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Burger Shop Escape Walkthrough

Burger Shop Escape

[REPLAY] Burger Shop Escape is another Japanese point & click  room escape game developed by Jan'sRoom. In this game, you are trapped in a burger shop, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and looking for hints to solve all puzzles in this shop. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Knew if I hung around another game would pop up!!

Got red code door!!

how do you get the code? i thought it was from the coffee, plate, spoon, cup thing but that doesn't work.

Nope it's from the red stripes on the wall.

new game! loading
the game is called escape from hamburger shop

Opened the hamburger with the clue from the clock. Have a blue key now.

Blue key goes on toilet door.

ahhh thank you small-tool :)

Hamburger clue is on the clock.

@s-t dont get the hamburger? Have tried with the clock clue.

And in the toilet you use the code from the coffee, plate, spoon, cup thing. And then you get nippers.

Nvm got my MSH mixed up LOL

Combined with the MSH (minutes, seconds, hour) hint.

Used the nippers in the kitchen (on the cupboard) to see a number (7) and to take a piece of meat.

Mhhh fried a burger pattie!!

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 8:43 PM  

A freakin' live one!
YAY! I'm always late to the party!

Can't seem to change numbers on any other code for some reason.

And clue from toilet mirror!

oh yeah, another one! loading...

@Karen got to find the clues first!

Where do you bake the meat?

Nvm. on the plate of course. Couldn't find the place to zoom in.

I must be missing a view??

How do you see a clue on the toilet mirror?
I have pink stuff on it.
All I have is 7 from the kitchen cupboard and 6 from the burger.

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 8:51 PM  

How do you clean the mirror?

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 8:54 PM  

Ketchup bottom 3

Gayle and small tool. Left of table in kitchen!!!
By the way have 3 numbers for (probably) the drink colour code but cant find the fourth!!

I thought the code from red stripes is 3583 or 3573. But it's not

there is a cloth in kitchen, use it to clean the mirror

Look to the left of the center kitchen 'counter', there is a cloth for the mirror

By the way did anyone look at the blue key before they used it?
I have a horrible feeling.....

so not getting the red numbers clue. not 3573?

Thanks for the cloth guys.
Btw I pressed a red button somewhere at the counter, but now I can't find the hotspot anymore where I did.

@alcaro did you see the other clue?

pop! hahaha always get it right after i ask.

Combine the red stripes with the paper hint.
So from bottom to top is 0 to 9.

found ketchup, bread, meat and lettuce, solved the 5 digit hamburger code....

Ah hell lets find this bloody red button!
Thx @s-t

By the way, now I've seen the three numbers and the mirror hint I can use colors on the 4-code in the kitchen.

@Fab Bread????

Ah, opened the 4-digit code in the kitchen. You probably only had to see the colors on the counter.

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 9:04 PM  

Thanks for the cloth!

Why is it such a pain to post comments? Seems really labor intensive...

Where to use the bread?
(bread comes from color code).

and out... wow!!

Why I can't put the color code? What am I missing?

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 9:07 PM  

Well, alotta help that was! lol I totally don't get the mirror clue.

ya.. the top and bottom pieces of hamburger buns after solving the 4 digit code in kitchen

Am I bugged? still cant use the colour code and yet saw cup code very early on and have since looked at it many times. Is it something to do with the mystery red button?

And now I have the bread it seems I can solve the 5-digit code because I can change the numbers there, but no idea how?

Never mind, found it!

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 9:09 PM  

Well, no wonder I never catch live games! Y'all are in and out faster then bunnies!

the door with 5 digit code box, you see a burger picture, top piece of bun, ketchup, meat, lettuce, bottom piece

Ah, there's a number on the bread too.
But still no idea.

Leroy, shame on me .. after I posted I realised that I have a clue pointing where to start counting! Fom bottom not top and from 0 not from 1.
Now I'm stucked in kitchen with 2 numbers and a raw hamburger :)) Found the clue from the mirror, I saw the colours from those paper cups, but can't use them. I bet I'm missing something.

top piece, ketchup, meat, lettuce, bottom piece... there are 5 things here... and you got a 5 digit code....

Thanks Fab, but I have no number for the bottom piece?

Light under cups? Where is red button?

Nvm. keep on clicking on the bread till you see the bottom part.

it is there... from the same bun you see the top number

forgive the shouting.

