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The Case File 1 Walkthrough

The Case File 1

The Case File 1 is a new point and click type adventure game from CafeCafeGames and JuegosDeEscape.Net. The Vic is Helena Walton, 35, voice-over and sound artist at Radiotech. At 6:10 pm a dozen witnesses heard the vic scream trhough her window. She was stabbed with a kitchen Knife. Looks like a break-in but nothing was stolen. The body was found by her husband Aaron who was just by chance standing right under her window interviewing Benjamin Dodd, the hotdog vendor. We have secured the crime scene so you can proceed with your investigation. Good luck and have fun!

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Don't like this one.
Not gonna play.
Have fun who does.

I guess I'll try...

I'll look at this one later.... work is calling.


@small-tool : It would be great to have some feedback from you to know exactly why you didn't like this game.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

Blood on the corner of table, below books. Used forensics for a sample.

Navigation is frustrating!

Stuck in Aaron's office. Have a clock with movable hands, but no clue for it.

Also, I seem to be collecting items (like the remote), but have no way to access them later?

There's no inventory!

Anyone else here?

Cell phone and uneaten hotdog under chair.

Hi! Collecting all kinds of evidence, not sure how to use them yet though, anyone seen any clue for pin on mobile?

Hello mumtosadie!

Need to find battery for cell phone and took pics of hot-dog and lipstick note from 'J'

I'm stuck on the clock as well; getting frustrating.

Where was lipstick note?

Found remote but can't get it to work.

Edgar, not sure, the battery might have been in a drawer under the CD player.

Blood on lamp by the switch

More Helena's blood on CD player (need remote for it) and phone battery inside drawer.

Now I need PIN for phone! Hm...
Thanks for lamp blood, lina.

@Edgar--where was lipstick note?

It would be helpful if there were a journal to reference back to in this game.

Got fingerprints from murder weapon.

check the photo for the phone pin.


Once you have an item in "inventory", you just have to click on the corresponding item and it will get used automatically. ie, the remote & TV

Note in shredder in Aaron's office. He's inherited some money.

Cindy, zoom below the books/lamp. Did you see some divorce papers? Look a little below of those.

Thanks Seawall! Read SMS now.

Anyone figured out what to do with the clock yet?

Going to Aaron's office now.

And don't forget to interrogate the suspects.


Time for the clock is 10 to 9, found it by random clicking. Can't find the login for the computer, guess the clue is on the employee board at the door of the radio entrance but can't figure it out...

Check under the lamp in Aaron's office!

Would have been good, but I'm tired of the phishing ads and the Mucinex ads invading the screen while I'm trying to play. Maybe a bit more focus on the quality of the gameplay may inspire people to click on your advertisements to help you out financially.

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Got it. Thanks Edgar.

Got a third location on the map after reading text message.

Doing a puzzle in trash bin...

@jeando I'm stuck at the same place...

The bulletin board has employee #'s and Jessica's is 064 but you need 5 numbers and I can't figure out the other two!

OK, Clock time (one hand on 9 and another one on 10) comes from Aaron's birthday.

There's a clue for the login at the bottom of the post-it note, but it's not working for me.

Ehm, what did I unlocked with the clock?

Was anyone of you able to do something with Aaron's birthday gift in aaron's office??

Edgar, there's a safe left of the window with a T-shirt in it :)

lina the birthday gift gives a clue for the clock with movable hands

Need to work some more. Will be back later.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks lina. I did get that t-shirt, LOL. I didnt think it came from the clock :)

Computer login in a tough one!

aha! For computer login, use post-it + bulletin board and translate one letter to a number.


lol1 I didn't see it either from the beginning, thanks Risa, didn't get that lol

thanks Risa!!! Couldn't have figured that out myself!!!

Got the password! Take a look at the stick note; has to with the "V"

You're welcome! Just glad I was finally able to figure a hard one out on my own LOL

Some kind of colour code...?

Found the audio file and interrogated...now what?

Stuck same as you, Karl. And why was the receipt supposed to be so important?

Don't know. I'm stuck now...need one more piece of evidence to interrogate Jessica...I've double-checked everything and don't know what else to do!

Maybe it's the time on the receipt; three minutes after the file was downloaded.

I really don't know hot to get further, stuck at computer and don't know what I'm supposed to do, can't photograf or analyse it... Hmm...

Still have Joe's phone number and an email address on the post-it also. Not sure if they mean anything.

Have remote, but dvd player still doesn't work. Any suggestions?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Cindy, check the CD after the player opens using the remote. Evidence there.

