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March 31, 2011

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Cruise Ship Escape Walkthrough

Cruise Ship Escape

Cruise Ship Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Gamershood. Gather items and solve different puzzles in order to escape the bathroom. Good luck and have fun!

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all done except the number answer. Got the clue for it, but can't seem to get the right answer for my last red triangle...

where do you use the ninja star

yes i love these games although it takes me ages to get out goes

ninja star on dotted line on umbrella

Having problems with the number answer also.

Ah-ha! Don't forget to actually put in the green and red numbers before you put in the final answer.

Where to use the hammer?

st: one of the windows is tinted

Nvm. Had to use the hammer on the pink square on the front of the ship.

bigtank: use the ninja star to cut a whole in one of the table umbrellas

Just found out, but thanks anyway Deep Thinker.

Deep Thinker - Genius! That never even occurred to me!

I haven't found the clue yet for the number answer.
Is it the green windows and red dots?

cant get the number puzzle how do u get the pink key ? pls

Yep, that was the clue, finally out.

I think the pink key came from the pool, using that hook like thing.

any joy on the number puzzle yet

For the number puzzle,
count the square green windows and the round red windows and do the math.

what hook like thing..

The hook like thing came from a puzzle. Don't remember what one (blue, red or green I think).

is 7 cubed x 5 cubed correct?

Yep that's right, but don't forget to fill in the 7 and 5 as well.

cant do the math ....well i am blond lol sorry

thanks s-t

why can't I ever make the sudoku puzzles :(


Here's the first row;


kinda stuck on the sudoku like green key puzzle...any hints??

Thanks ST ... that did it

ahh forgot about the blue key puzzle got the hook thingy... just missing other triangle... to get out..i dont understand cubed thingy no good at maths

You're welcome aitch,

By the way, you're native English speaking, right?
Is there a term as well for something raised to the power of 4 and more (or is it only squared, cubed and then just raised to the power of..)

sudoku puzzle 2341 4213 1432 3124

I keep losing the keys area, I found it once but now I can't get back to it.

thanks for the hints......

meg click where it says royal caribbean then click under it at the black lines..

Zoom in on the white top part (radar?) of the ship and then zoom further in on the bottom part.

ST thanks again for the sudoku clue, from there on all went smooth.
I am not native English, but I believe it's something like: two exponent four ... ???

Found it, and out! Thanks for the math help!

you usually say "to the power of"...btw, i solved that whole thing so let me know if u need help.

think im going to leave this one ....

Thanks Cool,
And yes it could be, but I was wondering if they (the English) had some special term for it as well, something like hypercubed. But I guess not.


Yep Small-Tool. Cubed and x to the power of are the same terms! I've never been good at math, I just know the terms.

We also say 'x squared'.

Thanks Cindy and Lauren.
It's great, I just keep on learning things here.

hello! where is the blue key?

PLEASE! Help!!!! My game does'n't have a blue key! Lol

The blue key;
Zoom in on the bottom right part of the boat (not the back part, click the bigger grey window). And then zoom further in on the purple thing on top and then it's on the bottom right of the screen.

ok got it! Thank you you are so helpfull!

You're welcome.
And that's what EG24 is about, being helpfull and everybody here always is.
And only God knows how many times (but it has been a lot) I asked for help and got it from all those nice people here.

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 2:11 PM  

I think I am missing something on this one, I can't find anything except a blue key, a red key ,and a green key, and now I'm stuck :(

My 5 digit number is not working...

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 2:14 PM  

Nevermind, I'm not on my game today :)

How about solving the puzzles you get with those keys.
The puzzles are; zooming in on the top left part of the ship (the radar thing) and then zooming in on the bottom part of that new view. And there use the keys on the keyholes and then click the keyhole again to see the puzzle.

The 5-digit number should be (if you did the math correct) 42875, but you also have to fill in 7 for green and 5 for red.

Thanks small-tool. I did not realize I needed to change the colored numbers too.

Can't seem to spot the clue for the pink key puzzle.

Zoom in on the pool, then further in on the bottom parasols and then further in on the laptop.
And light grey there is white in the puzzle.

POP magically found the missing view. Thanks again small-tool.

Navigation was a little tricky, and predicatble overall

Lol Jenn,
But now the question remains, would you had that POP as well if I didn't posted. We will never know and it's better that way. Don't question POP, don't investigate it, just worship it and pray it will never leave us.

im late as always,,,, where is the yellow key? or where should i use that piece of metal that looks like what cowboys use on thier boots ? :D

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 3:34 PM  

could someone help with the sudoku? i keep getting a solution that looks legit, but no reward. either there's more than one possible answer or i'm misunderstanding the + - : clues.

That piece of metal is used in the pool (if it's a hook like thing), but I think you mean a spur and that's used on the parasol.
For that first zoom in on the pool and zoom further in the parasols on top.


st... yes i meant the -spur- and im out..... ofcourse after cheating the math puzzle from ur earlier post :)... thnx ^_^

Where exactly is the escape in this game? Bet the people on this cruise got sick with the number of times the boat switched directions when you zoomed in.

i cant get the pink key from water, that spur has a hook on it, but doesnt do anything, there must be something else that has a hook. help please, before i drown

does anyone know the 4 letter word, cant get that one either

@sherry12, 4-letter word comes from the text on the ship by the "exit" door (which is actually an "enter" door, as they have been lately in these GH's, lol)
Freedom Of The Seas

@Edgar thank you so much, I could not do , and thats where the hook is, thanks so much, now I can finish the game thanks to you

I don't find the answer of the number puzzle : it looks like morse code, but it is not.
And 7^3 x 5^3 is not the answer.

enter the green and red numbers before the answer

Thank you Enikö ! I feel stupid, I didn't even notice that they could be changed !

Please provide alternate link. This game won't load.

ok wtf, why was the lite grey on the keys of the lap top transformed into WHITE on the key puzzle????? did I miss a clue for that?

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