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Sapphire Room Escape Walkthrough

Sapphire Room Escape

[REPLAY] TeraLumina - Sapphire Room Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by TeraLumina. Now that you have all the diamonds. Once again you find yourself stuck in a strange room. There are sapphires all around. Can you find a way out and leave with all the sapphires? Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Sapphire Room Escape Walkthrough

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       Anonymous  5/30/11, 12:19 PM  

ooh live!!

Got a necklace, used it to get a hammer. Also have a battery, shovel and hook on a pole.

Used hammer to break orange orb, to get my second shape piece. Got a stepladder too...

Does anyone understand the game board? I think we might have to use the scores of the teams to open one of the cabinets.

       Anonymous  5/30/11, 12:24 PM  

got step ladder, cant work out book sequence! fish colours dont work either

       Anonymous  5/30/11, 12:26 PM  

ok player chip numbers on left cupboard dont work either grrrrr

Got fish food from the cabinet below the fish, I'm now using the stepladder to explore the higher bookshelves.

       Anonymous  5/30/11, 12:27 PM  

gems and arrows out of books

just completed this on another site. Great game and quite easy. Shout if you have any problems.

The fish colours did work for me...About to take a stab at the book order.

       Anonymous  5/30/11, 12:28 PM  

how did you get the cupboard open james?

I got the book order, but don't understand how - I lined them up left to right then swapped the outer ones before it let me in...I guess it must be a mistake. Anyway, got second battery and another shape piece.

Oh, the book order was right, I just got it wrong the first time :)

The fish colours are quite specific, but that's all you need for the cabinet below them. I still have no idea how to get the cabinet below the frogs open though.

Progressed a bit further, there's a slider puzzle! See you on the other side...

Solving the slider puzzle gets you the box to put the pieces in, just need one more.

Used the fish food and the hookpole to get the last piece, I've now placed all the shape pieces and merely have some dirty windows to deal with. If only I could get that cabinet under the frogs open. Anyone got any ideas?

look at the game on the table for a clue

Ah! Got it.

Ohhh. My first chance to play a live game! I'm in!

I'm out. I'll be around for a bit if people need help but as davies said its pretty simple :) I missed a sapphire though!

       Anonymous  5/30/11, 12:48 PM  

There are two places to place the stepladder.

Yeah, you can move it once you've placed it to reach both high shelves.

I can't seem to fill my waterbottle?

never mind duh

GoBills09...click on spray then on white bottle..but I don't know what to clean

Zoran, have you pulled the fireplace lever yet?

       Anonymous  5/30/11, 1:16 PM  

Out with no help...it was a pretty easy game

Can't find second battery or figure out where to use the shovel :(

I think one battery was in one of the books on the ground level, the other one can be gotten using the stepladder on the left high shelf.

You'll know when to use the shovel :)

Found battery under couch cushion...

Easy out once I found that second battery :) I liked this game a lot!

Fun, not too difficult and with some nice twists, but I missed a sapphire somewhere because I was more focused on solving the puzzles.

Could some-one give an extra clue for the cupboard under frogs.

Its red's turn to move.

Missing one blue stone. Have no idea what glass needs to me cleaned.

thank you @David, I've got it now, the numbers didnt seem to work first time round, I dont know what I did wrong but its open now!

Argh. I had to cheat to find the missing stone. Out now.

       Anonymous  5/30/11, 2:19 PM  

nice game!!

A very good game : not too difficult, not too easy. I'm out without help and with all the sapphires !

Be honest... after getting the hammer... how many people tried to use it on your man's jewels!!!!!

easy except i dont know where to use filled spray bottle?

nevermind...used vid walkthrough. i liked the ending lol

Very Very good game...but I did get out without looking at any hints....so...was it really a good game???LOLOL

Yes, @greenbug...you know we all did that with the hammer!!!!

code mit den 4 farben? ich habe spo4756ler aber nimmt er nicht,muß ich ebventuell die steine innerhalb zählen?

was muß mann bei den büchern oben links machen,egal wie ich sie umstelle es passiert nichts


You don't need the 18 sapphires to escape, but they're in this WT anyway.

- Zoom in on the left couch. Take blue sapphire #1 from behind the right pillow. Take BATTERY #1 from under the left cushion.
- Zoom in on the left bookcase. Take the NECKLACE from the statue and blue sapphire #2 from the bottom left part of the statue. Open the middle white book on the second from the top shelf and take blue spaphire #3. Open the right white book from the middle shelf and take DIAL #1. Open the little white book on the left on the second from the bottom shelf and take orange sapphire #1.
- Zoom in on the right bookcase and put the necklace on the statue and take the HAMMER. Take orange sapphire #2 from the bottom left of the statue. Take the POLE with HOOK from the second from the bottom shelf. Open the middle white book on the top shelf and take purple sapphire #1.
- Zoom in on the table and click the board and see it's red's turn to move, so click a red piece from the bottom left and see there are no more moves left. Now see the COLOUR HINT (count the pieces that are on the real play field (G=6, B=4, R=5 and Y=3). Take purple sapphire #2 from the basket on the top right.

