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Bad Memory Escape 7 Walkthrough

Bad Memory Escape 7

Bad Memory Escape 7 is another point and click room escape game created by Ainars. Your memory has failed once again you find yourself in a room that full of puzzles. Search for items and solve all puzzles unlock door and drive away. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Ainars, Jonthewatch]

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@Roberto Hi

Hi roberto and Leroy ! Are you out already ?
I only have 8 of the number papers.


i also have 8 papers...where is a screwdriver?

8 papers
2 statues
2 dolphins
many keys.
Don´t know where to use purple one!

I am troubled with the coloured keys as well and i also need a SD.

Hi all, catching up

Is there a SD somewhere? How to get it?

8 papers, used 4 keys, used 3 statues, used 3 figuines and in need of a screw driver!

I just found one hidden panel under the white curtains, it is hard to see.

Hi catching up!

oh yeah and flicked about 4 switched which at the moment do nothing

roberto...purple one is to the left of tv

There are 3 panels under curtain.
2 you can open by clicking and 1 you need a SD.

missing little statue for the couch!

I have the purple key already. Just don´t know where to use it.

2 dolphins
3 tannish men
1 greenish man
blue key
black key
purple key
green key

Above have all been used

7 papers

Normally these games are that easy, but now i am stuck :(

got my last switch turned! it was hidden somewhere around the tv, gotta click around

HMMM hunting last sofa statue key 2 papers and a few switches and arrows!


tv view, top left.

roberto, i told u where to use it

use purple key at the tv scene (i think)

Figurines go into right sofa

Still searching purple lock.

11 papers and stuck...still dont have screwdriver

*face palm* Just realized I had the top 1/8 of the screen scrolled up too high.

anyone no what to do with the puzzle by the 2 beds scene?

roberto, its a giant purple square with a keyhole in the scene with the tv

Now 10 papers all switches and looking for pink key!

Where's 3rd couch figurine?

And a SD!! LOL

blue key by left speaker

what is the thing on the floor in front of the bed? i'm not sure what to do with it.


@roberto Its in the TV view under a picture at the top right

Can´t find the switch around Tv. Maybe i pushed it already.

Oh! Thanks all! Didn´t notice that painting!!

Yellow key under car (outside)

Got all the switches... stuck again though. Missing 2 papers

@Nini xD Highlight doorlock! You will find a hidden panel.
This is @Michael by the way. Just messed with the blog..

Found 11 papers and opened door. What to do with the car?

where did you find the sd leroy?

Leroy, where did you find a Sd ?

Got pliers and 2 more keys.

Do we know what the tile with the tan, red, blue, and green "duckbills" are for?

Sorry meant I was still looking! Probably under the pink lock.

small key in the basement, nothing else there?

So people have been outside and in a basement? Lost with that one.

missing green losangle and 1 more key.

what is the strange box thing behind the blue and purple chairs?

Yay...I'm out...hardest thing was finding the last piece in the basement by the garage exit

Into a cave now :O

Found underground tunnel now...

ok, i need the pink key, the keys for the big black locks on floor, the eleventh piece of paper, the SD, jeez, I need a lot of things!

And out!

hey @Leroy/Michael, you have a blog?

Still no Sd, i am lost and tired *sigh*

it's ok @Zazie, there are two beds. We can both have a nap and try again later!

Stillmissing 3rd knob

Oh no! Some sort of bug. The flash image has moved halfway up the window and won't scroll back! :(

no sd, use pliers to remove those panels. have 2 diamond things now to use by bed, need to find 2 more i guess

Found two "objects" but need two more.

could somebody say where the sd or pink key are

...Didn't realize I had enough of the papers to get out the door. Wow, just wasted a lot of time lol

It is as you say zoz, i am tired lol. Let´s sleep a while there and then retry, we´ll manage it :D

SD outside under car Zazie.

@Zoz not really but seems to be the way eg24 describes the profile. Unless I read it all wrong. All that red wine you know LOL.

There is no SD.

Good question Exsiss ! I would like to know as well...

Arggh outside...roberto, but i cannot go outside lol.

I'm out. :)

Sorry. No SD. lol

Just pliers

Do you have 11 papers already?

