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Medieval Escape 1 Walkthrough

Medieval Escape 1

Medieval Escape 1 is a new point and click type escape the room game from CafeCafeGames. You are trapped in a Medieval Castle and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Here we go again!

going in!

Oh my first live comment

2 small handle 1nd 1 piece of wood

3 small handles

im in

sword used, key, cheese (used), wooden piece, two small handles, coloercode (used)

key used, three small handles

figured out code

6 handles. Missing 2

four handles

six... now stuck -.-´

missing 1

7, one more left :)

6 small handles, figured out number code and now stuck. Also found where to put handles, trying to figure out color codes.

i need clue for dartboard

and out :) cool game

       Anonymous  2/7/11, 6:18 AM  

Only 3 handles - need clue for levers, dartboard and number code on box :o( I thought the flags were the levers clue but can't get anything to happen,

for box look an the card on wall

Can´t find last one.

Mary D youre right with the flag you have to click on wall after turning leavers

Have you opened more than one drawer?

roberto do you net a code? Or look on the bottom right screen on flag view :)

Out. Had to brute force one of the color codes though. The first time I've been in a live game and actually figured out how to do it by myself when there haven't been comments posted, yay!

no only one drawer with key

Schnuuute, look at the drawers.

thx carly POP was faster :)

1 am missing 2

spear on trap
number code-box
clue for last 2 please

1 from mouse
1 from lever
1 from drawer
1 by using log
1 from using dart
1 from opening box
1 don´t remember

Use log on blue paint

wie ist der farbcode bei dem dartbrett bitte? ich finde da nichs,habe 3 kleine hölzer schon

       Anonymous  2/7/11, 6:24 AM  

D'oh - thank you Schnuute! Also found one just lurking at bottom right of the screen - no idea how I missed it first time around.

swissmiss for Dartboard look an drawer

need help with the code for box next to door, please!

how did you get #code and where?

pop - got the "dartboard" one

one more to go??

code from map. Add intersecftion lines.

evans - look at map - where do the coordinates meet?
add them up

I have 7 handles, used everything but haven't opened the number coded box. I know it probably has something to do with the map on the wall...but I can't figure it out. Anyone help?

mariat für das Dartbord schau auf die Schübe der Kommode... dunkel war glaub ich blau

got it - and out

( I thought I had to use that wood again- it was still in inventory)

thank you roberto! :o)

Add intersection lines? I thought I did that. Do I use 1813 and 0070?

Thanks Swiss Miss. That was my last one. Good job!

Nevermind...I guess I do use those two. Thanks for the hint.

@schnuuute - ty - pop did it in the meantime

count the digits on the lines with the X in the middle code is SP1O8I8LE3R

danke schnuuute,habs,aber kiste fehlt mir noch,der schlüssel ,hab noch großen klotz

Lunch on table. I´ll play later.

still missing the key - any hint please!?

and out thanks all! Much more fun live!

Das Holz muss in die "Falle" in der zweiten Ansinch,#da bekommst du noch einen "small handle"
Der Schlüssel ist in dem Schild an der wand oben Links... code für Box habe ich gerade gepostet :)

Nini, It's a gold key... camouflaged.


danke dir habe nun die restlichen und bin raus

Nini - poke around the window-frame (the blue-yellow thing)

Danke Schnuuute! Den Schlüssel hätte ich sicher morgen noch gesucht!

out without help for once so must have been an easy game lol

I somehow ended up with the key, I think it came from clicking on the gold swirls on the square shield (the one you hit with the log).

Where's the key for the drawer?

urban - the answer has just been posted -scroll up

Thanks Carly and SwissMiss! Completely missed that.

Finally out!
Thank you all for your help!

out in 2 games in a row without help. Brains of zoz, swissmiss, miller, full, etc etc must be rubbing off

Help Please!!! Am I the only one that cannot figure out that stupid color code? It's the only one I need and I've tried many combinations with no luck. Please Help!

Farmers wife, the color code at the dartboard are the arrows on the drawers (black = blue). The other one comes from the shield. I am looking for the last handle, although I think I solved all riddles and found the one on the floor.

What is the colour code on the 5 wheels please?

Farmers wife, I am sorry, it is the other way round. Dark is yellow. I also found my last handle there.

