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Obama Jurassic Park Walkthrough

Obama Jurassic Park

Obama Jurassic Park is another point and click adventure type escape game developed by Inka Games. This time Obama's family is in trouble. They sail to the wrong island and they got stuck with the dinosaurs. Obama fly to rescue them. Help him to succeed. Good luck and have fun!

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Great. I love Inka games.
Thanks Jon and Yalçin.

Duck, bowl, lighter, hook, stone and sword from the first scene.

Rope, oar, parachute and skeleton from the second scene.

Watermelon from the third scene and got killed by 4 raptors.

Arrow from the fence.

just in...

And killed again. Now by a Tyranosauros Rex I think.
Btw anybody here?

small-tool you succeed to go through the raptord? if so, how?

Ah, hi Mounika.

A gas can from behind the bushes and dynamite from the car.

i'm here. can't get past raptors!


When you get attacked, Use the hook on the big branch and then the sword.

hi s-t how to get passed the big dinosaur

Hi all, stuck at raptors too.

S-T; use watermelon in floor

Jelly from inside the house and killed again by a raptor.

Thx s-t !!

Lol, Got killed again. Now by my own dynamite.

skeleton+TNT+fire and push them

Ah, finally killed the raptor.
And grenade and bow from inisde the house.

I have blown up myself lol.

And got killed again, now by my own grenade.

killed raptor in river with granade+duck

got my arrow lit and in my bow. tried to set bushes on fire. put the jelly in the bowl too.

I made a raft with long stick and rope.

And killed again, now by little dino's.

Filled ballon with gasoline

Put cloth on arrow, arrow in bow but i cannot light it.

stuck with s-t. little dudes keep killing me

Can't get past the little dino's?

zazie you need the gas on it too

little dinos: give them bowl+jug

Ah used the bowl with jelly.

How do you open/use the gas jag ?

arrow+rope+gas+fire and then bow

And now I got trampled.

Ahh ok, i had to split them first.

I cant get over the river!

what the bowl with jelly in it,. where to put it

And a balloon from behind the rock.

First wait till they attack you then put it down.

Stuck with the monster in the water.... I've made a raft but don't know how to defeat the beast.

And easy out.
Too short this time.

Use the grenade on the duck and then in the water.

I am always blowing up myself on the raft when i try to put duck in water.

do not get on the raft zazie just put the duck in the water. can not get passed the flying dino now

Take the raft out of the water. That's the place where you have to put the explosive duck.

does he stand on the raft ? I cannot place duck anywhere?

You use the shield from the water creature.

Yes! I did it. Ok.. Go on now! Thanks Small-tool

Got it, you have to take the raft out of water first.

ahh ty s-t left that behind

How to pass the perodactyl ?

And Thx s-t anyway !

keep throwing the balloon at the dino but he keeps eating me

Fill it with gasoline first.

@Zazie use the dino shell as he is flying at you

it full of gasoline trying to fire the arrow to set him on fire

I'm eaten by the dino in the lab...

Yep bigtank,
when it has gasoline on its head, then shoot him with a burning arrow.

hey struck in that room...

where is the balloon and where is the arrow?

how to get that grenade.... either killed by the big dynasore or by my own dynamite

Argg i cannot shot the beast after i put filled balloon on him, he always is eating me before i can use burning arrow.

I posted them both, somewhere above.

Put the skeleton on the rack, then put the dynamite on it, Light the dynamite and then push the rack.

Hide behide the bushes.

Arrow was on fence in about 4rth scene.

I meant behind.

Thanks again s-t, i am out now :)

got it! @zazie, hide behind the bush before throwing balloon

nice flaming hairdo!

thanks zazie, i've missed that....

thanks small tool i didnt push it

mmm... Stuck with the big Dyno.. I got an inflated ballon and i'm hidden behind a bush. I think i'll spend this saturday night there...

You're almost out. Throw the balloon at the dino and then shoot it with a burning arrow.

Ok.. I gotta go now. I'll try after dinner. Thanx s-t

How to get rid of the pterodactyle ?



- Take the ROPE and the OAR.
- Kick the tree and then take the PARACHUTE and the SKELETON.

- Use your sword on the stone and now you have a SHARP SWORD.
- And you have to be a little quick. Walk to the middle and when the raptors come use the hook on the big branch to go up. But your not safe yet. Use the sword on the branch to kill them.

- Take the ARROW from the fence.
- Throw the watermelon on the path to kill the dino.

- Take the DYNAMITE from the car and the GAS JUG from behind the bushes.

- Take the JELLY.
- Put the skeleton on the rack, put the dynamite on the skeleton, use the opened lighter on the dynamite and push the rack.
- Take the GRENADE and the BOW (bottom right of the screen).

- You have to be a little quick again. Look at the grenade and pull the ring. Then quickly put the grenade on the duck and quickly the explosive duck in the water.
- Take the LONG LOG. Use the sword on it and then the rope and now you've a RAFT.
- Put the raft in the water, step on it and use the oar to cross the river.
- Take the SPIKY SHIELD.

- Put the jelly in the bowl and now you've a BOWL WITH JELLY.
- Again, be a little quick. Step in the middle and when the little creatures attack you, use the bowl with jelly (on Obama).

- Take the shell.
- Go to the middle and when the dino's get up use the shell so you won't be trampled.
- Remove the shell again (in your inventory).

- Again, be a little quick. Walk to the middle and when the pterodactyl attacks use the spiky shield.
- Take the EMPTY BALLOON from behind the rock.

- Hide behind the bushes.
- Fill the balloon with gasoline and now you've a GASOLINE BALLOON.
- Use the sword on the parachute and you have a CLOTH. Use the cloth on the arrow, the gasoline on the arrow with cloth and then the lighter. Combine arrow with bow.
- Throw the gasoline balloon at the head of the T-rex and then shoot it with the burning arrow on the bow.
- Talk to the van and you're out.

how to get the balloon\

My bow is ready (the arrow is on fire), but when I have thrown the balloon full of gasoline on the T-Rex, I can't use the bow !

Did you combine the bow and arrow. And if done that, use the bow and arrow on the (wet) head of the T-rex.

Thanks guys... needed help at the dino on the rock

@ pascale. I was stuck at the same point but you need to hide behind the bush before you throw the balloon. Then you can fire the arrow!

Thank you Small-Tool and Siobhan. I didn't hide behind the bush, that was my mistake !

wats with malia's blonde hair?

An accident with mixing up shampoo and bleach.

If you're going to make a game where timing is crucial, maybe it might be a good idea to make the icons clickable in time. No thanks. Moving on to something else.

cant pass the 3 scene these 4 raptors keep killing me i trying to use the sword but it doesnt work

i cannot kill the raptors in the house

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