coin, got one from the coffee monster, one from the sand, one from the fridge and one from the sewer.

Hi Rachel, how did you get the one from the sand? Trying to remember where was the one you miss, but check your city map it is on it

@Gnouche, thanx! Completely forgot about the map!! And finally found the use of my crowbar! THANX!

What about the sand coin?

@Gnouche, yes thanx, amazingly enough, I got that one without help! LOL!

And I'm out! Sounds intriguing, the TO BE CONTINUED! :) Thanx for everyone's FAB comments!

How did you get it cannot find it!!!

Did you get the metal detector?


In the city, on the way to Room 1, click the first door on your right

From the start 2x times up and then right. But there are 2 rights there. You need the bottom one. The other one goes to room 1.

Thanks Rachel, totally missed that door. Now having problems with levers in mine

Finally got that cat!! TY all!!


where is the hat for the bird please?

How do you get the coin in the sand, and how do you get the cheese?

The hat for the bird is in the first scene (the house) upper left?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I liked this one.

Where is the flashlight?? Thats the last coin i need!!

oh. nvm
i found it.

How do i get the coin from the coffee monster? help please :(

By giving it coffee.
The coffee comes from (if I remember correctly, but not sure) from the rabbit. But I don't know anymore where that rabbit was.
Anyway, pay attention to all the arrows that appear in a scene. Some scenes have 4 or 5 directions to go to.

How and where do you get the cheese?

wooww i finally found it.. pretty fun game

Oh I finally left the city and went to the Goblin's den. That is where the cheese is. Gee, I can not tell you how much time I spent trying to get the cheese from the furballs. They made up for it later. Cute game and worth playing.

where is the top hat?

How do you move to sand to get the coin....

stuck in mines need help with levers

im ttrying to find the last coin. and apperently its under the sand but i dont know how to get under the sand or dig in the sand.

Use the metal detector.
The metal detector is from the start 2x times up and then right. But there are 2 rights there. You need the bottom one. The other one goes to room 1.

How do I get the cheese from the furry monsters?

How do i get the coin from under the sand?

Gave cheese to furballs in last cave. That was fun. "TO BE CONTINUED"! Oh good I'm looking forward to the next part. :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Cute game. Easy, but just in case someone gets stuck.


Click on the gamescreen (anywhere off the diary book) to close it
Click MY STUFF tab to open and close the backpack
Click the pink window monster -- he wants candy
Click all of the books on the shelf to lift them -- get the key
Get the hat from the green table monster
Click MY STUFF and then the key
Use the key on the drawer for the candy
Give the candy to the pink window monster
Click the diary in the backpack
Click the right page to turn it until you get to the map pages
Click the mushroom to go to the forest
Click the yellow owl at the right side of the screen to learn you need to make the monsters happy
Get the toothbrush from the elephant dragon as it goes by (if you miss, just wait -- he comes by again and again)
Give the toothbrush to the red monster in the left tree
Get the mittens
Give the mittens to the gray spider monster with the shovel in the right tree
Use the shovel on the X on the trail
Get the sunglasses
Give the sunglasses to the green monster with all the eyes
Get the shell from the grass between the red and blue monsters
Give the bird (Bald Eagle) the hat from the kitchen at your house
Click the owl, and he will tell you to go to the goblin mines
In your diary, click the miner’s helmet on the map page
Give the shell to the hermit-crab monster on the trail
At the goblin mines, note the door is locked
Go right
Talk to the frog monster and learn you need to catch the fireflies
Click them to catch them
Talk to him again and learn you need to go to the city

In your diary’s map page, select the buildings
Click the city in the distance
Go left and get the crowbar
Leave that room and go into the right one
Get the coin map from the near crate
(Note the dust monster likes cheese)
Back out of the room and go forward
According to the coin map, there is a coin in the sand at the right of this screen, but you can’t get it yet
Go forward
Go into the right room with the 1 over the door
(Note the dust monsters REALLY like cheese)
Also note the H symbol on the wall
Back up out of the room and go forward
Talk to the purple monster and find he likes coffee
Back up out of the room
Go right -- get the metal detector from the watermelon monster’s room
Back up out of the room and then back up to the sand field view
Use the metal detector for coin 1/5
Go right
Note the manhole cover to the sewers is screwed down
Go forward and then right
Go into the door with the 2 over it
Note the symbol on the wall
Back up
Enter the room by the crate -- get the flashlight from the blob monster’s room
Leave the room and then enter the one with the 3 over the door
Note the symbols on the wall
Back up
Enter the arched door to the right of the 3 door -- get the coffee from the rabbit monster
Back up and go right
At the view with the crates and firewood, go left
Talk to the frog monster again and he will offer to sell you what you need for 5 coins
Enter the room with the 4 over the door
Note the symbol
Back up and enter the room at the top of the stairs
Enter the safe code
SPOILERH, curved line over straight line, sperm, waterSPOILER
Click the handle and get the coin 2/5
Back up 2 times and go right this time
Go into the right room and get the screwdriver
Back up out of the room
Use the crowbar on the door boards at the end of the alley
Go forward 2 times
Get the coin 3/5 from the fairy room
Back up 6 times to the sewer -- use the screwdriver on the manhole cover
Go into the sewer and go right
Use the flashlight and get the coin 4/5
Back up and leave the sewers
Go left and then forward 2 times to the purple monster
Give him the cold coffee
Back up 2 times, go right, then forward, then right 2 times, and then left to the frog
Give him the coins for the oyster powder

Use your diary to go to the mines again
Use the powder on the door
Go into the mines
There is a mechanical door blocking your way to the right, so go left 2 times
Here is a map of the mines -- you need to open the bottom right door. Note the switches in the map are linked to certain doors. To do that, you need to get into the top left room for the switch.
Click the switch below the map to open the first floor door that was blocking you way
Go right 2 times
Click this switch t unlock the next door
Go right
Go down and left
Click this switch and go left
Go up, right 2 times, and click that switch again
Go left 2 times and down. Now go right 2 times and up
Go right and click this switch
Go left, down, and right 2 times. Your kitty! But you need a key
Go left, down, and left
Get the cheese
Go left 2 times
Use the cheese on the rope of the chandelier in order to get the dust monsters to chew it (put it on the top of the wood of the chandelier)
Get the key
Go all the way right, up, and right
Free the kitty!

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