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Escape From Wherever You Are

Escape From Wherever You Are is another point and click room escape game created by Dina Gjertsen for AddictingGames. None of this makes sense: first you are on a spaceship, then a green planet, then a swinging apartment! Try to collect enough items to make your escape...from wherever this is!! Good luck and have fun! [subbed by grzegania]

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hmmm.. let's see what's what here....

Hi all! Loading!

Why are the pliers near the food... ewwwww! Got them and bottle from picnic basket..

Hi @Michjean!

Got a few items, used fork on trunk tree.

Same bottle and pliers with me, plus an avocado from the nest and fork by the anvil.

ok fork removed bark .. hit switch and now I'm in an apartment...

Hi all, i have lots of items, used fork on mark on tree and i am in an appartement now.

Oh, thanks Zazie! I never clicked the red button... duh!

cut mobile for piece of metal

I closed the camera by using blade from lava lamp on red box and back outside now.

Put dirt from ficus in ashtray (with shovel)

Just got the pink piece of metal from the mobile too.

Ahh you can go inside and outside more often, got knife from painting also.

There's a tiny butter knife in the corner of a picture.

I've got alot of items now... tongs, blade, stone disc, ashtray.. but no clue as to use on many (used blade)

Another room now, use knife on screws in kitchen

Strange game! Thanks again for new room zazie!

Use knife in the apartment (as a SD), now in another view.

I think I am missing only the apartment code.

Wild West anyone..?

Corkscrew in western room on camera upper right corner, opened bottle.

Hammer, knife and gun from Saloon, anything else?

Hmmm, I have a white screen with a blue dot... is that right for the beginning or did something happen in the loading?

michjean, you get there when you use the knife on screws in lava lamp room and push the red button.

Cut avocado in half

Jo-Ann i had the same, restartet and then it worked.

K, loaded again now I see and hear stuff

is this still live?

Took the pit of the avocado now.

Great... my ashtray is stuck on my nugget and I don't like the constant description that I have to constantly X out..

Awesome! starting the game with a bottle of wine! Woohooo!

Above the table in saloon is a hammer.

Pretty much live Jo-Ann!

I don't know any codes. I do have the gold disk, mud disk, ice disk and stone disk and I loaded the avocado seed into the gun.

I shoveled some dirt from the potted tree and put it in the ashtray... Why would I do that?

Entered my 3 codes in the Saloon machine and now I have to press the red button... and I dont have to be too literal!! ROFL!

'no time for a drink' Ha they don't know me... there is always time for a drink!

I only have stone disk, where are the others ?

The saloon code could be GOLD.

To make a mud disk

Edgar, do you have a hint for the apartment clue?

and a saloon? I do need a drink for this game! lol

For codes:
Woods - look at the tree
Apartment - look at paintings
Saloon - look at 4 pictures upstairs.

What about the fridge and the three paintings in the apartment?

Aha! Now i know what red key was that about... the piano! I am in a new room now.

Gold nugget from river, use plate.

In 4th room, used the gun to shut lasers down.

Put my stone disk in the cube but need another one...

Where do I find the ice disc? In the fridge? How to open it?

I've got the apartment code. Thanks Edgar.

got my gold nugget, used the tongs and put it in the fire but it is gone now?

Ice disc? Where??

Im out!

Ice disc, water from Wine bottle into ash tray. Ash try into freezer.

Good Luck All! I have a meeting.....

And out. But not sure I lived to tell the story! Nice little game, thanks!

Oh, I didn't use the bottle in the river.. Thanks!

so I have dirt and water in ashtray, opened freezer but it won't go in? What am I doing wrong?

Still stuck on codes....

i never used the pink piece of metal. maybe that's why I didn't make it...

Zazie, maybe you are missing the one in the apartment?
Look at the pink in the paintings.
I need help on how to make a gold disk, my nugget is smoking in the tongs so, what from there?

Two questions for those of you that are out

how do I get my gold out of the fire and how do I put my mud and ashtray in the freezer?

Put nugget on anvil and use hammer.

ok, found where to use the pink metal, didn't really need it afterall

Out, too. What did I need the metal thing for from the mobile? Nice game!

Jo-Ann, water from the bottle + ashtray is what is to be put in freezer.
For mud disc, you need to collect some dirt with the shovel (from the plant pot) and add some water (use bottle). Then just take the mud disc out.

Only water in ashtray goes into the freezer for ice disk.

out with explosion

Ah, thanks Zazie. Going now.

Take gold from fire with tongs again. Go back outside and place the gold on the anvil and smash with hammer. It makes a gold piece!

@Zazie, my gold went into the fire and now it is lost, I can't get it out again

also, what to do with avacado pit in gun?

Thx Edgar and what about the trees ? for first code ?

Hello everybody! I try to enter the codes, but I don#t know, how to press enter or something the like. I assume they are colors.

