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Florist Escape on Mother's Day Walkthrough

Florist Escape on Mother's Day

Florist Escape on Mother's Day is another new Japanese point and click type mini room escape game by Suzunari. In this escape game you must search for items, solve puzzles to escape the house. Good luck and have fun!

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Florist Escape on Mother's Day Video Walkthrough

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


got SD from star-drawer and pink clue from tee-box using scissors

SD opened kitchencb
got grape and vegetable card

anyone helping

clue under chair for first scene star puzzle

gives box

do I hear an echo --- hellooo ----

Hi @SwissMiss! Just starting. Saw Star clues on curtains, glass clue under chair (need cloth), haven't opened drawer for SD yet...

tomato card under pillow on bed

ah zoz my saviour - hurry up

got 3 cards need a 4th

and a cloth

used SD, Scissors, book, both star-clues open...

and I have not opened fridge yet

where did you find cloth for chair clue? have lettuce, tomato, and grapes cards, used SD, no scissors or book yet...

at least i can open the oven. just in case i need to stick my head in.

sorry I meant I Need a cloth

scissors 1st scene behind a cb somewhere!

did you open both star clues?

ohh no zoz - no can do - what would your animals think - never mind your hubby

there is also a cb below sind which is still locked

what is that behind the cupboard? I click and click but don't see scissors, just a shadow.
Already fed and dosed all animals here...

ah, scissors behind couch. Another case of POOPP (would that be pronounced "Poopy"?

lol zoz
i am stuck - so pls get serious :)

scissors open tea-tin - gives clue for different -spikey-star-drawer

but you need the book as well

I cant see any clue for the fridge!

got the clue for the star cabinet, but not getting it opened. pressed stars as on clue card left to right, top to bottom... hint???

1142 online and only zoz and me !!!
folks pls help us

have you got the book yet - zoz -
it shows how to use the pink-card-clue

have you opened the 4-digit-star-clue in kitchen yet

lol @Swiss, this seems to have happened before with the selfdefiant game

Hello! :)

I'm stuck with SD (used), scissors (used), book (used), star hint (used), box from cupboard, tomato and grape cards.

Where is 3rd card?

yes, I got the four digit star drawer...

POP, cloth in drawer in BR. click on the item closest to you in the bottom drawer.

Hi valerie
if I remember rightly it is in the thingy next to the red microwave

hi everyone, stuck with order of 4 cards.... use clue in book for order of star cabinet combined with the paper star clue

Last card in fridge. Use glasses clue to open the fridge

i think there was a card in the white rice cooker next to the tea tin, click the lid and it will open

hug -zoz- now have fridge open :)

yep, have four cards, counted items in frige, but still no book!

Thanks! Opened the fridge and got a 3rd card. I'll go have a look around the microwave for the 4th.

Now for the order of 4 cards, I think it may be the place of each food in the fridge.

looking everywhere for clue how to use 4 cards on box, bruteforce not working...

cabbage, apple, tomato grapes

sorry I cannot remember where the book was
but the order is

start in middle, go right, up, left,down and right
654445674 (thats the star-corners)

where's this damned book!

and out, cute game.

there is 1 cabbage, 2 grapes, 3 tomatoes and 4 apples but that is not the order

where is grape card?

1423 written behind the box. I thought it meant grape-tomato-apple-cabbage but it doesn't work.

@Felipe grape card is somewhere in the first scene. tomato came from turning on the kitchen fan i think

book was on shelf above table, click around and it fall out

@ zoz: the book is behind the plant on the table.

book under table plant

zoz I think the book must be in the second star drawer

Book behind plant on table

There is a view behind the cupboard where there is a picture of a mouse. I wonder what it's there for...

@valerie, code is right you just need to count the items in the fridge.... how many bunches grapes, how many cabbage, etc... it worked for me. got key!

at laaa-ast! POP'd the book under plant on table. Jeez!

and out too

Valerie - in the fridge are 1 lettuce, 2 grapes, 3 tomatos and 4 apples
put them in order like clue behind box

thanks, out

zoz sorry - coulnd't remember - too much sun!

Order of cards, look in fridge for number of each item and back of box for order.

Get cheese from cupboard under sink.

finally out! thanks for the help. i never catch live games and it's always fun to play with you all:)

Ooooh so it's...


cabbage (1) - apple (4) - grape (2) - tomato (3)

And out!

use cheese in mysterious place behind cabinet in first scene...then voila!

sorry I am not out - got the key and thought thats it Lol

And out, cute game.

out, yippee! easy once I found the elusive book, lol
(if someone else still needs hint for box, look on back, then place cards according to that clue and the number of each item in the refrigerator).



lol The first key open the cupboard under the sink. Gives you cheese.

Use the cheese by the space behind cupboard with the picture of a mouse. A little mouse get out and gives you the final key.

but now I am out - just needed to feed little mouse

Happy Easter everybody

I just knew that mouse picture was a clue and the space behind the cabinet was clickable for a reason. Cute little fella.
Fun playing with you all, even though I got stuck on the simplest thing (the book)!

and Happy Easter to you @SwissMiss!

I have all my numbers from glasses, but still can't get them to work on the fridge! Where am I going wrong?