@ small tool: haha.. right... keep on clicking
@karen: it's somewhere near there.... kind of random clicking near the 4 paper cup with straw, then the light is on

@fab cups zoomed or not??

the red button you see by clicking the left side of cup with red burger

Top left corner above cups gives you new view.

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 9:17 PM  

Thank you Leroy or I woulda done it!

And why do I have to enter my AIM nickname EVERY TIME I wanna post, way slow!

cups zoomed, and you see 4 of them, click on left of red burger cup

For the red button. Click the top left of the cup with the red dot on it.

Well, finally out too.
Thanks Fab for the hints.

If you use a Google account you only have to sign in once.

TY!! Grr I knew I missed a view after having clicked all over the cups (except for that pixel)!!

Stuck on last code, going insane...

Hi everyone, can someone plz explain to me where the cloth is on the counter cause I can't seem to zoom in on amything

Michelle, as soon as you enter kitchen click lower left corner of screen. It's hanging on left the side of the counter.

The cloth is not in the counter view but in the kitchen, left side of the table.

Look at the backside of the paper you take from behind the counter.

Easy out after that!!
TY all
First? in but last out LOL!!

Ella look behind the paper = names

Can someone please explain last paper code? (Hamburger, hot drink, side, side, 3006) What are the shapes on the back referring to? I swear I've tried everything.

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 9:27 PM  

Do you add just one item in each catagory or all three?

then AIM nick and addy to add post, sheesh!
If there's a quicker way to post? Please share?

haha Oh dear God, started patting myself on the back for getting so far on my own, then completely blanked on this paper clue. Thanks Karina & s-t!

I posted before, take a Google account instead of live-journal.

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 9:29 PM  

Ella, look at the size of the type of the words on the menu

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 9:34 PM  

Small-Tool, thanks for the help but lawrdy, do ya know how many accts I already have?! But I do think I have a google floating around....somewhere! :D Oh, and nearly out..typing is getting in the way! Thanks all, that was fun!

@gayle have a separate tab available on screen and it is very easy to switch between tabs. Dont use separate windows!
Somewhere in your settings you can set your browser to do that.
Clear as mud probably...

Oh guyz .. u are far away .. I'm still with those numbers from ketchup/ mellon/ and 2 from the bun. Do I need to find the 5th for the door?

It was fun guys, but really have to sleep now (sun is already rising here).
See you all in some other game some other day.

You also need the number from the burger.

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 9:42 PM  

Nite Small Tool!

@Leroy, I am already in tabs, it just seems so cumbersome compares to the glass forum I am used to. We can practically chat there!

I'm confused ... what do u mean by "burger" ? That piece of meat from fridge? (sorry for my lousy english)

reading everyone's post I know i'm farrrrrrr behind, hate to ask this ? Where is the kitchen

anyway .. what I have to do with that meat? I can't turn it to see if there is any number. Do I have to fry it? lol

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 9:47 PM  

Alcaro, you need to cook the burger to see the number, throw it on the grill.

@alcaro keep clicking on the bun to get the last number. The burger is what got cooked.

@ Michelle, there where is the ketchup on the table, there is the kitchen. But I presume is more after the door with 5 digits code :D

.. I'm sooo stucked :P

@Michell in the counter view see double arrow to the left

Yep alcaro,
You have to fry it, on the black plate in the kitchen.

You get to the kitchen if you click the arrows left above the counter and there's a hallway with doors to the toilet and the kitchen. But for the kitchen you need the red stripes code.

And now I'm really going to sleep.

omg .. where on Earth is that grill now!?

I'm lmao :))))

Sleep tight small-tool and thnx alot for all your help.

@ Gayle

is there any trick to reach that black plate (the grill) 'cause I can't reach it. gggrrrrr

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 9:55 PM  

Gill is strait ahead when you enter the kitchen, click near the hood above the grill.

oh .. got it, finally. Actually u have to click above it, not on it. Now I have 5 numbers and don't know how to use them on the 5 digits code.

ty small-tool

       Anonymous  4/9/11, 10:11 PM  

alcaro, look at the order of the burger in the picture on the door to the right of the number pad.

finally I figured out why is that hamburger picture above the door. lol
Now I know I have to sum up the prices from what is written in uppercase ... but ofcourse something in my math is wrong. :D

@ Michelle
on the fridge, in the kitchen

omg omg omg !!!!!!!! I'm out!!!!!!!!!

ty alcaro, read the comments where to use the snippers, I don't understand the red stripes on the wall that u have to combine with the paper that has 9

@Michelle if you are still there count up red stripes with first stripe being "0" I think
from memory 7537 I think.

ty Leroy

@Michelle will keep an eye on your progres so dont despair.