Jo-Ann: shoot laser guns

Use tongs again !

Hm, yes. What was that metal piece for?

@Edgar, never thought to take it out again! Thanks!

My gold went into the fire and now for the life of my I can not retrieve it with the tongs again

Still don´t get the tree code :(

Yes Zazie. Letters on tree are the code. If you look at the ***'s in the machine, you can guess the codes are 4-3-4 letters long.

ahh ok thx again Edgar !!

Zazie, for tree:

= "dead"

I forgot completely about the letters lol.

Metal piece was to open another red button in the saloon to go directly back to the apartment, like the razor was used in the apartment to find the button to go directly back to the outside

Jo-Ann, my gold went back to the tongs without having to use them. Check your inventory.

Anyone do anything with the player piano?

Out too, but i never used the metal piece.

Cindy the roll from codes goes into piano.

Hello everyone!
I just can't get my ashtaray with aer out of the fridge...
I can't found the red key in the saloon neither, help me!!

my tongs are empty and my gold is lost... I am afraid it melted too much to pick up

also, my ice is stuck in the freezer, can not retrieve it at all

Sorry,it was "water"...

This opens the last room when you push the red piano key.

Jo-Ann go around in the room once, then open freezer again.

@Cindy, once you enter the 3 codes in the machine, you should get a printed sheet to use on the piano. The red key will be there.

@Guilia, did you close the fridge before? 8with ashtray inside)

The red button is directly on the cash keyboard (under codes, go one step back)

where can I get the gold?

@Jo-Ann, idk what's wrong...

Maybe I did use the tongs to get the gold back even when it was apparently gone?

I don't have a red piano key!

@Zazie, I have gone around the room many times, both directions, visited all other locations, opened the register got the new room, shot the lasers and still my ice is stuck and my gold is gone

guess it is buggy for me?

Kris, gold is in the river, use plate in water.

Thanks, I made it at last!!

Very strange Jo-Ann, i have no idea why this happens. For me it was ok :(

Sorry to hear you couldn't make it Jo-Ann. Maybe you did catch a glitch.

I have to go now.
It was great playing with you all !!
And GL Jo-Ann.

Where do you ude the metal piece in the saloon? I tried it everywhere with no avail. Moreover I don't get the code.

OUT! Thanks Giulia

Nope, nothing seems to be working

seems I did the right things, got gold nugget, used tongs to place in fire but then it disappeared and I can't pan for more because my pan is gone :(

not going to restart either. too bad, was fun while it lasted

I cannot figure out how to enter the codes? Or maybe i have the wrong codes?

Dead? gold? and?

You can solve the game without using the pliers and getting the metal thing.

@friwi, what code you need help with? And I haven't gone back to try to find the spot for the metal piece..

@AD3, your missing code (apartment) comes from the letters made by the pink parts of the 3 paintings. They spell letters... look closely!

Edgar, I thought it would be blue, red, gold, but since I learned that some tree revealed DE AD (which I never saw), I need the other two.

@friwi, "gold" for Saloon is right.

Apartment code id "hal"

Cool, found out pink code. Its hal. Never thought, that would be a word.

Jo Ann I just had the same problem, your gold nugget is in your inventory where it was before you put it in the fire, its just not showing up until you click on the question mark

I got out and blew up. Not playing again.

Thank you, Edgar!

Got it. I had not entered the codes yet. Thanks Edgar and Zazie! ...and I'm out..if you can call exploded out!

What a prosaic end. Thanks for your help!

@friwi, the metal thing is used on the one of the lower panels of the bar

and out thanks for the hints ^^

what did you use the gold and mud discs for?

ice, mud, stone and gold discs are used at end in 4th room to get exit key. Any had a different ending other than explosion?

ive got the key...but how do i shoot the lasers with the gun???...nothing happen's

Did you load the avocado pit into the gun?

cindy....err no...silly me..thanks

Where do you get the avocado.?

If I remember correctly; from the birds nest.

Buggy! Can´t take my gold back from fire.
Although my first top left inventory space seems empty, when I click on it, it pops up a window showing the hot nugget but can´t put it on the anvil.

Same problem here Roberto.
Seems we caught the same bug.

Seemed like a nice game and I was planning to write a walkthrough, but I even won't restart anymore. Getting fed up with all those games with bugs.

Don't wanna act like a spoiled brat (and I know all games here are for free and we should be grateful), but how about some proper beta testing before you release a game.

I'm still in the game...s-t...took a long break....sure there will be no WT??? really need it!

how do you get the bottle with water in it?

do you have to open the bottle somehow?