- Take purple sapphire #3 from the right side of the rug.
- Take the STEP LADDER.
- Zoom in on the left cupboard and take orange sapphire #3 from the aquarium. Zoom further in on the code panel and use the colour hint to open it. If done correctly the green light goes on and you can open the cupboard. Take the SPRAY BOTTLE. Use the spray bottle on the white bottle/can and you have a FILLED SPRAY BOTTLE.
- Zoom in on the orange orb on the little table on the left. Take orange sapphire #4. Use the hammer on the orb and take DIAL #2.
- Zoom in on the right cupboard, zoom further in on the code panel and make the fish exactly the colours the fish in the aquarium are to open it. If done correctly the green light goes on and you can open the cupboard. Take purple sapphire # 4 and take the FISH FOOD. Zoom in on the aquarium and use the fish food on it and then take blue sapphire #4 and use the pole with hook to get KEY #1.
- Zoom in on the little table on the right. Take blue sapphire #5 (next to the aquarium) and use the key to open the drawer and take DIAL #3.

- Place the step ladder on the marks on the floor in front of the bookcase on the right side.
- Zoom in on the top shelf on the far right. Take purple sapphire #5 (left next to the books). See the BOOKS HINT (the way the books are ordered from big to small). Open the right book and see the DIALS HINT (Top left, right, bottom left, left). Zoom further in on the box with the dials hint and take purple sapphire #6 (next to the left dial).
- Take the step ladder back and place it in front of the bookcase on the left.
- Zoom in on the top shelf on the left. Take orange sapphire #5 (in the middle) and rearrange (by clicking a book and then another one to switch places) the books like the books on the other side. But, it's mirrored so the biggest book is now on the right etc. If done correctly you can't change the books anymore and you can open the book on the left. Take BATTERY #2 and DIAL #4.


- Zoom in on the little table on the right and click the globe to open a battery compartment. Put both batteries in and take KEY #2.
- Zoom in on the little tabel on the left and use the key to open the drawer and take the MATCHES.

- Zoom in on the fireplace and take blue sapphire #6 (from the right vase). Take the SHOVEL from the rack on the left. Use the matches on the logs to start a fire. When the fire is out, use the shovel and then click the lever. Now there's a picture puzzle above the fireplace. Zoom in on it and do the picture. When done correctle the fireplace turns into a box. Zoom in on the box, take orange sapphire #6 from the right. Open the box and place the 4 dials and set them according to the hint. If done correctly the whole fireplace disappears and you can see the windows.
- Use the spray bottle on all windows. But after 3 windows it's empty so fill it again in the left cupboard on the other side of the room and finish the job and you see the END CODE (873 425).

- Zoom in on the door, put the code in. If done correctly the green light goes on. Zoom out and zoom in again to open the door to see a wall. Although your hammer isn't active anymore, just click the wall and it will become active again. Use the hammer to break the wall, go out and you're out.

@small-tool: Thanks for the great walkthrough!

@game maker: I didn't get all the orange sapphires because the last one, next to the box in the fireplace, disappeared after the fireplace wall went away. I couldn't go back and get it...dang. Got all the others, tho... This game was really fun! Hope to see lots more. I give it 5 stars!!

has there ever been such a great game of bored.com? it was short and easy and i've done it without help, but i loved this... thank so much for developing and posting =)

good game :)

Really nice game.

Oh crap, LOL!
Loved this - pretty easy, but a lot of fun.

25750 Out with no help. GREAT game!

       Anonymous  6/1/11, 1:40 AM  

Wow, what an awesome game! Not so difficult with logical progression & nice music. My favourite's the slider puzzle & cleaning the windows. Out with no help (thx for wt either, s-t), missed 2 sapphires & had a lot of fun! Thx the creator(s) for developing & Megi for posting .

One of the best escape games I ever played!!!!
6 of 5 Stars!

what a really really nice game!

Very nice game, Bored. Some of the developpers have to take lessons from this one... No bugs, nice graphics, nice music, logical progression, and no $^*ù^$* pixel hunt.
Thank you for giving us such Fun ;)

great game, nice music!

       Anonymous  6/2/11, 12:40 PM  

very nice game, out all by myself

A rare five star game. Contrasting colors, no pixel hunts, places marked where you need to put the ladder, decent music, no bugs, sensible puzzles that don't require guessing.

       Anonymous  10/12/12, 12:56 AM  

Finished with no help!

Got all the sapphires first time, pretty easy but quite fun (:

Excellent and easy game! Very high quality!

Holy COW!
I remember playing this game when it came out! (Here on EG24 of course)
SO much better that most of the cookie cutter games we get now, although I enjoy those also.

Bug alert.
If 1st battery is placed before getting 2nd one, 2nd one does not show up.

Loved this game.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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