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March 31, 2011

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Diamond Penthouse Escape Walkthrough

Diamond Penthouse Escape

Diamond Penthouse Escape is another point and click room escape game. You awake to find yourself stuck in this penthouse apartment. Can you find a way out and leave with all the diamonds? Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Small-Tool]

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Great timing - just finished SSSG

I'll try this too.

Good luck guys.
This a good game (already played it).
You don't need the diamonds to escape but it's fun to try to find them all.

clue to right cabinet is wall behind dining table

so far 8 diamonds, yellow and green tokens, key (used), sd

Hi everyone!

use SD on switch next to TV for code to left cabinet

add the white and gray rows of backgammon for the 4-digit code

cruisin right along. think I'll wait to post unless I get stuck or someone needs help. fun so far!

14 diamonds five tokens.

can not find the colour clue. seen the colours on the plates and not getting number clue

You need a lighter.
Sisli already expalined the number clue.

number clue - add the backgammon columns.
missing 2 tokens, can't find the 4 color clue

and I need to repair the statue

the figure together with the glue of the barrels of the ship

colors from plates are for the tokens

Yep annaby,
after repairing and placing the statue you will find the lighter and afterwards the color clue.

How do we fix the statue, have statue piece in inventory but can't use it

See Sisli's post.

ah - thanks - didn't see the glue barrels before

and out nice little game

that was great! missed 2 diamonds though

sometimes I didn't like the navigation. I didn't like having to back out when I could see the place I wanted to go.

great game, good graphics and logical, although I needed help to find the glue, lol

Anybody still here ?
I am playing right now and don´t get the backgammon hint.
How to add the white and grey rows ?

POP, got it !!
pop works really fine :)

where is sd?

First click a piece so a backgammon stone goes to another place.
Then simply add up all the stones (doesn't matter white or grey) in every column.
So for example the first column (and your fist number) is 8.

can't get the squares to work. have ooiio
dosen't work.

Thx s-t, i am out with 14 gems, missed the gem in the below row number one.
Maybe i will replay later, now i have to go.


You have to push the O's and leave the X's as they are.

Anydody here??

that was a good wee game thanks for the hints.....

4 colored squares hint?

For the color code;
Use the broken statue on the glue barrel on the boat.
Use statue to open doors on cabinet next to the couch for the lighter.
Use lighter on candles in cupboard on the right (refill the lighter on the boat when it's empty).

Great game. Needed help to find barrels on ship though.

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 11:52 AM  

Where is the key for the boat?

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 11:54 AM  

Where to use the ultraviolet light? It won't go in the light fixture above the TV and painting. I have not seen any other light fixtures.

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 11:58 AM  

Well, Duh. The ultraviolet light is "held over" the plates on the dining room table. You get two clues there - one for the 4 square colors and it looks like the order to put the tokens in. You have to "hold" the light in the close up ( you see only 4 plates and the fruit bowl) and then zoom out and see all 8 plates.

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 12:03 PM  

I was wrong. the 4 square clue is not on the dining room table plates. I guess it only applies to the order of the tokens.

I can't finish this game with the 4 square. Losing stars.

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 12:04 PM  


       Anonymous  3/31/11, 12:06 PM  

If anyone is still here... where is the key to the ship that has the glue for the statue that opens up something??

If you're talking about the color code, see my previous post.

The glue is on the ship on a barrel (no need for the key yet).
Use the statue on the barrel (you can't take the barrel).

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 12:11 PM  

There were people here when I started playing and ... then ... they all went away ... I guess they abandoned ship. I wish they had left the key behind.

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 12:15 PM  

Thanks small-tool. I guess I was paying too much attention to the "It's Locked" message when I clicked the ship. My statue is glued now.

Out but missing one diamond. I can help if needed.

What to do with the clock and the bottle?
Thank you!

On the Times magazine is the clue how to set the clock.
The bottle goes with the other bottles in the cupboard in the back on the right (to open the drawer there).

Missing they green token..where can i find it?

Never mind, found it :)

Thanks, small tool!

You're welcome Antoaneta.

Very enjoyable. I missed 2 diamonds somewhere - the top and the bottom ones in the first row.

I don't find the 4 digits code. Adding the white and grey tokens gives : 7646 and that's wrong.