There is a glitch, make sure once you make the mud pie you dont put dirt back in the ashtry for the ice disc

yeah how do you get the bottle with water in it? i can't find it.

ok never mind i had to put the wine bottle into the river and then into the mud, got it.

but i what is the password for the woods, i can seem to figure that one out, i only have the saloon which is gold, and the apartment which is hal.

sorry the i isn't suppose to be there

ha wow i figured it out, that was a nice game

Why this game wont load for me, i always get a white screen with a blue circle??????

im stuck.. some 1 help! all i have is the gold, tongs,dirt (in ash tray), stone disk, wine bottle (unopened!), pliers and an avacado.. HELP

@grace, did you get the knife from the paintings in the apartment? if not, get it and use it as a screw driver on the panel on the kitchen counter. push that button and go to new location.

anyone having trouble with the gold disappearing, i had the same issue while playing in gooogle chrome. switched to explorer and it all worked fine. :)

What you can take is a razor blade from the bottom of the lava lamp, a butter knife from the bottom right of the the picture/painting when zoomed in, a pan from the kitchen view and by using the butter knife in the kitchen view you could go to a new room to find more stuff.
But don't mind me, I did quit this game.

wait what painting.. i c no knife.. but THANKS!

Internet Explores is all I use and I had the problem/bug with the gold/nugget.

OMG thanks i got it! THANK U!

but how do u open the bottle?

Playing in FireFox and have the same gold bug... heated nugget was in inventory but invisible. Highlighted it, added tongs but then couldn't pick it up to add to anvil. Grrrr!

This comment has been removed by the author.

In the third room (the saloon room) in the view of the bar (stairs on the left), you can zoom in on the camera on the right. And on top of it, there is a corckscrew. Use that to open the bottle.

Nevermind... what do i do with the disk, gold, mud pie and ice block?

Restarted and gold bug didn't occur this time.

xoxograciebal123: there's a large cube in the final 'laser' room - all disks go in there.

Sorry xoxograciebal123,
Can't help you. Tried to play a few more times, but just encountered more bugs. This time I even couldn't fill my opened bottle with water and of course I couldn't take the gold nugget back from the fire again.

Sorry Grzegania, you probably tried to make a good game, but too many bugs in it.

what lazer room!?

it ok .. THanks 4 all the help!

@xoxograciebal123, wasn't around to give more help. Have you entered the codes in the machine at the Saloon? If not, that would be your next step.

Too bad to know many more people had bugs in the game. It's a good one though.

@s-t, hi! Ehm, you know? Grzegania didn't make the game, but only subbed it :)

oohhhhh... thank u1 :)

I just assumed Grzegania was the nickname, or the name in short, for Dina Gjertsen.
But it does not matter anyway, Can´t finish this because of the bugs.

I have the bug too..gold stuck in the fire... seemed like a nice game until the glitch

red key?? wow im not good at these...

Too bad you couldn't. And you're right, they are maybe the one and same person... and right again, it doesn't matter.

lol @xoxograciebal123, get the printed sheet and go to the piano now.

actually the correct expression is.. POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the cube only has 2 spots?? what about the others?

How do I get the bark off with the fork?!?!

Hi i just came back and read your last comments.
Is there anybody who can explain to me why some people are having bugs and others don´t have ? (in the same game i mean).
Would like to understand this :)
It depends on what ?

just drak the fork 2 the weird bark

@xox, i just clicked the cube again and it turned and i could put the others two in it.

In tis game you have to drag items to the hotspot(s).

o nooo dont say i have a bug.. :( been workin on it 4 sooo long

Nevermind... DID it!! But i EXPODED... ohh welll... mayb cuz i neva used the pliers...

What is the word in the pink paintings?

BUT TECHNECLY I DID IT :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS EVERY1!!!!!

@beawierdo, it is "hal".

Why some people encounter the bug(s) and others not depends on;
- What country you're living in.
- What browser you use.
- What anti-virus program you use.
- How eager you are to finish the game.
- How many escape games you played in the past and how you scored on those.
- Male or female.
- And most of all, being lucky or not.

How do I do the pink piece of metal thing?

@beawierdo12326, using the pliers on the mobile.

@s-t: i rarely submit my scores, because i have no interest in scores. I wanna have fun playing with you all. The score doesn´t matter for me.
But thank you very much for explaining !
I was not aware that bugs are depending on the country you are living in.
And male or female ? What does it mean ?
I am a bit troubled....because my browser (FF mostly) becomes slower and slower when i am playing Flash games. But well, thx again for explaining :)
I love playing with you, you are very cute !

And i think that my anti-virus is a very good one....but maybe he is slowing down, i don´t know.

First scene with picnic basket: obtain fork and bottle
Go left and take spade from bucket; in same scene tree has a love heart with D.E. and A.D.
Go left and notice anvil; bottom of anvil: find fork; click on tree and get avocado from nest
Go left and notice strange bark. Use fork. Press button.
You get transported to flat.
Drinks trolley: get pair of tongs.
Get ashtray from coffee table.
Click on lava lamp and obtain razor blade from its bottom.
Click on red and white painting on wall and use razor blade to uncover another button. Do not press yet.

