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Agatha: Atelier Escape Walkthrough

Agatha: Atelier Escape

[REPLAY] TomaTea - Agatha: Atelier Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Toma Tea. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Agatha: Atelier Escape Walkthrough

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how about slider? or is it a slider?

anyone there? Almost out but cannot figure out what to do with knob and hint on painting so that I cannot find the last paintube and key. HELP

@loana you need a ball, a silver small ball to put in left up right in slider. Then connect the lines so that the ball can get to the end point.

Hi, just starting.

I'll wait around till you get to my point. For questions... feel free to ask.

Ooooh nice...I like these!

Yay! a new game and I have 20 min to spare!


silver ball? from where?

Anyone still here....?

where is that ball? what to do with soap and cloth?

took wing nut from painting stand, put it on 'doll' on shelf for clock clue (I think)

nm. got it!

and what about the cushions on the couch, maybe that the one I am missing

gathering my art supplies....

scraped paint off paint tray

hmmm try to remember where to find ball. For cloth and soap.


Find waterstopper first, put in sink, turn on tab, put in soap and cloth

anyone found out cushion business yet?

ok, got a pawn, a bottle of turpentine (gasoline I think), dry towel and 8 tubes. ???

Marieke, i'm in the same point as you are. Knob and clue on painting.

I'm stuck with Yvon and Marieke.

Did anyone open the 4# cabinet? That's prob what the clue on the painting is for, huh...

where to use the nob?

@yvon, did you manage to do/ find anything from the cushions?

@Judy the number cupboard?? No i did not open that one, I also thought the painting was the clue but I really cannot figure out what it means at all

Hmmm, i don't understand the two paper clues? what are they for?

finally!...soap in water after getting plug for sink from clock...gives me the silver ball

Where's the cloth?

got the clue on the painting... turn your head to the right and look at the bottom half of the markings

I am stuck with 8 tubes of color, a towel and two papers...

Marieke, I'm not any further than you are.

and what about the view of the painted glass? is there anything else to do there after you remove the paint tube?

got cupboard open and last paint tube

anyone need help with the code?

@S-T I think it was in the bathroom, you need the key from the clock first (I think it was from the clock)

Hi all,i have 8 color tubes and 2 notes.Any ideas?

       Anonymous  3/16/11, 2:14 PM  

painting clue is the number code for the bathroom...tilt your head to the left and see.

@judy great job....

no idea what to do with the paint tubes

put the 2 papers together

Thanks pamarina87! Glad I could finally be of some help!

cloth is in bathroom.Missed u small tool

POP papers go together for word clue

Thanks Jo Ann,
Tried all the towels but it was the pink cloth of course.
What to with it?

@Ioana thanks! got it after I posted! POP! :)

which painting are you guys talking about. a hurt my neck looking at the girl, but i see nothing :(((

Ah I used the cloth with terpentine on the painting.

@S-T once you have the plug, you put water in the sink and use the soap but I can't remember if you use the towel there or not

then, later you use the towel on the painting with another item

Ioana- a clue appears on the painting after you use the cloth with the turpentine on it.

Still stuck with 9 paint tubes and window clue. Anyone get any further?

Judy, for paint tubes, look at window. Count how many times the colours is there. That's the place in te box. So brown is the first.

what to do with the maze have it lined up and the ball in but nothing happening

thanks for code clue judy. nice game

Which stained glass parts are clue for color order?

have towel, note with some clue, and 8 paints.

nvm was not lined up

ok, I can't see the number on the painting... it just looks like chicken scratchings to me lol

oh, thanks Yvon!

I tilt my head all the ways aside but I don't see the numbers on the painting?

tilt your head to the right, not to the left...you see the numbers on the lower part

Ah did not refresh @Yvon - thnx (after the fact)

omg!!! i was trying to use the items - cloth and the other one, in the wrong order!!!

Nope, still chicken scratchings to me

Where is the plug?

What are you doing here, you're riddling.
Anyway, you have to do the maze right and then the ball moves.

And there's allready a new game to play........

Can't find the ball either....just not my day!

and out! Thanks everyone!

Waited all day for new games to play and here they come, and I have to leave now.

Good luck escaping everyone!

I think I see 317 when I tilt my head to the right, but I need four numbers?

ouT! now on to Abroy!!

Could someone please post where they found the ball and the plug.

me too,cant figure out the numbers



THANKS people! nice game!


i think the plug was in a drawer and the ball after u fill the sink with water and put the soap in

I've lined my color tubes and now what...?

@ cindy > solve the clock-puzzle and you'll get the plug after using it you'll get the ball :-)

Thanks!!! Finally, someone who will answer!!!

oh got it, out now....

how should we order the colors??? cant figure out the help on the window....

Finally found the plug it was inside the clock...and another key. Had to reload. Clock wasn't working the first time.

okay....had to take top off pawn to open box!

Lovely game as usual from Tomatea!!!!

i cannot figure the order of the colors no matter what !!!


Thanks Tina. Saw your post after I had posted already!

Thanks for playing :)
We hope you're enjoy the game.
If you have any suggestions, please, feel free to contact us,
Have a great day! :)

No suggestions at all TomaTea.
Your games are great, logical, no pixel hunts etc.

Still can't figure out color code!!! any hint??? or help??? ;-)

@Tina.. look at the stain glass window and see how many times you see the color in the window. Brown=1

Count colors on stained glass.

ahhhh... of course!!!! thx a lot!

After you collect all 9 tubes, open the box, click on the tube in the inventory, then click on one of the slots in the top of the box. Rearrange the colors according to the number of times the color appears in the stained glass, beginning with brown and ending with yellow.