You first have to click a token (one on the right if I remember correctley) so it goes to another place. And then count again.

the code for the 4 digit code is 8645


1) First view next to leg of cupboard
2) Upper right corner of sofa
3) On backgammon board
4) In bowl on table below TV
5) Upper left corner of Time magazine
6) On top of wine rack (must be in view with TV)
7) Bottom row of shelves with candles - in plant
8) Second row from top shelves with candles - next to books
9) Next to left leg of cupboard
10) On ship
11) Bottom left of clock face
12) Bottom left place mat on dining table
13) In fruit bowl
14) In bowl on wine rack
15) Behind wine rack after you correctly place tokens

Thank you Small-Tool !

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I found that, over the TV, the dark gray tile was too dark and looked black. It didn't match the shade of gray on the buffet cabinet drawer. I, like nearly everyone it seems, missed the illogical barrels on the ship.

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very nice game :D

Thanks small tool, I liked it

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 10:39 PM  

I still can't figure the clock. I move the hour hand to 8 but the minute hand won'twork.

       Anonymous  3/31/11, 10:41 PM  

nm. got it.


red gem under dresser
click on ottoman, move one of the pieces, add them up top to bottom 8645
use code on drawer, get cyan token
click on end table get purple gem
click on magazine, note time is 8:20 and get red gem
click on dresser, get white gem click on the clock, enter 8:20 and grab the yellow gem and green token
click on shelf, get the statue at upper right corner, get blue gem on row under statue
click on bottom row, click on the brown box and get orange token and get pink gem from flowers
click on the table, get blue gem on lower left place holder
click on fruit bowl, get key and yellow gem
zoom out and notice pattern on back wall
go back to dresser, insert pattern password open door, get yellow token and screwdriver click on the boat, get pink gem click use the upper right barrels with the broken statue to glue it back together, then put statue with others, get lighter and purple token
go back to boat, use lighter with the middle barrels and lighter is filled
click on tv, get green gem
use screwdriver on the panel click button notice pattern
go back to dresser and insert code, get ultraviolet light and purple token
go back to shelves, light 2 candles and go refill lighter, light the other two candles (note colors) top:red green bottom: yellow purple
click lower shelf and use key get knife
zoom out and use knife on wine bottle
click on sofa, use knife on hole, get magenta token and rose gem on right side of couch
click on wine rack, get green gem, insert wine bottle
click on end table, insert candle code top:red green bottom: yellow purple get key
go back to dresser, click on boat use key on boat, get blue token
click on the table
use ultraviolet light on plates top: yellow cyan green blue bottom: magenta orange purple red go to wine rack, put tokens in order from plates. hit green button get gem and exit

that was a great game :D thanks @small-tool for posting it... i'm out with all diamonds and a big TY for the help of the backgammon and ship-barrel hints :o)

Can smeone help me with the backgammon (tavli) ? I cant understant anything...I clicked on the grey plate and now i cant do anything else on backgammon...Nothing else is moving and i have clicked everywhere ;/

Great game! Only found 14 diamonds, but I'm okay with that. :)

had to replay for my missing diamond. Cute and easy little game. :) I liked the logical puzzles.

@r3naki in case you check back -- just count the pieces in each of the 4 "columns" (add the top pieces to the bottom ones directly below it)

Use the 4 numbers in the door of the TV stand.

Does anyone know who made this game? I liked it and would like to see if I can find any more by this person.

Courtney Graham Hipp,

Tera Lumina made this game and this is his profile;

Don't know if he made more games.

Thanks for the info!

i have glued the statue together but it wont open the cipboard! help!?

Finished with every diamond :D

       Anonymous  7/14/11, 5:11 PM  

hi if anyone is still on im looking for the light blue token anyone kno where it is

15/15 diamonds, did it in 0:26:55

good game, escaped with all 15 diamonds, i was doing ok by myself til the glue on the ship :/ thnx to people who posted guides on this :)

i cant find the green

Enjoying now , just the number is missing, black gammon is not moving a bit I tried to put them together can anyone help

Enjoying now , just the number is missing, black gammon is not moving a bit I tried to put them together can anyone help

       Anonymous  5/29/13, 12:08 PM  

Where's the green token?!

       Anonymous  5/29/13, 12:11 PM  

When i enter 8:20 on the clock nothing happens.

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