I interrogated everyone and found every evidence. now I could solve the case, but this seems too hard for me at the moment...

Well, we apparently can't accuse anyone until we get that last bit of evidence on Jess.....

Does anyone have all 5 pieces of evidence for Jessica's interrogation?

OK, I was missing a photo of the CD!

@Miller, what is evidence #4 for Jessica?

But the photo still didn't give me the fifth item for Jess.

Jessica's #4: lipstick (in purse)

The lipstick gave me #5 for Aaron. Still need #4 for Jessica.

Thanks Miller, i had forgot to photograph it.

lipstick works for Jessica as well

The lipstick photo gave me the fourth clue for Jessica.

I'm missing jessica's fifth evidence and three evidence for James... Have no idea where to search

DOH! Same here.

#5 for Jessica in on the computer.

Do you have more than three different locations on your map?? I've looked everywhere and it seems like I can't do more than I already have... Help anyone?

for Jessica's 5th, you have to download the "scream" mp3 from the pc.

#3 for James is in the safe in his office. Clock code opens it.

I have all the evidence and have interrogated all suspects but when I press solve the case button it tells me I haven't done all yet and can't solve...

Thanks Karl, but how do i get it from the computer then??? Dunno what to do...

@lina.niklasson84: have you already opened the safe? move the clock to hand according to birthday hint.

chudaaa - make sure one of your interrogation items isn't missing.

Same here.

Making the "Connections" isn't that easy!

damn, I comebined everything right and then I was asked who is it. I clicked the interrogation-button to check some info and now I can not get back to the screen where I can tell who did it...
seems, I would have to start from the beginning again... :-(

arrggg have all evidence, finished interrogations and still can't solve!

Seawall - nope, they're all there, all checked - 5 for jessica, 5 for aaron and 2 for james

@Risa: then you are probably missing other evidence...

please, anyone know Jess #3 evidence?

Thanks for your help Miller and Karl, and the rest of course! :) Do u mean the T-shirt? I've already photografed it and sent it to forensics, is there anything else to do with it??

@Coldfusion: threat note (crime scene under the table)

Coldfusion - There's a note under the table at the crime scene.

Hello, what is the third evidence for jessica?

Sorry... found the note!

Is there only two evidence against james?? In that case i have them all as it seems, but can't solve the case...??? Hmmm..

Which computer are you all talking about??
I even cant get into jessica's office (need a card or something)

please help cannot find remote been looking for 30 mins now

Solved! I didn't like the fact that there was no inventory to review items and data. I noticed that the date on the receipt and the date on the "scream" sound effect download were a full month apart. September 19 and 10/19. 10 = October. I could've gotten Aaron aquitted of the murder charges. :p

Card is under the lamp at Aaron's office.

Where I can see some evidence I have?

Remote is in the pocket of the blue jacket in the gym bag at Aaron's office.

@Julie the remote is in the pocket of the blue and yellow shirt... that sits in the bag in Aaron's office

Jessica's access card is under the lamp in Aaron's office.

I had to back out of the "Connections" then click on the handcuffs again; this time I had Aaron's blood stained shirt and was able to accuse him.

how can we find out if we miss some evidence when there's no evidence check list apart from interrogation lists and they all seem to be filled in...

Thanks Karl! I was looking for ages... it seems

ManWar how did you solve?

I have 5 pieces of evidence for Jessica and 5 for Aaron and 2 for James. What am I missing?!

Moran, you can't see the evidence, that's why a journal would have been nice. You can see some of it under the interrogations, but not all.

thanks i had taken jacket out of bag 3 times grrr why did i not check pockets lol

Finally out! Thanks everybody!! :)

I just plugged away until I found everything I needed and then I hit the solve button. Always try to take picks and use forensics on everything that you find and even close-up views of certain scenes.

Risa, go to James side and then press interrogate, after that press solve case and then it should pop up every evidence you've collected, then you should match every evidence with each other and finally choose your killer :)


Thank you lina!!

What is Jessica's 5th evidence?

Cindy, it's lipstick, in her purse, on chair on front of computer. Risa, did it work, finally out? Glad I could help you back then! :)

@Cindy: "scream" mp3 from pc

sorry cindy, mixed them up :(

Actually, no it didn't work. I'm getting frustrated.

Do you mean to click on James' name to interrogate him and then click the cuffs to solve? I tried that and it keep saying that I haven't collected enough evidence or completed the interrogation yet. But I HAVE all my check marks!

