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The Dangerous Gen-Kan: Classic Walkthrough

The Dangerous Gen-Kan: Classic

[REPLAY] Kotorinosu - The Dangerous GEN-KAN Escape: Classic is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Mani Morishita from Kotorinosu. A mysterious box with "danger" is written next to the locked entrance. Let's escape from this room while passing the danger, relying on things and brains in the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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The Dangerous Gen-Kan Classic Escape Walkthrough

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Wow I'm the first :)

Love it - a live game

Greetings from Hong Kong.

Key under mat fits brown cupboards high on the left, which gives a clue to the Roman numerals needed for the scanner (?) below the cupboard, but I'm reading the clue wrong.

Anyone figure it out?

Ok got the bolts off the wall panel pushed the red arrows but can't tell what it is behind them :(

Me here too. Don't know what to do with book clue.

David, II IV VII

Goodie a live one...

there are numbers behind the arrows...they scroll by...it's for the chest on the floor

I'm at the end now but don't understand the final clue for the door :(

after finding the screwdriver, you need to use the grate on the picture above box with roman numerals

turn the lights off so you can read the numbers

once you get the numbers from the book you use those numbers on the box with roman numerals. Then you get the screwdriver. use that to take off the vent cover to get the clippers. use the vent cover on that picture about the roman numerals box to show the order for the purple box in bottom cupboard by bottles which gives you the wrench.

wrench is in box in bottom CB

clip the wires in the dangerous box according to the colors on the rug. then put all tools back in the white box to get a hammer. do NOT use the hammer on the bottles or GAME OVER. I'm not going to start again. Good luck all

I died, too.
Can't work out the numbers behind the red arrows, and don't know where to turn off the lights, as mhtch2 suggested.

light switch is in box next to door, need to get key for it first from same place where grate was..then smash it with the hammer

Got lights off, see 4 digit number but not working. how to cut hem in half??

cut the wires in half? or the numbers?

Pop!! Worked 2nd time. Out now.

I didn't get a key where the grate was. Maybe I got a buggy game?

you find the key after you cut the wires in the danger box

I haven't found a key for the danger box, either. :(

I think the key for danger box was in chest after figuring out the numbers behind the arrows

I got the lights out, but where am I looking for numbers?

hi everyone

Okay, but I thought you have to turn out the lights to see the numbers for the chest, but you can't get the key to turn out the lights without opening the danger box first. So how can the key to the danger box be in the chest? I am so confused!

numbers are on the wall where it said 'book'

And the numbers behind the red arrows? And key for the lightbox?

you turn off the lights to see the numbers to get out...the numbers for the chest scroll behind the red arrows

Somebody just spoil us as numbers behind red arrows too hard for my addled brain LOL

I don't have a place on the wall where it said 'book.' I see what appears to be a framed picture on the right, that might be a book with lots of black marks on it, but it is just the same in the dark.

The combination for the box is below.


the key for the lightbox drops to grate after cutting wires...it drops in a ball that you have to smash with the hammer that you get by putting the tools away

TY @David you are a lifesaver!

Giving up on this one.

there's a picture on the wall to the right...you have the erase the black marks...the eraser is above the books in the top CB on the left side

@David there is an eraser somewhere that removes the black mark to give you book clue for roman numerals box!!

the combinations for the chest are all different and the rug colors (for wire order) are always different too

@David some trick to using the spoiler or is everyones numbers different?

I've played 3 times and the numbers were different each time.

Nvm my addled brain got the code but I then thought my rug had a yellow (not red) on it and so died!!
Will think about restart? Maybe, maybe not? LOL

Hee hee just flew through again and out!! Easy when you know how!!

@mhtchr2 Will add the colours on the rug are also different each playthru!!

please where are the red arrows of which you speak?

I put the vent cover on the picture about the roman numeral box but I see nothing ..

@mara zoom the picture first and then you will understand.


1 = lowest button.


