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Medieval Escape 3 Walkthrough

Medieval Escape 3

Medieval Escape 3 is a new point and click type escape the room game from CafeCafeGames. You are trapped in a Medieval Castle and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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I have 10 minutes....

joining you miles1

Dont know how much i have, but going anyway :)

this seems to be the day for medieval kitchens...

Great @miles! That might be all we need :) Loading...

One coin using roman numeral clue and flute in harp room

Metal thing from spear head

musical strings give a medal

@Ellie - only cuz you're here now Ellie!!

hey! so far I only have a flute, a metal thing and some strings

Got musical string from harp pic. Click clockwise.

Have a flute this far... lots of things to solve but no clues yet. This might be fun!

2nd coin from switches - use clue from horse shoes

Since this is a CafeCafe game, don't forget to look at the lower edge of the screen, lol!

Blue medal from moving bars. Clue is horseshoes.

1 red 2 blue so far

I got the thing from the notes now.
For those who don't know notes:
black filled = 1
white circle = 4
white with "handle" = 2

2 medals, metal thing, and flute so far

Finally in!

Hi Edgar, zoz and Miles
nice to see you all

and another medal from levers (clue from arrows)

third coin from room with water bucket. Use the spears clue under the harp picture for the switches

Hi SwissMiss!

Got another red one from using metal thing on cello.

4th coin. Use the metal peg on Bass

thanks Ellie!

Neat me to it Edgar!

I mean Beat!

@Ellie, yhanks for music notes but... nothing happened! Did you get a medal?

Edgar put the flute there as well

5th coin using red buttons... look at the bags of gold

Same here @Edgar. Once I got the notes right, they froze, but the cabinet didn't open.

Yes, @Edgar, I got a red one from the notes. Maybe I used the flute there too, on the notes. It's gone now.

just one blue to go with that red/grey puzzle

I have 3 red and 2 blue now, but I think you all got the same ones.

ah, thanks @SwissMiss!

oh sry i missed it but happy belated birthday @ Edgar

I dont have flute...

For arrows (thanks miles) it's:


Out - anyone need help?

Need to solve the 6 colors.

miles very good - ty

Thanks 351!! :)

strings go on harp for another red one

ohhh that was very short

Edgar - I think the flute was in the first scene, bottom right corner

@zoz & @Edgar: click the area around the notes again. it should flip
thanks @miles1. now I'm only missing one red medal

Thanks @SwissMiss!! Got the last blue now. I didn't realise it was just 2 colors. Look at the gold bags on the table.

Ellie - look at the bags of gold... which one are empty?

Edgar - did you push those 4 levers?

Great miles!! TY!

@SwissMiss: very to use the metal thing?

Sorry @Miles!! I missed your post about the gold bags. Congrats!

Hahahaha! Need to have the game screen fully visible for the flute I guess...

wheres clue for red/grey puzzle?

@Miller, use it on top of the cello.

POP! got it. thanks

anyway it was nice meeting you all here

Edgar - did you have a nice birthday??

Usually helps Edgar! Lol! See you guys soon - Thx!!

@351, look at the gold bags on the table. Some of them have gold inside... like the second from left. Make the second button from top red, and so on.

out now - cute, but not so good for the testosterone laden knights!

sorry Miller (and hi btw) didn't see your comment until now

Finally out. Thanks for the help, LOL!

lol zoz

thx for clue out now

@threefiftyonecleveland1971: look at miles1's post from 2/16/11 7:12 AM

OH yes @SM, best impossible!!!

Out! Short and not nearly as bad as some this month.

i'm kind of sad that didn't last longer, since you are all favorites to me for live games!

I have to agree with you on that @zoz! Could we hope for another, longer game now?

How do I get the strings? I found everything else with all of the nice help...

NVM.. I found them by random clicking on the harp picture. Was there a clue I missed for that picture?

I'm missing one blue coin. I can't open the metal safe.

POP, I got it.

lol @ zoz and the edge :)

I'll ask for longer games to our developers.
Best regards.

