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Tower Escape

Tower Escape is a new escape game created by Rooms2Escape. The king caught you sneaking around the castle and had you locked up in the tower. Now you must find items and solve puzzles to escape! Good luck and have fun!

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Fork under the plate, worm in the (tea?)pot.

yuck - a worm in my jug

Hi all, let´s go...

So far i have fork, one ball from behind curtain, worm (used) and golden key.

And i put metal stick in hole in wall.

Hi small-tool
one ball behind curtain - one from lighting candles

Used key on chest got a gear, two are turning now.

live people? I'm shocked!

hi all. :)

Opened red book with 3 digit code...

@zazie - where did you use the worm?

Hi Everyone - Loading!

wow - kkf - welcome back!

@SM on one of the window sills is a small cross.Put worm there.

ty zazie

sheesh...between logging in, getting hijacked by that stupid fake virus thing, and having to log in again, you will be done before I even start


Hi all, with the fork into the fire, get blue ball

mmh put 315 on the wheels but nothing happening

Blue ball behind burning wood...and i can turn the 3 wooden wheels.

315 is for the purple book.
How do you open the red book and where's the metal stick?

my 3-digit code from king not working on red book

It is not a fork, It's a bike pedal. I don't know what to do with it.

315 id not for the purple book in my game. It is for the three round things.

I got the leg from the chair, lit it and lit the candles for a green ball.

For red book count the dots on curtain.

the 315 works for two things

I'm really sure I opened the purple book with 315 (from the king picture).

there's a loose brick in the fire scene - red ball behind it
Hi all!

what to do with code prom purple book? it gave me:

after turning the words into number as the red books says

for red book: Green, Orange, Purple dots

Thanks zoz, have red ball now.
But still no metal stick!?

hi zoz - good find

converted the letters into numbers but nothing works on wheels (also not 315)

Can´t find the loose brick, and cannot manage the wheels.

s-t- metal stick in right bookshelve

zazie - loose brick on right side of fire scene

(Huffing & Puffing to catch up) Must have daily puzzle fix.....!!!!!

@s-t metal stick is somewhere in the books, right shelf.

Ah metal stick is in the bottom right of the right book case.
Wouldn't it be great if people posted where they found things instead of what they found without where.

Thanks guys, just found out.

stuck on wheels too

Thx SM, found red ball. I had pedal highlighted.

hi michjean - not so fast - no heartattack please

Did you see the letters gop at the left table leg?

on the right leg GOP letter

converted letters to numbers - got


but nothing works on wheels

Soory, right table leg

got all the codes, but the hidden objects are stumping me.

Thanks for the hint on the blue and red balls.

GOP is the order for the dots, we already used that.
315 doesn't work on my wheels.

I also made the additions of the three numbers (horizontally and vertically) but nothing.

Turn the wheels like the top numbers, and then pull the first lever in the other scene

315 works for the purple book, not the wheels

The purple book has the letters=numbers for the wheels

seems we should need a chain to attach the wheels and cogs...

Thanks kitkatfox, safe is open now.

O.K. I guess this room is falling apart... right chair leg came off.. stick from right bookcase (probably a piece of the shelf).. red ball from purple book (clue is on herald) oh, and white marble from behind helald...am I caught up yet?

@Swiss - no problem.. I took my vitamins this morning :-)

We have to do something with the levers

Yeah and then enter the other numbers !

thanks @kkf! like the caption said, "That worked!"
now need two more balls

I meant safe is revealed now. Still need one marble.

I have green, white, blue, and red

I am missing a ball --- help! (pretty please)

Use number code on wheels then go left and pull a handle down...

I'm with you totally small-tool. Really frustrating when people don't post where they find things...and then OUT!

Deciphered letters is code for wheels.

pull all the levers and then king will show a place to put all the balls

Thx kkf, now i need one more ball.

where is white ball???

Green marble from candles and oops! typing too fast..red marble from loose brick.. LETTERS from purple book.

I think we all have g,r,b,w ball - one missing and only the torch left - starting to burn the place down

I think white ball was behind the dots curtain.
But I'm only having white, red, blue and green.
What am I missing from where?

