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Bart Simpson Saw Game Walkthrough

Bart Simpson Saw Game

Bart Simpson Saw Game is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. Pigsaw has kidnapped Bart and is holding him captive inside his own school. Help Bart escape before it's too late! Good luck and have fun!

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Yep live.

Glass and paper from room left in the back.

Ligther and triangle from music room.

Poison, battery and another glass from room right in the back.

Got dog.
First room:code paper, glass, outlet
2nd:lighter, triangle
3rd:trolley, battery, glass cup, poison

And a trolley too from that room.

       Anonymous  4/7/11, 4:20 AM  

Already stuck lol Not sure what to do with alien..hmm

Could you take the outlet Gina?

Put poison in glasses.
We need to do something before entering the room at the right, we get killed as soon as we enter, no time given.

Poison goes in glasses.
What to do with Itchy and Scratchy?

s-t: no, I couldn't

You can put the trolley in the hallway.

Both glasses go on trolley and push trolley to next room.

Then put the glasses with poison on it and push the trolley in.

odbb: how did you get past the mouse and cat?

Still can't figure out what to do with alien...but gotta go. Enjoy!

Oh, that explains it! I was trying to put them on the troll while still in inventory :p

I guess we need to bomb the alien, trying to figure it out...

Ah-ha! Have you seen the aliens parody movie? You need to play music to the alien!

served itchy&scratchy a deadly drink. pour the poison in the glasses, put them on the trolley and choose use

Thanks Gina, that did it.

Used phone and charger in the outlet.

Charged cellphone, called moe and worsened my condition, put fire on garbage can, blew up some guys

How do you use the bomb?

Trying to find out how to use the dog in the "brother's" room

Put the skate on the floor, then use the lighter on it. A bomb appears O_o

Stick tho bomb in the Pigsaw doll but dont know wath to do now...

Ah thanks again, another bomb it was.

Oh we can use the skate again :)

I used the dog to get pincers from "brother's" room, and after I goot defeated I still have them

I used the pincers on radioactive uranium in alien's room and charged the battery with it

Used radioactive battery outside the room of the musician

Oh, you need to use it on the fourth outlet and tell the guy about the rock concert

I have the pinchers but I can't use them?
They're stuck in my inventory!?

Oh no, I think I encountered a bug.
I can't take anything anymore from my inventory.

And used the numbers from the lights, now free
I got past the half villains because of the pincers'glitch, I'm gonna replay :p

Hello everybody! I can't put the skateboard on the floor.

Out :)

how did you excactly use the dog to get pincers, gina ?i am actually tied up, the dog stands on the shelf and my brother is out of combat.

Where do you place the skateboard? In the room with the skeletons, or the one with the alien?

got it! but still tied up.

In the room to the right of the alien.
You have to pass the alien first.

I used the dog to throw bowling ball on "brother"but can't find what to do now

How did you beat the evil Bart?

Oh, we use mouth to bite the ropes off :p
Logic :p

My dog only goes on the cupboard, but not on the shelf. How do you get to the bowling ball?

Ah Pop, the dog goes on the lamp first.

Wait... the pigsaw doll we used is at the side of the barman!!!
I sense a bug here...

Bart Simpson Saw Game Walthough|Part One
~Go out the classroom
~Get "Santa's Little Helper"
~There are three rooms here, choose the first room.
~Get the paper and the glass on the drawer
~Then go to the second room
~Get the lighter on the piano and the triangle
~Now go to the third room
~Get the trolley , battery,the glass(behind the cabinet, and the poison
~Go out
~Put poison in the 2 glasses
~Put the trolley on the floor
~Put the 2 poison drinks on the trolley
~Push the trolley
~Go Right
~Get the bomb

Oh, Small-Tool, thank you. How can I pass the alien then?

Use the triangle on it.

So now I have pinchers, shoe and bowling ball from the Evil Bart room.

Thank you Small-Tool!

s-t,I sent the dog on the shelf(over closet and lamp), then click the bowling ball.

