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Magical Christmas Room Escape Walkthrough

Magical Christmas Room Escape

Gazzyboy Magical Christmas Room Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from the house of Gazzyboy to entertain you. In this game you got locked up inside a Christmas room when you casually went inside a Christmas house to see your gift which will be gifted on the Christmas day. You will have to escape from the Christmas room with the available things. Good luck and have fun!

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is it christmas already?

shake the left bell a few times

nice idea. sometimes it's annoying during certain events every game is about the same (easter time, valentine's day, halloween, etc...)

one pen behind plant on left side (blue or yellow), I have aother one in my inventory, but I don't know where it came from...

have 4 pens, ring, perfume, knife and paper roll.

use knife on candle on cake

no paper roll for me, but wine from table & candy from left x-mas tree

pin under sofa cushion

oh, and a pin under left cushion of sofa

pin on balloon for white pen

the paper roll is on top of the window

use wine on empty glass for light yellow pen

the pens go on the paper roll

thanks for the paper roll. placed 6 pens and now I'm stuck with candy and perfume...

now have a key.

in the next room now

perfume goes on picture

@Tadas: how?

my perfume does nothing on the picture

In next room christmas ball next to fire place and one from clickin the rocking horse.

take the paper roll and put all 6 pens on it.

When 6 pencils are on the paper, click them again and then use perfume.

and the items in the inventory are really hard to click

Christmass ball from the ducky and one from next to the bell.

I'm missing one pencil.
Where do you use the ring?

my wine says it's perfume and won't go into the glass

ring in inventory, and in other room many things, i think they goes on the christmas tree...

Christmas ball from the nuts and one from behind the teddy bear.

@Philomena - use the glass on the glass on the table

@annaby: which pencils do you have? I don't think I ever had a ring...

Wine is in a glass, take it first and then put it in another glass.

Christmass ball from behind present on other fire place and santa claus from calendar.

still missing the last pen

key behind advent wreath above horse. gives blue ball from top right drawer

6 red balls, 2 blue balls,bell, ring and christmas granfather mask...

Bell from above fireplace and christmass ball behind third sock (but can't take it).

thanks @small-tool. didn't realize that there even is another view

Same here Tadas,
But you forgot the candy cane from the first room.

Clicked that glass a dozen times and it wouldn't let me take it

Missing one pen

@Casual - I have white, green, blue, black and yellow.
the ring was the first thing I picked up - don't remember where

And thanks for the key Casual.

Ring was on the cake with candle on it.

do you have a pen from the left tree?

Can´t take the red ball on top of fireplace

thanks for candy cane... and got 3 blue balls

Still missing one pen, got black, blue, green, light green and white

@annaby: I think, you're missing the light yellow pen (not yellow). It was in the wine glass, after filling the glass with wine

@ MegiPoland found thx

thanks @Megi - that as the pen I needed


for red ball near fireplace - zoom on the right christmas tree and you get red ball near fireplace

3 blue and 5 red balls, bell, candy and santa

I mean the red ball behind gifts on top of the fireplace in oposite side of this room.

where do i get the yellow pen from, got the one from the wine glass...

Wow, Im so behind you all.. what fireplace?

6 red and 3 blue! The blue behind the sock just keep clicking...

Kommander Heftig,
From left christmas tree.

In the new room.

@Leroy. Did you get the red ball behind gifts, on top of fireplace?

New room? where is that? I guess Im missing something

can't get blue ball behind stocking no matter how fast I click!

How odd! I posted my last comment, went back to game, and there was the ball in my inventory!

4 red balls, 3 blue ...

Got pens from: Balloon, Candle, bell, wine glas and one behind plant, but missing one... anybody help?

Just keep trying it will work eventually.

Well, stuck with the 9 balls, ring, candy cane, bell and santa.
Tried to use them in the first room, but no go.

six red balls, three blue, santa head,candy cane, bell and ring now

oh i'm blind thx ;D

Hi all - just missing the green pen, any hint?

6 red and 3 blue balls and another christmas gifts and stuck

@Roberto yes. Very picky on pixels this game.. Seems to be always slightly to the left? Now wondering where to use em and if I need 3 more blue?

caught up with you and stuck as well

funny its x-mas and the calender sais April

finally in second room, missed the yellow pen on tree.. And thought picture meant the flowerpicture LOL..

sorry Katharina - cannot remember

one behind balloon, one from glas, one from candle
on cake and from left tree
can someone remember the other two?

