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123Bee Tutorial Room Escape Walkthrough

123Bee Tutorial Room Escape

123Bee Tutorial Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by 123Bee. A student didn't do his homework, so he hides himself below the desk. Unaware of this the teacher locks the class room. He was afraid but yet tried to come out of the room by using the tools and accessories. So let’s help him. Good luck and have fun!

Play Tutorial Room Escape

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mirror goes under left desk

hey! so far I have compass, mirror, word puzzle box (all from bags) and a bottle

thanks @annaby! insulation tape from drawer of right table

time from clock doesn't work for 2nd drawer. looking for a SD

notes go to right of word puzzle box

just joining - Hi annaby

use compass on clock

callipers is our SD

open clock with thing from geo box

compass on clock, no SD needed

LOL I dont have a water bottle but actually a water battle!!

use tape when you have alll papers next to puzzle, then line out the words

and out, nice and easy :-)

missing the upper part of paper of paper

I hav the key but it won't work in the door

nevermind, I just found the view with the table

Missing the two below papers.

Hello gamers :)

You only need 3 papers.

I don't see any drawer on the table. Missing the 2 lower papers of the word puzzle.

Found it in drawer with clock code.

I have the key, but it won't open the door?!

@Zazie: open clock with compass

Pascale the drawer is on the right in the middle.

how to open the door? I have the key from word puzzle box, but it just doesn't work...
is there more than one key?

@Casual - same problem and can't find anywhere else to use the key

POP! I dragged it slightly right of the actual keyhole...out as well.

thanks @Casual - out now as well

Dont get clock code?? Clock says 2 at top not 12???

Leroy there is a paper in the clock.

@Leroy - use the compass on the clock

I am out as well.

I mean the second drawer to get tape (I assume) cos I already got the other code from clock paper...

I kept getting interrupted - out now as well but a bit late

@Leroy: look at the very first comment

Duh me LOL

Just joining :) Hope to catch up

lol ok out :)

damn too late^^... ok going in

short n sweet!

Where is the compass please?

Finally!! I clicked that geometry box a dozen times...then POP and it gave me the compass...LOL

Thank you Zazie. The drawer is the 3 digits code place ? I have a code (082) but that doesn't work.

Where is the clock?

There are two desks that require 3 digit code.

Can anyone please tell me where the other papers are? I have the one that shows PLA and ANDER.

Oh nevermind...I completely missed the lower view! I need more coffee! lol

With the key - any key in games - if you can't get it to work by directly clicking or dragging onto a keyhole, try the real-life way. The teeth always go in first, don't they!!!! =D
Thank you, 123BEE, nice game, with no dire pixel-hunts!

Psst, anyone noticed that bee falling during the intro to the game?
It's falling because someone mean has pulled its wings off, and put deely-boppers on its head in front of its antennae; and to round off the humiliation, it's wearing mittens and high-heels!!!
I wonder what HE did to deserve that?
Of course it's a "he". All drones are useless except one!
I did think "stag do"?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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