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Criss Angel Saw Game Walkthrough

Criss Angel Saw Game

Criss Angel Saw Game is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. Criss Angel has been kidnapped by Pigsaw and will be tested several times, to see if he's got what it takes to be called a true escape artist. Help him survive the test and escape from the wicked puppet!. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Saima]

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Ohh I like those but have not time gtg soon
cant even get out of straightjacket lol

grr - got free but need PW

hi SwissMiss
use magn. on strange cloth you will see password

Hi SM, I like these too, but only have a short time before I got to go.

Got out of the straijacket by chewing the rope and getting the 'armour' to cut the other ropes. Looking for the numbers now...

PW on straight jacket - use magnifyer

bye for now

Trying to build a wind machine now. Got the fan and the battery in place, but I got to go to work.

Good luck all....

have a nice day Rambler

use sword on battery

Hello All, Beware of the lions,
I drilled a hole in the wall and shot with an arrow, he kills with his paw back

Sylli use an arrow on the water first

thanks MegiPoland :-)

I am still at the boat scene. placed the fan and the battery, but i can´t use the sword on the battery. what am i doing wrong?

Horst place the table on the water then connect straight jacket with it

Hi Megi, i did that already.

but i can´t turn the fan on, because my boat will flow away. but i can not do anything with the rope neither...

horst use sword on fan when you stand on the table

i am stuck with the bed of nails. put the rabbit in front of it, and then?

Ahh that worked!

You must be on the boat to use sword

Hi everybody.
Irmin. Frighten the rabbit with something.
I am stuck with the rug on the floor. Think I have to make it levitate.

how do i make the rabbit jump

Irmin, do you have the inflated balloon?

I am with the guy from smurfs, no idea what to do with him...

hi u,
i tried to blow up the balloon. doesn't work
i punched him with the sword...
my rabbit isn't afraid of anything

levente be quick. before he blows yellow powder, click on it and use your mouth on the yellow powder.

Punch the balloon with the needle. Do you have it?

What to do in the "red zone high voltage" room?

Hi all, I try to catch up. Need help with the code, found numbers on the straight jacket, in which order should I use it?

how do i inflate the balloon

needle? no, where is that needle.

thanks irmin, I tried everything

I can´t pass the lion scene. what do you mean with using an arrow on water? I can not use my loaded crossbow there...

in the red zone: follow green path. be quick wait for the stones. then put in the code (its on the stones.

You need an airpump to inflate the balloon. It was behind one of the armors. I think the needle was in the same room as the pump (on the floor to the right).

POP! I read the 1 as a 7... I hope I' come to you all soon!

use arrow on the water near "boat"

Horst, use the arrow on the water before you load the crossbow.

horst use the arrow on the water where you used the table. then attache the arrow on the bow.
make a hole in the wall, before the room with lion. use crossbow with arrow in the hole

yes, stupid me.. poisoned water... lol

Thanks irmin, but I cannot find the code :(

went back, can't find pump. but found the needle. in corner room with lion.

code is on the blocks. count dots. like domino

See you soon...
Have to go for some work. Hope someone advances with the rug.

Oh yeah i saw it!

thanx u and bey

How do you make "water" with rug?

who knows where airpump is?

make a floating carpet

Where is the balloon

please help, need balloon??

if anything you can't find, use tab key

Where is the balloon?
Airpump is in the same room as needle, look behind armor.

nevermind found it. also in lions room. in hands of armor

I see the dots on the blocks, but i can´t use the keypad without getting electrified...

anyone need help? I will stay here some time

@horst K: walk along the green path

for the rug scene, use hammer on the mud vase to get soil. use that on the rug. click the rug and click the mouth icon to blow it. use the helmet on hammer, click on it and click the rug. it'll float :)

fab please help me... i cant find the balloon?

and the ritual to get rain

balloon is from the ventilating window, use the smurf

thorston balloon is in hole in wall. put smurf in it. shrink the cat with yellow powder.

and out... finally

Thanks, i´m out!

cant get the code.....fab can u help me plzzzzzzzzz

lady d first of second code?

LADY D: Look at the stones!
There are light grey dots on the white stones so its difficult to see.


got to go. have to do the dog. bey and thanx everyone


Out at last! Thanks for everyone's help!


hi to all!
i am still stuck in the very first scene. have the numbers 348 on the jacket - but ccode does not work!?
HELP - pretty pretty please!

I am in the window room but can not get any ballon from there...

Nini look closer. therer are 4 numbers...

Nini there are four numbers on the jacket

room 1:
use mouth on rope
use hand on armor
use hand on sword
get magnifying glass, rope, jacket, sword
use magnifying glass on jacket, get password
input password

room 2:
get battery
get fan
get table

room 3:
put fan on land
connect battery to fan
put table on water
get on table
put jacket on table
use sword on fan

room 4:
get key

room 5:
get cross bow
get mud vase
get wall drill
get arrow
back to room 4 and use arrow in water
back to room 5
use arrow on crossbow
use drill on wall left side of exit
use loaded crossbow on hole

room 6:
get rug
get helmet
get air pump
get needle

room 7:
notice the numbers on stones like dice
stay on green path, walk to opposite side
get hammer
use numbers on panel on left side

room 8:
get hat

room 9:
quickly use mouth on yellow powder
use key on cage
get smurf
get yellow powder
back to room 8 and use smurf on hole
use yellow powder on cat
get balloon

room 10:
look at hat, take rabbit out
put rabbit on ground
use air pump on balloon
use needle on balloon

room 11:
get stone and look
put rug on ground
use mouth on rug
use hammer on mud vase and get soil
put soil on rug
combine hammer and helmet and get ritual kit
use ritual kit on rug

and out!

thank you Horst K. and MegiPoland!!!

great wt fab!


finally out!
great game - thanks MegiPoland!

I am back - dont know if someone is still playing
but I cannot use my sword on the fan

table on water, jacket attached, fan on land with battery connected - girl in the boat - is there a hotspot

pop - sword on BATTERY not on fan

Back ... and out as well.
Thanks to everybody - especially to fab for the nice WT.
Nice game as always from Inkagames.

where is magnifier for code

If anyone is still here...I can not read the blocks. What is the code in that room? Thanks

on jacket found 9 5 8, tried all positions, 958, 985,589,598,859 and 895 and no code works, turned the 9 into 6 and tried all combinations, no code works

@Katrin...there are 4 numbers on the jacket. You are missing one of them.

@Katrinfix..there are 4 codes on the jacket . 2 on sleeves 2 on shoulders

I went across to get hammer, came back..but I cannot use the keypad without getting electricuted :(

NM..found it

What order do the numbers go in? I tried 7953, but that didn't work.

can't understand the blocks code. They all look like 7s to me. Anyone?

I know it's not live anymore but someone has to be playing it or such and can give the block code or explain it to why it is not all 7s. LOL

@Family...I'm in the same boat as you. I can't figure out the block code and they also look like all 7's to me.

Yeah, not sure where everyone got the code from. Because it's darn sure not all 7s.

#Family...I got it. The dots on the blocks appear very briefly when you first walk into the room. Go in and out of the room a couple of times to see the dots on all three blocks.

video walkthrough if anyone needs it. .. I had trouble with the fan and sword.


whats the code for the first one?

where the hell is the hammer?

Hi, what I do with the spikes... After saving the Smurf ?????

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