@rainbow, use math equation under left chair by table to count glasses and input answer on fridge. you have to use a wet cloth to clean under the chair for all math clues

No spaces in between numbers for fridge

ugh! got it - my math skills are non-existent!

@Rainbow, did you count the glasses right? I had 7 tall glasses (x5), 8 wine glasses (divided by 2) and 5 of the other glasses (x6). Then just type in the numbers on the fridge (five digits total)

Also have you opened the cupboard all the way? Use screw driver to get true count of glasses.

Cute and easy.

Cute game! Out with lots of your hints - thanks!

       Anonymous  4/23/11, 8:16 AM  

what is the code for the fridge; dont know what to do with the glasses

Blom, You need a cloth from the bedroom drawer, bottom drawer, pink item closest to you. Wet it in the sink.

click on the left chair near the table, so it moves back, click on the edge of the seat so it tips up, then click on the underside to zoom in and see clue.

Use cloth to see full clue.

Tumbler * 5
Wine glass /2
Fluted * 6

This gives a five digits, enter with no spaces.

       Anonymous  4/23/11, 9:15 AM  

I'm not sure if all the cards are in the same place for everyone. I couldn't find the grapes to save my life. Finally, I clicked on the fan in the kitchen and it fell from the wall. Hope that helps with someone's frustration :)
Happy Passover!!! And a good Easter to all!

fun game! toughest spot for me was finding the numbers on the back of the box - then, lucky click!

       Anonymous  4/23/11, 11:26 AM  

ahhhhhhhhhh where is the screw driver???? plz

i need the forth card, the tomato, cant find that card. Does anyone remeber were it is

       Anonymous  4/23/11, 12:21 PM  

I cant get the 4 digit stqr code for the screw driver!!!!

tomato card under pillow on bed

       Anonymous  4/23/11, 12:22 PM  

Sherry Im missing tomato also ;(.do u know the code to get the screw driver?

       Anonymous  4/23/11, 12:24 PM  

oops I do have the tomato pic....have grapes and cabbage also

@Candibar - count the stars on the curtains. Books give color order

       Anonymous  4/23/11, 12:27 PM  


nvm found it . It was in the refrigerator


cute little game! Out with mousey's help!

Click both sides of the curtains to close them and see a clue>
Click the space to the right of the couch to find the SCISSORS
Turn left
Click the 2 pillows on the right side of the bed for the TOMATO CARD
Open the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers and get the PINK TOWEL
Go left
Click the cord to the fan and wait for the GRAPE CARD to fall
Click the sink to zoom in
Click the handle of the faucet to turn it on and use the towel in the water
Back up and click on the red toaster oven on the tall shelf to zoom in
Zoom in on the green tea can
Use the scissors on the ties to cut them and take the TEA CAN
Click the can in your inventory and then click the About Item button
Click the lid of the tea can and find the PINK SHAPES CARD
Click the lid of the white bread maker (rice cooker?) to get the LETTUCE CARD
Back up and click the table to zoom in
Click the flower pot on the table to find the BOOK
Open the book in your inventory and click through the About Item view pages for a hint
Click the left chair at the table to move it out
Click the seat to tip it up and then click the image underneath to zoom in
Use the towel on the scribble mark to see the hidden clue
Go left 2 times
Zoom on the TV cabinet and enter the star code
If you have it right, the stars will light up, and you can click the knob for the BOX
Solution below
Go left 2 times
Zoom on the sink cabinets again
Enter the Star Number code
Solution Below
Back up and zoom on the red toaster oven again
Use the screwdriver to open the top right cabinet door
Open both doors and note the glasses
Zoom on the fridge and enter the code (if you get it correct, it sounds like a doorbell when you hit OK)
Solution below
Click the fridge handle to open it
Move the second apple from the left on the top shelf for the APPLE CARD
Open the About Item view of the box
Click the lid to turn it around for a hint
Close and reopen it again so it is facing correctly and enter the cards
Solution Below
Click the latch for the KEY
Zoom on the sink cabinets again
Use the key to open the bottom right door
Go left
Zoom on the bookcase – note the mouse picture where he looks like he is peeking out from the bookcase?
Click the bottom left back corner of the bookcase to zoom behind it
Place the cheese on the floor (there is a mouse hole you can barely see back there)
Wait for the mouse and get the DOOR KEY from his tail
Use the key on the door handle to ESCAPE!


Sink Cabinet Star Code
Count the stars on the curtain for the numbers. The books on the bookshelf tell you the order (BPYG). So the code is SPOILER784SPOILER

Star Code Door
The pink paper has the stars on it. The squares/lines hint in the back of the book tell you the order. It says to start in the middle square and go right, then up, then all the way left, then all the way down, and then all the way across. So you start with the middle 6-pointed star, and the solution is SPOILER654445674SPOILER

Fridge Code
The hint under the chair tells you to count the water glasses and multiply by 5. Count the wine glasses and divide by 2. Count the champagne flutes and multiply by 6. There are 7 water, 8 wine, and 5 champagne. So the code is SPOILER35430SPOILER

Box Code
There is 1 lettuce, 2 grapes, 3 tomatoes, and 4 apples in the fridge. The back of the box tells you 1423. So the order is SPOILERlettuce,apple,grape,tomatoSPOILER

End of spoilers

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