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Small Keys Room Escape Walkthrough

Small Keys Room Escape

Small Keys Room Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Games2rule. You are trapped inside in a room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the room. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Small Keys Room Escape Video Walkthrough
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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

Hmmm, no one here yet? Loading...


found two cards & a key (7 more to go) so far...

So far...

Used card, still have key, cannot figure out where to use, have pencil and paper weight

another key behind picture frame. code from picture won't work on yellow drawers...


2nd key under frame on shelf

use the keys under the bed (another one after using all 4 cards on device)

Wall pictures have number codes, not sure how to use them in card reader...or door code...

I've found and used 4 cards, 5 keys (missing one + exit key). I still have the paper weight and the pencil, but I don't know where to use them.

@Pascale: hint for drawer numbers, please?

I have only found the one card in the middle bed drawer, where are the others?

use the pencil on the lower orange drawer, then use the paperweight on it

Found two more cards in yellow/orange file cb, bottom two drawers. Cannot get any others open...

@mazomi: thanks! now stuck with the top 2 drawers.

@MsDe: sorry, can't remember where all the cards were. I think one was in one of the lower yellow drawers...

POP! Another key!!! Yea! :-)

miller there's a code next the flowers when you turn on the table light

Need card for white light, any ideas???


Found it! second desk dwr. Funny did not open till now for me, glitch?

i can't find the blue card. does anyone remember?

finally opened the top yellow drawer. 2 more keys to go

@MsDe: maybe behind the coffee mug?

Mazomi, try that code on second drawer, orange/yellow cb

Paperweight will not budge. Any hints as to how to get it?

all 4 cards / 5 keys / not used paper weight and pencil yet

need two more keys for the drawer under bed, cant find them!

where is the code for the first orange drawer?

thanks MsDe, but i already got that one. my coffee won't budge though?

6th key from top drawer - code is upside down

Ha POP! The little thing finally decided to move... maybe there is an order... or not (yuk!)

need 2 more keys

My coffee mug won't move :(, need a hammer! That would move it, LOL

Miller, how did you get in top dwr?

top drawer 10687. cant find fourth card...

you can zoom on the chair legs and take a chair bush with a part of a key

2 halves of 1 key in the feet of the chair by the desk - zoom in low under the chair

good dind miller/steven - 1 more!

thanks Miller - got 7 now - 1 to go

find I mean!

ok. need only last key...

POP! Thanks, swiss-miss and Tadas, I had a 9 instead of 6, no wonder it did not work, LOL.

top drawer code 10687 second one 99887
still need 2 keys and door key

Anyone get in wardrobe or middle yellow/orange cb dwr?

Coffee cup still will not budge, boo-hoo :(

is the 3rd orange drawer supposed to open?

Key on to of pic on right for cupboard. Out!

can't find that spot. seems to be a pixel hunt...

Pencil was the only thing I got from coffee mug. Last drawer key on right pic.

last key in pants pocket in cb

I have already clicked there thinking about that Steven and I still can't find it on top of pic!

thanks. finally found it. don't zoom on the pic.

Thanks for pic hint steven. Sure was tricky to get that view. i am out too.

and out too!

ahhh - thx Miller!

@Miller, sorry, I was in the garden ! As far as I can remember, one hint for the drawer is given by the lamp (look at the projection on the wall). I think that the second one was given by the picture near the door : 10687, I think.

@SSakura004 Don't know, just only one on cb that hasn't.

@Steven, Miller--can't zoom on chair. I have clicked all over it. I still need last 2 keys.

Coffee cup still won't budge! Oh well, keep trying...


- middle desk drawer
- fourth (from top) yellow drawer
- fifth (from top) yellow drawer
- middle bed drawer

finally i found that blue card. i stupidly left it in an already open drawer!

@MsDe: sorry about the mug. that was wrong.
for the chair: click the dark part of the chair leg in the back

First time through, key I thought was from pic... (radom clicking in that area) now cannot get it again (???)


Finally made it on chair, very bottom by drawers...

