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Medieval Escape 5 Walkthrough

Medieval Escape 5

Medieval Escape 5 is a new point and click type escape the room game from CafeCafeGames and JuegosDeEscape.Net. You are trapped in a Medieval Castle and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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got a wheel, put it in the first view. cannot pick anything else? :/

got a red thing from the shield

got key from basin

How did you get the key?

above the basin are four pipes, change them.


Opened safe with 835.
Where's the hint for the pipes chipsi?

"a metal" from far right room

Thanks i thought it was in link with the shapes upstairs

Got a wheel wheel and a "red medal" upstairs.

I got three blocks but dont know what to do now!

shapes upstairs gave me a crowbar from lines puzzle.

A live one! I'm going in!!

Used crowbar to get small rope from barrel.

"a metal" used to get a rope

rope used on sewing machine

Crowbar on barrel gives rope.

machine gives block... can't get key...

didn´t find a hint for the pipes, I just tried. the first and fourth pipe are horizontal, the middle one together look like a T

A white block from sewing machine.

Got key now. Thanks Chipsi.

Make the pipes go from left and right and in the middle down, so you could get water. That gives key.

Used yellow key and placed medal to get silver key.

Dont know how to solve metal symbols puzzle

block found in sewing room

And silver key gives my second white block.

cool - thnx @chipsi

Now what's the hint to press the five buttons next to the gate.
Do we have to Google for elements?

Need a third block, and logical order for 3-dig code is not working. Anyone?

puzzle in far right room on top...4 lines...dunno

I posted above Edgar, but that was trial and error.

Look at the black shapes above the stairs.

Well, don't know if it helps but
Ni = 28
C = 6
Ca = 20
Au = 79
Ti = 22

Got the third bruteforced block, thanks.

C Ca Ti Ni Au doesn't work

c ca ti ni au c worked for me

By the way,
you can push the 3 blocks down.

Tnx nbnation. Pressed C again and am out. :-)

I had to walk in the next room for it to work for me.

I tried Ca Ti Ni Au C only (order of elements from left to right) but never tried C at first and twice. Thanks nbination. Im out too.

ouT! Thnx @nbnation - didn't think to try starting order again..

Well, out too.
But why the number order for the safe (the color order from the carpets is wrong)?
And why C again in the end?

Elements order is by atomic weight..smallest to greatest and again smallest.

Order for 3-dig is sizes of carpets.

I restarted it with Ca Ti Ni Au C only and ilt also worked...

Yep michjean, that's obvious. But why C again in the end?

Really @nbination? I'm positive I did try that in my game!

Ah thanks Edgar, now I see, it's the width sizes, not the length.

@Edgar yes i tried as you did and it worked

Ah thanks, nbnation.
So it wasn't atomic weight, but just from left to right in the periodic table.

By the way, a new game is out.

Sigh... anymore, I think some of these games are just meant to complete ... being logical or well thought out doesn't seem to be the norm.

Hi. I still can't get water from the pipes.
At what position should the pipes be?
If I look at the drawing above the stairs the it should be: -| |- | -|
Am I right? If so, than I don't get the water.
Please help.

Got it! Finaly!

A wheel (used) and a red medal... Totally stuck here.

Little late to help you, you're already out. I did this one on my own. Which new game small tool?

@Pascale you can have a key from the pipes

Just go to the EG24 homepage (maybe refresh). It's a new games2rule game.

But it is a very easy one!

Small tool, I'm playing on the EG24 page. See no new games. Played them all.

Thank you, nbnation, but I can't get anything from those pipes. I'm trying to make the same pattern as on the keyhole upstairs, but it doesn't work.

It's here;

Pascale it's like this;

- T -

The two middle ones together make the T-shape.

you have to make a pattern like this : the first and last pipe horizontaly and the middle pipes forming like a "T"

small-tool, nbnation, thank you ! But how did you guess this ?

By chance!

A block from the chest, another one from the cupboard... where is the last one ?

By logic.
That's the way water can come frome somewhere and go into the tap.
But a bit by chance too because there are some more ways to achieve that.

Pascale, from the spinning wheel table when you put the rope on it.

I tried to pick up the crowbar, no way. I tried every possible combination for the turning pegs above, nothing works.

for the crowbar, follow the shapes near the chest :
- - I -

Thank you again for your help, Small-Tool, but for some reason, I can't pick up the rope.

Above the stairs (next to the chest) is this pattern (top part of the black cracks)

- - | -

Use that

Thank you nbnation, finally, I have the crowbar !

It's another rope Pascale, you'll get it later.

I was trying to pick up the rope near the crowbar !

How are we supposed to guess the final code even using Mendeleiev's table ?! 2 random codes (for the pipes and near exit), that's definitely too much in a game !

The tope is in the top barrel, douwnstairs

hilfe,bekomme nicht den schlüssel vom goldenen helm für kiste
mir fehlt noch 3. block

In the red shield is a red triangle. You have to put that triangle on the helmet.

ah danke Dir das kleine teil hatte ich übersehen

Somebody online?

The Video Walkthrough - in color :-)


Put rope on spinning wheel --- but no block. I have not seen any reference to any other item that has to be "put" on the machine. Not a fun game.

Walktrought for medival escape 5.
1.Go right. (2nd scene)
2.Change the pipes like this: --,,--, and you get the key.
3. Go right. (3rd scene)
4. use 835 code, and click ond doors. You get a gray brick.
5. Go right (4th scene)
6. Get red medal from red shield.
7. There is a hint ( --|- ) on the wall.
8. Go right (5th scene).
9. Use --|- and get the crowbar, and get the wood wheel behind pike.
10. The yellow key open the door.
11. Use Red medal in golden helmet. (get gray key).
12. Go left (4th scene).
13. Use gray key on chest. (get 2nd gray brick).
14. Go left (2nd scene).
15. Use cwowbar on barel (get small rope)
16. Go right (3rd scene).
17. Use small rope on spinning wheel.
18. Click keyholed wood and get the 3rd gray brick.
19. Go left (1st scene)
20. Put gray bricks in the left side case. Click on (it is get down)
21. Put wood whool in the middle hole.
22. Click Ca Ti Ni Au C.

And you are free...

Puzzles solutions seem random. You could interpret the clues (if there are any) a number of ways. I'm giving up on this series. It is too bad, the early games were good. p.s. Did the periodic chart even exist in medieval times?

not a bad game until the last code (why left to right and not atomic numbers)?

There should have been a clue for it.

@Tiquer since you asked. Nope, it wasn't. It was invented by Mendeleev in 1869 (according to wikipedia)

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