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🖳 Chicka Episode 1 Walkthrough

🖳 Chicka Episode 1

[REPLAY] Chicka Episode 1 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Pixelkobo. In this game, you must find items and solving puzzles with clues. Good luck and have fun!

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I'll try and help.

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:22 AM  

Turning around in circles getting dizzy and can't get further than through one hatchway to a screen I can't read :o(

sloowwwwwyyyy loading....

I'm here too. Gooing around and nothing

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:23 AM  

Oh.. found a pass card down on the floor and a letter 'g'!

Maybe (hopefully) a killer @Knotaklu.

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:25 AM  

Getting used to the navigation - found a wrench which got me a red bar of some sort.

found card 1

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:26 AM  

All the good stuff seems to be down at floor level - there are a couple of things needing to be 'reset' according to labels, but can't do much with them.

Thanks for card @Mary, inside Room 1.

Room 1 now. Found a wrench

A wrench under the window in Room 1.

Hmm, can't get out of room 1??

Used wrenct to take iron (tube)

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:28 AM  

And now I can't get back out of room 1. The door will open but seems I can't go through?

Is there a trick to get out of the room?

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:29 AM  

Ah I'm stuck! Help help...

Same here. Maybe that we have to fix something?

Hi all, i am where you are Mary. Can´t go through the door.

yes, there is a trick, open the door and use the red pipe to keep it open

Got the pipe. Can't leave Room 1!

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:31 AM  

Red 'f' on a button down by the re-set levers in room 1.. getting bored in here though! Anyone found the way out?

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:31 AM  

Ahhh thank you @Truus!

Thanks Truus! Trick worked :)

I guess we don't get to leave before we finish whatever we have to do in here first. :(

There seems to be something behind the tubes over the window.

Thanks Truus

I can see the letter "e" next to the place where "g" is.

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:32 AM  

And now what - back going round and round.

hi all

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:33 AM  

Can't even take the red bar back to keep the other door open!

Can't tell if the item is highlighted to use (i'm constantly have to click on it)...

looks like an f below window

Thx Truus for the door hint !!

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:36 AM  

Hmm.. well spotted @Edgar - so we have efg. Wish I spoke Japanese .. not for the first time LOL.

Hi all, @Edgar, yes tough indeed.

Got pipe in room 1 after uaing wrench.

It seems you only need to have the item in order to use it. No highlighting needed. Now trying both levers with the apparent clue on the red box - Room 1.

found a green x in room 1 right side of reset button, click one of the handles

big screen... what does it say??? can't find clues from it

@Mary, my letter on the button in Room 1 is an "a"
Maybe they change?

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:38 AM  

A clue? Red box? Where??? I'm dizzy..

OW!..ran into #1 door. LOL

Got "x" now, thanks Truus.

I have the red bar, but the door doesn't stay open ! And I saw the letters e and g in the main room, but no letter f in room 1 !
There is some kind of pattern with red dots in room 1, maybe it is for a set of buttons I saw in the main room.

e by door 3. near floor

Anyone read Japanese?

Sorry @Mary!!
The clue is RED on a YELLOW box. Inside Room 1.
I thought it was binary but it didnt work on Room 3 keypad. And no luck either trying to use it as a sequence...

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:41 AM  

Oooh clue for those re-set levers by the door in the second room is on the doorframe - now I have some numbers running on the thing you can see through the window.. off to try them on the number pad!

the hint for levers behind the door 1, we obtain a code

on the levers is the track to the horizontal and vertical

Finally, I found the red f and the green x, but I'm still stuck in room 1.

Got a 5 digit code after solving the "left-right" puzzle

@Pascale, open the door in Room 1 and click to the right side for the pipe stay there.

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:42 AM  

And door three is open! (a bit...)


       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:43 AM  

But I can't get through the gap.

red "f"?? Hm, then Im still missing it. My "a" is on the blue button under the window where you can see room 2 door through.

I still cannot find X or F.

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:44 AM  

Ah but a clue to the other re-set levers on door 3

Great, Sisli ! No idea for the horizontal and vertical levers, though.

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:45 AM  

And I have a hex key. Or an allen key, depending on your nationality :o)

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:46 AM  

But now I have to go before I get to use my new tool! I'll be back later to see who escaped :o)

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 7:49 AM  

For the red 'f' click on a button near the reset buttons, on the floor of the second room.