Actually im bored so I might write a WT!

ok Leroy lol

ok, btw, ty for the code on the wall with the stripes counldn't have done it without you. now i'm stuck in the kitchen don't understand the picture with the hamburger on the door, yes got the cloth and seen the clue on the bathroom mirror nother clue don't I don't get, and here it is in n.y. 2:33 am and my hubby is sleeping and i'm here playing escape game when i should be sleeping.

@Michelle here I am 4pm in Hicksville "Adelaide Australia". Currently halfway thru the WT.
Clue in bathroom refers to the cups with colours on them. I got stuck there for ages. So when zoomed on cups click left of left cup and hit the red switch. Zoom out and note the colours and numbers! Then you can enter the code in the kitchen.

lol how's the weather there in Australia, no need to rush on the wt

I did that already with the cups and it doesn't work on the 5 code in the kicthen, i'm must be missing something or my brain malfunction lol

Did you turn right? another code box next to fridge I think

the #'s on the cups are red-3, blue-1, yellow-2 and green-4

uh no, didn't see a frige

now I see a frige, didn't see the arrow on top lol ty again Leroy

@Michell Im catching up fast doing the WT!! In kitchen now
And the weather? Autumn has come so Fri was 31 Celsius and sunny but woke Sat to rain and 17 Celsius max! Dont you luv it? Til spring the weather all comes from Antarctica but no snow just rain rain rain!!

nothing like making a hamburger for breakfast at 3 am lol

it's spring here in n.y. it's been rain then next day partly cloudy then rain, can't wait til it's hot and muggy, I like the hot weather

Heat? Every summer in Adelaide we seem to get a week where everyday Temps are over 40C and nights dont go below 30-35C. I like hot weather too but that gets ridiculous some times!
Hell moved back here from Sydney a bit over a year ago! The day before I left it got to 48.5C with high humidity! It was a record Temp thou.

wow, I wish i was in Australia but my hubby doens't like the heat, it's 48 degress and partly cloudy it's going to 56 today,

LOL remember we have lots venomous things. And if you did come do it in spring!
So how far have you got in the game? My WT is on the home stretch.

it's 3:32 am, I'll finish this later right now I need to go to bed my eyes are closing and can't keep them open. yawnnnnnnn, nite Leroy ty for your help and everyone elses see u in the next game if I ever make it there lol

well right now I only have 4 #'s can't seem to find the 5th one I've been going in cicles lol

Anyone still there?
I can't get the bread bottom to turn. Whatever I do the top just falls back every time. When I have to top open, where do I click to turn the bottom?


You don't open it first.

Can't figure out.

Okay got it, I;m out.

May ... look at the menu and see that some words are in uppercase, some in lowercase and some in both. That should give you all information you need.

@Cool, thanks for the quick response.

I did noticed the uppercase and lowercase but I can't figure out what to do with them. XD

Please note that you have to look at all clues before you can use codeboxes!

1st scene

Take knob from wood lower left
Take paper from table above where knob was
(clue for later puzzle)
Zoom top left shelf (note number of cups)
Take paper between cups (clue for later puzzle)
zoom next shelf (note number of saucers)
Zoom next shelf (note number of spoons)
The 2 right shelves cant be zoomed and mean nothing

Turn right to counter view

zoom cups on left of counter
click left of left cup and press red button
zoom out then note colours and numbers on cups.
zoom out and note you can zoom menu above counter.
This menu will be used later.

Turn right to clock view

Zoom clock
Note both the time (MSH clue) and number of coffee jars
Zoom out
Click white doors on right
Note code box that you cant use right now.
Zoom out and turn right.
Note red stripes among all the others.
Remember the 0..9 clue? count up to red stripes and remember. (first stripe = 0)

Turn to counter view and click double arrows on the left.