Well!!! I believe those 3 numbers are for use in the 3 round things

first put 169
the 352
then 685 in each round thing.

let's try

zoz - did you have the one from the curtain?

one from the bottm left block around the door (yay! I found one hidden one on my own lol)

I don´t remember white ball, but maybe it is the one from behind curtain ?

oh POP, forgot to pull the cord by the banner with dots. white ball behind it.

And out !!!
Thx kkf for the last ball !!!

yay @kkf! and thanks to those who posted to help me with white ball

found the 2nd white ball

there is a loose brick on bottom left of main door

there are 2 white balls -- one from behind banner and one from by the door

THanks again kitkatfox
Not only found the hidden ball but the wheels/levers hint too. You rock, you rule.

pay atencion to king's crown

Great game again !! I needed a good one :)
Thx Selfdefiant !

And out,
color order is on the picture.

and out too

thanks Selfdefiant for a good game and THANK YOU for self-saving - because I hit an add towards the end!

I guess the order of the balls doesn't matter. either that or i was lucky! I placed them Top: G B R and the two white ones on bottom

out. Cute game as always.

Thanks for the help all!

O.K. I should be out of here before lunch... I hope!! (May have to resort to reading comments and not just skimming to see my tag)..

I though color order was crown of king - top g/b/r -lol

There had to be two white balls, because they are the kings eyes (in the order).

@zoz the order is given on king´s crown :)

hah! if my first try didn't work I was going to check the King's picture. For once, I got lucky!

@zoz order is the colors of his crown and then the whites of his eyes

Just one question.. what do I do with the worm??? YUK!

michjean - put it on the cross on the windowsill

worm on the x on the window for a key.

not bad... a selfdefiant game AND I got to play live with some of my favorite people! Thanks everyone!

On a more somber note, I fear for the makers of Minoto... I'm astonished that any games at all from Japan are being posted. I want all of the Japanese game makers and game players to know I'm thinking of you and hoping for the best

balls are found

white behind dotted curtain
red behind brick in fire scene right side
green from lightening candles
blue in fire
white in loose brick bottom left of main door

thnx @swiss & @s-t!!! Only need a blue ball now.

second to that zoz
Shuchun placed a game yesterday and I asked her how she was and she is OK - but lets cross our fingers and send them some "good thoughts"

use your fork Michjean in the fire!

is everybody out? michjean? then I can go with good concience and have a glass of wine

But I used it to move the loose brick.... I goofed, didn't I?

you use it in the fire too !

well - try your hands then!

Do not worry about me... I'm a quick and resourceful little (fill in the blank)!lol

michjean - your name sounds so "male" I just saw your are not lol

OK, found out you tap stick or fork to fire and get blue ball.

@ zoz, Well said about the troubles in Japan.
I was thinking the same thing before coming here this morning.

@Swiss - combo of first of middle names together (childhood trauma at it's finest)!! I'm ouT!!

thnx to everyone for all the help (now I need to have my blood pressure checked - 'cause of all the running) but my addiction has been satisfied... until the next game!!

o don't know what to do with these balls!!!

Click the bottom left brick of the arch around the door
Get the first white ball
Click the purple and red books on the left bookcase -- they need codes
There is a metal shaft beside the bottom green book on the right bookcase
Go right
Note the colorful banner!
Pull the cord to the left of it and find the second white ball
Click the left side of the chair to knock it over (I’m not sure, but it may be left front left leg you click) -- get the chair leg
Click the plate -- get the fork (bike pedal?)
Click the jug -- get the worm
Go right
Note the locked chest and the levers
Click the bottom of the picture to find a nameplate with a clue
Go right
Click the rightmost log sticking out of the fire
Get the blue ball (thanks Sylli and Zazie!)
Use the chair leg in the fire to light it
See the X on the window sill? Place the worm there for the gold key
There is a darker brick on the right edge of the wall (third row from the bottom)
Use the fork on the thick line of the left edge of that brick to find the red ball (thanks, zoz!)
Put the metal shaft in the hole by the single gear
Turn right
Use the fire to light the candles -- get the green ball
Click the purple book and enter the code you found
Solve the red book code for another clue
Solution below
Turn left 2 times
Use the key on the chest for the gear (cog)
Turn right
Put the gear on the metal shaft you placed in the hole
Now solve the wheels/levers puzzles
Solution below
The king’s picture will drop down
Zoom on the safe and place the balls in the correct order
Solution below
Get the white key
Turn around to the door and escape!


Warning here be SPOILERS!!

