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Whispers - Room 6 Walkthrough

Whispers - Room 6

Whispers: Room Six is another point and click type scary adventure game by Addictinggames. You get a room at the creepiest hotel ever. And then your family goes missing! Explore the haunted rooms, relocate your loved ones, and get out of here! Good luck and have fun!

Note: This game contains a creepy scenario so may not be suitable for young players or the faint of heart people!

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A live game! yay! \o

Too late for Tomatea one so.. here I am! :)

In the motel.

LOL! Creepy game...love the spider popping up!

Oi Nini!

need a code..

Oi roberto!! :) Any ideas for 3-dig code? Don't remember seeing any hints.. maybe on the sign but I don't remember :P

Duh! Code is room nº

Can´t use any key!

roberto use the 2nd key (top to bottom left to right)
U'll see a 3 -dig pad. Input the room nº then

can´t use any of them!
Tried all nothing happens.
Gonna restart.

I'm stuck in mirror scene after girl showed up.

Reloaded the game and got the same bug.
Keys wont work.

Reloaded and now The ghost girl won't appear after I clean the mirror

ok! finnaly! Now my wife and daughter disappeared. Great! -_-

going round in circles...can't get into kitchen or garage - says I should check other rooms first. I've been in them all and nothing new. Any ideas?

How to change the tire? I have jack,wrench and tire but can't put the tires on

First time I could use the key, but I left the scene when I saw the 3 digits code, thinking the answer was in that book on the desk. When I came back to the door could not use my keys anymore.
Reloaded the game in FF, tried in IE and the error persists.
Good luck!
I give up!

Where's tire?

oh finally, you had to line up the pieces exactly to proceed further...fiddly!

nvm got it

ok fixed tire.

At the backyard now.

how did you fix tire @Nini?

Lights off and now on again..
Am I all alone here?

Van_Van got spanner from warehouse and jack. Used spanner to remove the bits, put tire and screwed em back.

Need to fix a jar for a crazy old woman now ... ¬¬

where did all the jar pieces go? is there a place we can see the pieces we collected?

Hi all! Have a flashlight (needs batteries?), crowbar, and umbrella...

flashlight doesn't need batteries... just need it and the umbrella to go to the backyard... found ax... haven't found crazy jar lady yet!

And I'm out! Sry if I can't help u guys. It's past midnight here and I needed to be in bed by this time :P
See u and good luck. :)

Where´s crowbar?

nvm. found it.

Cool, it's like a Nintendo DS game!

I can't get into the kitchen... it tells me to use the crowbar up and down but ?????

No spanner in warehouse. I used the jack on tire, now have arrow around tire in clockwise direction, can't use lug wrench on it. I have the spare tire and stuck...help!

got it... use the hooked end, click at the top and hold down and up once, then release and you get rid of one nail

click and drag crowbar from top to bottom over door.

Cannot find all pieces of broken jar.

Van-Van... put the bottom left tip of the lug wrench on the circle and click and hold while you draw the circle (hope that makes sense)

found the crazy jar lady...

Thanks Judy - I did that 730483208 times before but now it managed to change tire. It's still saying tire is flat...do I get a confirmation or something when complete? I feel like it's a bit buggy...

sad ending.

nvm....with persistence it eventually did it!

roberto: click all around the top of the screen landed me the last piece of jar

I found all the pieces of the jar in the kitchen... put them together but need glue and I'm not sure what to do...

Hi everyone, I'm stuck in the hotel. how do I go back outside?

Glue is somewhere in the kitchen. Think in front of sink.

I guess I can't leave the kitchen til I fix the jar...

Thanks Roberto!

Michelle- you have to escape the hotel ;)

Thanks Debbie. My last piece was on right side of falling cabinet.

thanks Judy, but how do I escape from the hotel

Well, I hope you finish the game.
I´m falling sleep.

nvm, forgot to ring the bell lol

Michelle. The aim of the game is escape from the hotel.
You have to do a lot of things in order to escape.
Read the posts.

Michelle... lol, we're still trying to figure that out!

Finally fixed the jar by clicking on a zillion white circles with the glue

Can't find the jack or the spanner.

nite guys, I'll continued this tomorrow, btw u can save your game

I found the tire in the warehouse, but not the jack or the spanner

Dana... I think they're in the trunk of the car but you have to do certain things before you can access other things

have an old diary now that I can't open, and kinda wish for this game to just be done....