Use the key on the red buttons next to the door.

Bolts on door clue make 3s flash in next room.

Great @Mary!! Going to try those...

think the middle of floor needs lit to get in room 3. got gap but have to go back and do again (too many numbers)

Sorry, you guys already said that.

Gotta start refreshing more often.

Thank you Edgar ! I have the code for door 3 but this door doesn't open completely !


Where is the hex tool?

Now have a color code from pushing the buttons, but no idead where to use it.

thanks for the numbers @MaryD !!

@Linda, hex tool is got after using the clue on (opened) Door 3 on the levers in Room 1.
Use it on the red buttons next to the (outside) Room 1 and press them with the clue on yellow box.
Go back inside Room 1 to open yellow box and get letter "k" and color clue.

I pushed the red buttons like the hint on box says, but nothing happens ?

I know where to use the Allen key, but I don't have it...

Ok so have opened door 3 a bit. Seen the two green panels same as reset levers but dont understand how to use it? Plus I have only found letters e / g so far. Stuck!! :( Loz x x x

Color clue is the order for the letters, of course...

Thx i forgot to look back at the box.

Missing only the purple letter.

I'm far from being slim enough to enter room 3...

Pascale to get the key, use the hint from door 3 (when it's a bit open) on I - buttons.

Never mind - just seen the horizontal and vertical lines on the door! DUH!

But where are we gonna use the letters?

Got another pipe to the right of Door 2.

This pipe came from turning the lever inside the yellow box in Room 1, btw.

Thank you loz xxx, I feel stupid, I didn't notice them at all !

Where are the Black, Purple and Brown letters?

Use the pipe on Door 3.

@S-T use the letter on the green panel. After you puched the button on door 3 go back at the big wall panel. Now you can type

And there's the purple letter on the ceiling now!

I've lost my pipe on door 3 !?

Ah thanks, Papas.

Oh no ! I pushed the red buttons exactly like they are on the pattern in room 1, but door 3 remains almost closed !

@S-T When you used it you don't need it any more. Go to the big door between 2 and 4.

Well, entered the letters on the wall panel and now everything went red wit a big WARNING!!!

No purple letter on the ceiling for me?

New clue where Door 1.

Pascale - go back to the yellow box (where the red dot clue was) and a comprtment will open with a red lever. Turn this - thats where I am. going to investigate now :) x x x

What are all the letters ? I have got x,k,a,f only.

s-t you only pushed a button with pipe, go back to the screen behind big door.

no, what we do with the bar, is to press a button in the room 3
and opens a keyboard on the door that had opened

I still can find the black, purple and brown letter

Thanks Edward for the help earlier!

Nvm. had to push the button on the floor first for the purple letter.

For purple letter...
You didn't "lose" the pipe. You pressed a purple button inside Room 3 next to a circled X is. Now, where you've seen that symbol before? ...floor.

New clue on Door 1 opens widely Door 3. Count from top.

hmm, think I'm missing the blue letter

I'm missing the blue and red letters?

can't keep up between comments and game... must concentrate

@Papas, black is to the left of white "g".
Brown letter was inside the yellow box in Room 1.

Found Purple and black. Still need brouwn

Good find Sisli!

Blue letter is on the blue button inside blue room (keep it pressed)

...and out :)

Ok so looking at the keyboard on the display screen - but I havent found all the letters. Has anyone figured it out yet?? x x x

I am out !!

Cool game !

Thanks Edgar
I have black "e", purple "m", green "x", white "k", bluw "a" and red "f"

I can't explore for a new route. Have to do some work...

Ah thanks Edgar.



@Edgar, there's a blue room?? What did I miss??
You're out, well done!

I have to make supper now, cu later and gl !

OUT, Thanks guys

Truus, blue room is room 1.

I don't get the new code hint on door in room 1?

@Truus. Room 1 blue button.

Hahahaha, too many blue in my previous comment Truus, sorry!!! I meant Room 1 :P

For final clue on Door 1. Count from top to bottom to get new numbers for keypad.

Somehow I'm counting wrong or I don't have the right clue.
I got 2,3,1,1,2,1 ?

LOL @Edgar!!!
I see it has to be an A, want to find it myself too though, still searching....

Hey I didn't open room 3 but escaped in room 1 by turning the lever there!?

Alternate Escape Route after going back is through hatch in Room 1.

