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February 25, 2011

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Gazzyboy Treasure Dream Escape Walkthrough

Gazzyboy Treasure Dream Escape

Gazzyboy Treasure Dream Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Gazzyboy. Hello Friend assume that you had a twisted dream where you have been trapped in a room. You goal is to find the treasure room. Use the object around the room ,manage yourself to find the way to the treasure room. Hope You can find it All the best.

Play Treasure Dream Escape


Anyone here?

good morning

key (used) knive (used on animal)
red key unused

green diamond and beatle and cog so far

Well, you are, Cynthia...

Barely-yawn- 2am here:) Morning all. I will try to keep up.

And hello to both of you.
I'm going to play a bit before I go too far here...

Hi Cynthia - its 9 a.m. here and no coffee yet :)

put atm card in machine but I think we need to making it work first


%100 loading but cannot start the game

I don't think you need coffee Swiss:) You are already on the ball. Sounds good Rook let's see what we have.

now axe and symbol too from museum ( a bit pixely)

Still starting. My internet's very slow...
I can see right up that guy's nose!

break red box with ax for key

markings above Queen Elizabeth portrait in museum.

there is a very sneaky right turn in museum

more stuff there

Pass that coffee pot; it's 8.10 a.m here in england =)

555 on ac above atm

Freezing Minnesota here Rook:) Thanks for the turn hint Swiss!

placed the two white diamonds
but ornament and green diamond dont go in wall

coffee - where ?? - yes please

Aha!!!! So I can back out of the sleepy-head's bedromm!
I so wanted a feather to tickle those pink feet with!
I'm doing soooo badly here!

i'm at the same spot as you, cynthia...

I did get 2 small diamonds in the back room of the museum (from 2 statues in that room) and fit them in the back wall of the same room...

i also have a black key, white key, and scarab beetle not used yet.

Two axes from that room as well thefreling. I may have to abandon ship on this one folks. I keep yawning so much my eyes are watering and all I see are blurs! I have faith in you all though:) Have a great one! Ta!

figured out where to use the keys after finding a 3rd key...led to a dice box and big diamond

good night Cynthia

got 2 swords (a third is used)
scarab beatle
green diamond (2 whites placed)
red and white key (third used on drawer)
atm used but machine not working

For SwissMiss: *passes coffee pot*

To Cynthia:
Minnesota's only one hour ahead of england? =S
At least it isn't freezing here at the moment, though. My condolences.

[I'm still museum-ing]

Night night Cynthia!

have a bunch of symbols, green gem, and blue gem. not sure what to do about ATM still.

telephone - resume later

I just took the two axes from the side statues in the statue room, put them on the central stand and got a fat blue gem =)

- which doesn't go into the panel on the back wall. Hm

i think i'm throwing in the towel for tonight. I'm in Boston and it's 3:30am...time to recharge the brain...good luck.

Very odd. Click the car to move up and down the road, haha. I nenver knew I was so lazy =)

Oh no! Am I typoing at nobody now? =(

strika? You still here?
I just went back to the guy's room to chop up the left toy dinosaur and found the green gem =)

I'm still here with you rookwings :)...been stuck for the last 20 minutes.

still on the phone rookwings

i've got 6 symbols, a green and blue gem...and can't find anywhere to place them

I can go out to the car, then left to the ATM building, right to the museum, or click the car to go forward, and not finding the black key in any of those places. I'm really not fond of pixel hunts.

We'll keep SwissMiss, you concentrate on your phone call =)
And Hi, to clsanders1270 =)
I've been stuck for ages too.

@Rookwings, I've been stuck for so long I don't remember where the black key was, I'm sorry.

I've got 5 symbols, a red key, white key [thanks to SwissMiss], green and blue gem and access card.

Do you need any of that stuff, clsanders?

@Rookwing..I'm going to restart and see if I can find the black key again.

I think the black key was in the museum on right side at picture frames

phew I am back - have you got any further?

got 4 symbols
green and blue diamond
white and red key and stuck

atm in machine

mine looked red, never found a black key, and I'm stuck at the same spot I was before...6 symbols, blue and green gem, and an access card. I'm in gazzyboy

my symbols are cog from outside bedroom on a small stand, a beard-like thing from statue near queen picture, lines from top of queen picture, a scarab shape, from statue room, I think, eye of horus and cobra from there, too.
Red key was on the left-hand picture entering the museum, white from smashing the red box in that area with the axe from statue next to it.
I think I've remembered correctly.
Acess card was from left of sleepyhead's bed.

in the sideroom of museum there are two chesslike pieces
move the left one and a chest comes out
use 3 keys and dice for a big diamond

and biggy diamond goes on wall as well

we are stuck in the same spot Rookwings

now I could take the symbol above the queens picture

SwissMiss? [welcome back] =)
"ATM in machine" ? Do you mean the access card went into the ATM machine

in room with statues: klik on two brown things on floor (back wall). They move and a chest comes up. Need three keys. I have two, where's third?

