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Aloneliness is a new escape game created by selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com which takes you deep inside the dark dreary halls of an abandoned asylum! You ran away from home two nights ago. You came upon this place and decided to go inside for the night. After stepping inside you decide it wasn't a good idea and try to leave. The door is being locked by some kind of dark force. Now you must find a way to escape!

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Cool a new Selfdefiant !!

Crowbar in first left room, used on drawer in right room. Got red key.

Yeah! A live one!

Map in the first room

Map on the sign in first view...and the rooms have letters, how nice!

And thanks Selfdefiant for "naming" the rooms!

Got one tile from 4 digit box in room I.

SD in room K

Green key in room H (use SD)

Second tile in room G, use SD

Flashlight under brick in F.

flash light under rubble in room f. where's SD?

Knife in room N.

Yellow gem in J after using flashlight.

SD in room K on windowsill.

I love Sneaky games!

blue gem in dark window in room b (use flash light).

Use knife on chair in room Q

4 digit box- can`t open , don`t understand

Blue gem in B using flashlight

To open box in M you need to combine the hints from O & K.

what's the clue for safe in room i? numbers from d don't work

Shapes hint and disk for tiles in room O.

The four digit code is the difference between 2394-4580.

@Rudi, subtract the numbers.

thx @zazie!

Silver key from disk now.

Knife in N

Green gem in U behind vent.

ai yi yi, i've been struggling with the fongebon game and almost missed a new Selfdefiant! I hope I have more luck here

Wow Zazie, you're so fast!
Where to put the disk parts?

Tile in Q using knife

Tiles get placed in O

Shapes/color clue in O

Thx @Karen!

Arrow and piano hint in AD

i'm sure others have made this comment (I don't want to look at comments just yet), but I LOVE the fact that the rooms are labeled! @Selfdefiant, you just keep getting better and better!

Saw a clue about the symbols box (stars, blocks, diamonds, etc.), but it only had 4 symbols and box has 5. Hmmm.

Prefer the beautiful houses, to these creepy asylum places. Makes me feel like I need a bath after playing, lol. :)

arrow shapes in room AD on the right wall

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Hammer in AC

Use hammer in W on bricks for lighter

green gem behind panel in U

use hammer on bricks in room W

WOO HOO!! MY DAY IS MADE!! Thanx Self Defiant!

Purple key in AE after lightning candle.

Oooh the map is detailed!!! Thanx SD! You Rock!

can't find a place to put the tiles in O. the room is empty but for the color/form clue :-(

Pliers in AB.

hammer in AC

can`t understand piano code..

Rudi click around the coat to the left.

The color clock code in T room doesn't work for me.I think it should be SPOILERG10B12R2SPOILER. Where am I wrong?

Blue key in arrow box in AB.

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@zazie and thanks again!!!

@Rudi, check the hanging coat on the left wall

Where is the colour code for the dials ?

play the piano in ABC... order to get purple gem

Rudi, check the lab coat

Gold key in sink of T. Use sd & pliers.

Missing 4th tile. Have I, G, Q

Gold key in drain in room T, but i cannot reach it.

Zazie, it is in X room.

Hint for dials are windows in X.
@Zazie, use pliers.

Thx charlie, i forgot the pliers lol.

Thx Antonia, got it.

For the colored dials, I had to rotate them to work. For instance, the green looked like 10 (on a clock) from the hint, but I made it 2, Blue looked like 12, I made it 3, and red looked like 2, I made it 4. Worked that way for me?

where should be put the crystals?

Green key in Room H behind panel. Need Screwdriver.

Now I have 5 colored diamonds and have no idea where to put them? No keys left to get and visited all rooms. Hmmm.

Pink gem from piano.

at the same point HUNEE - the front door is protected by a strange force, but still searching..

Knife in Room N.

There's not many orbs per room, is there, or am I imagining it?

where in Room N is the knife?

I still can´t get the dials.

Layla knife is on the bottom right side.

clue for dials code is in X, but isn't working for me

@Zazie, Look at the windows and tilt your head to the right, so that they are lined like the dials.
Positions are at 1, 3, 4.

for the dials turn head 90degrees to right and then it works - so blue is 3, not 12 etc

The dial code is correct, you have to turn the vertically.

clue for dials is not working for me either. is there a hint somewhere to rotate them?

oops...tilt your head to the left!

Thx Charlie, the last one was 5 for me.

Dials : 135

So, did you find where to put the crystals?

green-on 1 , blue on 3, red on 5 (you have to move them 3 places from the clue

Clue for dials is horizontal
Dials are vertical

It worked now but for me it was green:1, blue:3 and red:5

Dang...sorry again, you're right, it was 5!

Is anybody else jumping with this big orb from room to room?

so dials should be 2 3 5 but still not working

have re-visited all rooms - where DO crytsals go? Have also somehow missed a clue for the order

nevermind. 1 3 5

*1,3,5 ya. haha Sorry about that, thanks Zazie. Apparently I can't read a clock. :P lol

And ya...still stuck with crystals and no where to put them. Guh!

Stuck with you all...

I have also 5 cristals, and no more rooms to visit...

red gem in finger bucket in room Y

What about the thumb in the pot in Y ?

Ohh there was the red gem in the pot.

have 6 diamonds, but where is place tu put them...

matzalina, how did you get it?

POP- i got it.

where is the clue for the shapes box in Rm M

Zazie there is a black spot in the bucket, to the right and down of the finger

how did you take the gem?

Why the big drains in room I are clickable ?

What to do with the pot full of floating finger in Y?

Gan i just clicked around in the pot

Rachel, it is in room O, on the right wall.