Thanks friwi. I need the one for the shield. What am I missing here? I tried to put in the colors many different times and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Did you find the key? Just thought maybe that was the one you were missing.
All I need is the one from that darn shield!

Me to, farmerswife!


Henk...I agree...ANYBODY???? Please help us!!! I'm losing my mind here! lol

Am I struggeling alone?

Correction: Are WE struggeling alone?

Henk, after you put the colors in the same way they are on the shield, go bak and look at the spears. If the roope across the spears is broken, you've dne it right

@farmerswife I've got it. The colours on the wheels ar: toprow: green and green, second row: blue and yellow and finaly the lowest left one is yellow.
What I discovered was, when you put the handles the same way as the stars on the flags you'll see a lighter stone beneath the handles. That's where I found the last knob.

@Philomena: Thanks.

Lowest right one is yellow (same colours as shield).

How to open 2 bottom drawers???

Henk. Thanks sooo much! You're not going to believe this but I actually had the shield done and didn't realize it. What I had wrong was the dart board. I had the colors reversed! I'm such a moron sometimes! lol It was fun playing with you! Hope to see you in another game soon!

the clue was good from friwi...it is just that for me, dark arrow was yellow, not blue!!! TY!
I was having trouble there, you are not alone, farmerswife!!!!
thanks, henk for the shield help!

Reb395, you don't have to open the two bottom drawers. Just the top one.

the bottom drawers do not open....

ok cor drawers....I am missing 2 pieces. One is from dartboard? How to open?


friwi 2/7/11 7:03 AM

Farmers wife, the color code at the dartboard are the arrows on the drawers (black = blue). The other one comes from the shield. I am looking for the last handle, although I think I solved all riddles and found the one on the floor.

friwi 2/7/11 7:07 AM

Farmers wife, I am sorry, it is the other way round. Dark is yellow. I also found my last handle there.

Got out! Thanks everyone for all ur help!!!

Thanks Nokra.....found last one....but dark = blue for me

I have a log but can't figure out what to do with it. and just need one more small peg. any help?

nevermind. I figured it out, use it on the picture where the key was.

I'm missing only one peg, but I have not solved any of the coloured dots puzzle (target and pulleys).

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm out. Finally, I didn't need to solve the puzzle with the coloured dots on the pulleys.

OMG, easy out w/o help. So rare for me!

miss one piece of wood, help :)

Medieval Escape Hints

Puzzles to solve:
- 4-digit number
- 5 colored pulleys (blue/yellow/green)
- key for drawer
- 12 dots on target (yellow/blue)
- 4 levers (up, middle, down)
- bear trap with brown box

Game Hints:
- numbers on map (with green dotted lines pointing to "X")
- light/dark patterns on drawers
- colored banners with stars in different positions
- fleur-de-lis shield with 5 colored dots

Tools and used objects:
- sword from wall
- mouse in hole
- log on floor
- spear (released by pulley puzzle)
- log from floor
- cheese on table
- flowery shield

Medieval Escape Walkthrough

- Take sword from wall, left side
Go right
- Find key on flowery shield
Go right
- Note position of stars on flags
- Note colored dots on shield
- Use sword on cheese wheel to get "chesse"
- Pick up Small Handle (SH) #1 from lower right corner
Go left
- Use flags hint on levers, then click on stone below
- Click on block below levers to get SH #2
Go right 2 times
- Pick up log from floor
Go right
- Note map with numbers
- Note arrow clues on drawers
- Use key on top drawer to get SH #3
- Give cheese to mouse to get SH #4
- Use shield clue to set pulleys
Go left
- Take spear
- Click dots on target to match drawer pattern to get SH #5
Go left 2 times
- Use log on shield to get SH #6
- Use spear on trap to get SH #7
Go left
- Enter number code from map on box to get SH #8
- Place the small handles on wheel next to barred gate to open it

Medieval Escape Solutions
Levers: down, up, middle, down
Target: (Click the circles corresponding to the white arrows)
Pulleys: GG,BY,Y
4-digit code: (Add the 2 numbers closest to the green dotted lines)
1813+0070 = 1883

good one! Thanks!

thanks for the drawer hint ;-)

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