I'm counting on you SM to get me out of this place :)

@jolly, there was another white key to the left of that chest

*dashes to museum*
If you mean the things in museum side room that look like fat beer-pulling levers, mine won't move, but I did just get the lines from the queen too.

this is typical gazzy buggy

now i could insert password (555) and got a wad of money

@cis: have that key, where is the other one?

yes atm card goes into right atm machine

Oh, manic clicking works! Thanks, you lot, I just got the left one to move and there was a second white key behind it =)
This one is more ornate.

never mind, found it.

white key in box you had to smash with axe, and red key beside pictures in 1st museum room

going to go try that darn ATM machine again, thank SM

I think I give up on this
now the whole scene is going grazy
have bits of atm left top - no walls suddenly
things are at wrong place - totally buggy

good luck everyone

and the car suddenly flies on top !!!

ok. managed out the big white diamond, got the atm working. atm code is 555, gives u a 10 dollar note. use the tab key to see where to type

Those dice are weighted, I swear!
At last we have our fat diamonds though!
Don't empty that ATM, SwissMiss, leave some for us; we're on our way =)

lol, got the money out of the ATM, now do we use those numbers off the $10 to get into the jewelry store???

Allen, GENIUS! Thanks for the tab suggestion =)

ah. bank note gives a 4 digit password. its for the jewelry shop

serial number on ten dollar bill gives code for jewelry shop.

Was your ATM machine still flashing when you went back there, clsanders?
Neither will take my card, and they're flashing crazily.

drop the card into the atm on the right. its the only working one..

i got loads of diamonds, but nothing that looks remotely like a rectangle for the sign on wall

atm still flashing, but worked. In jewelry shop there are loads of diamonds, and the right symbol.
Now in cave.

@allen, one of the necklaces in the jewelry shop has the rectangle diamond, it's sort of brown in color.

@clsanders1270, unable to get it somehow. kept on clicking. tabbing didnt help either

Both of mine are still flashing. I'm sure it's something I should have done by now, but haven't, but even so, I think I'm giving up on this one.
Good luck you lot!

Had to restart, screen froze. Buggy :Ʃ

Need egytian eye symbol. Anyone found it?

i'm going out now. i'll be back later to check on progress. cya guys

@jolly, that one was on the right thinking man statue

I'm missing the bottom middle and bottom right symbols. Anyone seen them?

where is purple diamond?

@daf_schon, in the jewelry shop under the rocks in the tall plant by the door

Thanks cis, OUT!!!

you are welcome Jolly, can you tell me where the bottom middle and bottom right symbols where?

above door in cave

I can not see the symbols anymore, but some where in the cave. First scene, dark corridor on the wall. Last scene, above door and left side room on the pilar. Does that help?

still hunting for middle bottom

thanks cis, I miss my last symbol- lower row , middle one

very much so, thank you!!!

pop found it in the left wall of final cave' thanks for all the comments and out

thanks jolly!

This comment has been removed by the author.

couldn't sleep...decided to give it another shot and I'm out! (thanks to Allen's tip on the ATM...I was totally stuck trying to get the card in!) click around...the last 2 symbols are in the tunnel at the end...

Liked this one!
Bye now...

Hello,is it still live?I'm missing the left middle symbol,it looks like a leaf I think...any help?

The game doesn't start : all what I get is a guy sleeping under a TV and a noisy supermarket-style music !

buggybuggybug... i can't get this rectangle diamond in the jewelery... i clicked everywhere on this necklace... now i'll try it with POP, bc i think there is nobody else in this game...

there's also smth white on the red dress in the other view of the jewellery that i can't get, but my cursor change into a hand at this spot...

ok... if there's anybody who can help me: i have green, yellow, pink, purple and blue diamond (the others i've still put in the wall in museum, except of the brown rectangle), stripe-symbol, scarab, a symbol that lookes like 2 wings, eye symbol, snake symbol and cog...
am i missing smth before i can get the rectangle diamond?

yeah... POP has done his work... there's another necklace with the brown diamond...

after finding this diamond it was easy...
i'm out... hurray \o/

Sabine...did you get the symbol left of scarab?I can't find it!