Got three diamond shaped objects. My Third was in pink lock. Now looking for the fourth one.

ok feeling slow - still missing pink key and smallest statue for couch...

got basement key but nothing else... confused???

Put 3 pieces of cogs. Heard a noise but dont know where.

Ah man. Got to the cave and teh game glitched up. the bottom half of the screen is up top and the top on the bottom

aha, I forgot to flip the last switch behind the painting where the purple key fit; now I have all 11 papers! I'll send food and wine back for you if I escape @Zazie!

Cross your eyes and keep playing Exsiss

Ok, i just decided to play this game tomorrow again. I must sleep now, lol. New day, new chance !
My brain does not working as it should anymore lol.
CU all....

Duh me redid door numbers (correctly this time) and now in basement etc..

ahhhh!!!!!!!! clicked on an advert and guna have to find it all again!!!! oh dear oh dear oh dear

So question, in the caves is the top 3rd of the screen just black? Or did my game just glitch beyond playable?

LOL zoz you are stronger than me ! GL all and cu soon !

I did everything in this game, but can´t find my way out. Still have athe large golden key. Any help?

Haha, okay it fixed it self. at one point the 75% of the screen was black and the bottom 25% was up top. Out now though!

IIRC: the pink key is in the basement?!? My screen also messed up in the basement :( But found the way out. Is there a third "mechanism"?

I can´t be the first to enter the game and the last to go out.
What to do after assemble the 3 parts of cog and hear that noise?

zazie...no screwdriver...there's a "tool" downstairs

roberto...find the car key, go upstairs and out to the car.

Where is the car key?

@roberto, have no fear, as long as I'm playing you won't be the last one out, lol!

Down to last gold key!!

Ouch! Thanks Becks!
I`m really blind! I swear didn´t see that panel opening under cogs.

so the black diamond shaped things are for the odd trumpet floor puzzle, but I only have two so far, need two more. These games have gotten harder (or, more likely, i've gotten even dumber)

Let´s help zoz now!
Where you are?

Gold key says it is basement key??

The knobs if I can remember
1 in safe downstais.
2 in each panel you open with pliers.
Can´t remember the last.

Ignore gold key peoples and look at wall left of cogs!!!
Out finally.

@roberto, I have flipped two of the "trumpets" and I have a gold key and pliers (still) and the piece of clue paper that says "1 3,2 5, 3 2, etc

where r u supposed to use the pink key?

@dogrady, where the five chairs are, click on the second arrow from the left (takes you behind pink chair)

@zoz cant remember where but there is a slider puzzle for that clue. Basement I think.

Aha cheers zoz :) I remembered seeing it ages ago but think where! ;)

doh, I should spend less time writing and look at the game! I had seen the levers behind the pink key door and had the clue paper, just wasn't paying attention until @dogrady asked where to use the pink key!

cheers zoz, im out now :) soon enough you'll drive away and the headache will go...

You need pink key to use this paper clue

At Laaaaaaah-aaaassst! (Cue Etta James, here). That was much more interesting than most of their games, mostly because I'm so dense! But it was fun, nonetheless.

Thanks @roberto and Leroy and dogrady and everyone who stuck around to help me! Now we must remember to take food and wine back for Zazie!

lol :)

Im guna start bad memory escape 3 for fun (a link after you finish bad memory escape 7)

ok, dont bother doing bad memory escape 3 coz ive dun it already and if i can do it then im sure my 1 day old niece can do it aswell lol

Can anyone tell me where to find paper 10..can't brute force it!

where is diamond for third shape in puzzle by the bed?

can anyone tell me where to put the 4 figurines?

@nokra in front of right-hand couch

4 figurines go on one of the couches I think

TY!!! Brnwen and Michelle...I could not see it in the black space...but found it with your help!

Where is the smallest statue? Nobody has answered that question yet, I don't think.

I'm having trouble finding the screwdriver. The comments above say it's under the car outside, but i don't see it.

i unlocked the switches, can someone tell me where the safe door, I cant find it

@fyremarble, you need to find a pair of plyers, there is no screw driver in this game!! and its not under the car! I think it was down in the basement after collecting the gold key

I think the switches move the paintings dont they sherry12?

