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[REPLAY] UsawanHouse - Invitation Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Usawan House. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from the room successfully? Good luck and have fun!

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Invitation Escape Walkthrough

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A drawing of the 3 little pigs....

on window the places to find the colored keys?

hi Liefie :) x x x

Apart from the drawing I havent found anything?

Ok opened the pink box in centre of room got a colour code. Think it relates to clock...

colots of pigs = colors on clock doesnt work

how do you open teh pink box?

open curtains note the flowers are same colour as cushions by box!

Stuck in the blue key room :( and I was doing so well!! hahaha

has it to do with the colors of the pillows bind the pink box and teh amout of flowers outside the window?

Need to figure out the car picture? Something to do with the car out the window but Im stuck?? Help x x x

thanks loz xxx i saw it to late

@liefie Have you opened blue room yet?

just entered the blue room

code not working for me on pink box

and pink room... loz x x x

Look out the window in the blue room - clue for car picture

can't get the pig colors to match the pictures

In and Out

@bigtank - did you notice the arrows going to the pillows?

I couldnt click the window in blue room before? Strange! Annaby the arrows on the box are pointing to the coloured cushions! Does that make sense? lol x x x

yes still not working got 174

get the pigs under the painting in the right order (colors) -> shining on wulf
have the green key now

Still cant look out of window where are you pressing exactly? x x x

read a code on yellow car from pink room

have green key, and in room. can't figure out round red box.

@bigtank - your numbers are right, but the order isn't. I can't go back to the box lid to see the arrows, but use the number for the color cushion the arrows are pointing to

click on the bed

Spoiler for pink box code...........741.....

Can someone tell me the car code please! :(

that code is for the painting with yellow car in hall -> yellow key. Thats the key for red box

yellow key opens red box.
Stuck with a red tube thing and the pig puzzle

loz x x x : see the window in pink room! Its on the yellow car sign

car code spoiler:


Wait you see car code from pink room?? how did you get in pink room? At the moment I have opened the blue door and thats it... whats next?

ok, read number in room that you used the green key. look at the numbers behind the pictures, and notice the numbers. if you put them all together, the sequence is 12345. push the button next to the box to get the sd tip. you should have gotten the handle from the red box and ladder. I am out

red thing opened the door in blue room

@David - if you're still here, how do I get the pigs to match up to the houses?

@Liefie whas the red thing?

and out

what do I have to do with the pigs - anyone?

the red thing is a handle to make a sd. It's in the red box

Just noticed a drawing under the shelf (by couch) not sure what its for... how do you open the padlocked door in blue room im still stuck :(

Annaby look the pig...the red:wooden house
the green:brick house
the blue:straw house.
but to makes it works you've to use remote:)sorry for my poor english

Someone need help???

annaby, see the note with the pigs. Then you now the sequence. I don't remember. First press on the pig whom is red. Then press again.

Im gonna have to quit this one I think

when the colors are in the right sequence, you use the controldevice. The pigs are shining then on the wulf. it gives you a key

Well no wonder I can't get it to work - where is the remote?

@annaby remote is under coushion in pink room

finally found it

thanks @Papas

and finally out - liked this game

what do you do with the screw driver? I can't find anything to "unscrew"


       Anonymous  4/28/11, 9:15 AM  

@Usawanhouse, I really enjoy playing your games. I do think that you are a master game maker, as your games are never buggy, are logical, have good graphics, and most important Fun to play. Thank you

       Anonymous  4/28/11, 9:20 AM  

I can't figure out the puzzle box in the last room. What am I missing? 0.o

@Scf4d - the numbers behind the pictures are the order to click the buttons

       Anonymous  4/28/11, 9:28 AM  

Oh no :( am I by myself now?

       Anonymous  4/28/11, 9:30 AM  

Ooooh, I see. I was reading it as 24, 13 and 5, not 2,4,1,3,5. Thank you annaby!

I don't get how to input the code for last room? How do you place the numbers according to the pictures on the buttons?

Awww, what a cute end :o)

@Van-Van, there are plenty of posts regarding the order, look up...

Loved the game...very logical and fun to play!

@Rambler - I can see that and I have read them all, but I don't get it hence the reason why I asked! Perhaps you could be a little more helpful...

@Van_Van: look at each number individually. for instance, I think the butterfly picture was 24 - so the butterfly is the 2nd and 4th button to press.

Thanks @annaby - much more helpful comment! I got it now.

yw :)

       Anonymous  4/28/11, 1:12 PM  

Great game! Only tiny hint needed for first pink box. Much fun today.

       Anonymous  4/28/11, 2:03 PM  

I am being really dense today. Where do i use the green key??? Help!


To answer three questions that I came here to find help with - and didn't, surprisingly:

The blue key is in the safe under the clock. the clue for this safe comes from the clock numbers combined with the note from the pink box in the middle of the room.

The green key is used on the padlock on the left after you have used the blue key.

The screwdriver is used on the pink "bubble" casing over the switch in the room that needs the green key.

I think everything else is covered in the comments. =)


Drawing below the sofa.
See hint below plant shelf and key hint on glass door behind curtain.
Look at flowers behind curtain.
Enter number of colored flowers (1 yellow 4 red 7 pink = 147, hint is the colored cushions near the box) into the pink box and get paper and pink key.
Combine hint from paper and color numbers from clock and open safe below clock, press button to get ladder down (green 7, pink 2, yellow 5, blue 8 = 7258).
Go up the ladder and get red box and blue key.
Use pink key and open door left to the car picture and enter.
Take remote below pillow on bed.
Click the middle pig once and the left pig twice and then about item the remote on click on its eyes.
Get green key from dog.
Look out of window to see number 372 on car.
Use this number on car picture and get yellow key.
Use blue key on right door near car picture and enter.
Use green key on padlock and enter.
See numbers behind butterfly, flower and leaf pictures and press buttons on box on table to get sd head
Use yellow key on red box to get sd body.
Combine sd head and body to get sd.
Use sd on pink glass to open bars and out.

"Click the middle pig once and the left pig twice and then about item the remote on click on its eyes."

Didn't work for me. I had to select the remote and then select one of the pigs.
Probably the game has been updated since then.

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