Already found out, but thanks anyway Mopselfe.

I did beat Sideshow Bob, but now I'm still tied up on the the chair and have the knife between my feet, but can't do anything?

out now ,thx to all!

take the knife from the inventory

Nvm. I had to use the knife from the inventory to cut me free and then used the numbers on the lamps to get out.
But never beated Moe. It certainly is a bug that we could use the puppet bomb before we had it.

Lol, thanks again Mopselfe.

Not gonna play again, but did anybody find out how to beat Moe?

Well, outside the room with the gang that beats Bart up I can place the skate. But I can not put the bomb on it.

Oh, I see, I had to light a bomb I did not know of.

Bart Simpson Saw Game Walkthrough|Part Two
~Go right
~Drag the triangle to the Martian
~Grab the charger
~Go right
~Grab the cellphone
~Go back three times
~Go to the first room again
~Plug the charger to the outlet
~Put the cellphone on the other end of the charger
~Wait 5 seconds
~Get the cellphone and get out
~Go right three times and go up
~Open the lighter and let the garbage can fire
~Put the skateboard on the floor
~Call Moe(282930) and pick the third option
~When Moe slips, go inside his shop
~Get the Pigsaw Replica and go out
~Get the skateboard before you leave the room
~Put the skate on the floor
~Put the bomb in the replica puppet and put it on the skate
~Light it up
~Go right

That's where the bug is.
You need the puppet bomb from Moe's Bar, but if you use the lighter on the skateboard it pops up and you can use it.

Ah thanks Estabillocheska,
Now I see how we had to play the game.

no- I lit the garbage can before I got in, maybe he fires his water pistol on the ventilation if you light it later? am I clear? sorry for bad english.

Ah estabillocheska now I see! I`m too slow in posting. lol

Yes, Small-Tool, I had to replay to get rid of Moe. This one is a little buggy.

Wow, finally out. This one was really tedious.

Bart Simpson Saw Game Walkthrough|Part Three
~Go up
~Use the dog and put it on the floor
~Go up the cabinet, up the lamp up the shelf, and click the bowling ball
~Go down and chew the ropes
~Get the pincers behind cabinet
~Go out
~Go back twice
~Get the uranium bar with the pincers
~Go right thrice
~Put the uranium in the battery
~Put the battery on the last wire
~Go right
~Talk with Slideshow Bob
-Pick the 2nd option, then the 3rd option
~Click the knife
~Put the knife on the rope
~Look on the lamps then enter that code to the keypad

I can not get the dog from lamp to shelf!

:( i dont find a spot to click!

My dog sits on lamp but won't go to shelf.

Help me where to click?

Where is the knife?

Had to reload, after that a clickable spot at the shelf appeared..bug! :(

Same here, reloaded for shelf.

HELP please...I don't have a knife?

Me neither, where's the knife please?

Found it Lisa, it's in the room with sideshow bob, when you connect the battery to the bottom wire, it electrocutes him and you can click the knife to you.

how to make moe slip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello...I can't use the knife on the rope,it just keep saying it's a chair and there's no point in doing that...

ok,nvm,power of posting!

Uhm... I don't know if I helped but I saw only 2 people read my posts. So sad. By the way, I finished the game without a walkthrough!

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guys you can try using the lighter on the skateboard ..after that the pupet with the bomb will just pop out.

Yep flinncandace689,
That's the bug we already found, but it's more fun to solve it the proper way with getting the puppet bomb from Moe's room.

You don't need the shoe =)

OMG that damn dog dont come down!!

       Anonymous  7/24/11, 2:02 AM  

hey can't find the knife! can someone help me please?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

how do you get phone????????

what's the shoe for?

how does the dog get on the lam

sorry how does the dog get om the lamp

how do you move the Trolley???????????

the bomb in the pigsaw but not put it on the skate ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Do I get the Pigsaw Doll from Moe?

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