Hall view

Zoom Hamburger on stand.
Zoom 3 button puzzle.
Use MSH clue to open.
Solution below
Take blue key and zoom out twice.
Zoom white cupboard on right wall
Place knob and open. (Note order of items)
Zoom out and zoom toilet door
Use blue key.

Enter toilet

Zoom box on right.
Enter code you got from counting items
Solution below
Take pliers and zoom out
turn right and note the grubby mirror
Now exit toilet to scene with hamburger.
Zoom door code box on right.
Remember the red stripes?
Enter code
Solution below

Zoom out and enter kitchen.

Click left of bench and take cloth.
Return to toilet and clean mirror.
If you dont do this you cant proceed.
return to kitchen and click on red bottles.
Click closest bottle then click bottom and note number.
Zoom out and click centre of scene.
Note the hotplate.
zoom out and turn right
Note door on left with 5 digit code.
zoom centre for a code box.
Remember cups?
Enter code.
Solution below
Zoom out and open left breadbin
Take bun.
Zoom out then zoom fridge.
Use pliers to cut the wire.
Open fridge and take meat pattie.
Click on right lettuce and note number.
Zoom out and return to hotplate.
Fry hamburger and note number.
Zoom out and turn right
Zoom left door.
In inventory examine bun.
Click top bun and bottom bun
Note the numbers.
Examine the hamburger on the door for number order!
Enter 5 digit code
Solution below

Enter door to get behind the counter
Click cups on right and take paper from cup.
examine paper front and back. Hmmmm...
exit all the way back to the counter view.
Zoom the menu.
Remember the size of the boxes on the back of the paper? Check the menu for the items in capitals and lower case just like the boxes.
calculate the code according to the front of the paper.
zoom out and turn to the white door.
enter code and out.

Hamburger puzzle
Set buttons: | - \
(clock and MSH clue)

Toilet code box
from counting and order in white cupboard
coffee jars 7
saucers 3
spoons 5
cups 4
so enter 7354

red door code
From counting red stripes

Codebox in kitchen
colours\numbers from cups

Hamburger door in kitchen

order from picture on door
Bun top
sauce bottle
meat from fridge
lettuce from fridge
bun bottom

so: 53679

Exit code for white door
from menu and back of clue using upper and lower case names of items
fishBURGER 320
+ 3006

= 4486

If something is wrong with this WT tell me nicely and I will fix. Otherwise you can.....

@May perhaps my last post will help?

@Leroy, thanks a million, i finally got it, the pic at the back, there are 5 blocks but the first row..one small and one bigger block means one lower & one uppercase and that refers to the fishBURGER..
and so on,thanks again, now I can go to sleep happily. :)

BTW..forgot to say CHEERS~~~~~:)

WHEW! Out on my own! Oh my gawd! Between the colors on the windows, finding that darn button, and the last clue note I was totally tripped up! lol

ivr been clicking like crazy and cant find theat cloth.Just where do you click,table, the counter, cant find it

nvm found the cloth, I was at the wrong counter

I like escape games from Jan's Room. They are not difficult, but you need a lot of time to figure it out :)

@Leroy (Michael)

Your walkthroughs are superb! Keep up the good work!

Jans Room games are developing so well, they are a worthy adversary to Robamimi and Flash512 :)


Just wanted to thank you all - can't make it thru with out you guys

Thanks @Leroy - Great WT - I needed it!

Thank you Leroy. I couldn't have made it without your walkthrough. Even with the explanation, I didn't really understand that last clue about tha food. :)

beautiful graphics, challenging just enough, not too intense. got tripped up with the clock clue tho...

Took me a while, but I'm out!

lovely. I really like the Jan's room games.

       Anonymous  10/13/18, 12:46 AM  

caught this one from the random section
(I just ♥ that category! ☻)
& decided to post it as a replay - enjoy!

btw, this thread is another great example of how close we were to each other in our big worldwide gaming community from the past... like in a family! ♥
our noble aim is to bring back this special kind of connectedness between our players on EG24
each of you as an important part of EG24 can give a hand to reach that goal together...!

thx for all your creations, Jan ☺
& thx Leroy for the WT

thx all for using EG24 as your (fav) gaming platform - much appreciated! ☺

AlphaOmega AΩ
EG24 admin
& managing director

That white navigation arrow in the counter view is easy to miss

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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