@Risa: then you're misssing some evidence. make sure you photographed and send everything to forensics. I'm replaying and also missing something.

i got all but one piece of evidence the 2nd piece of james i have not got rest is done

2nd piece of james are the fingerprints on treat note (table at crime scene)

found it lol

Risa, did you check out the other 2 people?

Missing #2 evidence for Aaron. It appears that once something has been processed by forensics, you cannot go back and get a photo. Not much fun.

I had the same problem as you Risa, then i went back and interrogated all people but it was when I was on James' side it worked when I pressed solve case, the cuffs... Don't know what you should do then...

@4red3s: shredded letter in Aaron's office (look at trash can), rearrange the shreds and don't forgot to take a picture

I've checked and re-checked everything I can. I'm going to re-start and see what happens. But first, I'm having lunch dammit!

Risa, did you close the scene with the people before you click on the button solve?

I've just replayed it.
Crime scene: divorce papers, threat note, murder weapon, victim's head, cd, lamp switch, corner of the table and window, hot dog and phone under the table.
Aaron's office: shredded letter, access card, blue notepad, clock/wall safe, jacket/remote, photo on desk, birthday present.
studio: bulletin board, jessica's lipstick and receipt, diary, downloaded scream file.
all of those possible photographed and sent to forensics/
now, WHAT am I missing?!?

@chudaaa: did you also analyize the cd player (not cd)?

@ chudaaa, did you get the battery to the cellphone, put the battery in and punch in the code to view a txt message?

Miller, ManWar
yes, did all those

I played this totally randomly without taking any notes but got all of the evidence for everyone. I guess I missed a pic somewhere, because I can't escape. I did manage to collect all the evidence but it still tells me I'm missing something. Getting a bit frustrating now. Will come back later.

This comment has been removed by the author.

things that need to be photographed or anyalized:

- blood on cd player
- cd
- knife on ground
- head wound on victim
- outlet left of lamp
- hotdog
- cellphone
- window
- blood stain on table
- treat note under table
- divorce papers

Aaron Walton's OFFICE
- shredded inheritance
- Jessica's access card
- blue colored paper
- photo with hot dog guy
- draft of review (left of photo)
- shirt in safe

- bulletin board
- Jessica's diary
- lipstick in purse
- receipt in purse
- mp3 (download and hear)

Draft of review it is!
Thanks a lot Miller!! =)

Thanks @miller!! I never took a pic of the head wound! Now I can finally analyze my evidence :)

Game was interesting, but those ****ing ads. Bad show

i liked the basis for the game but it needs a little work. you should be able to solve the case without taking pictures of everything or at least say how many pictures you need. I had to go back through it 2x to find my missing picture

after getting used on the handling I really liked this game. if I had to critize something then it would only be the solving procedure: way to easy, bc there is no serious thinking required! just comebine pictures by trial and error and even when accusing an innocent suspect nothing happens. there could be something like different endings, e.g. when a wrong suspects ends up in prison, you'd had to investigate from the beginning...

how can i listen to the downloaded file? clicking at play doesn't work, i thought that i don't need to listen, but Miller wrote, it is needed... i can't solve the case...

POP... don't know why... i heard it this time...

how do you get to the studio?

@madison, when at Aaron's office, look for Jessica access card and take a photograph of it. That way you "gather" this item.

That was good!
A little different from the usual games posted here, and it was really two games in one;
the obvious game is the crime-solving, but the first, and most important game, is finding out how everything "works" to play it.
Navigation was strange, but not difficult; the only spot-hunt was to find actions that are needed to do the solving; the logic was good once I could work out what the game maker required of me.
I enjoyed playing and would be happy to play a whole series of these, now that I've got the "feel" of how to play.
I "got" who the culprit was while I was connecting the assembled clues, but, with a few more clues I could have made those connections myself, as Miller pointed out.
I kept comments open while I played because I thought I'd have trouble, but the only hint I needed was for the corner of the table under Helen's window, so I'm quite pleased with myself =)
Thank you for a nice game to Claudia and Cafe-Cafe =)
Small-tool must be tired; I'm sure he'd like this game if he gave it another try.

Hello? anybody still here? I need the secon evidence for James... for Jess and Aron ive got all.

i dont see the third location

@Schnuuute , forensics on the threat note give James #2. I'm missing Aaron #5, giving up cause I'm probably missing photo or forensics on something else and the game gives no indication what. I know who the killer is, did a long time ago.

Can't even get it to load. Tried twice only loads about 10% and freezes.... Off to another game.

I have all objects needed, but no Radiotech studio on the map. gggrrrrr, very frustrating...I have to leave now :(

I am also missing the third location - when does that pop up?