Missed a lot of comments in the rush, so;

Missed myself too after playing some riddle games, but thanks for asking/saying and thanks for the cloth.

Order of paint tubes



In your games ,Tomatea, I like that there is no need for crazy pixeling,that it is clear what clues you need so you search with a purpose and they are logical (for me at least0,Great games.Thank you

I don't find the plug for the sink : I have no hint for the clock.

hi all,
cannt find the terpentine... pls help

No plug, no silver ball, no turpentine, and only 5 paint tubes... I'm giving up, this game is much too difficult for me.

In and now out Nice game! Turpentine is in the bathroom along with a lot of other things.

@pascale if you are still there take wingnut from below painting and put on wooden figure!!

I can not find the turpentine nor get into the cabinets in the bathroom.

Turpentine in in cupboard with letter code! You need to find two pieces of paper! You solved the maze puzzle yet?

Solved the maze puzzle and have only one paper. Where is the other?

Ha just found it! I swear I clicked there like 3 times.

The maze puzzle doesn't seem to work : clicking on the tiles or on the buttons doesn't do anything.

And out. Thanks for the help.

@pascale you need the silver ball from the sink in the bathroom!

Thank you Leroy, but I don't see any silver ball.

@Pascale you got plug and soap yet?

Well, why not.
Someday I have to get back to writing walkthroughs, so why not today.


- Zoom in on the window/curtain. Open the curtain and take PAINT #1 and see the COLOR ORDER HINT (brown just one etc. so it is; brown-cyan-pink-green-orange-blue-purple-red-yellow).

- Zoom in on the painting on the left and take the WING NUT from the bottom of it.
- Zoom in on the left side of the shelf in the back and take the PUTTY KNIFE (to the right of the tea-pot). Put the wing nut on the drawning puppet and see it's arms make the CLOCK HINT (2:55).
- Zoom in on the right side of the shelf in the back and take PAPER #1 from top of the books. And take PAINT #2 (just below the figurine).

- Zoom in on the little table and take the PALETTE and PAINT # 3.

- Zoom in on the stool/table next to the door and take CLOCK HAND #1 from the book.
- In your inventory, look at the palette and use the putty knife on it and see the GRID HINT.
- So if it's like this;
Then 1,3, 4, 8 and 9 are important.
- Zoom in on the cabinet on the right and then on the middle drawer and click those parts of the grid. Zoom out, zoom in again and open that middle drawer and take KEY #1.
- Zoom in on the door on the left.
- Use the key on the door on the right and you're in the...

- Zoom in on the toilet and take PAINT #4 (to the right of the toilet).
- Zoom in on the far end of the bath tub and take CLOCK HAND #2 and the PINK CLOTH.
- Zoom in on the bath tub and take PAINT #5 (right next to the taps).
- GO DOWN and RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the clock. Now remember the clock hint from the puppet (after putting the wing nut on it). So put on the clock hands and set the time on 2:55, then open the doors under it and take the PLUG and KEY #2.
- GO RIGHT (2x).


- Zoom in on the cabinet on the right and open the top drawer with key 2 and take PAINT 6 & 7.
- Zoom in on the door on the left and go in the right door.

- Zoom in on the sink on the left and take the SOAP. Put the plug in the drain of the sink and turn on the tap and then put the soap in the water take the MARBLE/BALL.

- Zoom in on the little cabinet on the right and then on the box on top of it. Put the marble/ball on the top left and use the buttons on the bottom right to make the maze right. If done correctly the ball will go through the maze and after that the panel on the top right will open. Take PAINT #8 and PAPER #2.

- In your inventory comine paper #1 and #2 and see the LETTER/WORD HINT (pawn).
- Zoom in on the hanging cupboards in the back and then on the code panel and put in that code (pawn), click the square button and open that cupboard and take the TERPENTNE and the PAWN.
- GO DOWN and RIGHT (2x).

- In your inventory; combine the cloth and the terpentine and now you have a CLOTH with TERPENTINE.
- Zoom in on the painting on the left and use that terpentined cloth on it and see (tilt your head) the NUMBER CLUE (7177).
- RIGHT (2x) etc, back into the...

- Zoom in on the cupboard (down in the back) and then zoom in on the code panel and put in that code (7177), click the square button and take PAINT #9. In your inventory; look at the pawn and take it's head off and now you've a KNOB. Use that knob on the hole in the box and it opens. Put all your nine paints in it and now it's ordering time. Remember the clue from behind the curtain, So change (by clicking the colors) the order to this;
And after that the knob is orange and you can take it and it's KEY #3. Take it.
- GO OUT, zoom in on the (bathroom) door(s) and use the key on the left door and you're out.

@ST: my time was 3:55.

I cant combine the 2 papers,and cant put the word pawn in , it wont change. What am i doing wrong

nvm finally combined the 2 papers Duh

@Small-Tool, Thanks for the WT. Good Job . I know Ill never write a WT, when I cant solve it without a WT. Thanks again

       Anonymous  3/16/11, 9:39 PM  

Thanks for the walk through. I loved the graphics of the game everything except trying to see the numbers on the painting... which I never did no matter how I tilted my head. Also had already put my colors in the box so I had to cheat on paint order. Other then that it was a nice game. Very clean.

Great game, thanx @S-T

Wonderful game, beautiful graphics and great sound effects...many thanx!

very nice game!


This was one of the best games! Right up there along with selfdefiant!! Would love to see many more of these!! Thanks!

Yay tomatea yours are the best games :D

       Anonymous  3/13/18, 10:25 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, TomaTea ☺

these were the days, when ST wrote his great WTs & was online - I learned a lot from him...

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