I have the trunk key, the hedge clippers and the spare tire. Won't let me into trunk and I am stuck.

went back to the bathroom in room 6 and had a "scary" scene...

stuck, stuck, stuck. have no idea how to get into trunk.

Dana... I'm trying to remember... not ignoring you! (this game is just taking forever)

Dana- I think you may just have to click all over the trunk with the trunk key... it seems like it's a little pixelly... (is that a word?)

Thanks, judy.

well I'm stuck with an ax and a sealed diary... my brain is starting to short-out... (it's midnight:30 here...)

Crap im stuck!! How do you get into the garage???

Ok, finally got into the backyard.

How do you get into the backyard??? I need help!!!! :)

Well, anyone have any ideas? Cuz I'm about to bail (it's getting to late)
This game had great potential and I love the scary stuff... but the dialog scenes were very slow and it was a little too much "play-stuck-play-stuck" for me...
I'm going to wait around a little to see if I can finish and then hit the hay!

Whoops! I meant Garage!

julia- I'm not sure where you are in the game but at some point some hedge clippers show up in the hallway and you can use them to get into the backyard (after you move the car)

I normally don't like these style of games, but this one was EXCELLENT.... 2 Thumbs UP

GuruOne- are you out? Any help??

Ok I'm out... not sure how... never opened the diary... just went back to the car and left with fam.... they're as confused as I am... whatever!

Disappointing, IMO. Had potential, but, well, errrm... ok....

What do you do after you get to the backyard?

julia- all I can tell you is that you have to keep going back to scenes you've already been to and new stuff appears... you have to visit the backyard more than once..
Sorry I can't remember it all!

WOW - the weirdest game I have ever played!

I'm back

how come at the end both of Mr. & Mrs. Johnson died ???

I'm in the backyard and can't use the ax

Gino, their car collided with a truck, remember?

I picked up the jar pieces but dont know where they are.

Ok!!! They appeared once I found them all.

Where is the game ??? All what I get is a message :
"The game is locked and not playable from this point"

Pascale, I'm with you: game locked :(

Game loads and then it says game is locked and not playable at this point ??????????

how do i get back in the corridor out of room 6?...it just keeps saying where are my key's???

my game was locked..i went to google and found it on another site..that one loaded...go to google and print the game title in

I'm a long time lurker and first time poster. Unfortunately my first post is to say the same as Pascale & Tat, I can't play, get the message "the game is locked and not playable from this point".

Thought perhaps it was my location (Germany) so tried a US proxy (with "Hide my IP") but just got some kind of scolding from Google.

i have the tires but im having trouble putting them on the car ? .

my game was also locked..

this link works:


well,after several restarts I was never able to use the keys.. :(

Funny game! LOL


Siegbrunn - what did Google say to you? LOL

oh nooo i got all the thru. was reading the diary and flash crashed :(

im stuck in a room and i try to go to the kitchen and garage but it says i need to try other rooms first...what do i do? and why wont the note on the picture frame stay assembled?

Hey, you two, I had the same "game locked" screen, so I went straight to addicting games site and got in!:

And I've just seen Enjoy's comment gives the same link, haha, sorry. I was trying not to see too many spoilers here.

Oh well, this game is too slow on my poor old pc; I've only just got through the introduction. Look at the time difference between my last post and this!
Oh - and now I see it pauses if you don't hover over the window - well, I'll definitely give this one a miss then =)
Shame. It looks like a good game =(

how do you remove the tree in the end when you cut it down with the axe?

omg i almost cried reading that diary. this was an excellent game. very sad ending though. the girls parents died, and the girl haunting the motel was never loved.i know that feeling


I actually don't remember exactly. Something about too many requests for something and that I was acting suspiciously. LOL
Been away for the evening and now will try on addicting games. I'll play till I can't keep my eyes open any more. Which probably won't be too long.

@Carlos: click until you fill the circle with the cross section of the tree (hopefully, you already have figured it out).

If you have patience, the end of the game you get to read the diary. It's really not that great. But it always bothers me when people don't check their spelling before they write notes in these games. Nothing special, but at least it gives you an idea of what happened.

i am stuck in the bathroom, and cannot clean the mirror.. help!

