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Old Castle Mystery Escape Walkthrough

Old Castle Mystery Escape

[REPLAY] Old Castle Mystery is another point and click room escape game. You are trapped in the old spooky castle. Make your way out before something horrible will happen to you in this dangerous place. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Old Castle Mystery Walkthrough
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Hi all! Got a hammer, hook , SD and sword

And 2 gems.

Oi Nini!
wait for me!!!

Oi roberto! I'll try lol ^^
Got rope , combined w/ hook and another view now!

Another gem and doing word puzzle.

Missing 1 red gem!

Got it! Placed gems and got key

Ha, caught a live one! Bed can wait... loading...

Have unanswered only color code. Looking for the clue.

woo live

Duh color code above fireplace (right side of 1st scene)

And out! Easy one!

color code above fireplace

too late!

Here if u need any help. :)

oh ......not live anymore?? aai..to late ;-)

Hi, alkmar, still playing, I'm behind as usual ;-)

kd a faca?

faca? o.O usa a espada pra cortar a corda.

continue looking for last red gem and the blue and the green one...

não acho nenhum dos dois kkkkk

Guess I opened all doors but missing a lot of gems. How many are needed?

Ha! The famous screwdriver :-)

Roberto: rope 1st screen click near bottom left side. Sword inside box: use SD to open.
SD- Middle left side of 1st screen

U need 5 gems. :)

Pfff!! I was looking for some screws.

Lol @roberto - me too... think now I can reach the second floor with rope combined with hook...

Out! Thanks Nini!

De nada roberto ^_^

So, final spurt for the last gem (green) - looking for a clue for the word with 11 letters...

premiere look at exit door :)

Awe! I just missed a live one! Hate when that happens!!! LOL <3

Aargh - forgot where the access is for the second floor...

I think it was in the scene of shelves and table.

Good game :)

Ah, found it... «Moochas grassias» (said the silly cow) ;-) @Nini - and out.

lol I'm not spanish but .. ur welcome :)

So, de nada is the same in spanish than in portuguese... hey, here one can learn languages ;-)

help! the puzzle with the lines, I thought I made it well...but nothing happends. I made it like this:

up and down you see ...hmmm..pfff..how I must describe what I did?...lol


and at the left and right side:

okay..who is the smart one..wich can understand this..and help me?

ohh..lol..that is not clear..to understand..lol..lol..

alkmar I'll try to explain.. do like this: (hint : u don't use corners or lines)

>/\/\ <

something like that :)

can't find the sword :(

ha, silly me, it was on the table, duhhhhh!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

OMG!!!...nini...that was a perfect help for the lines puzzle..I was stuck on that for ages!!!!
Thank You!

Yes, alkmar, this time the puzzle was a bit more challenging. Try a help, late as usual- lol:
From left to right and up to down
1. row ^^^^ click 6 times each
2. row click 7x first, 4x second, 4x third, 5x fourth
3. row click 7x first, 6x second, 6x third, 5x fourth
4. row vvvv click 4 times each

I've opened all doors (except exit door, of course XD), used all tools (at least once) and still can't find the last red gem. HELP!!

Naomi try on telescope.

Obrigada Nini, mais eu já tenho essa :)

LOL Naomi!!! Ok, I'll try to remember where the redies are..

One after u solve black/grey/white puzzle

And the last one up the rope solving year puzzle.

yeap, have that one too. Do I have to do something with the crossbow? still haven't found it any use.

Naomi use year written on it.

muito obrigada Nini!! I thought there was only one puzzle upstairs, didn't notice the second one.

De nada Naomi!
Well... time for me to leave! See u!

Alkmar - turn it on its side

It seems to be a part of a little object-WT... ?
It's the very first one for me, so I apologize just right now, when I missed something or when's more confusing then helpful...
3 red gems:
- telescope
- candle line pattern (black, grey, white)
- year puzzle on second floor (climb with hook combined with rope, view crossbow right shelf)
1 blue gem: In green vase on shelf with crack (break with hammer from line pattern)
1 green gem: from word puzzle second floor (clue on exit door)
- hook from sliding puzzle
- hammer from line puzzle
- crowbar from color puzzle (clue above fire place)
- sword from box on table with line pattern clue (use SD)
- SD in alcove, view between left stairs and table
- rope: view underneath left stairs, between them andtable (cut with sword)
- key from crown after putting the gems
Anything clear yet?

Pixel hunt locations (w/o puzzle clues)
1) Behind and to left of desk is niche
2) Far left of desk room are books
3) Far right of desk room is fireplace
4) Far right of candles room is 2nd story
5) Far left of flowers room are pots
p.s. Only one orientation of shape puzzle works

how do i get the rope? i see it, but none of the tools i've found so far work on it...

nvm - got it with the sword, which i was missing until the wt - thanks!

Nice one - needn't WT

Very Proud of myself escaped with no help.

Anyone still here? Just got in.

Thank thanks !!! @Nini, premiere, slartismum for the support !! finally I made the puzzle!! yesterday I did have pc problems..and I had to quit :( But now I found some time to finish the game =)

Thanks again!!!!

Hey @ Rachel, I am here but I got to go ;-)

I can't find where to use the crowbar??

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