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Bluescale Escape Series - The Room Walkthrough

Bluescale Escape Series - The Room

Bluescale Escape Series 3 - Escape the Room is a new escape game from Rooms2Escape.com. You are in a strange bluescale world! This time you are in a strange room and need to figure a way to escape! Collect items and solve puzzles to get out of the room! Good luck and have fun!

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Bluescale Escape Series, yeeeeah!

Selfdefiant !!! (o:

going in..

Yay! Thank you Selfdefiant!

got a key from cabinet using roman numeral clue

I have some old gum... nice lol

opened 3-digit cb with clue from roman numerals and got a key. also I have a gum, hanger and a marble

also got key from grate using coat hanger and gum

another marble from top cabinet

Thx SD! Just joining

Great! Thx selfdefiant!

have two marbles (roman numerals and hanger/gum)

have one light on machine

SD from box with four buttons (clue from puzzle). gives SD and another marble

YES!!!! going in! TY SD!!!

Now I have two balls! or shouldnt I say that?

Miller - How did you use the clue from the puzzle?

@Graham: click the corners corresponding to the order of puzzle's corners.
I don't understand the safe where you can place the buttons either left, right or middle. rotating the clue on wall 90° and using the "1st" and "2nd" won't work for me...

have three marbles and three lights on

I think the lever puzzle clue is the note above the torn paper but i can't figure it out

one huge marble from safe under puzzle. place the marble under the "laser machine"

note above and dots on wall

thx Miller!

btw: where is the cabinet where you can get the marble from it's top?

Dont get the slider puzzle?

stuck on 4 digit code and lever puzzle

opened the safe with light blue and blue balls. got another marble

Can anybody help me with the levers puzzle? I tried a lot of combinations with the 1st and 2nd and the hint from the wall, but it doesn't work...

now opened the cb with bars. 5 marbles needed, but I'm stuck with three. still have a light key left in my inventory, but I can't open the panel to the right of cb with bars...

@Miller, a hint perhaps? please? :)

... and yes, stuck with the 4 digit code too...

Does the hint from the puzzle help? The 3-20 1-51 hint?

for lever puzzle: first put the light blue levers according to the wall (90° rotated counter clockwise) top to bottom. then the white looking levers

       Anonymous  2/2/11, 8:15 AM  

Have tried combinations in every direction for the lever puzzle (Light 1st, Dark 2nd, rotate 90*) but can't get that... nor the 4 digit code from the three-twenty one fifty one??

@Escapism, I think I am in the same place as you

need 4 digit code and lever puzzle

for 4 digit code look at NAME in puzzle and

Thanks @Miller, been trying that

going back to try again

still have the key left. need something for the small rod and still looking for the marble you talked about (top of cabinet).

Thaaanx Miller. Don't understand though why it is the other way around (the lighter ones at second and the deeper blue ones first...)

Now stuck with four digit code...

4 marbles...need 1 more

also pulling the lever won't shrink my big marble...

for levers - when looking at the ones on the wall, rotate that to the left. I was doing it the other way

Thank you again, Miller, my personal hero of this game... ;-) Got the big marble now and stuck again... :-(

I'm missing one marble - still trying to open the cabinet under the puzzle

got 4 digit code and big marble

       Anonymous  2/2/11, 8:21 AM  

Levers are driving me nuts! I did that--put light ones first then dark ones. Came up with LRLMRMRL (Right/Middle/Left).. doesn't work?

@SueJ999: other way around. (RMRL...)

Graham - any hint for code?

FINALLY got lever puzzle, drew one wrong. Acckk!


placed large marble on place to shrink it but don't know how...need something to do with hole in wall and need key for lock I think

for 4 digit code...look at puzzle word "BELL"

anyone used the light blue key yet?

4 marbles now, still have screwdriver, still missing 4 digit code

@Miles: look at name in puzzle, the last name is a number turned around 180 degrees (something like SPO7738ILER if I remember it right...)

Thank You Graham!! Have the big marble now

If someone gets it could you just put...r,l,m...in order top to bottom....???i have tried too many wrong combos and I am tired!

pretty please??? Thanks!

@Miller: yes, the light blue key went in some of the boxes, can't remember which though. Still have the SD in inventory. Any other place where to use it?

       Anonymous  2/2/11, 8:26 AM  

Thanks Miller! Just backwards! Have everything accomplished and can put my marbles in, except one is still humongous and I still have a locked cabinet. Same place as you Graham!



@ Miller - below the bars in front of where to put marbles.

Got 4 marbles, a big one, SD and stuck.

Where is this paper everyone is talking about?


Got it from reversing sue's as miller said! TY!

@nokra: I think it was like r m r l l r l m

Spoiler for lever puzzle



Hi all, how do you shrink the marble after putting it on the hole ? I have the other 4 marbles already put in box.

