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Shady Old Room Escape Walkthrough

Shady Old Room Escape

[REPLAY] Shady Old Room is another point and click room escape game. You are locked inside the shady old room, only way out is to solve all the puzzles and find secret compartments. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Shady Old Room Walkthrough
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have a knife, a hammer and a number clue from some fairly simple puzzles in the chest of drawers.. plodding along further...

And the knife gets you a rasp when used on the cake, which frees a chain on the speaker (?) but need more number answers.

Oh we have that number clue from the drawers LOL.

Talking to myself here? Ah well.. getting no useful help then LOL

Hey MaryD :)
I'm going in and try to catch up...

It's pretty simple. But the time clue needs to be in military time. Be sure you get all the views. (Pool table, firplace, coffee table, front door)

I'm here, plodding along as well.

I'm out so if you have a specific question, let me know! :D

9,10 and 5 ball
6 ball
and out

Got stuck there too. Tried the numbers you get from the drawers in different combinations but nothing works. and I can't get any further with the time and the clock and the drawer puzzle that needs it, so I assume.

Can't do the maze puzzle.. can't find the clock! I started off fine but falling by the wayside here :o(

well that was a nice hangover game, anything more taxing and my head would have exploded!

The clock is the spiral looking thing on the wall. Be sure to use military time on the drawer.

The safe code is just as it's written on the paper. The door doesn't open, you just get a ball.

For the maze, the one line all the way to the left will not be connected. It's the only piece not used.

Ah thank you, Patricia. I'm so hungover I didn't even see that clock!

For the maze, start at the bottom dot and turn the lines and angles so that they make a path to the top dot.

and I gave the torch to the statue but nothing happened. I need another drink.

the ball appears in the white vase next to it

Yay.. thank you for the maze help!

Oh thank you, natagert

Look in the white case next to the statue with the fire for a ball. Can I ask where the knife is?

You are welcome Mary. After you give the statue the torch, there should be a ball in the white vase to the left of the statue.

Have a drink for me!

And I'm out... it was really pretty easy, I'm ashamed to have needed so much help. Thank you kindly, all!

Sorry vase not case

You guys are way too fast...or I'm too slow..

seJoevia - the knife was from one of the 'drawer' puzzles, either the Leonardo da vinci one or the picture one.

Yeah, I first thought that all the yellow lines needed to be used, but they don't. Then it's easy.
I still don't get a ball when giving the code to the safe. I started a new game, but to no effect. what am I doing wrong?
I also gave the lady her torch but nothing seemed to happen.

The ball appears in the vase next to the torch lady - I can't recall about the safe one.

Oh, I guess she did give something in return...Just found the 10-ball :)

Lalena - After you put the numbers in the safe and saw off the chain, the ball should appear. If it doesn't, you may have a bug.
For the torch, after you place it with the statue, back away and it will be in the white vase thing next to the statue.

Hope I helped!

Now i have three ball, just got number 9 out the secret compartment.

But now the last one...i think that would be from the safe. But you don't have to give a different code that what Leonardo provided in the drawer-puzzle?

lalena, you should have a six figure code - I had 89-37-62 to put in after you unchain the safe. Got it from the colour-clue drawer, I think. The clue is on one of the plant stands.

Lalena - Correct. It is the only code -


89 37 62

Oh... apologies for not putting 'spoiler' in .. I am rather fragile still from new year celebrations.

of course I meant the colour puzzle.

Maybe I have a bug...that is rare. I will start the game again...see if that helps.

Can someone tell me where the knife is? I've clicked everywhere.

I think I know what the problem is. I just wrote down the code in stead of clicking the paper. So I entered the code on the safe but without the paper actually being there. And that you don't get a ball.

seJoevia - the knife came from one of the drawer puzzles. I believe it was the Da Vinci one.

Thx Patricia

Lalena, Ive done that before. Some of these games are very particular about how you get certain things.

You are most welcome seJoevia!

Off to get pizza rolls and a beer. Good luck everyone!

That was an easy one - but fun!!!!

@lalena...I had the same problem as you with the safe...I had clicked the paper many times and concluded that I didn't need it....Wrong!
Thanks for clearing that up for me!
Other than that little annoyance...I would have gotten out without help....Drat!LOL

Cant get clock code. 10:10 not working.

OK got it now. 22:10

That seemed way easy, but I'm not suffering from a hangover either! I really wanted to put "Di Caprio" after "Leonardo" but there weren't enough spaces,

Remember that you must take the paper with the code. Easy game.

Fun and easy.... nice for a change!

You have to first get the number code when you will press the number 893762 it's at the drawer color code Orange, blue, purple, yellow, green and red.

lol @zoz!

cute little game. Out with no help

Click the near side of billiards table to see you need 4 balls
Turn left
Note the safe has a padlock and chain on it
turn left
Zoom on the fireplace
Click the top drawer of the chest of drawers and enter the name
Solution Below
Get the cake knife
Click the second drawer from the top and turn the pieces of the puzzle
Get the hammer
Click the 3rd drawer and change the colors
Solution below
Get the paper
Click the 4th drawer and enter the time
Solution Below
Get the torch
Click the bottom drawer and connect the red and yellow dots by turning the yellow lines.
HINTdon't use the middleleft lineHINT
Get the 5 ball
Back up and zoom on the globe in the left side of the room
Use the hammer on the middle of the front of the globe to open th secret compartment for the 9 ball
Go left
Note the door needs a key
Zoom on the statue in the corner
Give her the torch
Zoom out and then zoom in on the white vase on the stand
Placing the torch made the 10 ball appear
Turn around to the couch view
Zoom on the table and use the knife on the cake in the upper left
Get the file
Zoom on the safe
Use the file on the chain
Click the handle
Now enter the code from the paper
Get the 6 ball
Turn right to the table
Zoom on the nearer side and place the 4 balls
Get the key
turn right
Zoom on the door
Use the key and escape!


Leonardo puzzle
In the view of the billiards table, there is a bust of a man. When you zoom in, it says he did the Mona Lisa. SPOILERDA VINCISPOILER

In the view of the billiards table, click the plant. Look at the plant stand for the colors. SPOILEROBPYGRSPOILER

In the view of the couch, click the clock (lol). Read the time. HINTmilitaryHINT SPOILER2210SPOILER

Abroy dat calm.

Games for smug people.

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