@dogrady Thanks! I was getting so confused.

the arrow switches are supposed to open the safe door

Well, as usual I am STUCK! I am missing the 3rd paper for door code..nothing left in inventory!
I have missed an arrow switch...Is anyone doing a WT???? Please????

going back in and try to give you a hand nokra

POP! got it! Don't know where...lol!

3rd piece of paper behind ship painting, the scene with the 5 chairs. i think you have to activate all of the arrow switches for the paper 2 b revealed

TY , Dogrady...think I'm okay now...got pink key...

opening the things that I thought I needed SD for with the pliers...

You r nearly there nokra, i just done the game again, if you r using the pink key then your near the end... :)

missing one arrow and one switch. pls help

A clue for the puzzle behind the pink key? please?
I'm sure it has been mentioned , but I am too tired to find it! Soooo many comments...they are another puzzle to solve! LOL

Hi m.f. do you have the arrow behind the purple safe?

have you collected the paper hint nokra? use that to solve the puzzle. if you want the spoiler then i will tell u...

Please tell where is the 3rd bit for the cogs? I had one from the rocks and one from the panel by the gate. Also when does the screen go back to normal? Thank you.

PS I also have a gold coin(?) and the big key.

How to get the paper hint?

Thanks, no need for spoilers....I just need a break...come back with fresh eyes...like you say,

I am nearly there!! LOLOL

The paper hint was by using a key in the green safe in the basement, I think

screen will never go back to normal!!! use box in cave to get cog above, one piece behind rock and last somewhere in cave by the box! sorry my memory is poor, @nokra the paper hint is down in the basement (use gold key on floor by door to receive plyers and silver key. turn to face the chairs and use gold key again on floor to go down another basement. use silver key on wall to receive paper hint (i think))

I shall have to play again as I cannot reach the 'box' by the chairss to go back into the basement. See you all again. Many thanks, dogrady.

I've been stuck for hours. I've opened everything (I think), can't find caves or cogs, I have big gold key and pliers, Can't find last diamond piece for the colored trumpets, soooooo frustrated...

I should really refresh this more often (>_<)

@ GW have you found the panel in the front door scene to use plyers? quite hard to see, under the window

Still missing the man figure (next to dolphins), the paper for 10, the pink key, the pliers, and everything that comes after those! ;-)

Ahhhh...there are 2 basements!

@dogrady- FML, that's it. Thanks for the heads up!


Now...I am missing the orange diamond for the psychadelic puzzle...LOL...it never ends!!!!

my mother crashed into another car at a set of traffic lights the other day, the driver got out and he was a dwarf. he said "i aint happy", i said "well, which one are you then" lol

POP! i missed a bolted panel above the beds...

oh god, I'm stuck...
9 pieces of paper, all switches turned on (where's the safe?), pictures moved, all figurines found... now what? where's the damn pliers?!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Forgot to add the tool is in the 1st basement!!

i bet your fingers are saw after writing all that leroy lol

@leroy, sorry to say but dont think you mentioned the plyers or am i blind? lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

@dogrady read the post following the WT!! LOL advised myself. Also added about lock for door to tunnels!

Will have to pull it again cos weird lock key is actually behind the pointer puzzle!!

Good one ...dogrady!!!!LOL

had to go back to comments ...again...and like Roberto, I did not see the car key in the wall by the gears....anyway....

G O N G T A T S ! ! ! ! !

Location WT (correct if I am wrong)
Any errors I will reedit as advised but, remember, this took some doing!!!

floor front right bed (pointer puzzle)
floor behind right bed
floor behind left bed (need tool)
wall under left window
wall under right window (need tool)
wall under centre of windows (hidden so you must highlight blue door lock)
front of right sofa
middle right picture above beds (switch puzzle and need tool)
pink floor behind left bed
box in 2nd basement (need tool)
tunnels right wall (forward twice) (need tool)
tunnels above grate (move carton)

purple left side of TV cabinet
red light above TV
green middle right TV cabinet
black right TV cabinet
blue middle left TV cabinet on shelf
pink floor panel behind left bed (need tool)
basement key under car (need all clue papers)
2nd basement lockbox key under table in 1st basement
Weird key behind pointer puzzle
car key!! solve cog puzzle

black left wall above chairs
red under right chairs
pink under centre chair
green behind right bed (move panel)
purple behind left picture
blue under picture right of windows
1st basement doorlock floor under windows
2nd basement doorlock floor front of chairs
lock panel on wall 2nd basement
Weird lock behind left chairs