Light key i used on box right of cb.
I seemed that it did nothing but suddenly it worked.

I have a feeling the paper has the clue for the bars under the switch to shrink the marble, but I can't find the paper!

See wall at left big ball, you can touch some lines (5)

small rod??? hole in wall??? locked box still???

could someone please tell me where to get the 4th marble?
graham: at 7:58 you said: "another marble from top cabinet"
I can't find that

got gear from lines!


I have 4 marbles (placed), one big marble (placed), and screwdriver in inventory

Graham - where was the clue for the lines?

touch lines according to hint from puzzle (don't use the "0")

I have 4 marbles, but I don't find the 4 digit code !

@Miller, under place where you put the marbles there are two cabinets, the top one opens with a key

Yay! Live bluescale!

Got 3 balls, big ball (placed), 2 moved levers and a sd.
Stuck on the 8-lever code.

Got the wall open, the hint is on puzzle.

       Anonymous  2/2/11, 8:32 AM  

Yay! Thanks cece!

Now i have a gear.

I have the 4 digit code ! Look at the message, and especially the word "BELL" !

stuck with the rest of you and trying to dismantle things with my screwdriver :)

hi all!

duh. thanks Jo-Ann!

Pushed lines, got cog.

lol have to log in, and by the time I am done, cece saved the day!

nd out !

Put gear on rod and you can shrink the ball.

Good game - Thx SD!

       Anonymous  2/2/11, 8:34 AM  

Missed that cece!! OUT!! :D

Out too, @ Miles1: thanx for the hint with the clickable bars under the switch! That did the trick!!

@Zazie and Graham thank you for the clues to shrink the marble!


Great game, thx Selfdefiant !!

I still don't understand how to open the four button clue. I try clicking in the order of the corners according to the puzzle, but it still isn't opening to give me the SD

Welcome, escapism.... now if I could only get the clue!!! You're all out and I'm still pressing bars!

@Cece sorry! thanks for the hint of the lines!

thanks! very good game!


Emilie - Click the corners in the order (1-8) from the puzzle corners.

@Emilie it should be:
up right, bottom left, bottom right, up left, bottom left, up right, up left bottom right

I think

@emilie: are you clicking

47 16

25 38 ?

That was my order...

@Emilie the four corners of the torn paper have

4,7 1,6
2,5 3,8

press the top right corner first, bottom left second, etc

Click the corners (buttons) like shown on the puzzle..
Upper right corner first =1, then down left corner =2, down right corner = 3 and so on

@miles1: as Graham said, press the bars according to the puzzle (remove the "0" of two digit numbers)

@Miles, did you get it yet?

Thanks daz!!!!! Thought I tried that

@miles1: Sorry, didn't see you asking for the clue, but daz did tell the code already...

Awesome game SD! Thank you!

Click bars in this order : 32151

Okay, thanks for the 8-lever code :D
How did you get it???

Now I only need the code for the last door, I guess...anyone found the 3-digit?

Yes, Jo-Ann, thx. I'm a little slow today

@Virginia Sketchers: roman numberals

A hint for the lever code is the arrow on the wall, it says how to turn the code.

@virginia: it is in the roman numerals...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Zazie: I know, but I tried like, 1000 combinations...I feel so stupid :p

Thanks escapism. I was reading the roman numbers wrong. Silly me :)

Now, to figure out the big ball...

This comment has been removed by the author.

I spilled my drink on the floor(carpet) and got behind...all I need is the big ball made small...how?

Out! Thanks guys :D

@nokra: you need the hint from the puzzle (the numbers) and the clickable bars under the switch. See post from Zazie at 8:38...

Good lord...It took me forever to figure out the LINES were part of the wallpaper!!!! OUT!!!!

TY escapism...I should spend more time playing and less time trying to keep up with all the hints!!!!

where is the key for the box to the right of the "marble cabinet" .. Have all five marbles, but can't find the key!

I have 5 marbles but the last one is still big, I can't activate the machine. I don't find the key for the box that's on the right of the marble cabinet.