Im the last one as usually, got 2 red , 3 blue, I cant do the notes,, have the flute. Iput the flute with notes but it wont stay there help,little old me please

I dont see notes with handles

@sherry, the clues for the notes are above the door:
Now, you need to change the notes to make them have the correct value.
1= black
4= circle
2= white that looks like the black one.

black, circle, circle
white, black, white
then use the flute in the middle of the notes.
Click here for a picture of the solution.

@sherry, there are not handles on the notes, only my inability to describe what i see... the white notes with "handles" are the ones that look like the black notes, only without black color. Sorry for that!

@ellie thank you so much, now Im out thanks

Nice and easy, had to thing about the sacks though!

@ cafe cafe games. I like the shorter games. Just enough time to play a game to play over lunch. I thought this game was great. now back to work.

I like them both, but i agree with @alice...if you dont have much time..game like this is great!!

Note the roman numerals above the door meaning:
Go right.
Take the FLUTE from the bottom of the screen.
Two puzzles to solve here – the red/grey colors on the pillar to the left and the orientation of the four “knobs” on the wall. No clues for those yet.
Go right.
Four levers on the wall, but you don’t have the clue to solve them.
Look at the bags on the table, some filled with gold and some not.
Go right.
Time to play the flute, but you need to change the notes on the wall first.
When correct, they won’t change anymore. Now, select your flute and click among the notes.
Solution below. Hint: roman numerals.
Go right.
Get a METAL THING from top part of the red spear.
Note the position of the small arrows on the floor and the horse shoes on the wall.
You can change the orientation of the lyre on the wall to the left by clicking the flowers in the frame.
Make it go all the way around – point right, down, left and up again – to get MUSICAL STRINGS.
How to do this?
Click top flower, then the right, then bottom, and left.

Go left.
Place the musical strings on the harp to get RED MEDAL #2.
Put the metal thing on the top part of the cello to the right to get RED MEDAL #3.
Go left.
Move the levers in the wall to get BLUE MEDAL #1.
Solution below. Hint: horse shoes.
Go left.
Click the correct buttons in the pillar to the left to make them red, then take BLUE MEDAL #2.
Solution below. Hint: gold bags
Change position of the four knobs on the wall to get BLUE MEDAL #3.
Solution below. Hint: arrows.
Go left.
Place the six medals above the colored banners to open the gate and escape.

The three kinds of notes have different values.
The black note = 1
The circle = 4
The white note that looks like the black = 2
Use the hint with roman numerals above the door to know which values you need.
black – circle – circle
white – black – white
Click here for a picture of the solution.

Wall levers
Look at the positions of the horse shoes on the wall to know how to place the levers.
Solution: right, right, left, middle (from up to down)

Red/Gray buttons on pillar
The bags with gold on the table is your clue to this.
Look which bags are filled with gold from left to right:
empty – gold – empty – empty – gold – gold
The ones with gold equals red color on the buttons.
From up to down:
grey – red – grey – grey – red – red

Wall knobs
The small arrows on the floor point
down, up, left, right
Make the knobs point the same way (one end of the knobs looks like a V... or an arrow head. The sharp end of that V decides the direction they point):
down, up
left, right
Click here for a picture of the knob positions.

Great WT Ellie!!! you really do so good work here! I am proud for you ;-)

once...I hope..I will make such a great WT's, only..I think that will happen in my next life :D

The horseshoe part got me at first I was looking at the nails that hold them.

Hint: The Roman numerals on top of the door is a hint for the music note codes between the Harp and the Bass. If you know your music theory, this should be easy. Use flute on the notes after you got the code.

Whole notes = 4
Half notes = 2
Quarter note = 1

1. Bags of money is a hint for the red-gray color combination.

2. Arrows on the ground is a hint for the thing above the table next to the red-gray color combo (sorry, don't have a good name for it)

3. Horse shoes are a hint for the wooden sliders in the same room as the bags of money.

4. As for the picture of the lyre, I think you click opposite of what it's facing. At least I think that's what I did.

5. There is one spear that is a bit different than the rest.

Got out with no hints :). Actually, I think this was easier than the last two.

YES!! This is the FIRST one I didn't need help with!!

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