And now I escaped again through door 3?

and POP, I was really going round thinking "where could that blue room be??" lol

@Truus, when in Room 1, keep pressed a blue button under a window.

Had to cheat on the letter code :( Was missing X and F. The only X I found was in Room 3 next to the button but it wasnt green. I no luck with a red F. But out now! Phew!! was getting claustrophobic x x x

great game, no?
and without language barriers, hehe

Gotto go...

Btw I only had the new code for room 3 after first escaping through room 1. After that everything was red, but before it wasn't.

Yep Sisli,
great game and great teamwork.
Thanks all.

Thanks, bye @Edgar.

So there are 2 endings, going back for 2nd ending

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 8:25 AM  

out! such a great game!

and out, second ending!
Nice game!

Thank you again for the compartment, loz ! Now I've got the paper with the colour clue, I turned the lever... but door 3 is still almost closed !

and out, phew...think I'll wait till after lunch before I try for second ending.

Thanks for all the help guys,

btw @edgar...Happy (belated) Birthday.

Finally ouT!! Wow.. that was a bit difficult keeping the where to go and what to do straight (I kept clicking on the wrong arrows) Good game though.. time flew by on this one.


Went back in, and now I can't do anything?

Cant look up, can't look down, can't go in any of the rooms, just keep spinning in the first room with everything red and warning sign blinking.

The only door I can open is the computer screen, but can't input anything there anymore.

Now you can open door 3 with the hint on the door.
I think it was 25431.

Duh! Kept trying the old code to open that door.

Thanks again small tool.

fini! très sympa

Room 3 won't open, I'm giving up.

@Knotaklu, thank you!!!

@Pascale, Room 3 only opens if you've got the door of Room 1 closed, with white squares on it to use on the keypad and a "Warning"
If not, then just enter the (open) the Room 1 and escape through there.

Apparently, once you use the wall panel, the game gives you a random scenario (2 possible ones) to escape.

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 11:36 AM  

Please someone make a walkthrough... trying to use hints but getting nowhere:(..... Thanks!

       Anonymous  2/24/11, 1:41 PM  

Finally out!! It was the knob in the yellow box that had me off. had it turned updown instead of sideways.

Alice, I am stuck at...use the yellow pipe on the door 3...
i can't figure it out...use it open or closed?

That is so strange...and pixelly!
I got it after ages clicking everywhere!
except...the opening , in the middle!

Chicka Episode 1 – Walkthrough (Part 1 of 2)
All Solutions and Spoilers at the end.

• You’re facing to a green locked door. If you move around to get familiar with the room, you’ll see 4 doors numbered 1-4 and another big door on the back of this starting view which you can open by clicking on the white button on the left panel with the green light on; inside, a momentarily useless big screen.
• Move to see door 3 and look down; open the little compartment under the door to get a keycard and look at the letter G on a WHITE square. Additionally, click on the lower part of the (loosen) plaque to the left of the door to see the letter E on a BLACK circle.
• Your keycard only works on Door 1, so go there, zoom on the reader to the right and click on it; the cardkey will be automatically used without having to select it; enter the Room.

• Now you’re facing a hatch. Now it’s locked, but eventually it will be one of your escape routes. Go left.
• Looking at the window to the outside, go down and get a wrench by the bottom left of the window. Zoom on the red pipe attached to the floor and click on the bolt (wrench is automatically used) to get it (ehm… the pipe, not the bolt). Zoom back, move up and to the left.
• The white button on the left of the door will open it, but if you try to leave, it shuts off on your nose. So, you need to use your red pipe on the red square (bottom right of the OPENED door) to keep it open. But do not leave yet, there’s more to explore…
• Look at both sides of the closed door and notice 2 orange circles with red lines to the left and right of them. Make notes of these left-right sequence from top to bottom and move to the left.
• While having a window through which you can see inside Room 2, note a yellow box to the left and two left and right levers. Use the sequence you’ve seen on the door to turn on a screen in Room 2 and look at the numbers sequence being displayed. NOTE: Ignore the top-bottom arrangement of the numbers, but look at the order in which they flash on instead. Additionally, you must remember the clue on the yellow box, consisting of red (short and long) bars on a green line; say, the bars clue. Leave the room now.