Solution to the red book:
The banner has purple, orange, and green dots on it. Count them and enter them from the lowest to highest numbers SPOILER469SPOILER

Solution to the wheels/levers:
The purple book has the clues
The red book gives the hint to convert letters to numbers

The upper left wheel is Roman numeral 1, the middle is Roman numeral 2, and the right wheel is Roman numeral 3. The first numbers from the book were 169. Set the left wheel to the 1 o’clock position, the second one to the 6 o’clock position, and the right one to the 9 o’clock position. Now turn left and pull the first lever.

Turn right and enter the second line of numbers and then pull the second lever.
Turn right and enter the third line and pull the third lever.

Solution to the Safe:
The king’s picture has 5 circles on it corresponding to the colors you have: the colors on his crown and the whites of his eyes. So the order is:

Thanks @selfdefiant! Just what I needed!!!!

Thank You SD!!!3>
After an endless sea of bad, boring and frustrating games you have come to my rescue! You know we love you here at EG24. Now for some coffee and serious room escaping. Oh the joy of it all.

Thanks selfdefiant!! Another FUN one!

Ditto - to all the thoughts regarding the tragedy in Japan. It's awful, and my hopes and thoughts are with our Japanese friends.

@kitkatfox thanks for the WT . I like where your out and it saids You Did A nice job, Right, thanks to Kitkatfox

@kitkatfox, thanks for the WT. I clicked that dark brick a 100 times with and with out the fork but I had to read the WT for the miracle of POP, everything else I figured out by my self.

Hi all! I found an escape the room game if you're interested....http://www.dozengames.com/Room-Escape/23694/Fancy-Puzzle-Room.html


Warning; the picture puzzle is a little tough because it's small in size but I finally got it. :) Good luck.

I love selfdefiant games but this one has a glitch or two. The music icon and the 3 levers are flickering like crazy and I can not seem to pick up items.
Will try again later.

FYI: I checked a couple of japanese game sites and used Google translate to get the following statements. Sakura,s site did not mention the earthquake. I did not see any mention of how to contact the game makers.

From Minoto
On northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake
We sincerely sympathy everyone was affected.
I pray for the recovery and reconstruction as soon as possible.
I will place it on a donation has been
I hope you refer to when a donation.
following this statement there is a list of places to make donations

From Tesshi-e
Has become apparent victims of the recent earthquake in the Tohoku region.

To everyone in the affected areas is serious damage We sincerely sympathy.

I was devastated at the scattering but fortunately things fell on the shelf was not in the intensity 5.
Still, sometimes there are aftershocks, but for now I'm scared all right.
Itadakimashita people worry, thank you.
The damage from the recent earthquake in the Touhoku region becomes more evident each passing day.

My deepest sympathies go out to those who have been affected in the disaster stricken areas.

In my area, I experienced 5.0 magnitude tremors and although the things sitting on top of my shelves have fallen all over the place, I was lucky enough to escape without any major damage or injuries.
Despite currently experiencing some frightening, periodical aftershocks, I am fine.
Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern.

At Zoz....Thanks for the update on Tesshie and Minoto, I have been worried about our Japanese friends I am so happy to hear that they are safe. This just breaks my heart. I am listening to the news now about the nuclear reactor. So sad and scary.

ive been on the right side of the fire for an hour now...had a road drill out..hammer and chisel..etc...and i CANNOT find a loose brick????.the only loose brick i got was the one with the book cases and i got no red brick from there..

The Walkthrough in color:


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@ Zoz Thanks for the info about some of the Japanese game sites.
I have been thinking about them,as the tragic events in Japan unfold on my TV news.
My sympathies go to all our Japanese friends.
I have donated to red cross and that was quite easy to do. I'm sure even a small donation will help. (this is for the British Red Cross)

Japan Tsunami Appeal | British Red Cross
Please make a donation to the Japan Tsunami Appeal to help those affected...

@kitkatfox: thx for your WT, it really helped.
And by the way, you dont just enter the dots from the flag from "lowest to highest" number. There is a hint. if you click the right leg of the table it says: "G-O-P", which is green, orange, purple.

@Jess I missed that hint! Thanks for the heads up. Glad I was lucky enough to guess it right. :D

@zoz I am glad to hear that they are safe. My heart goes out to all the poor people suffering and scared in Japan.

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