Clue papers
clue 1 front right sofa behind statue puzzle
clue 2 right wall above chairs (arrow switches)
clue 3 green lockbox behind right bed
clue 4 light above chairs
clue 5 light above beds
clue 6 left picture above beds (switch puzzle)
clue 7 front of right sofa
clue 8 light above windows
clue 9 middle right TV cabinet
clue 10 centre panel above chairs (place figures)
clue 11 under left chair

behind right bed
purple lockbox
front of right sofa under panel (red arrow for some reason)
blue lockbox right of windows
middle left picture above beds (switch puzzle)
middle picture above beds (switch puzzle)

wall above left bed
left side of TV cabinet
middle left side of TV cabinet
middle right side of TV cabinet
wall under centre of windows (hidden so you must highlight blue door lock)
front of right sofa
red lockbox behind right chairs

back view left bed on the bed.
front of left sofa under panel
purple lockbox
panel under left window
black lockbox above chairs
middle left side of TV cabinet (lower right shelf)
right picture above beds (switch puzzle)

panel right of windows (need tool)
panel middle right panel above beds (need tool)
panel box in 2nd basement (need tool)
solve slider puzzle behind middle chair

Cog parts
tunnels right wall (forward twice) (need tool)
tunnels above grate (move carton)
tunnels turn right (move left rock)

statues front of right sofa
figures centre wall above chairs
pointers floor front of beds
slider behind middle chair in pink lockbox (clue in lockbox 2nd basement)
Weird thing behind left chairs
cogs left wall (by going forward once in tunnels)

Tool 1st basement

Now having found\done all these things go to car and escape!!!

Well done! michael...btw...why leroy? are they both your names??

LOL ;) still i great walkthrough though, much better than anything i can do.

I gotta walkthrough for ya
for escape the laptop

1) have a roll up
2) get a glass of water
3) shut down the laptop
4) get changed for bed
5) get in bed
6) turn of light
7) dream of money
lol, laterz everybody

@nokra "Leroy" has been my lifelong nickname! LOL long story so wont go there suffice to say Le Roy is french for the king! Snigger...
Also have run across another Michael on this site.

screen just crashed... wtf

nonetheless, escaped

GongtatS!! That was a VERY good game!!! Well done.

Just replayed and got out - then saw your great WT, Leroy. Must have taken you ages!
One good game, Anairs, thank you.


-Click all three pictures. Click arrow behind the right picture.
-Look behind pink/blue chairs. Pick number 11.
-Look up. Pick number 4.
-Go right.
-Look up. Pick number 5.
-Click switch on the left, on the right side of the leftmost picture.
-Look behind right bed. Click arrow.
-Look behind left bed. Pick Dolphin 1 behind pillow.
-Go right.
-Look at left sofa. Uncover hidden panel on floor. Pick Dolphin 2.
-Look at right sofa. Pick number 7. Uncover hidden panel on floor and click the red arrow.
-Look up and pick red key.
-Look at left speaker. There's a switch, a key and figure. Pick them all.
-Look at right speaker. There's a key and number 9.
-Look at lower left part of the TV rack. There's a key and a switch.
-Look at lower right. Another key and switch.
-Go right.
-Look up. Pick number 8.
-There are 3 hidden panels on the wall (one of which you can't open yet). Pick the figure and the switch.
-Click the picture. Use Blue Key on the lock. Click the arrow.
-Go right.
-Look behind green/yellow chairs. Use Red Key. Click the switch.
-Use Black Key on the left side of the wall. Get figure.
-Use this figure and both dolphins. Pick number 10.
-Go right.
-Click both the arrows on the wall. Pick number 6. Pick figure.
-Look behind right bed. Uncover hidden panel on floor. Use Green Key. Get number 3.
-Go right.
-Click picture to make it fall. Use Purple Key. Pick figure and click the arrow.
-Look at right sofa. Put the figures in place. Pick number 1.
-Go back to the chair room.
-Pick number 2 on the wall.
-Go left.
-Type the numbers on the door's lock and click OK. Open the door.
-Look at car. Pick basement key on left side of the car, under the tire.
-Get back inside.
-Use Basement Key on windows room's floor.
-Go to Basement 1.
-Pick tool and Key on the center of the screen.
-Go back up, then right.
-Use Basement Key on the chairs room's floor.
-Go to Basement 2.
-Use Key on the lock. Get numbers and memorize it (mine was 1=3 2=5 3=2 4=4 5=5 6=4 both times).
-Open panel useing tool. Pick object 1.
-Go right.
-Look behing left bed. Use tool on the panel. Pick Pink Key.
-Use tool on panel on right side of the wall. Pick object 2.
-Go right or left twice (to windows' room).
-Use tool on hidden panel on wall. Pick object 3.
-Go right.
-Look behind the center chair. Use pink key.
-Use the numbers you got from Basement 2 and click orange circle. Pick object 4.
-Go right.
-Uncover hidden panel on the right. Click it. Use all 4 objects in it. Pick Cylinder.
-Go left.
-Look behind pink/blue chairs. Put cylinder in place. Go down the hole.
-Go right.
-Look behind center stone the get part of mechanism 1. Go back.
-Go right in front and then right.
-Use tool on panel on right side. Pick part of mechanism 2.
-Move box right below the rock on top. Click it to make it fall and pick part of mechanism 3. Go back.
-Put all 3 part of mechanism into place and click the center. Pick Car Key.
-Go all the way back to car. Zoom in and use Car key.