• Move around to look at the Door 3 and zoom on the keypad on the left. Enter the number sequence you saw in Room 2 (through the window in Room 1) and click on the red “play” button; this will open the door a little bit. On the lower part of the semi-opened door, you should see a series of vertical and horizontal lines. Make notes of them, since they are the… ehm, well the lines code. Zoom back and enter Room 1… again.

ROOM 1… again
• Move to the outside window and look down… again. Press the [─] [│] pedals in the order of the lines clue to open a little compartment where you can get an Allen key from… and don’t move away!
• Click on a white button to the left of the pedals to reveal a RED letter F and on one of the 8 buttons to the right of the pedals to see the GREEN letter X; move up now and exit the room.

Chicka Episode 1 – Walkthrough (Part 2 of 2)

• Turn around to face the opened Room 1 and look down; zoom the red buttons in the green locked compartment and use the Allen key to open it. Press the correct buttons as in the bars code you saw on the yellow box. Once done, leave the buttons like that, zoom back, move up and into Room 1 once again.

ROOM 1 once again
• Go one more time to the window to Room 2 (yellow box view) and look down. While here, keep pressed the blue button under this window to see the BLUE letter A moving around.
• Now you can open the yellow box to click on the red handle and to see the colors clue, the BROWN letter K (inside the box). NOTE: You won’t be able to click on neither the red handle nor on the blue button if having the enlarged view of the colors clue; so, if that’s the case, move up and come back down.
• Exit the room.

• Go to the Room 2 view. Can you see a red dot with white lines on both sides? It’s the handle in the yellow box you’ve clicked on while there, and you are able to get one of those yellow pipes now that the thing holding them down has released them.
• Go to the Room 3 view and enter the numbers code on the keypad again to semi-open the door. You should see an unreachable red button on a purple panel; use the yellow pipe to press this button and zoom back and go to the left 2 times.
• You’re looking again at the big door with the wall panel inside. If you enter, you’d see there’s now a keyboard on the big screen, thanks to the button you’ve just pressed, but that’s not all…
• Look down the floor; click on the (purple) center of the circled X and move up twice to see a PURPLE letter M on the ceiling. Go back down once and enter the wall panel behind the big door.

• Now that you have seen 7 different letters in 7 different colors, arrange them in the colors clue order and enter them in the keyboard; press ENTER at the end…
“The lock was released”
…and from here your escape may vary:

• Leave the wall panel room as soon as you can and enter the Room 1. There, click on the lever to the left of the back hatch and escape through there.

• If you remain inside the wall panel room for a considerable longer time, you’ll get a “Warning” notice and red light all over the place. The door in Room 1 is closed by a new red door with white squares on it, making you unable to escape through there. So,
• Count the sets of white squares on this red door from top to bottom to get a new 5-digit code to use on the keypad next to Door 3.
• Enter the now wide open Room 3 and escape through the hatch inside.

Whatever your escape is, you can have the chance to go back to the game to try the other Escape Route.

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Chicka Episode 1 - Solutions

Left-Right Levers
As seen on both sides of the (inside) door in Room 1, the levers should be pressed in this order:

Semi-opened Numbers code
The series of numbers seen inside the Room 2 through the window in Room 1 should be seen according to the order they appear. The code to enter in the keypad of Room 3 is then 52917.

Vertical-Horizontal pedals
The pedals under the outside window in Room 1 should be pressed according to the lines seen on top of the bottom part of the semi-opened door of Room 3. The sequence is

Bars-Buttons Solution
As seen on the yellow box in Room 1, the buttons in the Main Room next to the Door 1 should be pressed like follows:
U=up (not pressed); D=down (pressed button)

Letters code
Once at the keyboard on the wall panel, the code to enter is made by the 7 letters seen around, and arranged in the colors order seen on the note inside the yellow box in Room 1. The colors order is
Therefore, the letters order is

Wide opened Numbers code
In case of Warning and Door 1 keeps you out from escaping, count the white squares on the door from top to bottom to enter in the keypad and to completely open Room 3. This code is 25431

Hmm, so this holds different routes. Interesting.

Thanks Mary for that door 3 clue. Finally figured that out!

Different Routes:

After beating the game, you have the option of leaving through a different door. This requires you to solve a quick puzzle.

Alt.Route: Door 3 key code - Hint is # of squares on red door.

So far this is the only alternative route after beating the game.

Kind of a let down,really.


Massive pixel hunts and doing something in one room magically allows you to do something in another room. Not my type of game. X

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