Ha - just found it on the spanish walktrough site - shows again how useful it is to learn foreign languages ;)))

You have to take a picture of the SMS on the cell phone - that makes the Radiotech Studio appear on the map

BUG: I already photographed the access card from Jessica but still i CAN'T get into the studio


hey ? what is aaron #5


How Do I get the pin number? :c

what is the employee no. at the computer on jessica table at radiotech studio??

What is the employee number?

i cant rily solve the case,i have all d evidence bt wen i click solve case nothings happen,derz stil missing dz s my second play..someone help me plzzzzz

how cud i connect d evidence??plz help..

whats the pin for the phone?

@Unknown, it's on the pic with the award.

This comment has been removed by the author.

2 get third location u hav to take a photo of the mobile phone

wats the employee number thingy plz help!!!!!!! <3 :'V

Hey I need help I cannot figure out anything to do in Aaron's office I've clicked on almost everything a little help would be nice. I've got the remote the t-shirt did the trash. I cant think of anything Help would be gladly appreciated!!!!!!

I can't find the Computer login password!!! Help

i so love you guys hahahah you helped me solve it :))

In Aarons office, turn the clock to 9:50 and a secret door behind a painting will open and you'll find evidence.

Um..... what is the log in for the computer? I have tried forever...lol

ok, I got it! Thanks for the hint :)

what is the computer code


This comment has been removed by the author.

OMG I cant figure it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate it im finding aother game to frustrating :/

To frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/

what is the code for the cell phone under the chair (crime scene)

I couldn't find a decent walk through for this game so here's one. Hope it helps:

The Crime Scene
-Click on Helena Walton's dead body on the ground.
-Click on the knife and do forensics on it, then return.
-Click on Jessica's head and take a picture.
-Click the drawer near Helena. There's a batter bu where's the phone?
-Click on under the couch.
-Take a picture of the hotdog and click on the phone.
-The phone requires a four digit pin, so go back and click on the picture of Helena.
-Enter the pin and return. You should have a new location.
-Click on the DVD player and use forensics. You need a remote for that.
-Click on the books and take a picture.
-Click on the corner of the table, use forensics, and take a picture.
-Return and click in the middle of the same table.
-Take a picture of the divorce papers and return.
-Click on the hidden blue note, take a picture, and use forensics.
-Go back and click the base of the lamp.
-Plug it in, use forensics, and take a picture.
-Interrogate suspects.

Aaron Walton's Office
-Click on the gym bag
-Click the jacket and search the pockets. There you find the remote control.
-Go back and click the basket of shredded papers. Put it together and take a picture of it.
-Click on the lamp to move it, then click on the card.
-Do some forensics on the card and return.
-Click on the file next to the lamp.
-Take a photograph of the photograph. (xD)
-Click on the bag on the top shelf next to the books, then click on the notepad.
-Take a picture of it.
-Click on the package at the edge of the screen.
-The date of his birthday is a combination. 9:10
-Set the short dial on the 9 and the long dial on the 10.
-The safe at the left is now open,use forensics of the shirt, and take a picture of it.

Radiotech Studio

-Click on the bulletin board and take a picture.
-Go to the access thing next to the door and click on it.
-Click on the sticky. The V at the bottom stands for 22. The password for the computer is 06422.
-Find the green download folder in her desktop and download it.
-Click on the black book next to the computer and take a picture.
-Click on the red purse.
-Click on the lipstick,do some forensics, and take a picture.
-Click on the receipt in her bag and take a picture of it.
Crime Scene
-If you haven't already, go back to teh crime scene and click the DVD player. Click on the remote and take a picture of the CD.

The rest is up to you. :D

I donloaded the file on Jessica`s computer but I pressed play and it didn`t work.

i solved it

i have done it all but is asking for more I have done most things soo confused xx please help.

i have done allthe blood in the room ans stuff but i am not completed

Guys, can anybody tell me what AARON #3 Is?

I'm at Jessica's but i cant get in cause the game wont let me collect the access card from under the lamp..

killer is victims man he killed her wife beaguse he was gouing do be rich and he had do shares his money whit his wife

how do you pass the crime seen in the game called case file 1 on y8.com???HELP PLEASE PLZ!!!http://www.y8.com/games/case_file_1

how do you do the notifiaction on the game called case file 1 on y8.com???

wheres the draft of review??

still stuck at AARON'S OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!

interogate all 3...
reminder: read 1x1



i finally finished this game thanks u guys if werent for you i wouldnt finish this game

How i finished the game?? o.O

how do we get to place #3 on the map?

what is the pin number??

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