Testing profile edit is all!!
ignore this post!

Ending test of profile edit!
It was successful! LOL

Was down in the tunnel when the screen went all funny *sighs* Can't pick up the last bit for the cogs or place them...

Don't feel like playing the whole thing on my own again, so thanks for WTs :)

Well done Leroy, and nice avatar too.
You know, I think it will be a bit hard for me to get rid of the former Michael. Anyway... well done Leroy!!

@edgar still testing profile and you will get used to Leroy as I have had that nickname 30+ years and some people in this world dont even know my real name cos of it! LOL

Woo Hoo solved all by myself... :-)

Holy Schmoly! That took me way longer than usual! But it was a FANTASTIC game!!! Totally worth 5 stars!!

I dont get the number clue for the blue lock. Anyone care to explain?

J, if you read for instance 8=9, it means that the 8th number is a 9.
Now, I could really use some help to find the 1st figure next to the dolphins. According to the WT, I'm missing the black key.

I need also the pink key, and the paper clue for the 10th number of the lock...

Aah, thanks alot! Tired and hungry, cant think straight.

I've just seen that Leroy explained where the objects were...

I couldn't agree more @Rachel :D

I am in the underground passages, I have 2 pieces of the cog, but I don't see anymore the upper part of the grid, there is a big black rectangle at the bottom of my screen !

The game is buggy, I can't finish it !

cant find the black key, I looked right of tv cabinet, does any one know were it is please.

the black key is on the lower left part of the tv rack. it's on top of that DVD-like thing (left side of the screen)

nvm finally find the key out This is a great game, was a little hard finding stuff, but well enjoyed, also @gradow and @dogrady great WT, If it werent for you guys, I know I still wouldnt have made it. Thanks for your help, I needed that

Actually found everything! Great game Ainars

Ive found the car key but because it does not start the car/open its door, Ive been trying to open the gates at the basement. Now that Ive learnt that it is the car key, I give up trying. Otherwise it was a great game:)

I think I did everything but how do I get the key to start the car and is it a big gold key?

Now if someone like Leroy had posted all of that stuff earlier, it would have saved a WHOLE lot of time scrolling through unnecessary chatting! Thanks Leroy :)

Fab time! Got most of it without WT. Needed WT to figure out the last arrow location for puzzle in floor in room with beds. Had no glitches, no wacko freeze ups. Very cool. Agree harder than others. Good it was not a timed game! Fun - thanks. Hope to find you all when there is a new release eventually and play first time through together with ya all. How to find out new game release date/times so I can catch up with you all on the blog?

Gradow, i still did nt get those four diamond objects .... anybody else knows where arethose - missing one of them
1. gotpink key
2. got from basement
3. got behind the coded lock

GOT IT!!! Perfect!! Thanks Gradow for walkthrough

How I love these games.

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