POP!! Red gem

POP! Found it in the shapes box in M

Now I have to catch up!

Ooooooooh! @Antonia, THANX! POP - combine the colour tiles with the shapes clue!

if you clich on left floor of room y , it said : did something just move? but can`t find in any room something that moved..

I am stuck with Karen. Need 4th tile.
Have tiles also from rooms I, G, & Q.

Thank you Matzalina ! I wouldn't have found the red gem by myself. The comment says :
"I don't want to know what else might be in there"...

There must be a place for the gems in Z, but damned if I can find it

have taken my hammer to front door, but to no effect.... crystal ball refuses to give crystal location.. calling a locksmith next

Where do we place the gems - have 6

And has anyone found an orange gem?

I can't smash the rat with the hammer. How disappointing !

Thanks Karen. I'm right behind you now.

In room B there is a door that says "its pretty dark down there" but i cant use my flashlight

And why it says this looks strange when i click the drains in room I ?

at least we are all "alonlies" together

try to catch up, but doubt that it's possible ; ))

Anyone ORANGE gem?

Anyone know where we use the hammer? And I've found the arrows clue, but don't know where to use it either.

hopelessly behind, had to do some work :-(

Have 6 gems, missing Orange gem and no place to place them

Wow,i love this games,new feathers !!! much better than before ,i'm struggling with the clock code in room T ,i did what is in room X but nothing happen...hmm

Rachel use hammer in W on the bricks

Rachel = hammer in room W

Papas - I have no oragne gem? Have you?

@Rachel, use hammer in W room on the wall next to the stairs on the grey briks

whipped right through this thing right up to the end and can't get out. HELP US, Selfdefiant! We're dying here. lol

@Fudge No I have'n. Still look arround like crazy

Yeah! Found the "room" crystal in Z. I LOVE that feature!

There is a box that needs a 6-digit number in room AD to the far left and up of the screen

Thanx@Fudge, Matzalina and Papas!!

looking for 6 digit code for box in room AD.

got orange gem from box

orange gem from 6-digit box!

thanks for location of box matzalina...use alphabet with HELP

now have randopm places to put gems

This comment has been removed by the author.

now can place gems throughout, to escape.

thanks matzalina for that hint,i never noticed that ! ,so the cue is HELP

Thanks, Matzalina! that's the orange gem

use the sheet to spell out help and u get the orange gem,, then just place the gems throughout the house

Thanks Matzalina for the Orange Gem.

and out

clue for 6 digit code in AD? I imagine orange gem is in there... still no idea where to put the gems tho!!

Thanks Graham. But i dont think its working for me. do i have to use the piano clue for the answer?

6 digit code HELP 8-5-12-16 for box in AD

stupid slow posting.... thanks for the help guys!

Have all 7 gems, now just need a place to put them

and out, with 50 orbs. thanks, matzalina, for finding orange gem box!

Matzalina SPO651216ILER

Thx matzalina for orange gem !!

Im glad i could help guys. Its the first time i find something that "solves" the case alone!

Where to put the gems ?

OUT, Many thanks to all of you for the constructive comments

Out! Had trouble finding where to place the blue gem...thanks SD!

how did I miss that???????? Must have been in room AD a thousand times... doh.

POP got it !

Zazie - Once you have all 7 gems you will see where to place them in random rooms

This comment has been removed by the author.

That was difficult. Most fun I've had all day! Thanks, Selfdefiant. Always a pleasure

Out with 50 orbs thanks to matzalina!

Thanks SD another great game

@Pascale look in to the rooms to find the place where you can put the gems

out as well, thanks @all.

Wheres the silver key for right door at split?

And out with 48 orbs.

Thanks for all the help and thx to Selfdefiant for the cute game !

Silver key from disk in room O.

Thank you to Matzalina for a brilliant find and thanks as ever to SD for a brilliant game

Oh so I guess I'm missing a green tile. Anyone remember where the top one was?

Jay, read my comments at the beginning.

rooms for gems: a,k,t,v,q,ac,ae

need help with piano - what word to play?

And finally out with 42 orbs! Thanks to all for the help!

Thanks Zazie, room G. completely missed the tile

@Layla Hint is in AD

@Matzalina is the hero of the day! I made it all through on my own with 50 orbs but never saw the 6 digit HELP box! Once I got that it was smooth sailing.
@Selfdefiant, you always create such great games, and they just keep getting better! Gosh, it must have been especially hard this time, with your finger in the dirty bowl and all.

Thanks Karen - last gem I cant find is the green one in Room U - which vent / panel?

found it - panel in bottom left dark area

Out! and what a fabulous game as well as first time joining you guys in a 'live' one!

Where To Place Gems
you must have all seven gems before you can place any

Yellow: AE
Green: A
White: Q
Orange: T
Blue: V
Red: AC
Purple: K

missing the top tile T^T

Hmm. Missing blue and yellow gems

help with piano word please?? i tried 3 anagrams using the code, but neither worked...

@Pai - abc order is the code

omg got it == simple order haha

Got'em and out!

finde den 5 er code nicht,den mit stern und kugel und so und 4 stk für silberschlüssel fehlt auch noch

hey,am so sick,plz some help,cant find blue key and gold one aswell,help any1?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

doing circles now, missing bottom tile, anyone remember?

one tile from 4 digit box in room I.Second tile in room G, use SD .3rd Tile in Q using knife

got it!


habe orange grün weiiß und purple gem,die anderen finde ich nicht,trotz hilfe oben,nicht in wanne trotz licht oder vorne in b ,fehlt mir was außer das feuerzeug?

how do you move the arrow on box, it wont move

sherry12, I'm stuck there too

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