@SM April Fools?? I know it is May LOL.

Green pencil is from behind the presents on the couch.

can't seem to find anything else and can't figure out where to put the stuff I have

The other one is from behind the plant.

Thx SwissMiss - these 4 pens I found, I have white, yellow, black, blue and light yellow pens, does anyone remember the green one?

i need yellow pen

Katharina - small-tool just commented above - behind presents on couch

Restarted and could get the red ball on top of fireplace this time.

Thank you, small-tool! Didn't see you hint, sorry!

@Katharina on the left tree, behind the plant, in the wine glass, in the candle on cake, behind presents on couch, and one from balloon

I run out of places to hang up that ring - the obvious would be the door - but no luck

Stuck with candy, ring, 6 red balls, 3 blue balls and santa´s head.

Why can we zoom in on the picture, left in the first room? We didn't get anything there, did we?

6 red, 3 blue - anyone find more blue balls?

You're missing a bell from above the fireplace.

roberto - and a bell from second room above fireplace

This kind of sucks. Can't place anything and can't find anything else

The worst thing playing these games is that you never know if you can´t find the right spot, or the game is buggy and you´re wasting time.

Yes, I have that bell also. Thanks.

no other game posted - so we just can hang on for a while

Crazy, i click all different places mayby 100 times and nothing...

Tried to hang the bell on christmas tree and it vanished.

Tadas, where did you find the Christmas present?
I'm stuck with you guys - tried to put the ring between the speakers, fancy chucking the lot in the fire!

Any ideas where to place the 6 red and 2 blue balls ? I tried the christmas tree in first room, nothing ...

@LNS.. Sorry, but dont remember...

im missing a christmas present too.. so stuck!

I'm giving up. The cat just hurled and cleaning that up seems more interesting than this game right now. Do you suppose they posted without finishing?

LOL @Philomena!

Tried to put the red balls on the speakers - nothing

Stuck with the balls, bell, ring, candy and grandfather

Tried to get all presents I could find but no go. No present. Maybe I`m a naughty boy.

       Anonymous  5/30/11, 6:54 AM  

I found a glass ball behind the spinning star in first room. Don't know where to place it.

What spinning star?

@MsDebbiK: Which spinning star?

to the left of the first room

above the plant

       Anonymous  5/30/11, 6:59 AM  

Third from left.

Good morning everyone! Stuck with 6 red balls, 3 blue, a candy cane, santa, bell and ring

great find @MsDebbik!

you have to be zoomed out to make it spin

Found it. Good find.

but still stuck ...

@MsDebbiK: WOW! Found it

frustrating game - nothing wants to go anywhere

Why can we zoom in on that pic in first room?

Ik kan de witte pen niet vinden achter ballon.

WT first part (thanks everyone for help)
1 –blue pen - Click left (3 balloons and a plant) – behind the vase
2 –Yellow pen - click on left tree
3 – Black pen - click cake, use knife on top candle,
4 – Green pen – zoom right of the sofa, behind gifts
5 – Light Yellow pen – zoom table, take glass of wine, pour wine on empty glass
6 – White pen – zoom tree balloons, use pin on top pink one

-Candy – on left tree near yellow pen
-Knife – click bels over the left tree, knife falls down, zoom back take knife
-Ring – cake.
-Paper roll – zoom window, on top
-Pin – under right cushion of the sofa
-Perfum – on table
-Glass Ball – without zooming, click 3rd Left purple star, above plant, - thanks to @ MsDebbiK and @ Philomena.
-Key - Open paper roll, use pens on it, click on pen, cute draw, use perfume on picture, take key, use to open the door and reach another room.

If someone has time, fill free to finish this WT

Cris - I'd love to if I had one!!

Ok, I had enough (tried everything on everything from every view), I quit
Good luck to you all.

I'm afraid we have to wait for a hint from gazzyboy

cu small-tool - I have given up as well but haning about to see if someone comes up with some magic :)

I'm with you small-tool

yeah, same here SwissMiss.. This game is too hard..

well, it wouldn't be the first time a gazzyboy can't be completed.
There's no place to zoom on the left black sofa and table view - seems odd.

well - it could very well be a bug!

Probably it is!

6th ball cannot be picked... Ive tries left, rigt above and under the ball with no success....