I'm stuck. Cannot turn lights off, cannot find any red arrows, clues given in forum just don't all add up yet.

(And I'm one day behind again!)

I don't understand the box in the bottom cupboard.
I can't get any clue for the code.

Thanks Leroy.....:)

Oops - NOT one day behind - New Zealand is ahead on world time.

Bingo - thanks Leroy

now I found the red arrows...LOL

Drat - tried the red arrows too many times and game ended.

someone has time to do a walkthrough? I died too many times

About time I did another WT!!

Click new game.
Click set button lower left and turn off muzak (unless you like it??)
Note colours on rug (changes with every game)
Click lower left of rug and take the key.
Zoom top left cupboards and use key.
Click left cupboard and take eraser on top of books.
Zoom out and zoom picture on right wall.
Use eraser and note clue.
Now back to left upper cupboard.
Note the green books both sides in the cupboard.
Another clue (roman numerals)
Zoom out and zoom twice to white box on left.
Enter the code you just got.
Zoom back once and open box.
Take screwdriver and zoom out.
Zoom (twice) to grate on lower right.
Use screwdriver and take grate and nippers.
Zoom out and zoom to closeup of picture clue above roman numeral box.
Higlight grate and move it over picture.
Note the top, middle and down positions and the arrow!!!
Zoom out and zoom box in lower left cupboard.
Use the clue you just got.
Take wrench and zoom out.
Zoom the left white panel and use wrench.
Now the hardest part of the game!!!
Press the red arrows and try to read the numbers passing the centre slot. (changes every game)
I assume if you need more than 10 tries you will blow up but havent personally tried it!!
Once you have that code zoom out.
Zoom chest at lower right and enter code.
Take key and zoom out.
Zoom the danger box at right and use key.
Open box and cut wires in colour order from the rug.
Do it wrong it is restart time (snigger)
Do it right and take the note. Dont know why this note is here but looks like a clue to cut the wires that you have to cut to get the note?? Bug or can you get it earlier??
Zoom out and zoom the grate.
Take the key (in a crystal ball?) and zoom out.
Hmm remember the toolbox where you got the screwdriver?
Go to this box and insert all the tools you have.
Take hammer.
Examine crystal ball key and use hammer.
Zoom out and go to white panel next to door.
Use key and turn off light.
Zoom out and zoom the "Book" clue on right wall.
Note the code and return to the door panel.
Turn light back on, enter code, zoom back, click door and out!!
Solutions (the ones that dont change)

Roman numerals

3 button box
1 = lowest button.

The final door code

Ashley and Mara
Just what you asked for!!!
@Ahsley I always knew Kiwis were a bit slow LOL
But I can talk as I am an Aussie!

Oh one small mistake with WT
Set button is actually lower right but im stuffed if Im gonna edit!!

I played six of the morning....maybe I was still sleeping....;)

Great game!!

Thank you Kotorinosu!

A very nice "Coffee & Cigarette" game to
wake up to! Gets the brain into gear!

An excellent example for aspiring
game makers to emulate!
Quality graphics, simple navigation,
sensible logic that makes us THINK!

(Nudge-Nudge-Wink-Wink @ 3-Bee, Gazzy-Bug,
G2R, SAG, etc., etc., etc..)

Thanks again.

TY so much for WT, @leroy!!!!

Wish you had time to do them more often!

Great Game!

I cannot understand how to read the numbers given by the red arrows. Have died several times replaying them, but have not understood anything. Would be grateful for a hint as to how to read them.

In and Out

imagine there is a paper with numbers behind the panel with arrows. Now imagine that when you click arrows it makes the paper move from left to right or vice versa. You can see this paper only through narrow slot on the panel. So try to see what numbers are moving behind the panel.
hope it helps.

Still 5 stars eight years later. Clear colors, clean graphics, no pixel hunts, good music, logical puzzles, and logical use of identifiable items.

Excellent! Everything that most other games are NOT.

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