If you were to press that button you'd go back into the woods (picnic scene).
Go right in flat and click on pink paintings. Get butter knife from right painting.
Squint your eyes and concentrate on pink of paintings. Looks like letters, no?
Go right and use pliers on mobile to get pink leaf.
Click on potted tree and again to see its base. Use spade to scoop up some soil. Place soil in ashtray (open ashtray pic and use spade on it.)
Zoom in on table and move cocktail glass so you can take the coaster (=flat stone disk).
Go right and you are in kitchen. Notice you can open freezer door but can't do much with it at the moment.
Click on worktop and use butter knife to unscrew panel. Press button and teleport to saloon.

Click on left side of bar and you see a ... computer! It requires 3 codes from each location.
Click on door on landing and check out hanging pictures. The ones on right have a word spelled out on them. Alright! You got one of the codes. Could the love heart be another code? And could the painting in the flat spell the third word? Let's try: dead, hal, gold. It works!
Zoom out and pick up scroll from printer. It's a music sheet for a piano.
Click on corner above right glass panel. It's a camera and has a corkscrew embedded in it. Handy!
Go right and take hammer from balustrade above table.
Click on table to zoom and find gun on a chair.
Go right and pick up big knife from table. Notice burning stove.
Go right and find piano. Insert music sheet. Press red button (as per instructions on computer where you entered 3 codes). Another teleportation - this one looks like a spaceship!
Go right you'll see a cube with some elements. Maybe your disk will fit in one. It does! Now you need 3 more disks: water, mud and gold.
Go right and see 3 teleportation buttons.

I forgot to write that there is a pan on the kitchen worktop used for panning for gold. Go back to flat and take it if you didn't take it by chance already. Use corkscrew to open wine bottle. It's empty... Where can we find some water? Ah forest scene! Let's go there. (if you are in flat, button in painting will take you to forest; button on worktop will take you to saloon. If you are in saloon, use pink leaf on bar pane (3rd from left) to discover another button.

OK back in picnic scene. Use bottle in river to take water. Use water in ashtray to make a mud disk.
Use pan in water to find a golden nugget. Try to use it on anvil and you will be told it is too hard. Where can you make it softer? Ah in saloon stove. But before you go there, why not put some water from bottle in ashtray and use freezer in flat to get an ice disk?
You know about teleportation now...

Here I encountered bug that others talked about - my golden nugget disappeared and so did the pan but I can click in its place and see picture. Grrr!
Anyway, assuming you don't get any bugs the rest of the actions go like this:
Cut avocado and get stone.
Use stone in gun.
Use tongs on golden nugget. Place nugget in stove in saloon. Use tongs to get melted nugget out. Teleport to forest (from up the stairs) and use melted nugget on anvil with hammer to get gold disk.
Go back to flat and teleport to saloon. Teleport to spaceship. Use all disks on cube and it will disappear leaving a key behind.
Use loaded gun on up view (over door with lasers) to shoot machine. Enter through that door. It's a simulator of sorts. Use key on door and there will be an explosion.
You are out. Or are you? Can't finish the second time due to bug, unfortunately.

Hope my walkthrough was clear enough to help you through any sticky points.

OK I know what I did wrong with gold: forgot to remove it from pan. How silly of me. Now 3rd time round, it's OK.

Avoid the Gold Bug!

Remove the gold nugget right after you put it into the woodstove. Don't navigate away or it will be melted when you get back.

cant find the screw driver anyone help plz

Hope this helps - the ice disc will come out if you close the freezer door yourself (no by moving away), you need to close the message using the red x, then you can close the door to freeze the water.

too bad about the gold bug. Not restarting.

good game

I enjoyed that game til I also hit the gold bug and I can't be bothered to start over- what a pity. Apart from that it was a very enjoyable game.

hit the gold bug and couldn't finish...tooo bad....

In this game you don't need a screwdriver, use the first knife instead.

Did I get blown up in the end? Or was thet the only ending?

Game had its bugs but one of the best lately played, conceptually speaking!

Bug report!!
Obviously the Gold Bug is the sore thumb of this game!
When first loading the game, got a white screen with 1 blue dot, but reloaded just fine.
Everytime the ficus is viewed, my 'shovel with dirt' re-appeared in the inventory.
In the last scene, key is titled 'battery' XD

fun~ all of that just to die in the end. didnt even get to bask in my escape >.>

The cube in the last room (actually, it's all the same room, but a holodeck that switches scenes) looks remarkably much like the Companion Cube from Valve's game "Portal".

I won't comment on the 'mudpie' (in contrast to the three other discs), because it may not be suitable for children.

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