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In the Footsteps of Mayan Kings Walkthrough

In the Footsteps of Mayan Kings

In the Footsteps of Mayan Kings is another point and click room escape developed by Abroy. You are trapped in a old house full of Mayan culture and items. Mayan kings are starting to dislike the intruders so better make your way out of there as fast as you can. Good luck and have fun!

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First one in?

ok.... hope this one is better

found a piece of picture behind the globe and another one behind the cactus plant

Piece of picture behind the cactus and one behind the globe.

No Pat, but I just don't post first.

Lol Strika.

Third piece behind back of the chair.

Piece behind skull, but cant get it.

another two pieces of picture one under the cube on table and one in couch

Finally a live one!!

How did you get behind cactus?

Fourth piece under skull, but can't take it!?

Pat, behind the little cactus, not the big one.

I thought mayans say 12.21.2012 was the end of the world?

click on the cactus pat. it will move

solved the word puzzle and got one piece of picture

Clippers from the worlds ends puzzle.

Ah ha, just put the date in wrong, duh

sandpaper on round needs polished gets clue to stick puzzle

First day then month

solved the pucture puzzle and got the neutralizer. used it on the table-or basket- and took the piece of picture

Pat, you are right. But it's the European way they write that date (21.12)

I ve now finished the tomatea and try to catch up ...with no hope...

And Out! Thanks all

How does one work out the line pattern? Pretty certain it is the pattern on the sofa?

line pattern comes from polished round doodad on shelf ..use sandpaper

clip leaves and cover skull eyes..got puzzle piece

Duh me pattern after using sandpaper!!

word clue anyone... very tired after long day..

Hey everyone, indeed NEXT game! Where to use pliers? Thought maybe cut the red ribbon from book to put on skulls eyes as it says we need to block his view to be able to get the piece? Did not work, too bad!

Out if anybody needs help

@michjean THANKS!!!!

Finally out too,
Thanks for all the help.

Use the pliers twice on the plant in corner in view after the 1 with skull

and OUT!!! next game? which one to do......

Word clue please????

Michjean, shape of leave is word clue

DUH!!!! thnx @Yvon (it's been a very long day) lol

ah yvon you were a sec sooner! Did you get it michjean?

nice game

Now stuck on where pliers are...

I think i got that from one off the puzzles.

nvm ... ouT!! Yeah me!

UGH...hitting refresh and not post. Thanks for all the help!!! I think they were talking about the clippers... I didn't realize I had another puzzle piece. (I'm going to dinner now - catch games later - need food) :-)

Great job michjean.

Please,how do I get the piece from the bucketthing?

New, what bucketthing do you mean?

you mean the bin? You need a bottle off nutralizer

In the middle of the room view of the door.The riece has some green "leaves" on it

Yep neutralizer, from one of the puzzles, wasn't it the picture puzzle?

you wont believe it!I missed the slider.Thank you anyway Yvon

New, you need bottle of neutralizer. You get that from slider puzzle.

Thank you too small-tool.I hadnt found the drawer!!

You're welcome New, but Yvon always beats me with giving answers afterwards while I'm the King of giving information (gathered by others) afterwards.
Anyway, thanks for the missing post on the other game, I kind of replied there.

Thank you for answering. Im too slow on posting. Hope to meet you in another live, The thing is I can only play this hour of the day and there arent lives this hour.I think todays two games was an exeption and a big surprise

Nice game. Just right!

I think that I need only one piece of the puzzle. I have opened all the drawers, but I haven't used the leaf from the plant.

The word please...I don´t spek english...

why can't I find the sandpaper???

Nokra, you was open all te drawers?

Do you know the word in red letters? Can you help me?

Pascale, use two leaf from the plan y each eyes of calavera on the desk.....under is the other one piece....

       Anonymous  3/16/11, 6:50 PM  


Thank you very much t !!!!!
I love you !

Can anyone direct me to the sandpaper?

Nm... found the sandpaper in the drawer with the 4 colors code (missed the clue on the wall)

I'm sorry, @ferchu, I had to leave the computer...but you got your answer....I guess I won't get mine...lol

maybe it was too cryptic....so , can anyone please tell me where to find the sandpaper....pretty please?

okay...did anyone else have a problem distinguishing the 4 colors on the wall hanging?
I saw...3 greens and a red...brute forced it for sandpaper.

hello nokra. im not sure what time u posted ur last msg but in case u still need the answer its


Tab works :)
Didn't know there were 2 views of magic table

Got stuck on color code. No one posted anything while live. Could not get sandpaper. Gave up! Usually games much better.

patsy.... i just wrote them :)



Picture piece behind the globe.
Pp behind the cactus.
Pp below the small yellow box on the table.
Hint of colored crop circles, use in top drawer to get sandpaper.
Solve slider puzzle for neutralizer, use it on small stool to get pp.
PP behind back of the chair.
Using Mayan calender hint 12.21.2012, solve to get clippers.
Sandpaper on round thing on shelf with patch gives clue to stick puzzle.
Solve stick puzzle to get pp.
Use the clippers on the tall tree to get 2 leaves, cover the skull's eyes with them to get pp.
Use the shape of the dry leaf (heart) in the drawer to get pp.
Place all pps in the door to get key and out.

Buggy. Can't pick up pieces - under skull, in box in center of room. Stopped trying after that. Come on people.

lol with the Necronomicon. Klaatu barada nikto Hail to the King, baby!

@Brilliance2Spare if you come back -- you can't pick up 2 of the pieces until you cover the skull's eyes and neutralize the pollution.

       Anonymous  3/18/11, 4:50 AM  

Like this game thinking game :-) Finished.

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