@Danielle: bear in mind that some of these games are made by foreigners who are trying to write them in English to appeal to a larger audience. I'd rather have games in English with spelling mistakes than games in a foreign language that I can't understand. So thanks to all the foreign game creators who try to release something in English. (And sometimes, it adds to the charm of these games)

after the accident, the girl was adopted by a family who ahe feels don't love her and grew up a sad life. well i guess the girl died too. seems like she tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist, but at the same time she killed someone then fell and hit her head then died. the whole thing seemed confusing.

hi guys! help please...i can't take the old tires out..the lug wrench doesn't work...help please...

well, I beat the game. It isn't very hard, but it sure is slowww. Just keep going through all of the rooms. Things will appear when you need them.

For the lug nuts, click a lug nut and hold down the mouse button -- while holding move the mouse in the circle.

To remove the tree, click quickly and the circle will grow. When it fills the outer circle, the tree will be gone.

Just lost my family :(

Just play with the tire from the car. I got it on. Try different things 3 times over. It took some time.

hey guys ummmm where do you find the last fuse thingy?????

This comment has been removed by the author.

help.. i need help with the tire scene. i got all the bits lined up but how do i put to tire back on??

walkthrough of whispers room 6:
1)muddy sign:first see the sign Mr.Johnson say it muddy get the brush from the car and use on sign.
2)motel reception desk:check book on reception desk then go back and ring the bell.Old man appears.talk to old man,gives you keys to room 6.
3)lobby:go to room 6 and use second key to open door.they ask for code,code is 425.enter room 6.
4)room 06:take the cloths off the stuff and then Luna and mom appear.go wash your face.
5)bathroom:zoom in on sink clean the mirror with your hand don't get scared of monster in mirror.go out of bathroom.
6)room 06:Luna and mom are gone.get the keys from window use keys on door.go out.
7)lobby:get hedge shears from left side of warehouse.go in warehouse.
8)warehouse:get hammer from table. go out of warehouse.
9)lobby:use hammer on TV room handle and go inside TV room.
10)TV room:get car trunk key from couch.and get paper piece from table.solve easy puzzle by clicking on picture in TV room.go out of TV room.
11)lobby:go to reception desk and get paper piece from picture near reception desk.go back to lobby and go in TV room.
12)TV room:go into garage in TV room. and open get old man trunk key and use it on old man's trunk. get the lug wrench and the jack.go back and go on old man's car and use the jack on it and keep on clicking on the jack until the Tyre appears now click on the lug wrench and use it clockwise like the arrow is pointing till get to the end click the lug wrench and the bolts will start going out one by one.when you have done that the Tyre will get removed automatically.go back to lobby.go to warehouse.
13)warehouse:get the Tyre from warehouse and go back out to TV room garage and use on car.
14)car:click the 4 bolts and get the lug wrench and do the same thing you did last time but the other way around.then the car is fixed.
15) garage:reverse the car backwards.you see a monster.Now use the hedge shears on the vines on the backyard door and go back to lobby.
16)lobby:go to warehouse.
17)warehouse:there is a box on the ground click it and get the things out and a flashlight is at the bottom get it.go out to lobby.into TV room.
18)TV room:go to garage and get umbrella.go in backyard.
19)backyard:get the axe on the tree.go back to garage lights went out.go to lobby.
20)lobby:go on fuse box some fuses are fried. go back get a fuse from the TV room red fuse near TV. go to garage and get yellow fuse.go to lobby .
21)reception desk:get a blue fuse on the desk. Now click on the fuse box place them correctly until all the lights turn green. now the old man appears again. get the crowbar that is near the lamp go to lobby to TV room.
22)TV room:go in the kitchen use the crowbar and open door old woman appears fix her jar by getting the glue near the sink and get all the jar pieces that are scattered around.now fix the jar.when you fix the jar get the paper piece from the kitchen.and go out.
23)go to backyard and get the paper piece from the tree. and go to lobby .go to room 06 and go to bathroom and get paper piece from bathtub go out and read the note if it's complete now go to kitchen and get shovel. and go to backyard and dig from under tree and you get a book now go to lobby.and go to room 06.
24)room 06:go to bathroom and click bathtub.you see a monster and it is a little animation and your finished.

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