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May 2, 2011

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Dozen Bathroom Escape Walkthrough

Dozen Bathroom Escape

DozenGames Bathroom Escape is another point and click type room escape games developed by Dozen Games. Try to escape the bathroom by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Bathroom Escape Video Walkthrough



got green key and soap(?) so far

now blue and white keys.

Pervert is watching me in the bathroom o_0

bleached picture

Now have cyan key, mop, and magnet

I have some bleach, a saw, and a bar

going in...... Shuchun, you're on a roll....thx!

Bleach on the painting gives code for dresser. That gives code for mop.

yellow key under wall cabinet.

need screw driver for red key behind the three round things. can you guys state where you find things instead of just that you have found them pls....? thx

Used the bar of soap and mop under basket for a color code

put some soap on the two orange splats under the waste bin, but haven't got a towel yet to clean it up with

Bleach was in the shower. Saw in the cabinet that you use the silver key on, and the bar was from using the saw

got a 4 igit number/colorcode by using bleach on the tapastry hangin on the wall

@michele sorry I was trying not to spoil it for people since I was playing alone at the time.

You need the mop to scrub with. (use the bleach on the picture for a code. Use that for the mop.)

How do you get the red key? Where is the white key?

used metal key that was behind plant to open cupboard , found saw and used it on heated towel rods on wall to get metal pipe

still looking for the screwdriver. Silly hacksaw can't cut the screw (or the door locks lol)

I have all the locks open except the red. I can't find a screwdriver and I don't know what to do with the "pipe for defense"

Ewwww I JUST noticed the guy looking though the key hole LOL.

I have no idea where to use the magnet from the dresser, or the bar.

use magnet in the tub after draining it.

The game said we would need the bar for self defense when we leave, so I don't know if we use it in the game or not

use the magnet after you drain the tub

Oh, I finally found where that color code goes, the front of the bath tub. Now I can use my magnet

Screwdriver above wall cabinet (where hacksaw was located)

anyone find a screwdriver yet?

looking for the last red key and where to use the metal rod. found the yellow key taped ynder the high wooden cupboard

@sweetjane thank you! I thought I had tried clicking there, but must not have gone high enough!

out! silly me, i had forgotten that I found the redkey behind those 3 wooden things !!! but i nver used the metal pipe!

at least we know we clubbed the perv with a metal rod!

red key is behind 3rd "bowl-thing" to right of sinks

@michele-with-pug the game says you need something for defense to leave, so you "use" it after escaping!!

I take it we used the metal pipe on the perv outside the door

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Click the shelves under the sink -- get the BAR OF SOAP
Turn left
Zoom on the plant in the corner -- get the GREEN KEY
Zoom on the tub and see it needs a 5 color code
Turn left
Zoom on the letter holder on top of the small cabinet
Drag the letter to find the DARK BLUE KEY
Note the cabinet needs a code
Go left
EEK! you are being watched
Note the door needs colored keys
Turn left
Zoom on the potted plant -- get the WHITE KEY
Zoom on the basket on the floor and click it to move it
Use the soap on the mess, but you still need something to clean it up with
Zoom on the wall cabinet
Use the white key to unlock it
Still zoomed in, click below it to zoom in on the bottom of the cabinet
Back up one time and you are still zoomed in on the cabinet
Click above it for the SCREWDRIVER (thanks, @sweetjane!)
Back up and go left
Zoom on the bars on the right side of the screen
Use the hacksaw and get the PIPE for self defense against the guy who's watching you
Get the BLEACH BOTTLE from the shelf
Go right
Zoom on the picture and use the bleach on it
Note the code
Go right 2 times
Zoom on the cabinet
Enter the code
If you get it right, the game will back you up so you can see the whole cabinet
This unlocks the cabinet doors/drawers
Click the upper left drawer for a code
Open the middle right drawer for the MAGNET
Open the middle left door for the PLUNGER
Go right
Zoom on the toilet and use the plunger
Take the CYAN KEY
Go right 2 times
Zoom on the right end of the sink counter
Click the right ball and use the screwdriver for the RED KEY
Back up so you can see the whole sink area
Use the arrow to look down
Click the mat for the hidden safe
Enter the code for the MOP
Go right 2 times
Zoom on the basket and use the mop on the soapy spill underneath
Note the color code
Turn around to the tub
Zoom on the water and enter the colors on the panel by the tub
Hit the green button to drain it
Use the magnet to get the BLACK KEY from the drain
Turn to the door and use the keys to escape!

forgot to thank sweetjane in the walkthrough, so I fixed it.

I too had missed the screwdriver view. Thanks sweetjane. Also, kitkatfox, you do a great job on the walkthroughs.

Pixel Hunt Locations:
Above high cabinet (zoomed in view)
Under High Cabinet (zoomed in view)
Front of Tub, very low on screen
Tiny Code written on opened top left drawer of cabinet

thank you, Faye

@Tiquer nice hint through

i cant´t play dozen games, because it´s don´t open for me.

I was hoping I could use the bar on the door through the keyhole to deliver a speedy jab right in that eye!
Didn't work.
I bet I'm not the only one who tried it, either ;)

@Rookwings, nope, you're not

@Rookwings LOL That's the first thing i thought of when i got the screwdriver was to poke his eye out.

how do i get the green key

I wonder what would have happened if we opened the door without having the bar for defense?

Hey- I just tried it, (Unknown asked) unlocking the door without the self defence thing.
Even though it was unlocked, it wouldn't open. So, guess you really need that bar. LOL

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