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Escape the DoliDoli House Walkthrough

Escape the DoliDoli House

Escape the Doli Doli House is another point and click room escape game developed by Doli Doli. Let's spend the day in the super awesome DoliDoli House. Of course you are going to love all the rooms inside, but can you escape them too? This cool escape the dolidoli House game challenges you to seek and find all the right clues that will lead to your escape. Good luck and have fun!

Play Escape DoliDoli House

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Key under carpet.

Hi s-t, just loading ...

Hi Katharina,
Blankey in the bedroom, give to dog in study.
Cloth in study.

looking for cloth in kitchen

Cake from the fridge.
Cloth used to take woolen ball in kitchen.

Yes, did so too and go now back with blanket to kitchen ..

Oh no - doggy wants it and is hungry too

Cloth from dog's room

Woolen ball to cat in bedroom, then plate behind photo's in the living.

Put plate on table in living and then the cake on it.

Can't get the keys from behind the stairs. They pop up, but I can't take them!? Bug?

how to use items in this game? I try to use the close in kitchen but no go....

..cloth ...

Just click the cloth and then the pot on the stove.

Horst, you have to have the cloth shown in the inventory and then click on it and then on the pot. I also see the key but can't grab them.

Arghhh - game freezed, have to start from beginning!

i did that but no reaction.. hmm, think i will restart

That was short.
Hi all, take keys from behind plants and exit next to fridge.

Small-tool, have you been able to take the keys?

I think I won't restart, but just quit. Too buggy.

.. now it works after restarting

And out - nice'n'easy!

Ok, restarted and it was just a bug.

hi to all
i'm really feeling birdbrained - but i can't find the kitchen.
help please!!!!!

nvm - got it *erm*

hi to all....am i creazy or what, where to find the plate

what a load of cobblers that was...sheesh.

aaaaawwww....anyone here...plate????????

This is what I posted above;

Woolen ball to cat in bedroom, then plate behind photo's in the living.

give the cat the wool..and the plate comes behind the 2 pictures in the first room

thank's i didn't have woolen boll, now it's ok

I can't take the keys behind the stairs (you're not alone, Small-Tool...).

Nini... I'm having the same problem! Where is the kitchen??

Left side of the screen, use the key from under the rug/carpet.

Pascale, let's hide together under the stairs and cry.

i couldn't take the keys either..i restarted and i could take them then

to be quite honest its not worth taking the keys anyway.
the games short and POOR...

"Of course you are going to love all the rooms inside, but can you escape them too?"

Not without keys, I can't. Thank goodness the fridge is stuffed with some yummie goodies and there is pie, yum,yum..

How did you open the fridge?

You have to things in a certain order.
I think you had to give the blanket to the dog first before you could open the fridge.

hello... out. nice light game, but buggy

Beatiful. But stupid. Sorry. Exiting.

Game still very buggy. Couldn't use items..then could..then couldn't. After the many clicks on the keys I gave up. Cute game but too buggy for me!!

Cannot find the kitchen either.

r we here

ok lets finish this game

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yuck, who is going to eat what is cooking on the stove?

Where is the fridge ? I can only go upstairs, cat room and office room.

oohh I found the key under the carpet to lock door

Finished. It's a weird little game but a little fun :-)

easy go upstairs to the room with the cat put clothes in dresser thing take blanket give it to dog look under carpet take key go upstairs take the orange cloth open door with key open fridge take cake use cloth to open pot give ball to cat look behind pictures take the plate set it on table put cake on it take key from the stairs go through kitchen and open door. DONE!!

Which carpet?!

cant find kitchen help!!!

nice game but I can't get plate from behind pictures in the sitting room and find shishi's woollen ball please help me

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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