Note there is a key in the grate in the floor
Note the paper on the right wall
Click the top of the stripped chest – solve the puzzle by dragging the pieces
Note the odd smudge on the B in Bell …hmmm
Click the door of the chest and enter the code
Get the giant marble
Go right
Click the squares on the left panel box
Get the screwdriver
Pull the lever
While still zoomed in on the box, get the chewed gum from the side
Zoom in on the right panel and use the screwdriver
Open the panel and pull the lever and get the marble 1/5
Go right
Note the paper on the left wall
Note the slider switches on the right panel box
Go right
Click the coat
Note the hint
Get the hanger
Get the marble 2/5 from the coat when it fell
Note the lever panel has 2 lights lit since you have pulled 2 switches so far
Note the top doors of the barred cabinet are locked
Click the bottom doors of the cabinet
Enter the 3 digit code and get the blue key
Go right
In your inventory, combine the gum with the hanger
Use this to fish out the light blue key
Use the blue key to open the panel in this view and click the lever
Go left
Use the light blue key to open the top doors of the barred cabinet
Get the marble 3/5
Go left
Use the clues you have seen to move the switches and open the panel box
Get the marble 4/5 and pull the lever
Go right
You have turned on all the lights, so you can pull the large lever
This opens the bars so you can zoom on the marble safe, but one of your marbles is much too big
Go left
Place the giant marble under the laser machine
The machine isn’t working yet, because it lacks power
Click the slightly darker stripes on the wallpaper under the laser’s lever (there are 5 stripes)
Get the gear
Go left
Put the gear on the machine by the tubes
Go right
Click the lever and shrink the marble -- marble 5/5
Go right
Put the marbles in the safe and click the handle
Get the dark blue key
Use the key on the panel by the marble safe cabinet, pull the lever, click the unlocked door, and escape!

Small Chest 4-digit code
The smudge on the B in BELL makes it look like an 8. Read the name upside down and see SPOILER7738SPOILER

4-Squares Panel
From the corners on the puzzle you made. Click the squares from 1-8 in the corners. SPOILERup right, bottom left, bottom right, up left, bottom left, up right, up left, bottom right

3-Digit Code
The Roman numerals were CCCXXXXVIII. Convert them to SPOILER348SPOILER (If you need help, this is a pretty good converter: http://www.novaroma.org/via_romana/numbers.html)

Slider Panel Thanks, Miller!
The rods in view with the 4 tubes have white and blue balls on them. The clue under the hanger tells you to rotate the rods left. The hint over the chest tells you that the lighter color is first and the darker is second, but this seems to be backwards. You need to enter the darker blue lever order and THEN the white ones. So the solution is (from top to bottom):

Thanks to Miller for solving it was backwards

Wallpaper Stripes Thanks, Cece!
The puzzle you solved said three, twenty one, fifty one. You have 5 stripes. Click them in the order SPOILER32151SPOILER
Thanks to Cece’s eagle eyes for noting the stripes were different!

Did you find it, EnJoy?
It is in the box where you put the balls, isn't it?

Yes, thank you kkf.. i forgot to pull the lever after all the lights were on!

Call me stupid, but I don't get the roman numerals hint. I googled it, but nothing comes up.

Oh, there's a WT...thanks kitkatfox - great one, as usual!!!

nice WT kitkatfox!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I really cannot solve the wallpaper lines code.
I've tried to press the third, the second, the first, the fifth and the first...then i've pressed three times the first, twice the second, once the third etc but nothing happened.
So I've clicked the third and the last, then the second, then the first, then the fourth, but nothing.
What do you mean by "click lines in this order 32151"??

Hit number 3 stripe first
hit number 2 second
Hit number 1 Third
hit number 5 fourth
hit number 1 fifth

starting from left to right

@kitkatfox great WT nicely done Thx

Wow, two problems with the clues. The order of the lever colors was wrong and there was an extra digit in the stripes clue. Plus another issue with the name clue, where the B was rounded but not the E.

       Anonymous  2/2/11, 3:49 PM  

That was fantastic SD - made me think (lucky there are some good escapers for much needed help)

@SelfDefiant....I am absolutely loving all the games you have been posting :D I love the logic and the cerebral challenge ... lol!!! Keep those games coming...I am now completely spoiled and have become accustomed to your *face*...rofl!!!!! It is pitiful, I know, but I retreat to my corner to pout if I do not have the pleasure of a SD game every day....lolol;)

I solved all codes except the lever code....grrr!!!! I had to break down and peak at KitKat's great WT to get the lever positions....I tried so many combinations and it still isn't making sense but that's okay...I will figure out the *whys* :)

Thank you thank you :D Once again, you have made my day!

Kitkat...thank you for your wonderful WT :) I am sending some cool new hats to you....lolol ;)

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 11:15 AM  

Beautiful game. But I cannot see the five stripes under the laser lever. The image occupies "6" dark er stripes. I understand that the torn up paper puzzle gives the - touching, clicking on - order 32151 but nothing I do works. I can't rate this game because I can't finish it.

However, Self Defiant games are one of the few games that even if I am too blind or stewpid or both, I still LOVE them. :)

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 11:23 AM  

Yes, I am blind and stewpid. It helps to be at the proper location. I was clicking regular wall paper stripes under the wrong lever.

Also the BELL threw me sideways. I had to peek at KitKats walk through otherwise I would have never finished this.

Thank You Self Defiant for your beautiful work and thank you KitKat for your kind walk through. :)

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 10:27 PM  

I cant seem to get the 4 square puzzle....

thanks everyone - needed a lot of help with this one!

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