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Inspector Kloo 4 – The Three Pearls Walkthrough

Inspector Kloo 4 – The Three Pearls

Inspector Kloo 4 – The Three Pearls is another point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. A new case for Inspector Kloo. This time you will have to find three stolen pearls. To achieve this, you must enter the beach house, and remember, it is not completely uninhabited. Good luck and have fun!

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hi. hope there are some folks playing, i'm already stuck. got past the dog, got in the house, collected some stuff, oiled some stuff, got the panel outside off the house, now what?

okay, i had somehow missed the room to the left, exploring there now...

You can fish in sea

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 2:45 AM  


yeah got the fish, it's in the oiled pot, now i need to get the gas going...

hi froggy and jess!

anyone made any more progess?

There is fuse in microwave, not really inside but near the door

oh, thanks!

how do you get the fish, can´t see anything and can´t go to the beach. have string hook and 1 ball, oil and pan

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 2:51 AM  

has anyone found an sd?
or something to remove the bar over the window?

thanks for that clue, got a map now, now i can pick up shovel, i just wish i could zoom on it to see where to dig.. :)

found something looking like a worm but no sd and no pole

jess, bang on the cabinet nearest fridge a few times in the kitchen!

katrinfix, get the screwdriver from the cabinet you have to bang on, then use it on the curtain rod in the living room with the cat in it

I think the SD is in a cupboard in kitchen, you must click several times

uh. i just finished without knowing it was happening, right after feeding the cat... let me know if you need help

ty, now I got the fish in the pan and opened the panel outside but still missing the valve

cute game though, pretty logical for the most part.

Katrinfix, put the fuse outside and make lights inside

where´s the fuse????

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 3:01 AM  

how do i get to the water???

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 3:03 AM  

nvm, found out

Fuse is in the little pannel on the microwave (near door)
To fish you need a worm and just put stick outside near dog

good joke, this game. got the map and the shovel, can´t read the map and can´t dig anywhere

Have been clicking Microwave all over, where exactly is the fuselocated?

fabien, you have to use screwdriver on the lower right corner of microwave to open the little panel that has the fuse

on the bottom right edge of microwave

got it, click map and then sand in front of house

POP, thanx anyways. now, where might this handle be?

and POP again, digged it!

Click the showel outside with the map
Fuse is in the little panel in front of the microwave, alittle rectangle
Fusible, là où d'habitude sont les boutons de commande d'un micro onde, as tu déjà ouvert la petite trappe à l'exterieur?

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 3:17 AM  

@katrinfix: use map on sand and an x will appear.
i'm out. thanks for the help everyone!

where is the fish?

You need to fish the fish!

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 3:19 AM  

@fab: join rod+string+hook+worm and klick on water near dog

Help with worm? Whew is it?

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanx jess

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  5/28/11, 3:25 AM  

worm is inside left plant inside the first room

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  5/28/11, 3:27 AM  

ah that was supposed to be a coconut! i wondered why a stone should be in a tree ;-P

WALKTHROUGH! i fixed my typos, i'm pretty sure i got most of em! :)

click left tree leaves for coconut
click deck under left window for chalk
combine chalk and coconut for toy to give to dog

now you can enter the house.

click doorway to enter
get worm from left plant
click far right on wall to enter kitchen

read post-it on fridge for how to make cat food
knock on left-most upper cabinet thre times to get

click on third upper cabinet for oil, fourth for pan

get spool from lower right floor

go left twice for living room

get hook from between the two left cushions.
click on angry cat to see he's angry. and hungry.

curtain rod needs screw driver, use it on it, then clickon it again to grab it.

combine rod with spool, then hook, then worm.

go back outside, and use rod on the right of the
screen on the ocean shore to get fish.

back into entryway, use oil on right jar on table,
then use hand to open it and get pearl.

in inventory, combine pan, oil, and fish.

back to kitchen, use screwdriver on lower right oF
microwave to open panel, get fuse.

back outside, use screwdriver on panel on left wall of house. insert fuse. this makes the light work in living room.

go back to living room, flick on light switch, grab map from lampshade.

go back to outside view, use map on sand in middle
lower screen. see "X" has formed.

get shovel from behind tree.

click on "x" once for pearl, and again for gas lever.

go to kitchen.

use lever on dot under left most upper cabinet

open oven and insert pot w/ fish.

click oven to get cooked fish.

go to living room, give fish to moody cat.


This comment has been removed by the author.

OH GOD! i completely forgot to give FROGGY credit for the fuse part! i don't know how long i would have been wandering around aimlessly if it weren't for that clue.... SORRY FROGGY, AND THANKS!

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 3:36 AM  

Alright, I got it!!! I never get this stuff :)

1. Click on the palm tree. A coconut will fall out.
2. There's a piece of chalk by the door. Use it on the coconut, then give it to the dog.
3. Go inside and grab a worm from the dirt in the pot plant.
4. Click right to get to the kitchen. Read the note on the fridge. Click the top left cabinet above the stove several times and a screwdriver will fall out.
5. Use the screwdriver on the microwave. You'll find a fuse.
6. Open two other cabinets to get the oil and pan - oil the pan. There's also some string at the bottom right of the game screen.
7. Go to the room with the cat. Get the hook on one of the cushions and use the screwdriver to unscrew the curtain rod.
8. Go back to the front room and oil the jar you can't open. Inside is the first pearl.
9. Use the rod, thread, string, hook and worm to make a fishing pole. Go outside and fish with it, and put the fish in the pan.
10. Use the screwdriver to open the side panel outside the house and put the fuse in. Then go back to the room with the cat and turn the light on. There's a map in the light.
11. Go outside and pick up the shovel. There's a bit of ground in front of the gate where you use the map to make an X there. Dig and get your second pearl.
12. Click the hole again and you'll pick up a handle. This is the gas valve handle in the kitchen, so go back and reattach it.
13. Put the pan in the oven and take it out again, and give it to the cat. The cat goes to sleep. Click it for your third pearl.

Hotspots were definitely too tiny !

I love these games but they make me crazy!!!!!!!!
The hotspots are tough...but changing from tool to hand is darn maddening!!!!!I keep clicking away with the hand when I need a tool and vice versa ...but I love these games!!!!!

TY @muhlisuh...and @jedielf for the WT's!
I could have sworn a pearl was under the billiard ball below the cat...something happened when I clicked it early on in the game...
I was clicking it with everything for that last pearl...then read to click the cat...LOLOL

Haha, no walkthorughs for game after game, and then two come along all at once!
Thank you, muhlisuh and jedielf!
I needed help finding that gas lever =)
I hope walkthrough-writing will become fashionable again very soon.

@muhlisuh - "pretty logical for the most part."???
It would be "logical", if you could just smack the cat with that pole and batter the dog with shovel - and out! Not to mention using shovel on the jar to break it. Where is your logic??? :))))

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