5 red
3 blue
santa mask

anything else?

guess everyone has left...missed you all by 3 minutes:)

Placed the balls in the christmas tree in the new room. Don't zoom in.

@Deniz..no, you're not alone. I'm still trying to find where to put the ornaments.

Then clicked the star in top of the tree (still not zoomed in) or maybe I used the glass ball on it and now in the third room.

@Deniz Fevziye Gündoğdu: We all have six red balls!

:( Ill have to try again when I get home. Got to leave now

GOOD LUCK @clio_rose :):)

@st to the rescue! Brill as always.

Christmas tree from red sack in third room.

not the glass ball. The balls on the tree, then press the star..it send a light beam to open new door. Thanks small.

good find small-tool

Sock from the fire place in the third room.
Need one more thing.

cant find 3rd blue ball or bell - anyone still here? one blue ball from drawer, the other i can't remember

I now need a ball and a sock to get out!

Thanks @s-t - guess you couldn't rest until you solved the problem :D

we can take a red ball from the tree again

Stocking from fireplace in 3rd room second view

Sock you get from the fire place.
Alos missing the christmass ball.

Fudge, did you get the one from behind the sock?

not out - just got a magic stick!

POP for both - was looking at wrong teddy and wrong fireplace!

@Fudge: Do you have the blue ball by clicking the socks?

@s-t: You're great!

Thank you so very much Megi.

Thks @ Megi, where to use the magic stick tho?

Sorry..I used it, but didnt notice th new key...aiyahh

Use the magic stick on the cross above the cake.

and finally out - wow
use it on the cross next to door in door view

ok, one bauble to go for the door....... feel exhausted from searching

And finally out.

Fudge - Megi told us - one of those red balls you placed you can take again

Pine tree and blue sock from new room

ah! Thanks SM (and Megi)

I'm still wondering where Tadas got that present from and what he did with it?

Thanks everyone!
I'm so glad to be out of that house!!!

My escape is devoted to small-tool.
Renamed you Big-tool in this game!

@s-t, maybe he just meant another ornament

lol @roberto - s-t, you've been promoted!

Phew! Can't say that I did this one on my own. Thanks as ever ;-)

@st, maybe Tadas meant Chrissie gifts (ie santa, cane etc) rather than a wrapped present in a box., but I don't know.

And one red ball - all things fit to the door, magic stick - and out!

Thx for all the hints!

New sneakyyyyyy!!!!

You're welcome guys.
Btw new sneaky game.
Sadly no time to play.
Good luck and have fun.

@Roberto............well..umm..goodie for your efforts in turning small into big...BRAVO and umm.. clap clap.

and out too.. Thank you small-tool and the rest of you for great help.. phew

where is the magic stick?

shame on you all calling this gazzy boy game....hahahahahah...out also.

This comment has been removed by the author.

WT second part (new room) only because I had a lot of help from @S-T, by the way, you are a great escaper

Red balls:
1 – click yellow duke toy
2 – click horse toy over fireplace
3 – click right of fireplace (tricky click)
4 – click on bells over dresser, right side of the bells, on blinking balls
5 – Candy cup on the right table near right sofa
6 – behind present over fireplace

Blue Balls:
1– use key on dresser
2 – behind brown teddy toy middle sofa
3 - behind stocking on fireplace (tricky click)

-Grey Key – click wreath over fireplace
-Bell – on wreath over fireplace
-Santa Face – on calendar over dresser

Thaks to @small-tool:
-hang 9 balls on tree withought zooming. Click star, door opens to new room
- take one red ball from the tree and go to new room

On new room:
-take pine tree from santa bag
-take blue sock from freplace

-put 8 objects on door (pine tree, blue sock, candy, wreath, red ball, santa face, glass ball and bell) and take magic stick from door
- Use magic stick on cross, get key

i need candy cane and glass ball

       Anonymous  5/30/11, 10:45 AM  

Okay finally out, thanx all :-)

Anyone else having trouble getting grey key? I clicked on the wreaths in room 2 and no key.

Oh, I thought the grey key opened door 3, so I had already used it on drawer. I'm out now! Good game! I like them a bit hard. Good luck all.

       Anonymous  5/30/11, 1:43 PM  

Hey guys, thanks for the great hints! Gosh, I admire your patience!

@SwissMiss: Nattie, is that you? What are the odds?!? XD

I am out too

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