POP found it!

someone still here? can't go into jewelry shop, do I need acces card? mine is in atm machine, please help

Simona, just looking for first and 2nd symbol, looks like a snake and 2nd one can't identify

POP never mind, got in

No purdy, you have to look at the 10-Dollar-Note, there is 4-digit-code for opening jewelry

@purdey: you need the 10$ note from the ATM... on this note you'll find the 4-digit-code for the jewellery... you have to type it in, not click on the keypad...

tnx sabine and katharina, now looking for brown diamond

ok its a joke. i got the brown diamond once i got home by simply clicking on it. no idea how it didnt react initially =.=

can't find it though

ok i'm out soon. last 2 symbols!

What is the code for the jewelryshop please.
I tried everything.

now last symbol!

and i'm out:D

Would be very nice if somebody could tell me where 1st and 2nd symbols are!

im out, tnx all

jewelryshop code please

If there is anybody there who can tell me Why I can enter the code with MY keyboard, why the jeweller machine does not accept the serial number of the code....... PLEASE! I had done everything, but stuck right outside the glazed door!


is the code 8582766???

got it 2040

and ENTER on MY keyboard

ok, the code was *** below. it did not work during the first trialsssss though!


Is there anybody to tell me where to find the last two symbols.... I am too tired to look for them. I had to restart 4 times because of the bugs!

one down, one to go!

Lots of crazy clicking to find the correct views.
not buggy for me.
Wonder where they got the idea for collecting jewels?!?!

arch, and on left column (click left when there are 4 torches visible)

and now, another bug, the plate for the symbols is stuck on the screeen.

In the scene with the jewel box in the cave click on the left column, it opens a different view and viola, the symbol is there!

click the red X in the upper right!

I think all the symbols were in the museum, click on every statue, they are there. Snake on Greek boy, thing on Tutankhamen's head, above Queen, can't remember the rest, last few in cave, look carefully

when I said bug, I meant that that little x is not workin, thanks, anyway. Last two symbols are in the cave underneath the museum.

1. Above queen E. (stitch)
2. left thinking man, left of him (eye of ra)
3. Tutankhamon mask (bug)
4. At the entrance of the museum, on the statue to the right (leaf like thing)
5. At the entrance seen, at the base of the statue under paintings
6. On the right section of the museum, at the base of the statue after the thinking man on the right (snake)
8.In the cave, on the keystone of the arch (crack like thing. the cave, at the end of the tunnel, where 4 torches are visible, click the left coumn, at the base of it.

1. green from the entrance of the museum
2. BLue, acquired by placing the two axes from two statues on the stand in the middle.
3. Yellow: From the jeweller, in the vault
4. Purple: From the jeweller, in the brown dustbin, after clicking and removing the dirt
5. red: may be from the jeweller

just check every case, stand, frame in the shop.

There are 4 diamonds in the Jewelry store. The big brown on a necklace (2 necklaces look same, can only take 1), behind a picture on left, on a yellow necklace, and behind hot rocks on right as you are leaving. Thanks for the help everyone!

I can't find the green diamond. Where do I have to look in the entrance of the museum?

Think I would have enjoyed this game if it wasnt soooo buggy

I have all the diamonds and all the symbols and cannot do anything with them. I cannot put the diamonds on the box in the cave, I've clicked every pixel in the cave, especially the colums on the left, and nothing happens.
Can anyone tell me if they were able to put the diamonds right on the box?

i m out

[] take knife behind the fruits..
[] take ATM card in drawer..
[] use knife on dinosour[first] take green gem..
[] take key near phone,use on door & out..
[] go to ATM use card on machine,put password [on AC] GET MONEY..[put password from ur pc keypad]
[] go to museum; "symbols"
[ 1. Above queen E. (stitch)
2. left thinking man, left of him (eye of ra)
3. Tutankhamon mask (bug)
4. At the entrance of the museum, on the statue to the right (leaf like thing)
5. At the entrance seen, at the base of the statue under paintings
6. On the right section of the museum, at the base of the statue after the thinking man on the right (snake)
7.its on left side wall in gems box scene.
8.In the cave, on the keystone of the arch (crack like thing. the cave, at the end of the tunnel, where 4 torches are visible, click the left coumn, at the base of it]
[] take key on the right side painting..
[] take axe on the top of queen painting,broke the red box by axe get key..
[] take symbols and diamonds..
[] go to jewellery shop put the password [on the doller]go in side...[2040]
[]get purple,yellow,red gem..and one brown diamond..
[]go to musuem,go another room,put dimonds,another door open go inside take tourch,take symbols.
[] go in lit the tourch, place the all gems,get symbols plate ' place symbols on it,put it on the door....and u r out....
1. green from the entrance of the museum
2. BLue, acquired by placing the two axes from two statues on the stand in the middle.
3. Yellow: From the jeweller, in the vault
4. Purple: From the jeweller, in the brown dustbin, after clicking and removing the dirt
5. red: may be from the jeweller shop in the necklese painting or show case..

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