Need last key and exit...

Thanks, Miller. Finally got that one, any idea where last key is?

Ahh, got it again. Trick is not to zoom, just click slightly above pic.

which pic? the one above the cupboard??

aah .. found it .. thanks michjean :)

YAY .. and out ... thanks everyone :D

Hard to tell if this is a gazzyboy game or not. Sure seems like one. Ramdom clicking, pixil hunting etc.. It takes for ever to change scenes. Its like playing through mud it is so slow. After 15 minutes I quit.Do not like. Do not want.

Had to go through top drawer numbers twice to get it to open the second time thru game and paperweight would not budge my first time thru game. I also didn't like that the cards all looked the same.

Other than that, it was a good escape...ouT!

Good find, Michjean. Does it go in the bed cb? It won't for me. Am still trying...

@MsDe - I should delete post. Should have typed key for chiff above rt pic (we call closet - drawers in our house ... it is really a chiffarobe :)
You get last bed key from pants in closet (I think called wardrobe in game)

@michjean--you are right. I used to have a very old chiffrobe, I would have figured it our fr that, LOL.

I finally figured it out and am finally OUT!!!

Thanks for all the help! :)

The game was too pixely picky! But still fun because of all of you.

Have a job interview in half hour, so hope to catch you all in another live game soon!

Have a great day!

I have used the 6 keys on the bed drawer and nothing happens ?! What about the pencil and the paper weight ?

you use the pencil on the lowest orange drawer and smash it with the paperweight

Thank you, Mazomi. I don't even know where to use the key from this drawer...

Out!! Thanks for all your help! I needed lots of it on this game!

cant find the last key. can someone post where they all are?

Jennifer, I'll try to help you. Let me see what I can do.

1 key under picture frame on lower shelf above desk. 2 key pieces from chair legs, put together for key. key in gum in top desk drawer. key on top of right picture frame. second orange drawer code 99887 - key. top orange drawer 10687 - key. one of these keys opens wardrobe. key in pants pocket. bottom drawer orange dresser use pencil in keyhole, pound with paperweight - key. last key is from card machine. the eight keys in bed drawer will give you the key to the door.

I have 6 keys for drawer under the bed, but later how to go out please?

Still missing a key.

1: Card reader
2: Top drawer
3: second drawer
4: Bottom drawer
5: pants in wardrobe
6: behind picture frame on shelf
7: Two legs of chair
8: ?

Found it, out!


Card in middle drawer of bed.
Take pencil from cup, paper weight, key from top drawer of table and card from middle drawer, and key behind frame.
Two more cards from long cb.
Use all 4 cards on card reader and get key.
Use the pencil on the lower drawer of long cb and then use paperweight on it to get key.
Turn on the table lamp to get a code near pink flowers, use it on 2nd drawer on long cb to get key (99887).
Use code from picture (10687) on top drawer of long cb to get key.
Take 2 chair bushes with parts of a key and combine them to get a key.
Use this key on pink cb to get last key from pants.
Use last key on long drawer of bed and get door key.
Use key on door and out.

As always Games2rule does not fail to disappoint :( Game was difficult to load (just a black screen). Kept clicking on Play on IE and eventually after 3 efforts it loaded. Got in, found 2 cards and 2 keys, clicked on dresser and was out with 'roaring success' and 75000 points. ??? Even Gazzyboy is not as bad as Games2rule!

I can't open the fuckin' wardrobe?

I cant open the orange drawers after putting in the code. Help!!!!!!

Im finally out! Jesus Christ!

This was extremly confusing!

5 keys need 3 more

it was so fuckin' hard to get out of there... i couldnt find the key to open the wardrobe... 22 minuts i got

i cannot find the last key :\ sb help me :)

Now I'm out! :)

Take 2 chair bushes with parts of a key and combine them to get a key.Use this key on pink cb to get last key from pants. I can't open the cb pink???

I open the second drawer(99887),but no key...

key for pink cb is on right side frame.

I have typed in the code (99887) on second orange drawer but it still wont open :(

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