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Crazy Hangover Walkthrough

Crazy Hangover

Crazy Hangover is another new point and click type adventure game by gamesfree.ca. After the big party, now the hangover. A hilarious game of point and click, featuring funny incidents and peculiar characters. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game is not suitable for young players (+17)!!!

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lmfao im at the scene where the guy is try to make something bigger lol with the vacuum . i have the lighter. i use everything else i had in my inventory. magazine over octupus to stop him from squirting. i forgot whatelse i had.

this game is retarded i dont like it. not my cup of tea.too much perverse sht going on

lmao this game was hilarious. although the bunny kind of creeped me out....

My only complaint is how slowly he walked. Other than that, it was an alright game.

what am i missing i cant find the code for the padlock

me either hbear :/ let me know if you find it please

sorry the bunny head guy flashes it at u with his fingers i need sticky stuff now lol

btw the code is 523

chewing gum under poker table

any idea where the coffee is, still not ready :/

no i am still looking this game is very slow and the code is different for people mine was

hi all! stuck with lighter, empty cup, and broom. you can also look out the window but there's nothing useful that i can see out there...

use feather on ugly foot in first room

hey numbers, welcome. if you need help ask. im sure we can work it out together

i see the id card on ceiling.. just need to figure out how to get the gum off the poker table...

haha sorry it doesn't read my AIM name for some reason! but you can call me jackie!

and i haven't seen any numbers yet.. will keep my eyes peeled though

ok jackie, hi,
take gum with broom from kitchen, then they're combined and you can take the id-card...

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Really can't find the coffee :s

@jackie keep pressing on the dark hole until you go in, then use lighter, the rabbit will show you the fridge code with his fingers

i still cant find the coffee i guess i need to do something else first

awesome! thanks everyone!

lol, really weird this bunny, but first remove the knife...

@premiere heya good to see you at yet another game hehe

you can't give the dress from bunny whole to girl in shower - lol the comment.
so, my code for fridge was 242, took carrot and coffee pot - hamster in fridge? a really weird game...

haha premiere time for you to use the carrot on the bunny <.<

hi, adam,
that's what I thought too, something must be still logical in this game or not? ;-)

Help I'm lost! I don't know what to do with the cigarette.

amanda how did you manage to get that? i kept clicking on him but couldnt get one

i am really bad at this game only have 7 caps and 2 mission things done and cant find the coffee

nvm. haha im being dumb as usual

When you shut off the fuse, talk to him, and he offers it to you. Take it before he puts it in his mouth.

and use it with the frog. you then get coffee

MMMMM Now I'm craving frog legs...

Right behind you adam...

thanks adam

out! i just spent waaay too much time on that game..

I'm far behind you - my little daughter woke up and it took a really long time I had to stay with her till she was asleep again... and now this! No, not that! Now it's too much for me, I'm a pet lover, no one have to kill frogs or should harm any animals, not even in a game, and I don't drink coffee either. Finito Pablito! It's also very late here... I quit!

Too boring. I quit. If it didn't take forever for him to move it would have been a good game. While I appreciate the authors desire to be truthful to hangover movement, it just took to long to go from scene to scene.

OH lol finally finished it thanks to you guys.........

what to do with the coffee??????

how do u get the wallet

Someone have all the beer caps?

I agree with others. This game is very perverted, especially vacuum part. Even with warning about only for +17, I don't think this game should have been posted on a site so many kids probably visit. Gross.

hey justin.. go to the kitchen and open the oven you will find a chicken take feather and tickle the scary foot n get wallet.

how can i take the money ???

stuck :( how do i get the cofee??

lol i gave the coffe to the sleeping woman and he sais to her if she continiues suckin it ( his saucege)

you get the knife from the rabbit-guy, and you use the knife to open the switch behind the poster in the room with the backroom and the rabbit, you switch it, it stops the vaccum, talk to him, he'll offer a cigeratte, take it! you give it to frog, and ligth the cig, he"ll explode, the coffee is right under him.


how do get outside

ok I need help anybody wanna help me i cant get the 100$


how to get the coffee,When i get the empty cup,coffee pot,And bag of coffee,When i put the bag of coffee in coffee machine and i put the coffee pot and it says ''I missing Something'' what will i do please help me and just call me Ira

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fill pipe water in coffee pot

for money 100$

you must find the card to win poker game.
place 2 cards on the table and the dog let you get all money on table.

the card are in wallet and at girl in bath room.

1. Pick up the key and open the handcuffs, walk into the next room.

2. Pick up the magazine and put it on the octopus, walk into the next room.

3. Take the lighter and go into the room with the guy in water.

4. You have to click on the rabbit hole several times, when you get inside, use lighter and take the knife out of bunny's hand. come close to the bunny and he will show you the padlock password with his fingers (you will get 3 digits).

5. Come out of the rabbit hole and click the poster to reveal a fuse box,use the knife on the fuse box and click the red switch, the vacuum will be turned off.
6. Go back to the previous room and talk to the guy. Just as he is about to put the cigarette in his mouth, take it.

7. Use the cigarette on the frog in the bathroom of the next room. Light the cigarette with the lighter. The frog will give you the coffee, take it and go in the kitchen (last room), open the oven to reveal a chicken, click on it to get a feather.

6. Take the coffee cup from the cabinet and on the padlock enter the 3-digit password you got from the bunny.

7. Take the coffee pot and come back, fill the coffee pot with water from the tap and put it in coffee maker.

8. Put the coffee from the inventory and after it is done, pour it in the coffee mug (which you got from the upper cabinet).

9. Give the coffee to the sleeping girl in the 1st room and click on the stuck towel beneath her, use the feather on the man's foot and take the wallet and the ace of hearts.

10. Give the towel to the girl in the bathroom, the shower curtains will open, take the ace of spade.

11. Come back to kitchen and take the broom, go back to the room where the dogs are playing poker and take the chewing gum with the help of broom.

12. Go back to the room with the octopus and use broom + gum to take the identity card.

13. Come back to the dogs' room and put the 2 aces on the table, take the money.

14. Come back to the kitchen and give the identity card and money to the gate keeper (or whoever he is).

15. Walk out. You win.

I hope this was helpful.But seriously, this game is only for 18+. Kids shouldn't play this game.

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